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March 16, 2018

Question everything. Question us. It’s only fair. Last night, I lashed out at Holy Cross in Worcester, Ma. The college has seen fit to remove it’s ‘Crusaders’, name so as not to offend Muslims. How long ago was it that a bunch of Christians were lined up and executed? How often do they threaten, and have carried out, violence in this country? How often do they have evidence of the opposite? And the head of HC thinks we should not offend Muslims. Given all the things this country has to worry about, (like their own country), it’s not just out of place, it’s downright creepy. What is in these peoples’ heads? It’s not America. I’m talking to Americans right now. Not him. NWO has been updated, news and headlines, more audio and watches throughout the day. Thanks very much!

March 15, 2018

News and WSJ updated!
Watches updated later today!

March 14, 2018

Whoa! Appreciate new readers always. That’s why we iz gone git bizzy heah! Now, more talk about women’s lib; you already had it, didn’t you? You can do what you want, you always could. But, if you think corporations got behind expanding their womens’ workforce so you could make more money, be more independent? Whoa! Did you get sold. They did it to pay men less. PERIOD. How many remember, “I can bring the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never let you forget you’re a man! Cuz, I’m a woooooooman.” We are going all the way back to the Gloria Steinham baloney in the 70’s. But, you’re still complaining? There are several reasons for disparity in pay, (and you know how I feel about bought-and-paid for statistics), but, no matter what, the family unit suffered. Communities suffered. It’s not working well, is it? That’s just what some people wanted. If you want to find out the insidious nature of the corporations, you have to research all the infiltrating of government they have initiated since our inception. The Revolutionary War was a rebuke of the corporation, mainly the East India Company, which was deemed by the British as the sole supplier of the colonies. But, Part Deux in education coming up. And, it’s a strange thing; our fall from grace in education started about the same time as Gloria started greasing her wheels. The ultimate outcome of ‘you can do it all,’ isn’t working so well. Is it? Hey kids, you really want to learn in school and end violence? You need to go after lobbies, buying your laws and legislation, whilst taking your freedoms and imposing a lot that creates winners and losers, a far cry from capitalism. But, we digress!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Global Climate Change, episode 3. Will there be more power outages? Already half the state. What is the day today? Is it Spring? Is winter storms now a Spring

Wha's Up Out There?

thing? Actually, the MSM might’ve had some worthwhile news, if it is true, last night. They cited a BBC documentary on the BBC channel about the oceans. If I remember right, they said 285 million tons of toxins are dumped into the ocean everyday. A car weighs about, what?, two tons? So, then it would be like dumping 142.5 cars into the ocean everyday. That’s about a thousand cars a week, 52,000 cars a years. What does 52,000 cars look like? Well, it’s
probably about what you see at Logan Airport, or Hartfield-Jackson. The FRAGILE eco system underneath has got a deep knife wound in the kidneys. She’s in trouble; big trouble. Where is the wonderous NWO on this? US congress? the EPA, even? There were very tough standards set on ocean, laws, in 1972. There were very tough standards set for our lakes, rivers and streams. Thank you, Richard. But, who is paying attention? Are the young people paying attention? They are too focused on the mainstream. They are being drilled with the MSM. The schools have been following their lead. Do you think the banks and NWO are behind it? Seems well-coordinated. Immigration, guns. How about other countries stop treating their people so badly and they won’t want to leave their homelands? Hey, there’s an idea. Shhh! White Supremacy is bad, but isn’t Black Supremacy bad, too? Shhhh! Taking away guns will stop crime. But, how many people are stabbed, strangled, set on fire, decapitated, bombed out of existence? Shhh! Yes, young people, the oceans are in deep trouble. Corporate money trumps the vote. Trust me. I’ve seen it my entire lifetime. It gets worse and worse and worse. That
is not freedom by any standard, and your race or occupation has NOTHING to do with it. Your freedom is being stolen, bit by bit. And speaking of corporations, what ever happened to the Sherman Anti-Trust act? Forward thinking people put things in place like fair competition, environmental standards, and a fair system of pay, taxes, immigration, wealth, and justice and despite what’s being taught, several enactments and defenses have been put in place for civil rights. The Corporate Communists want you to believe it was 10 or 20 years ago. In fact, they want you to believe it’s still going on. To help those cultures and races? Hell no! That has always been a front. Always. That’s why back at the turn of the century,people fought for unions. They fought for better conditions. They fought for the environment. They fought for equality of opportunity. But, those politicians always took the money. FDR may have well been the man who turned it around. It was an infrastructure in need, he just brought things halfway back. The need for manpower, (and womanpower), created an economy. But, as soon as the big one was
over, they went right back to work trying to undermine every human right you gained. They are still at it…full force. They don’t want consensus. The reality is they don’t care what you want. If you’ve ever been in an American Corporation, they are the opposite of capitalism. Every middle manager
s main job is protecting their jobs. Senior management is a ghost. Hardly ever saw one in 30 years. The buddy system, undermining, backstabbing, sabotage, lies and deception go on 24/7 in a lot of these companies, and senior management isn’t remotely aware of how bad it is. They don’t care anyway. They just want it cheaper. They want to go back to 20-hour work days, pitiful wages, no protections, no healthcare, no justice, no retirement, because that’s how they attained such enormous wealth to begin with. It’s back there, at the turn of the 20th century, that our first billionaires were born, and no laws existed to protect anyone from what they did..not even what they did to each other. Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back:

Hit the only thing they understand.

Don’t follow this media path to destruction. It will be your destruction-guaranteed. Yes, they will put you on television because it’s what they want people to see; the lies. You are being used. You are doing nothing worthwhile. If you don’t believe me, ask your teacher why you aren’t boycotting ocean dumping. You can ignore that one, but instead of 20 dead, the death pain and suffering coming at you will make it look like charity. I know it’s a lot to take in. I know it sounds outright unbelievable, but what legislation has come about in recent history that is fair and equitable to everyone? Why isn’t racism solved? Why are people dying from new things every day? Why was the CDC so wrong about that misquito virus? It’s smoke and mirrors, kids. They lie.

No, no, it’s not true, we care. Just vote for us.

Is this stoic?

We need to have this fake voting this so people will
believe we’re the beacon of freedom. A shining beacon of democracy. So, we sit, check our emails, and text messages, and look disinterested, because we aren’t even going to bother talking about the President’s agenda. We like our own. See how we’re getting things done. We did so much under Obama. Let me see,
we let murderers out of jail early, created a drug epidemic, spent a lot, created a new race war based on lies. We are getting things done. But, why are the corporations on our side?

look like they care. They make it look like they want to do something. They have no intention. They never did. In Washington, doing what you’re told can make you very wealthy. That’s all they care about and, when the corporations no longer have a use for them as well, they’ll get their money back, one way or the other.

So, kids, the oceans, they are yours, not theirs. You want to just give it to them? Think
about it.

Wow! That’s a lot.

Adding to the list this year as promised; FastCo, The New Yorker, The Wall St. Journal, special videos, appand stories, coming your way. But, right now, I want to get into Twain’s head. So, I got the first 7 Chapters of ‘A Connecticut Yankee In The Court of King Arthur’ Bots are toys. Don’t even think about being one! 🙂

Mark Twain

March 11, 2018

Man, we be steppin’ it up. Education in a three-part post, our natural resource problem, our prison problem, historical revisionism, the real idea behind the Constitution. Young people should be mad. The original ideas started to pass before the Founders themselves. Russia Times, an American Counter, Fake News,and, oh yes! FastCo is back this month, keeping you up on intelligentsia and Tech. Equifax leak still a problem. Are these exposes? I think so. I’ll let the writers write. You decide. I comment. It’s all good.

March 5, 2018

America really needs to work on the double standards, the both ways, the me, myself and I syndrome. Ah, who cares. The problem with the blog world is the same as it is with Hollywood; anything good is ripped off and trivialized. And so, as I was saying above; well, copy it. This one needs copying. Steal it. The 21st Century narcissism has become problematic. Steal it, and wake yourself up while you’re at it. Spread the word. Oh yes, but don’t just care for those around you, care about your surroundings, care about what sustains us all. To that we bring three great posts, starting with something not in the news much but lifeanswers brings it with crystal clarity. Yes, we’re talking about the water. We’ll be working on important topics and still keep you alert to the conspiracies. Conspiracies? Crazy! But, don’t just say it. Why? Why is it? Analyze. Question. Re-evaluate. Enjoy!

February 27,2018

Well, we are racing to keep up. All watches and headlines are updated. The New yorker is online. We have a good piece on education in 3 parts, first part today. more pieces very soon. more to come for posts and media starting tomorrow. Thanks!!

One wonders, what does communism look like??

It looks like this.

Folks! We’ve gotten the riske’ grade. Excellent! You see, communism isn’t logical. Communism is the ‘I want it both ways,’ philosophy. It self-destructs, and doesn’t like to admit it. Why are we still talking about it after the alleged turnarounds of Russia and China? It’s because the ‘both ways,’ philosophy is incapable of admitting anything. We don’t have capitalists running the country anymore; we have all-too-powerful oligarchs who wanted Russia and China cut in to widen their already way-too-fat portfolios. So, while you knock capitalism, just remind yourself, we don’t have capitalism. We haven’t had it for a while. That page will be posted soon. Dishonest capitalism is communism, you see, you have to keep lying to keep it going. We don’t mind being risky, so long as we ain’t lyin’. And if you know so, or think so, we will address it and respond back as such, publicly and in-person. We will admit wrongness. You see, who would think that anything called ‘reason,’ cough,cough, could also lie?

February 20, 2018

There is a fear. It is here. It moves about in the hearts and minds of people who know better, but know not what to do. Pretty much, it’s the fear of going against the grain. The Black Panther can’t fix it. The Black Panther is part of the problem. Sure, your kids like it and you just want to keep your kids happy. This is achievable. It is doable. The first thing you must do is disregard all major notions paraded everyday on and in the media. They are creating division. They are promoting lies and trying to stoke one race against the other. They are all part; David Muir, Lester, Scott Pelley, Brook “CakeMake” Baldwin, Don Lemon. They are all lying for the real racists, and you are taking it all in, lock, stock and barrel. They are liars, and their lies are hurting innocent people. Let’s compare 20 years ago to today. Why the sudden uptick with all the race-in-your-face garbage stinking up your screen? Because all white people are racists and they’ve been trying to hold people of other races back? Not quite, but there is a barrage of tens of thousands of black organizations who would like you to believe that. But now, it’s more than that. It’s an agenda, an insidious one, not to give minorities or blacks more power, but to take away power from Europeans and European Americans by flooding their borders with violent people and cultures light years away from their own. Like the notion that ‘whites’ will be a minority by such and such, blah, blah. Of course it will, because of them, not because of declining birth rates or anything else. Your politicians want you overrun, period. Do you see them denying it anywhere? Do you see them answering the tough questions? NO. European people have achieved productivity levels that created a need for them. They created a middle class. They created better housing and education. They created higher attainability. And, they created it through blood, sweat and tears. But, these sell-outs, and the vile people who run their countries and corporations want everyone to think Europeans achieved everything on the backs of blacks and minorities. And, indeed, a group of people did. They look just like Europeans. They even took their names and acted like they were part of the klan.
They aren’t us. They are few in number, but large enough and wealthy enough to constantly parade these lies daily, hourly, minutely, every second of the day, to millions and millions of people. Their insidious plan has worked well-most Africans believe that ‘white people’ benefited from them. They call it ‘White Privilege.’ This poisonous, blasphemous, vile lie is pushed constantly. They believe every single ‘white person’ benefited from receiving favor over ‘black people.’ Nice try, but it wouldn’t explain every other race. I would like all those ‘privileged’ people to come out of the closet and tell you who they are. In fact, these snakes have done just the opposite. They created laws and rules whereby they replaced ‘white’ racism with legalized ‘black’ racism. What it really is racism against ‘whites,’ and not just whites, other cultures, who have earned their place, and studied night after night have been pushed aside for a preference system not based on anything other than skin color. It is ‘racism by law.’ Same said people scoff this along with the benefactors of the free ride. It is even a slap in the face to their own people who have earned their place. But, I’ve heard more than a few ‘black’ people say, they could be on our side if we would just admit this privilege. I’m sorry, ‘black’ people. I work on truth, and frankly, as far as recent history is concerned, it has been just the opposite. Yes, these fake Europeans have some real easy players here. Okay, so enough has been said. Now, we hear ‘white’ supremacist hatred is on the rise. Please send us the video, the confessions, the police reports, the perps, and so on. I keep hearing the headline without seeing the proof. I see that as a problem. Handouts and graffiti that could be done by anyone, and is, are not proof of a hate crime. No. If you want proof, we can show you proof, and we will show you proof, of just the opposite in a coming watch page. Proof, and consistent proof, is the only acceptable way, because hoaxes can and have been pulled of again and again and readily accepted by this fake media. Stay tuned because you need to know what the truth is.

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’S Day to All….

Well, there certainly has been a lot going on and we have not kept up with it. The FBI would like to tell us they are unbiased. Their actions aren’t saying that. We can see. The motives are obvious. But, they say they aren’t. Probably I should say, whatever the opposite is, believe that. No going on a rant, though. What are the Democrat politicians doing for you? Anything? Anyone who’s been awake for the last 16 years knows, not much. Anyone who’s been waiting that long know they are every bit just as stalemate and tax waste as the Republicans, maybe worse. The “real” Americans, (they have a lineage and a history in this country), know that immigrants, “minorities” and illegals are being used against them. 80’s back and forth, back and forth. 90’s back and forth, back and forth, 2000’s back and forth, back and forth. 2010’s back and forth, back and forth. They are on the same team folks, the corporate team. They are getting things done for them. Plenty for the corporations. You doing any better?

Any, we are keeping the headlines and WSJ updated, and adding more stuff to the media page. Also, putting out a new set of watches soon. New articles, more video and material. Coming, coming, be patient.


Be Strong, Read On…


February 3, 2018

There is hope. Or not. Just don’t listen to Bon Jovi.

What I’m hearing on the street and on-line is the realization that this NWO exists and it won’t be good. It’s too slow, though. Especially, on the democratic side which still views Trump as the problem. The reasons politicians push and push their rhetoric isn’t based on truth, passion and understanding. They only understand their corporate masters. Left and right? Pleaaassse. Wake up!


January 30, 2018


The bets have been made. Will the Times or the Post stay off the subject of race. .. . for a day? even? It’s very doubtful. And there is, because it is THEY who are the racists. They can’t get everyone to believe it. In fact, with control of the entire media and their corporate sponsors, they can’t get half of us to believe it. Keep it up Times. Just add to the end of every sentence, ‘If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.’ I mean, because you’re so believable. We will keep the watches updated throughout the week. The New Yorker ‘s up, (take about race!), and expanded format and writers in the works. Embrace the undecided weather.

January 21, 2018


All the watches have been updated, though, again, it seems most of them are to the left. And, again, it’s the politics of division. Looking at how destructive it is, is one thing. The other is to see how it is a MAJOR component of communist fomenting. Salon, Root, The Independent, the list goes on. But not this one.

What is it? What is it?

January 18, 2018

Oh Google!  What a pitiful move.  No one wants a search engine with a closed mouth.  No wonder Colin Flaherty gets removed from YouTube while the New Black Panthers stay with their message of killing little Penelopes.  This is your freedom passing you by, WAKE UP.

Google & Soros-backed ‘Fact-Checkers’ Join Forces To Control ……
Google has partnered with an organization largely … funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Soros, … Google & Soros-backed ‘Fact-Checkers’ Join Forces To …

George Soros and the Demonization of Philanthropy – The Atlantic…/12/soros-philanthropy/547247
Soros’s Open Society Foundations have together given away some $14 billion over the … A Former Google Employee on How Your Phone Is … Fraud Alert regarding …

Soros, Google Funding “Net Neutrality” Groups to … – Infowars…
Since 2006, these three entities – Google, George Soros’ Open Society Institution and the Ford Foundation – have contributed more than $72 million to non-profit …

George Soros’s Open Society Foundation Banned In Austria By ……
George Soros and his Open Society foundation being … George Soros’s Open Society Foundation Banned In Austria By Youngest World Leader … according to Hoax Alert.

George Soros rises again – POLITICO…
2016. George Soros rises again. The billionaire, who had dialed back his giving, has committed more than $25 million to supporting Hillary Clinton and other …


Stop! local governments from destroying wetlands. They are very important. You destroy them, you destroy balance, you destroy yourself. Your town council needs to expand their minds over the usual short-term fix:

Your wetlands are important. Your wetlands are your life.


January 13, 2018


How many drug commercials can one take? In this country, a whole lot.

All Watches updated with tons of news, hundreds on fake news, Putin heralds Kim, CNN
goes on a rampage against their president. NY Times back and the New Yorker back, (in case you’re feeling super liberal, (neo liberal?)).

Well go, go, go. Record cold, record flu, record floods, record fires, record hurricanes, and lots more records. Don’t forget how far downhill our resources, (like water), are while we build, build, build away and suck in people from around the World with lies about dreams and ideas. Get real. Could our politicians be any more IDIOTIC and they still don’t get it. We got lots of problems and they’ve spent the last two years talking about race and making a non-issue a big issue. It is America’s elite v. America and America had better wake up because, I assure you, you will not like their version of the country you fought for. You had better wake up like an Hawaiian getting a nuke scare. But, this is not a scare. This is real.

Your wetlands are your life.

January 8, 2018

The NYT is back on this month.  At least the Times knows how to make you feel something;  hate, love, whatever.

I think of January as the longest month of the year.  But, insomuch  as time flies, like the years, I have learned to like it, even though it’s all work and worry.

Perhaps looking to change the editor so as to get on a more upbeat track.  But, still committed to trying to sort out true from false.  Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

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