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February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’S Day to All….

Well, there certainly has been a lot going on and we have not kept up with it. The FBI would like to tell us they are unbiased. Their actions aren’t saying that. We can see. The motives are obvious. But, they say they aren’t. Probably I should say, whatever the opposite is, believe that. No going on a rant, though. What are the Democrat politicians doing for you? Anything? Anyone who’s been awake for the last 16 years knows, not much. Anyone who’s been waiting that long know they are every bit just as stalemate and tax waste as the Republicans, maybe worse. The “real” Americans, (they have a lineage and a history in this country), know that immigrants, “minorities” and illegals are being used against them. 80’s back and forth, back and forth. 90’s back and forth, back and forth, 2000’s back and forth, back and forth. 2010’s back and forth, back and forth. They are on the same team folks, the corporate team. They are getting things done for them. Plenty for the corporations. You doing any better?

Any, we are keeping the headlines and WSJ updated, and adding more stuff to the media page. Also, putting out a new set of watches soon. New articles, more video and material. Coming, coming, be patient.


Be Strong, Read On…


February 3, 2018

There is hope. Or not. Just don’t listen to Bon Jovi.

What I’m hearing on the street and on-line is the realization that this NWO exists and it won’t be good. It’s too slow, though. Especially, on the democratic side which still views Trump as the problem. The reasons politicians push and push their rhetoric isn’t based on truth, passion and understanding. They only understand their corporate masters. Left and right? Pleaaassse. Wake up!


January 30, 2018


The bets have been made. Will the Times or the Post stay off the subject of race. .. . for a day? even? It’s very doubtful. And there is, because it is THEY who are the racists. They can’t get everyone to believe it. In fact, with control of the entire media and their corporate sponsors, they can’t get half of us to believe it. Keep it up Times. Just add to the end of every sentence, ‘If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.’ I mean, because you’re so believable. We will keep the watches updated throughout the week. The New Yorker ‘s up, (take about race!), and expanded format and writers in the works. Embrace the undecided weather.

January 21, 2018


All the watches have been updated, though, again, it seems most of them are to the left. And, again, it’s the politics of division. Looking at how destructive it is, is one thing. The other is to see how it is a MAJOR component of communist fomenting. Salon, Root, The Independent, the list goes on. But not this one.

What is it? What is it?

January 18, 2018

Oh Google!  What a pitiful move.  No one wants a search engine with a closed mouth.  No wonder Colin Flaherty gets removed from YouTube while the New Black Panthers stay with their message of killing little Penelopes.  This is your freedom passing you by, WAKE UP.

Google & Soros-backed ‘Fact-Checkers’ Join Forces To Control ……
Google has partnered with an organization largely … funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Soros, … Google & Soros-backed ‘Fact-Checkers’ Join Forces To …

George Soros and the Demonization of Philanthropy – The Atlantic…/12/soros-philanthropy/547247
Soros’s Open Society Foundations have together given away some $14 billion over the … A Former Google Employee on How Your Phone Is … Fraud Alert regarding …

Soros, Google Funding “Net Neutrality” Groups to … – Infowars…
Since 2006, these three entities – Google, George Soros’ Open Society Institution and the Ford Foundation – have contributed more than $72 million to non-profit …

George Soros’s Open Society Foundation Banned In Austria By ……
George Soros and his Open Society foundation being … George Soros’s Open Society Foundation Banned In Austria By Youngest World Leader … according to Hoax Alert.

George Soros rises again – POLITICO…
2016. George Soros rises again. The billionaire, who had dialed back his giving, has committed more than $25 million to supporting Hillary Clinton and other …


Stop! local governments from destroying wetlands. They are very important. You destroy them, you destroy balance, you destroy yourself. Your town council needs to expand their minds over the usual short-term fix:

Your wetlands are important. Your wetlands are your life.


January 13, 2018


How many drug commercials can one take? In this country, a whole lot.

All Watches updated with tons of news, hundreds on fake news, Putin heralds Kim, CNN
goes on a rampage against their president. NY Times back and the New Yorker back, (in case you’re feeling super liberal, (neo liberal?)).

Well go, go, go. Record cold, record flu, record floods, record fires, record hurricanes, and lots more records. Don’t forget how far downhill our resources, (like water), are while we build, build, build away and suck in people from around the World with lies about dreams and ideas. Get real. Could our politicians be any more IDIOTIC and they still don’t get it. We got lots of problems and they’ve spent the last two years talking about race and making a non-issue a big issue. It is America’s elite v. America and America had better wake up because, I assure you, you will not like their version of the country you fought for. You had better wake up like an Hawaiian getting a nuke scare. But, this is not a scare. This is real.

Your wetlands are your life.

January 8, 2018

The NYT is back on this month.  At least the Times knows how to make you feel something;  hate, love, whatever.

I think of January as the longest month of the year.  But, insomuch  as time flies, like the years, I have learned to like it, even though it’s all work and worry.

Perhaps looking to change the editor so as to get on a more upbeat track.  But, still committed to trying to sort out true from false.  Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

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