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Friday, March 24,2017

by Philabustah(editor)

Another watch is up under the watches; the Koch Brothers watch-under the ‘Watches’ menu. Nothing should upset us more than people who talk about conservatism or liberalism while they are busy trying to buy the country for themselves.  These are arrogant people, (nicest way I can put it).


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

by Philabustah(editor)

Who was it that said ‘Life is a series of improvisations?’ Who was it that said ‘All is fair in love and war?’ When I hear the anecdotal one-liners, I think of ”
Mother Whale Eyeless,” on Eno’s album, ‘
Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy.’ My interpretation of that song is that they are lame attempts to rationalize the confusion around us. But, we know why the confusion around us. We are inundated with contradictory information because we find the rules apply differently for different people, in just one of a multitude of Double Standards; the kid thinks his parents are hypocrites-and the kid is right. The worker thinks his boss is a hypocrite-and he is right. The student thinks the teacher is a hypocrite-and he is right. The populace thinks their government is a hypocrite-and they are right. The criminal thinks the judge is a hypocrite-and he is right. This explains everything-but where is the one-liner for this?
Nietzsche likens God to a woman. As I’m sure it did good for his posse, it didn’t do well for his philosophy. I liken God to ‘The Truth,’ whether it hurts us or not. That in itself is a good thing because you don’t get smarter by holding to rigid beliefs and protecting your fragile ego. But the closer you get to actual truth, the closer you will feel God. It even serves all of us for you to say, ‘I was wrong and you were right.’ It makes the truth more contagious and likable. Whatever testament you liken to, the truth is pivotal to them both. They hold a moral compass to us. We like to hold that moral compass up to the religious. The religious need to hold it to the atheists. We see lots more atheists but their answers and their reasons do not make better sense. Rather, they serve to strengthen the double standards. We continue…

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

by Philabustah(editor)

Is your Google Chrome running slow? For a multitude of obvious reasons, Malware is trying to find it’s way in. Be very wary of any Extensions. Delete your history often. Change your passwords. Backup. Record any new software or documents you add to your computer. Monitor your credit once a month. Oh yes! Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Sunday, February 5, 2017

by Philabustah(editor)

Will we have to do another article on Superbowl side spectacles?
Ever notice how easily the market moves with headlines despite company performance?

Oops! Faith meter going negative. Don’t worry, we are watching. Keep them honest.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

by Philabustah(editor)


As I watch the protesters, I realize how badly our young people need jobs, and parents that seem to give more of a &!$# about that.

Don’t be a ground hog….road hog…..hog.

What to believe now? Who knows, but I do like Quartz, it’s a good blog.

Three Russian cyber arrests, one suspicious death, and a new twist in the US election hack

Monday, January 23, 2017

by Philabustah(editor)


Atlanta won, Pats won. Just like I predicted. Green Bay saved themselves from a blowout and Jones had quite a game. The Pats will have to pass rush much better than Green Bay if they want to win. Should be great game nonetheless. Head cold, stomach bug, alkaseltzer, but no emergency dental work. Saturday, I thought ‘The Walking Dead’ was on every channel-worse-it was live protesters. A doot, dah, dah, duh, dooduh-if they only had a brain. Must try to get workkk duuu…..

Friday, January 20, 2017

by Philabustah(editor)


10:34-The seconds tick down. Watch the clock!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

by Philabustah(editor)


Poor Ronda. She should’ve started a little below and worked her way back up. What was she thinking? I’ll tell you what; She went Hollywood. Hollywood is not reality. In fact, it is far removed. Reality is out here with us, Ronda. Welcome back.

(In fact, after making it through almost half of ‘
Suicide Squad,’ I’m sure I can say that emphatically, and, add that there is no one man, or even small group, that can save the world. It takes people working together. Let’s start.)

Welcome ghostwriter!

We are always looking for good writers. Also, we’ll keep updating the no-NWO project. If you know of links you think are important, comment or email. Please!

Friday, December 30,  2016

by Philabustah(editor)


Taking the weekend off! Have a safe and happy NY’s day. Good luck to Ronda Rousey tonight. We are routing for her comeback. What else to say obviously eludes me. OK, I’ll give you a hint; start this way:

This year's starter stocks.

Monday, December 26,  2016

by Philabustah(editor)


Soon to say bye to 2016. What a year! It prompted more than usual
about the current state of politics, especially the media. The book will begin to be written on Barack Obama but, will it be good? When elections occur, right and left tighten up. When right and left tighten up, right and wrong go unanswered. The more people see that, the better off we will be. For sure, the more you can hope for change. Remember Obama’s grand speeches, ‘Yes we can,’ ‘Hope and Change?’ I had one of those feelings, you know, when your head thinks into the future and your stomach goes into knots. There is no ‘one person’ out there that is going to change anything; no President, no ‘one person.’ Take it from those who may have thought it way back when; there is no Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, and the list goes forever on. It won’t happen. It will have to be a coalition, a team, a movement, factoring out everything which divides us. A lot of people in America now have profit motives for doing things under the guise of doing something ‘good for the country.’ At the very least, push for the truth. I give you my solemn promise; Nothing will scare your owners more. Don’t let these strongly emotional arguments that they pitch creep in. I’ve seen it long enough to know they do more damage than good. Make 2017 a better year, make friends, come back often. Thank you!

Thursday, December 15,  2016

by Philabustah(editor)


As the temperatures drop and the anxieties rise, we will remain stealthy and healthy, seeking accountability from the wealthy.  What should we make of a cabinet full of billionaires looking out for our best interests?  Be aware, be very aware.  They don’t want you to, that’s why they are legalizing dope-so you stay dumb and out of it.   WE are the all-seeing eye.  WE are watching you.  Oh yes, and WE are WISE!
Logikblog All-Seeing Eye

Sunday, November 30, 2016

by Philabustah(editor)


Meet the new boss; same as the old boss. I hope people are waking up to this illusion of a left and a right. Oh, they seem to be different, when they’re busy lying. But, they are no different. They have owners. Their owners want the same thing. The ‘go along to get along’ crowd bow to these owners or they don’t get to play in the the sandbox. But, remember, this is what was said of the Soviet Union all the time during the height of the Cold War. It was said ‘that’s why their people suffer.’ The nicest sounding things, (‘diversity’), more often than not, now hide a different agenda to the brain washer. Mainstream media is in full effect as a tool of the government. If banking, corporate elites are really conservative capitalists, then why does their approach seem so dictatorial? It’s time to re-write the book on capitalism while we wake people up all over the world. It’s time to stop letting English be re-written so every word can mean something else, even opposite to its original intention. Or, maybe I’m wrong. Every single sign I see tells me otherwise. Good luck.

Sunday, November 21, 2016

by Philabustah(editor)

As I peer into the political world, I can see that truth and logic are sorely needed. But, with all the division it’s a puzzle indeed. I hope people try to find more in common beyond how the media/government view us. It’s very important. It seems everything is political, but I aim to refocus on finding that commonality. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

by Philabustah(editor)

Gong forward, the gems of the media, like David Brooks and Chucky, want us to come together and heal.  Yet, just who created the divide?  It was healing pretty good about 30 years ago.  What happened?  I could say, but I won’t.   Here’s the problem; the divide will never go away unless we deal with the United States of Double Standards.  You see, that’s what is really diminishing our credibility in the world.  We have a wage gap that would make any totalitarian oligarch proud.  Our politicians say grand things and fools cheer while they talk out of both sides of their mouth and corporate globalists write our laws.  Cheer all you want and believe a choice between two puppets makes a difference.  It doesn’t.  Don’t be afraid of Trump-watch him get in line with your real leaders-because if you knew what they were up to, you’d have plenty of reason to be fearful.  But for the enlightened, there is a way to fight back; everyone has to get along and diminish the status quo preached to us everyday.  Quite an irony, isn’t it?  Try getting along.  Your anger is palpable-it’s just directed at the wrong people.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

by Philabustah(editor)

Happy voting!  I love what I say to the Native American.  Does the Native American love what I say to him?

“I may give to Sierra’s efforts to stop the Dakota pipeline. If eyeopener admits it’s not “white people” who killed Indians. It’s elitists and their agents. We have the same problems today…no different. Are the elitists white? Probably, but, most of us do not agree with what they are doing today just as most probably didn’t agree however many years ago. But, anyone who’s worked in the corporate world knows that morals only go so far as one’s family. For their security, they’ll sell you out in a second…., and I’ve seen ALL colors of people do it. Today, your preservation means caring about other peoples’ preservation no matter how much you dislike them or not. Just consider that these elitists lie and they will do anything to achieve their goals.”

I could refer to
Barack Obama, or
Colin Kaepernick.  Both raised by white mothers after their black fathers abandoned them.  Yet, they refuse to look in the mirror.  Do what Michael Jackson said;  look at the man in the mirror.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

by Philabustah(editor)

A few days to the American Election. Watch the markets go crazy. I would say everyone feels in a state of suspended animation. Just another where I’m sure neither side will be satisfied with the outcome. Obama said so much during his 2008 campaign; so much he would fix, so much he would do, so much he would eliminate. He did none of them; the Savior. It’s funny, I watched a Frontline doc about Putin’s rise and, the way he was presented, with a strong inner circle, sounded bad. Then, I thought, no different than Bush’s presidency, no different than Obama’s. The people in this country had better wake up soon if they still want a country.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

by Philabustah(editor)

Questioning the validity of the vote?  The MSM, all of them, went on the attack.  Hillary won the final debate and questioning the vote is  embarrassing, demeaning, a mockery of democracy, etc.  It came across on every channel.  What I found embarrassing was the suggestion that, (and oft repeated), the Russians were working with Wikileaks as verified by 75 different national security entities.  Does Donald “Question that?” Hillary asks.  I do because I have a hard time believing 75 national security organizations really care about Hillary’s conversations with the DNC.  And, if they really could have verified it, they could have stopped the hack in the first place.  Or, didn’t they know that?  I question.  I question a lot and, so should you.  This government on both sides is so corrupt, they form different groups based on age, gender, race, class and everything else and tell us not to be racist.  It’s so ridiculous people should’ve been up in arms.  Instead, they readily accept.  They say they will create jobs while pulling in workers from all over.  Out on the streets, we don’t know who they are, or if they are citizens, or residents, or anything else.  But, as usual, there are those that are benefitting, making sure we don’t question this.  Everything is decided in business meetings, conflicts of interest abound, things we should be voting on decided automatically, or by the Supreme Court, or by Executive Order.  Democracy?  Question?  ARE THEY SERIOUS?  You’d better start questioning everything.  EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, October 18,2016

by Philabustah(editor)

Nothing much to report this week.  It seems as though it’s the same as the last, with better weather.  I did watch the news one night, where one person after another stated they’ve never heard talk like this, (Trump’s locker talk…for the unenlightened).  Then came the commercial for ABC’s new show “Conviction:”  sexy, profane, alluring.  Then, the finely tuned model came out and gave us the weather report.  It is the media itself that holds and projects these images.  I see two more important dangers than what was said:

1..Focusing on a woman’s body and not in other areas is misleading young men on what’s important;personality, stability, responsibility,intelligence, etc.  Yah, right!  and your parents will say the same thing.  If you focus on who you are, what your personality is like, your intelligence, skills and appearance then your expectations will be more realistic and you’ll probably find yourself a nice partner faster.

2..The United States of Double Standards, (and this is a project I would like to get input on), is destroying people’s ability to think logically.  I have noticed this for many years now.  And, it’s especially dangerous in a society where everyone is so judgmental. Everyone is the competition and no one is the friend.  Be smarter than this;  Every day that you remember, take note of these double standards, just as I pointed out the one above.  These kinds of contradictions become reinforced and acceptable, making you both innocent and guilty.   Please learn this and demand change before it is too late.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

by Philabustah, (editor)


For the last 5 days, it appears that no one in the media, the Republican party or Emptywood  has ever heard sailor talk.    I’ve been hearing it for about 49 years.  I’ve heard it in the locker room, the gym, the bar, the pool, the patio, the lunchroom, in houses.  I’ve even heard the ladies do it, live and on television.  I must be living in an alternate world because, I swear I’ve heard locker talk.  I believe it’s Howard Stern’s stock and trade, mainly.  But, who’s picking sides?  I would just like this double dementia to go away.  It seems rather stupefying. It seems rather stultifying.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

by Philabustah, (editor)

Let us know how you like the new look.  Also, we hope there will be 2 new authors on board.  We’re going to update the world news with some more free goodies  (for our loyal viewers only)

A new news cycle upcoming will focus mainly on nonprofit news and news related to the concerns of those of us who are trying to do something good with our world, the responsibilities of leaders and professionals, the aspirations of the young, concerns for the land, air & water, the overwhelming task of trying to create a positive future.  Throw a party and talk it over.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

by Philabustah, (editor)


Well, like I quoted on my FB page, ‘Who won?’  Not us!  The debate was just another view of the future this country has to look forward to, not good.  If Hillary’s job was to make the ‘outsider’ look like a heartless corporate captain, she succeeded.   If her job was to make us see how the aforementioned does not pay his fair share, has no real stake and just takes advantage of people, she succeeded.   If it was Trump’s job to show us that his Wharton School of Business training wasn’t worth much, he succeeded. Or maybe, it was just another dog-and-pony show pulled off on the American people.  See, people can’t be that stupid.  It makes the last scenario look like the actual one.  Yet, I’m sure most people took stock of it.  Who won the debate?  Not us.


Let the REAL debates take place HERE on the LOGIK Blog. Here we emphasize LOGIC. Do not be dragged into discussions of what happened in the past. First of all, there is way too much revision of history that doesn’t really let us know what actually happened. We can’t pay for the sins of the past by setting up a legal system of retribution now into the future, (unless you want to say two wrongs make a right and give us your evidence). Trump is Kwazy, yes, but his words are words in opposition to the establishment. The establishment has morals and dogma that has been hurting average Americans since they first began infiltrating our new republic leading to the War of 1812-(a banker’s war waged against us by pitting good men against each other).


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There’s a whole lot that needs fixing in this world of ours if it is ever to survive beyond the near future.  So many things have gone in the opposite direction from what we were led to believe.  We’re looking for  insights and opinions from all over the globe.  We’d like to know what’s going on in your corner of the world to see if we can get a consensus of reason and logic  the way to think is UN-political. Reasonable arguments become so convoluted and divisive once politics is put into the fray. Nothing could convince me more of this than the ol’ US two-party system that takes a worthy argument, (climate change), and turns it into a wedge issue full of profit motives upon which nothing is to be done.

Realize that no argument that hides a profit motive is a worthy argument. Also, they are short-term benefits to longer term problems.


Realize that the current political sphere IS THE PROBLEM. Every issue they try to push nowadays has some sort of motive behind it that does not belie the truth. When we’re acting on things for all the wrong reasons, we are heading for definite troubles. BIG troubles.

The logikblog seeks to be a forum to argue these things out. Also, it is a force for any worthy causes that are completely within the realm of reason; health, charity, environment, community, family, … Control the argument. Also, consider putting your email in the silver wolf database. Our democracies and freedoms are being stolen from us because we are no longer the ones framing the arguments. They are being framed by those who seek to preserve their own self interests for all time, no matter what the price. Don’t deny you can’t see it-just ask if you can afford it.
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