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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Did I say July down there? Just trying to keep my head together lately. Anyway, these are notes from the road. So, you can’t move in the South. You can’t move in the North. They are building everywhere. And, someone asks me why I think that is. And, I thought I might say ‘Well, despite the fact we let no one in across the borders, no visas and visitors and students and guest workers and so on and so on. …that our women’s’ legs are wide open. Oh, is that rude? I’m sorry. Mr. Trump wants to discourage the mad dashes for the border, and that it may have consequences. Democrats would prefer that we pay the consequences-‘Why would we do that? It is us too!’ Only one answer: You hold hold deep resentment of your country. Everything that happens at the border is cruel unless you question the legitimacy of the people coming. Democrat:You racist! How dare you call them criminals? Democrat-these people are running from violence! What’s wrong with you? And yet….well, never mind. You get it. Notes from the road. The contradictions laying way to the double standards continue.

Wednesday, Juuuuly 13th, 2018


Say what?  Yes, I’ve said nothing in several days but say what?  I need more writers.  Anyway,…about North Korea?  It could lead to good things.  That depends how willing we are to stop with the exercises.  And, why not?  Taiwan, Japan, South Korea appreciate,  I’m sure.  But, if you can get the nuclear arsenal to come down?  Good idea; everyone’s happy.  Everyone wins.  Russia-gate?  Boring…  snoring.   Oh! Here’s one:  Congress approved the more-merging of an already-huge conglomerate called AT&T, solidifying internet with media, television, news, etc., in an already unified-one size fits all-machine.  In Washington, they call it the House.  I call it the House…of fraud.  It’s amazing how investigations can go on for years while some go bing in the middle of the night while you were sleeping.  Did I mention ABC and Democrats are trying to undermine the peace summit as it goes.  David Muir, and every local in syndication, (monopoly), calling the North Korean murderer, liar, blah, blah.  Hey Dave, so are you.  You chime the head man’s crap, lying to millions everyday.  BTW, I remember seeing a North Korean film on American propaganda.  The problem I had with it was it was dead true.  We can’t be angels all the time, but this film made the creeping demons of division seem normal for Western lore. 

You have upset the Sage! Now you have asked for it!

I will supply that link if the boobles-that-be haven’t made it disappear.  We can’t differing opinions in the West, can we?  Actually, we’d have pretty much the same one if a whole helluva lot of people started waking up, But how many years?   How many years do we have to say it?  We let them set the tone.  We let them set the pace.  This is war, and you’re in surrender posture.


Hold on, I’m getting mad, more coming!   Switched from the Times back WSJ, (too much about race, race, race).  The New Yorker for this week;  race, race, race.  The New World Order page needs more reading.  It needs more realization.  All other watches and pages and articles being updated later today.   Thanks for reading!  —philabustah


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June 1, 2018


Not saying anything bad today. I can’t afford to; 131 over 109-Not good! Okay, one thing. Still have much more to do here. Lotsa pages, media goodies, and good synopsis on everything going on today. All the watches will be updated today, a few articles and some peaceful poetry. Right now, gotta go fix the blood pressure. Have a good weekend. Welcome to June. Hope it’s a good month for all. Peace out!


Bad 2 duh bone:

New World Order No more

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


What am I going to say today?  Luckily for the world , I am empty-headed.  Do you notice how on some television shows how somethings seem as if they could have been scripted?  Sorry, thinking.  Stop thinking.  Well, it seems a lot of stuff gets done without thinking.  One such thing is the expansion of a community’s business landscape to update a park, or get another police car in a town without crime.  And, are the resources there?  To hell with resources!  Will it infringe upon wildlife, wetlands and ecosystems?  To hell with those things!  You see, if any thinking is done, it doesn’t seem reasoned or intelligent.  Everything is done for the sake of the employment.  For it to be reasoned and intelligent, and still have your employment, everyone must stop working.  Put the machine to a standstill.  Insist that anything done anywhere is reasoned and not because some corporation wants it.   Many reason in their own minds that it is ordained, or it is as God wants, or it’s too late, or it’s for the next generation.  God made you in his image, did he not?  Your failure to stop evil and all God’s creations from being destroyed will bear you no fruit in any afterlife.  It’s not time to shame any race or party.  It’s time to shame ourselves if we can’t put aside all that divides us.  That’s not what ‘they’ want at all.  Imagine if we did.  It would make them cringe.  A real, ‘United’ States, eh?  You know who ‘they’ is.


Thursday, May 24, 2018


The stupidity of what is news in this country is a joke. Unfortunately, people you might even consider as smart buy into it. On the other hand,
if you’ve been around a while, compare going on back, even though it was bull then, too. Black people at apicnic is news? A woman calling on them is news? That happens everyday a gazillion times. How is this national news? It’s at this point you have to consider this was orchestrated or made to be a story. I can imagine all reporters for ABC, NBC, CNN, etc., etc. viewing the tweets to see what kind of race-baiting their racey crowd can come up with. It’s absolutely ,disgusting nonsense. But, I saw a different video. I saw one in which one black girl, in particular, and afew others relentlessly antagonized and harrassed this girl. I didn’t see that in the nationals’ coverage-not any of them. In fact, their video left some very critical things out. How are we to believe this is a thing when numerous hoaxes have been perpetrated by the same people? What happens then? With no suspects in site, ALL NATIONAL NEWS immediately starts blaming, speaking and acting like Nazis are running all over the country. This is what we call uhhhhhhhh, PROPAGANDA. THIS IS COMMUNISM. THIS IS AN INSIDE COMMUNIST ATTACK. And what is the outcome? I guess it’s that people don’t have to follow city ordinances anymore. Is
that it? I’ve been breaking this city ordinance my whole life! Is that it? How can we convince all you wafers out thereyou’re being bamboozled? You should be beside yourselves with anger. What is it going to take? What,
was there a movie, ‘No Country for Old Men’? Personally,I think it’s no country for rigid belief, go along to get along people who refuse to see outside their protective bubble. It’s a long title, but it’s for real. Oh, you can keep your eyes closed and, if you do, that bubble’s gonna break, it’s just a matter of how soon you want it.

Two new pieces being edited as we speak. One piece just out, appreciate the viewership on that one. The watches are out gathering new data. Look at these links a lot if you will. They go after the variances on the stories that just don’t seem to go away, racism, immigration, fake news, putin, oligarchs. Not only don’t they go away, it’s like a planned assault being perpetrated everyday. Hey, I’m not Alex Jones; I’m showing things that don’t add up along with things I know are not right-lies and manipulations all mixed up to make The Double Standards of America. And more watches and some really good stuff coming up. New Tees coming up this weekend! Promise.

Bucks guard Sterling Brown is lucky he wasn’t killed by Milwaukee police


Tue, 5/22/2018


Another school shooting?  High school can really suck.  There’s the few winners, and they ride the wave high, with all the favors, all the support, teachers love ’em, girls wanna date ’em.  Then you have the losers; no favors, no support, teachers mumble behind their backs, girls reject them.  The difference is amazing.  The losers got a real bad hand.  But, the losers need to know life is a whole lot different beyond high school.  For most of them, it turns out to be a good thing.   Yes, there are many equalizers that help the losers not be losers anymore.  As for the winners?  Well, high school is over, sonny.  Keep faith losers.  Whatever gets you through.

The news is still as fake as ever.  Say, did you notice all the left politicians care a whole lot more about bringing Trump down than all their millions of voters.  Give us something, anything, the left has done for their constituents.  Hey, let them show that they even care a little.Well, midterms coming up.  They’ll go back to blathering about a whole lotta nuthin.   Yes, faith in yourself, faith in those that support you.  Question everything.  Freedom is knowing what the truth is.  The truth is MSM=hollywood=music=corporate=politics=education=sports=judicial=the tokens and the favors aren’t there for everybody but they are there to rub in everyone’s faces.  Freedom is strength and the truth shall set you free.  It’s empowering.  Go share it!  More truth coming.

Wed 5/16/2018 11:58:44 PM

When a worldwide petition goes out on Soros’ behalf to influence governments with his money, that is not good.  I hope others would see that as I do.


Then there’s a cover from Bloomberg Businessweek. It shows Youtube cleaning out the garbage….according to their corporate requesters-ya know where I’m going with this? The problem for me is that garbage is what’s left! Sorry Youtube.

…and it keeps coming and coming. A couple more great articles on the way. Limited Edition Tees and biting sarcasm, coming your way everyday.

OHH!! man.



No talking about the race war today, except to say this media/leftist onslaught is so bad for this country at this time, and whoever wants it is delusional. A couple really good pieces coming very soon, the news page is up with the NYT, and the watches will be updated by day’s end. President Trump hires a member of the club to be his lawyer. Uh boy! How smart do you have to be to know you don’t go onto the airwaves to contradict your client? Ethics requires his best defense, as unethical as that may or may not be. You see, the old order wants to secure the future for their spoiled offspring. They have become a bit demented. They have the same ol’ plan, but the times are changing faster than they are. Therefore, their interests, backed by their billions, becomes a dangerous thing. I saw some speeches that spoke of the problems we’re having today more than 18 years old. Others, more than 30 years, says there are no conspiracy theories because the plausible deniability is not holding up too good when the theories are turning out to be facts. We’ll let the media try to dissuade us and feel a little bad at how pathetic they’ve become. Back to work….Onward!


Monday, April 30, 2018


Oh, man. The double standards abound. It’s okay for commie media to talk about fleeing gangs, violence and crime. But, if President Trump talks about it? Well, he’s a damned racist, isn’t he? Un-be-liev-a-ble. Then, murder is okay IF it’s ‘gay panic.’ Yes, that’s right. You can kill your neighbor if he shows any ‘gay’ tendencies. You mean, it’s not murder and a hate crime? Maybe all those cops were in a ‘negro panic?’ I think so. Yes, that’s what it was. The double standards abound. You’re probably wondering what that Strychnyne thing is all about. Well, that will be for valid users, (suscribers, and subscriptions are free). First, cleaning out users that are stale is necessary, then it will start to gain in material. Be patient! In the meantime, you have the New York Times back, (or as I call it, the Communist Times), and the New Yorker is on with much of that degradation of your mind in full swing. But, you have to learn what communism is. Really. How much comes as outright opinion that really has no data behind it. It’s like when the news tells us there was a perp and a murder, more later depending on whether or not it fits their ‘narrative,’ i.e., opinion. But first, admit your privilege and guilt, say nothing or you’re a ‘white supremacist.’ You have all benefited for several decades. Write in, tell us about those privileges. I’d like to know how to take advantage of them. I look to the history, the history that the media, our textbooks, lawyers and politicians fail to tell us about. And, knowing that history, I say, ‘Let those who are without sin cast the first stone.’ Yes, to me, life is a two-way street. I never liked one-way streets. It’s one of the reasons I never go into the city much. Funny thing though; it’s amazing how many dopes go down the other way. It’s like the mirror-why bother. Hey, somebody stop me. I’m saving this for Strychnyne.


Okay, I know this is another late story. The real problem is that MSM are doing sooo much lying, augmented by so many fairy tales and fakery, it is literally hard to keep up with them. Maybe they figured just going off the rails continually wouldn’t give the people trying to keep them honest a chance. Well, we don’t forget. We never forget and we never will with these BOGUS reporters. To be honest, though, they are playing you for either ignorant or stupid. You’re reading this, right? So, you aren’t ignorant. Are you stupid? Why aren’t we gathering in larger numbers to put a stop to this bullshit. I love watching two NABJ reporters justifying a
couple thugs being totally disrespectful and start throwing punches with a couple of cops. This is legitimate mainstream journalism? Being sympathetic to criminals?Do they know how to use a little couth? If not, they have no business being in college in the first place. You can’t just ASS-une the kind of bull these hoaxers like to play. Yes, hoaxers, like the ones at Starbucks. MSM jumped all through it without doing their homework, with a shred of due diligence. They’re just as much a hoax and a joke, like their sad lying stories. It seems the truth and good data are a problem for them. That’s how Communism roles. The truth, rolls back. In the meantime, we can see how inner city Starbucks have problems with their restrooms, you know, like keeping them available more for customers than vagrants and loiterers. So, some managers took a progressive stance, proactive, on behalf of their customers;

What Guardians At The Gate?
And so you say, ‘Well, why bring the NY Times back?’ You need to hear how audacious this Communist tripe is. And the Communists are many with their lies. They own the biggest papers and they own the television stations and the air waves. But, the ones who help them…the ones who take the money, they are the biggest traitors under the Sun.As far as the ones that think God will sweep them up in some rapture if they just read the Book? .. Not gonna happen. Join the resistance.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I don’t know what’s happening in your country, but there’s so much to do here in America, in terms of fixing.  The problem is the media is a problem.  They are a huge, huge problem.  Whatever you think is happening, or what’s viral, or who the bad guy is, or we are making headway, or absolutely anything.  That includes our current system of justice.  For the last 50 years, I’ve listened to how it’s still the best despite it’s flaws.  Like Hell!  If it’s the best, then we should be worried.  We should be very, very worried.  The television is the worst thing for young people.  It’s a brain washer;  it sells racial lies, culture lies, justice lies, political lies, medical lies.

Take these drug commercials that just won’t quit.  They have consequences.   I remember a day where medicines were not administered unless it was absolutely necessary.  It doesn’t seem that way now.  But, the people who built these companies are all billionaires.  We’d all be better off to see more commercials about mayonnaise and vodka.  And!  Do you notice how it’s political and news shows that love to push these never ending commercials whereby they tell you all the gross, sadistic side effects.   Another thing;  all your political leaders and their lemons all the way down are problems.  They are the billionaire’s conduit, along with their bought-and-paid-for news.   They think it’s great young people are getting involved?  Do you want to know how many times you’ll hear that lie?  What’s more important than eliminating guns?  I’ll give you a hint.  The WSJ today talks about Russia’s system of corruption.  However, our journalists in the MSM and their differently named blogs without a trace peddle lies.  The pot is calling the kettle black while it swims around in the paint bucket.    It’s the whole machine.  That’s the answer;  every mechanism, every gear;  Hollywood, the press, the music industry, the online manipulators of who can say what, the sports industry, the corporations, the lobbies and their various and many point attacks and periodicals and organizations, (the Koch Brothers).  This is the club Mr. Carlin speaks off.  Don’t wait for an invitation and don’t go with the status quo.  Onward!


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Isn’t it funny how the 6 o’clock news is making life dangerous for all the little people on the front lines? No, it isn’t funny, just sad because not even the victims themselves can see it. The evidence is there. It’s right there. You know what news is fake. It’s the news that performs a pattern of misinformation delivered again and again-creating the news they cover. You know, maybe they don’t even see it. Our own selfish pursuits keep us from seeing what’s right there in front of us. How is your info being peddled? What are the companies letting your information to be stolen or peddled doing for you? What are all these compassionate companies that love illegals doing for wage growth in their industries? What are they doing to raise standards in the countries they operate in? Why is the market a constant pendulum? Put the noise in your head to bed, or at least on pause. Look around. Get a grip on reality, enough to know that being passive is not an option. Being aware is a must. Applying reason is a must. You bein’ played like a yo-yo. Yo, you a yo-yo, yo. There ain’t no left wing. There ain’t no right wing. But, the people who make a living off that sort of thing aren’t about to admit the truth anytime soon. Bring it to ’em.

Monday, April 9, 2018

White people gone wild.

Oprah and other Zionist members on the attack

Well, here we go again; Another show on “white supremacy.” Unbelievable. Last
Night, Oprah went on her journalist quest to look for more white racism. She found it in a civil rights attorney’s quest to establish a shrine showing the white supremacy that existed in this country, and, why we can’t move on until we confront these things. First, I ask, “Why not in 1980?” “Why not in 1990?” “Why not in 2000?” “Why is it that in wake of the Obama presidency, we are suddenly confronting white supremacy? It seems a bit disingenuous. Then 60 Minutes went on to say ‘Go online and see why they decided to show the pictures.’ Again, unbelievable. Did white people really get together in large numbers to witness the lynching of black people? I have a theory that says who we are as a group now would somewhat represent who we were as a group back then. Well, in the last 50 years, I would say, (other than some school ground banter … grade school), I have witnessed no ‘absolute’ white supremacy or racism out there in the great wide open. ‘Absolute’ because the news relentlessly, and with assuredness, tells us that cops shooting unarmed blacks is a racist thing. If no unarmed white people, or other people were shot, I would say, yes, it’s most likely racism. But, guess what? More unarmed white people are shot by police! ‘ But, you have to look at the percentages,’ they say. Do you think cops think in percentages, or numbers? Well, again, I could go on and on. Let me just say that I have a huge problem with the one-sided story loaded with code words. And, relentlessly, again, the New Yorker and WSJ talk race, race, race. Whatever. Question everything. The market took another wide swing based merely on feelings that are different today than yesterday. It seems that’s all that moves the market-competition and demand have little to with it. Look for our upcoming article on inflation. I would ask the youth and young adults today to learn on your own. It seems this public school system has been taken over by some special interests that want you to believe lies-lotsa lies. On the other hand, never miss math or science classes, (even though they try to interject lies there as well). There is definitely a false façade being portrayed in this country. I don’t know what the finale they envision is because they are so evil, it’s probably worse than I could ever consider. But, beware the one-sided story, get the other side’s story. WSJ, the New Yorker and more news from other periodicals are being uploaded as we speak, and the other side of the story starts here…..


Friday, April 6, 2018


Still winter here. Nothing until we get waayyyyyy down the road says the weatherman. Here’s the prediction; it’ll be warm by the end of the summer.
One thinks Mr. Trump ought rethink the climate thing. You know, we want Europe to play fair. Just don’t say there’s no proof it’s man-made. I mean, you’re an idiot, conservative or liberal, you’re an idiot. There’s no such thing, right? Hey, run a hose from your car exhaust to the interior, get in, close it up best you can, don’t forget to start the car. Now…take a nap. When you don’t die from the carbon intake, I’ll believe you. Gotta stay in all night. Okay? I know right? Let’s quit talking stupid. It gets more and more irritating. Well, not much this week, we’re waiting for the good stuff to come on next week. Watches will all get done during the weekend. Lotsa good reads from around the net. We search high, we search low…Have a good weekend.

Well, I always promise and have yet to deliver. But start to look for some goodies on the New World Order page. This is going to be a hard punch to the gut because I will be going full-out anti-corporate. They are dictating our lives for us. One thing they are doing is using their clout to shut down sites that might actually tell you what’s going on in this country. Beat up a black guy, beat up a white guy or a Mexican or Democrat or Conservative. And I haven’t even scratched the service of how they divide us. Is it not easy to see that they could give a good rip about any one group or another or an individual’s welfare? Hell No!!! Wake up!!! They lie. I say this all the time. Why don’t they call me out?? They lie, they lie, they lie. Call me out. Oh, there is some dirty pool being played, mother. Are you on the team or what? You better get on the team or history will note how you were defeated because you’re weeeeaaaaaaakkkk. Yes, I’m telling you that. So far, I’ve had marketing and ad people try to shut me down, because my message might offend someone. Tough! It’s called Amendment One-The Most Important Amendment To Freedom. But, I’m not the only one. It’s not about the bucks now people-it’s about absolute power. I’ve said until I’m red in the face, and your time is wearing thin. But, hey, take a look at just a few of the other sites and channels being taken down:

List of Censored YouTube Channels
Thanks to Reddit, we have this list of censored YouTube channels that was posted on March 1st, 2018. However, it is an incomplete list and does not include some big YouTube channels that were censored recently, such as those of Waking Times and Activist Post (where I also write as a contributor). Since march 1st, other YouTube channels have been deleted (such as Natural News / Mike Adams). Some of the channels have been reinstated, but the writing is on the wall; it’s only a matter of time before they get permanently scrapped. Here is the list:

According to Joe
Adamic Amethyst
animal farm
Arthur Koestler
Back to the Constitution
Barry Soetoro
Bombard’s Body Language *
Brave New World
Charles Walton
Colin Flaherty
Crow777 *
Darkness at Noon
David Seaman
Defango *
Destroying the Illusion
Dr. Jerome Corsi
Dr. of Common Sense
Dustin Nemos
Edgy Sphinx
Elliott Marxx
Eric Dubay
Factions of Freedom
Free Radio Revolution Revived
Jake Morphonios
Jay Myers
Jim Marrs
Joanne Steen
Johnny Supertramp
Kalika from “For the People”
Kearn Kearsy
Kevin K Johnston
Liberty Columnist
Mag Bitter Truth
Matrix Breakout
Max Malone
mgtow is freedom
Murdoch Murdoch
Operation Hal
Peekay Boston
Psyched Substance
Redd Dog Truth
Richie Allen Show
Ron Johnson
Russian Vids
Sargon of Akkad *
The Black Child
The Kepler Telescope Channel
The Ochelli Effect
The Paulstaul Service
Titus Frost
Urban Moving
Victurus Libertas VL
WAP tech
Willy Myco



What? Are they all racist????  None that I know, and as a matter of fact, some are ex-MSM people that got tired of lying for the man.  (I’ll write that song).  But, I’ll tell you something else;  do a search on youtube for black nationalist groups, and all kinds hate being spewed from every corner of the world.  The corporations only hate the white ones.  Isn’t that interesting?  During the Easter Holiday, make a decision to fight back against this NWO.  Is there anyone, come on!  anyone, who really thinks they are planning your life for you because they want it to be better for you?????  Damn!  I just hope you all wake up soon.


P.S. –  and for the record, I find the MSM to be hate-filled and offensive.  Please at least think for yourself while you still can.

Quit bogging us down with your corporate ways. More speed-on you. Get it? And, you, Microsoft, if I want my computer taken over on a whim, I’ll move to a Communist country. Oh wait, uh, what? We continue…Good week to all.


March 16, 2018


Question everything. Question us. It’s only fair. Last night, I lashed out at Holy Cross in Worcester, Ma. The college has seen fit to remove it’s ‘Crusaders’, name so as not to offend Muslims. How long ago was it that a bunch of Christians were lined up and executed? How often do they threaten, and have carried out, violence in this country? How often do they have evidence of the opposite? And the head of HC thinks we should not offend Muslims. Given all the things this country has to worry about, (like their own country), it’s not just out of place, it’s downright creepy. What is in these peoples’ heads? It’s not America. I’m talking to Americans right now. Not him. NWO has been updated, news and headlines, more audio and watches throughout the day. Thanks very much!

Global Climate Change, episode 3. Will there be more power outages? Already half the state. What is the day today? Is it Spring? Is winter storms now a Spring

Wha's Up Out There?

It’s back there, at the turn of the 20th century, that our first billionaires were born, and no laws existed to protect anyone from what they did..not even what they did to each other. Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back:

Hit the only thing they understand.

Don’t follow this media path to destruction. It will be your destruction-guaranteed. Yes, they will put you on television because it’s what they want people to see; the lies. You are being used. You are doing nothing worthwhile. If you don’t believe me, ask your teacher why you aren’t boycotting ocean dumping. You can ignore that one, but instead of 20 dead, the death pain and suffering coming at you will make it look like charity. I know it’s a lot to take in. I know it sounds outright unbelievable, but what legislation has come about in recent history that is fair and equitable to everyone? Why isn’t racism solved? Why are people dying from new things every day? Why was the CDC so wrong about that misquito virus? It’s smoke and mirrors, kids. They lie.

No, no, it’s not true, we care. Just vote for us.

Is this stoic?

Mark Twain


March 11, 2018


Man, we be steppin’ it up. Education in a three-part post, our natural resource problem, our prison problem, historical revisionism, the real idea behind the Constitution. Young people should be mad. The original ideas started to pass before the Founders themselves. Russia Times, an American Counter, Fake News,and, oh yes! FastCo is back this month, keeping you up on intelligentsia and Tech. Equifax leak still a problem. Are these exposes? I think so. I’ll let the writers write. You decide. I comment. It’s all good.

America really needs to work on the double standards, the both ways, the me, myself and I syndrome. Ah, who cares. The problem with the blog world is the same as it is with Hollywood; anything good is ripped off and trivialized. And so, as I was saying above; well, copy it. This one needs copying. Steal it. The 21st Century narcissism has become problematic. Steal it, and wake yourself up while you’re at it. Spread the word. Oh yes, but don’t just care for those around you, care about your surroundings, care about what sustains us all. To that we bring three great posts, starting with something not in the news much but lifeanswers brings it with crystal clarity. Yes, we’re talking about the water. We’ll be working on important topics and still keep you alert to the conspiracies. Conspiracies? Crazy! But, don’t just say it. Why? Why is it? Analyze. Question. Re-evaluate. Enjoy!

One wonders, what does communism look like??

It looks like this.

Folks! We’ve gotten the riske’ grade. Excellent! You see, communism isn’t logical. Communism is the ‘I want it both ways,’ philosophy. It self-destructs, and doesn’t like to admit it. Why are we still talking about it after the alleged turnarounds of Russia and China? It’s because the ‘both ways,’ philosophy is incapable of admitting anything. We don’t have capitalists running the country anymore; we have all-too-powerful oligarchs who wanted Russia and China cut in to widen their already way-too-fat portfolios. So, while you knock capitalism, just remind yourself, we don’t have capitalism. We haven’t had it for a while. That page will be posted soon. Dishonest capitalism is communism, you see, you have to keep lying to keep it going. We don’t mind being risky, so long as we ain’t lyin’. And if you know so, or think so, we will address it and respond back as such, publicly and in-person. We will admit wrongness. You see, who would think that anything called ‘reason,’ cough,cough, could also lie?


February 14, 2018


Google has partnered with an organization largely … funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Soros, … Google & Soros-backed ‘Fact-Checkers’ Join Forces To …

Stop! local governments from destroying wetlands. They are very important. You destroy them, you destroy balance, you destroy yourself. Your town council needs to expand their minds over the usual short-term fix:

Your wetlands are important. Your wetlands are your life.


January 13, 2018


How many drug commercials can one take? In this country, a whole lot.

All Watches updated with tons of news, hundreds on fake news, Putin heralds Kim, CNN
goes on a rampage against their president. NY Times back and the New Yorker back, (in case you’re feeling super liberal, (neo liberal?)).

Your wetlands are your life.

Perhaps looking to change the editor so as to get on a more upbeat track.  But, still committed to trying to sort out true from false.  Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

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