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December 14, 2018

Working on the fly today and will be adding lots of stuff as we go.  Just put up is the Book of Revelation .

Also, adding some nice pieces to mix in Media/Education, like Managing Oneself, Head Math, Chinese, and more.  Right now, on to the watches and headlines and other weekly additions. 

Why report on the news?  It’s redundant, petty, re-hash, just like the television shows.  And you know, if you want real entertainment and news, you have to go elsewhere.  But, they will try control that as well.  You help me and I help you.  Also, our trademark is up for renewal, so any donations you could make toward that would be greatly appreciated. Straight donations are tax deductible and greatly encouraged! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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December 12-12/12-21018

Can your muscles and mind revolt against doing anything?  Never mind, no don’t think that way.  Seriously.  Think of reason.  Think of logic.  Conduct yourself.   Well, one had to put some levity into all this, and to that, we submit an article on veganism, because we have a resident vegan and you don’t.  Nah, nah, nah.   But, what does a vegan do during the holidays?  Forgot to ask her.  That may be next.  But, our brand of thanks and notes go out to all our helpers, donators, devotees, (yes, they are limited, but they exist.)  And, we re-devote,

Help on the way..

now, back to our ghastly, biting, sarcasm.  Just kidding, goodwill towards man, animals a bit more, but man.  Leave the animals alone.  I saw a video of a turkey chasing a little kid down the street.  He probably deserved it.  Get him turkey.  There are several important things we need to get to here;  and if we did as much as our 3 branches of government, yes, we will, all by ourselves, we could do it in a few brain farts from our beds.   Hey, more good stuff coming.   Hold on!

December 10, 2018

A lot to get to today, and a lot behind I know…story of my life.  Anyone like me gets political and economic numbness around this time of year.  We can’t attack with home-made helicopters so we attack one another.  What we have in this country are several side and subversive diversionary tactics we use to keep ourselves at war with one another.  But, the main show in ring number one will be should we have hearings, should we listen to Cohen again, should we listen to Manafort and Mueller.  Please tell me no one is still in the stands.  Haven’t you had enough?  Trump could be bad, but that’s relative.    Maybe  he’s your savior.  Maybe that 10-year crash would’ve happened already.   I don’t know, won’t say, and perhaps, neither do you.   The fact that the market seems to move with irrational speculation, up, down, up, down.  You see the pendulum.  You see it?  You should wake up.   Tariffs are going to hurt us?  Bad speculation.  When US companies get what they want, which is all the time,  US citizens get screwed….in more ways than one.   I believe it’s US citizens that move this country forward and not the old men in the board room.  Maybe they’re younger than Trump, but they aren’t thinking younger.  Trump is right, we have handed ourselves over to other countries.  Politicians can say what they want, the citizens know better, and they will.  Let freedom fly, tell them goodbye.  We should compete on as fair a playing field as possible.  If there are barriers to our markets, there should be barriers to theirs.  If they destroy our workforce, we should destroy theirs.  Their governments impose force upon their companies.  Ours imposes force on our citizens with our companies behind it.    It is high time to reign in our companies AND our competition, or there will be no US of A.  But, anyway, I got a lot to update on this here site today, with more audio, links, entertainment and stories.  So, stay tuned!  Happy Monday. 🙂

December 7, 2018 

Well, this is a solemn day.  And to these sacrifices, we need remembrance.  Speaking of that, it appears No. 41 got the longest funeral ever televised.  I wonder,…..about everything.  I imagine there has been more oddities and errors popping up.  Soon the site will be going through some performance testing.  Unfortunately, as we add security measures, efficiency runs down.  In the days of modular code, why is it so slow?  Maybe because it runs through filters?  This site would be one of those because there’s no holding back here.  2-part verification was added and created problems, and perhaps the form of verification, (Google), wasn’t the right choice, so, the login has gone back to the default until a definitely secure source is put up.  One thing, anyone who registers must login at least once within a week after approval.  It’s to protect this site, mainly, and your email address.  Now, off to the races;  Jekyll Island will move on the 2nd hour.  If you haven’t listened to the first, download it quick.  A new Twilight Zone is up and some new watches, FastCo, (, is updated..headlines and WSJ updated.  Apologies on promised stories, must be time of year.  Hopefully 3 new ones over the weekend.  Also, would like to add a lottery to get our GoFundMe page going and add one for victims of crime who have no recourse, and another for our “stop town hall” committee to put lotsa focus on elected officials of that bottom end who turn our towns and cities into clogged death traps with more unnecessary strip malls, followed by more unnecessary traffic lights, followed by more unnecessary road work that makes things worse instead of better, and more complexes built to fill as our money barons and real estate speculators and corporations aim to turn our “communities”  into transient rest stops for a few years and imports dedicated to cheap labor, who maybe are and maybe not staying for the duration or paying taxes,  and increasing costs for generational Americans and quickly putting up the same ethnic businesses in every town.  Now to go 2 miles, you are confronted by 4 traffic lights that more than double the amount of time it took before.  That’s like corporate customer circus, which makes mistakes and you have to stress yourself twice as long and twice as hard to rectify it.  One remembers as the first Wallies were coming to town.   “More efficiency!” they said.  “Lower costs!” they said.  Neither, but it did generate more money for town hall with multiple more opportunities of graft and corruption.  It’s just business.  No, it’s not.   And, what are they doing now?  (as everyone says what a racist I am.)  Well, they are telling new lies of their great humanitarian intentions.  I warn you young people.  You will find out later that none of their “intentions” come to fruition, as things get worse.  The wizard is no wizard.  The wizard is Satan.  This country started out with great “intentions,” without the central banks and without buying everything we need from one central seller.  But, that’s all back…and then some….So!  While you learn about diversity, (and there’s nothing wrong with that, and I am not a racist), watch how much I say is true.  Their life won’t get better, You’re life won’t get better.  The ones doing the talking….their lives will get better.    Remember to listen in on “The Creature From Jekyll Island.”  The more you listen, the more you’ll realize there was no conspiracy.  They did it in the open with lies, smoke and mirrors.  Information such as this has found a home on the internet.  As we move forward, you’ll agonize over how backward some things are.  So, listen, and at least consider.

December 2, 2018

For sure, no one can believe we’re at this date already, and race, race, race to the end.  I said, and you know I did, that there would be a big wave of attacks on freedom of speech.  Yes, there already was at that point, but it didn’t stop there, and they haven’t stopped yet.   In fact, I pointed to a video being peddled to “censor” your speech, and to prevent you from showing up in searches and to limit your search.  Suddenly, it’s not available?  Yes, lonereader takes on the magazine Wired in their latest issue.  It seems a professor of “higher learning” is ecstatic Alex Jones is gone and is calling on companies to do more.  I can assure everyone to the left and right they will regret this big time.  If you vote, you had better make your voice heard because this is being done behind the scenes, in violation of “freedom of the press,”  and, thus, illegal, and condoned by lawmakers at the request of their special interests.  You just handed them more power.  Is that what you want?   You have been forewarned.   Do you want your websites filtered?  Already, I can tell I’m getting lousy bandwidth, even though I’m paying for faster bandwidth.  Well,  we’re trying hard to be positive, so the good news is more pieces this week, more short stories, more complete books, and quicker uptime on the news and journal.  Have a good week.  Keeping reading!

Watches done.  NWO, more audio, 2 new pieces coming.  It’s a world in flux.  More people asking for prayers.  Why not?  This is the season for us all to do some more praying.  And a greater power is absolutely necessary whether you believe in it or not.  But, we let you know one or the other.  Look for discounts and deals all through our Amazon ads because those are what we aim for.  It’s also giving season.  Please donate to this blog whether it is a dollar, a fin , or a Jackson.  You need to keep us running.  Absolutely thrilled for the new readers.  But, we need a little something from everyone because this costs money.  Receipts , donations, and processing is done through PayPal, so it is secure and anonymous.  Memberships will be pushed by offering raffles, freebies, and special content.  It’s is harder to maintain an independent voice and the means of delivery, so know that we and other readers will be forever grateful.  Headlines and WSJ are up! 

November 29, 2018

Before I start saying anything, let me just say this;  “I want to get down to the heart of the matter, but my will is weak, and my thoughts seem to scatter.”  Okay, I didn’t come up with that, Don Henley did.  Why am I thinking of that song today?  Anyway, I tire of complaining about the medias constant bombardment of manufactured news.  I will, however, very shortly, other things on plate, take criticism with an article in “Wired” this month, by another “alleged” professor.  It seems the professor wants the corporate will towards silencing people via social media to be more pro-active.  Just what I’d like to hear a professor say, you?   Of course, the topic of his tripe is Alex Jones.  There is also now a spinoff of Alex called Anon or something.  Who knows?  That he said hurtful things?  No doubt.  That he said things that were outrageous?  Absolutely.  And, he stood out head and shoulders above the rest of the online conspiracy crowd.  That’s what makes me nervous.  And then, he goes on the boob with Megan Kelly to say he’s a louse and just a performer?  Yes, I believe him.  His rants are quite funny.   But, there’s a larger problem.  First of all, why should the media worry?  There’s already a HUGE crowd of people online who shout people like Alex down, dump on them outright, make them seem foolish, etc.  But it goes further than that;  There are also paid posters and critics searching the entire web to discredit these things.  So, how are we to know the whole Jones thing wasn’t just another ruse?   The thought police are working overtime-if you need me to prove it to you, it will be done.  I research the media, I research the web.  I look at all of it-objectively.  (I don’t think the dictionary people know what the word means anymore.)  The need to be so proactive towards silencing these people, who could all be taken apart on the strength of their arguments, says to me they are worried about more than the trouble saying crazy things about Sandy Hook causes.  They just don’t want dissenting opinions or stories or facts or anything.    Why not take these arguments on again and dissect them with debate.  They won’t do that with me, because they know better.    It seems they like to go on and on about the Kennedy thing.  Am I right?  Because there’s a whole market for the debunkers as well.  One author, no a couple, no throw in Bill O’Rile me, all say Lee Harvey did it, youze guys are just out to make a buck.  One night, I watched a documentary on crime, and it never occurred to me until later, that they showed a slow motion projection of a bullet through the head.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it until much later, and I still can’t remember the name, because it would lay no doubt that Kennedy was shot from the front.  People knew it.  People heard it.  People all went running up that knoll because that’s where they heard it.  But, our media, with government help, made a joke of it.  But, I’ll show another debunker at some point and we’ll dissect it.  We’ll see what is what my friends.  Just what….is what.   Enough, editing, more audio updates and watches coming later today.  Headlines and WSJ is updated, Market is up 600+ points.  Don’t worry, be worry-less, it doesn’t help.  Over and out.

The idea of maybe a race watch page could  be introduced.  It seems that this thing isn’t only not going away, it gives one cause for great worry as the MSM, who never let go, uses every opportunity to dig in with both feet.   Nah, too much work already. 

Ask not what MSM can do for you.  Look it up for yourself.  Nailed it?  Nailed what?  The truth!

Monday, November 26, 2018 2:16:00 EST

Well, news, WSJ, The New Yorker, all updated.  Which one  to make fun of, let me know.  A friend showed me a meme where there were two different versions of the WSJ being peddled in two different places.  Wow!  I’ll have to admit they try harder to make a buck than I.  But, let me say this is best blog going as lean and mean as it is, with as much to offer no less.  What else are you gonna get?  Leftist?  Righty?  And look, are you going to get it without the drag it to the floor slowness?  Speaking of slowness, (I know, I keep doing this.), I’m still not happy.  Also, a lot of the good searches no longer turn up good stuff.  To me, it’s absolute sacrilege.  Look, I don’t care if it is the ADL, or greedy software companies, or the government, or the corporate status quo.  This is like righteousness overkill, (if you think you’re right.  I don’t.)  It says something.  You are trying to keep information, people and ideas under your thumb.

1.)  That’s not good.  Although Serf City will always say it is until no one cares that they’re a member of G.A.T.G.A., (go along to get along), and there’s only detriment to being a member.  Think about it.

2.)  There are a lot of dumb people out there, if you’re using a tube to try to convince me.  I think there are a lot more that know better.  I think there are a lot more that don’t think of it in left or right and black and white.  The NWO is the kind of thing whereby helping them is NOT helping you, no matter the short term benefit, unless you are one of the very privileged few-the men behind the curtain and the media manipulators.  When they know they got you, you are doomed.  Dig?

But, whatever.   I’m just the editor.  If l lie, call me out, put me on the carpet, hold me to account.  (Can’t think uh no more.)  And I could be wrong but, it never hurts to be mindful.

Anyway, the kick is on for Internet Freedom.  I gotta get this thing moving, and I’ll be setting up some parties that cost you nothing but the price of going out to eat.  Informal, even discreet.  I’ll be in the corner with my laptop.  Come and say “hi.”  Also, I’m looking to have a few lotteries for people that can donate especially to that cause.  And other internet freedom causes will be looked at to see how much they line up with ours.  You can donate anonymously, get a receipt, get a tax deduction, feel good about yourself, do something for posterity, and you can also do that by just donating to the site.   The radar will all be on me, so don’t worry.  Butttttt, some good good goodies coming this week, so at least think about it.  Have a good great week!  I mean it.  I do.  really.  🙂