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August 18, 2018


Political Fatigue

Who knows? There is the obvious back-and-forth on the upcoming mid-terms and how important they are. I don’t know. Is political fatigue a thing?
This is a never-ending game where the American people are being played like Yo-Yo s. The really, really, fatiguing thing for anyone of an age old enough to think for themselves is they can see how destructive, damaging and demeaning the major is. Why demeaning? Because it insults our intelligence. Why damaging? Because they are indoctrinating the young into the same barrel of lies we were indoctrinated with, only worse, much, much worse. So, where’s the fatigue from? Well, we do have people fighting back, but they have no coverage. None, nada, zero. So, the headlines and television assault yesterday was ‘Trump is trying to silence his critics.’ Again, and again and again. Right on top of things was Jake Tapper. I’ve taken to picking on Jake. He spoke of professional journalism. like he knows about it, like he’s ethical. In the same bit, on Twitter, he goes into an extremely biased character assassination of Trump. I went on onto Twitter to reply to his nonsense, (as if he knows what “professional” journalism is. What happens? My Twitter account is shutdown for such time being as they saw fit to let me respond again, ie., I could read Jake’s absolute BS, I just couldn’t call him out, like we used to let Americans do. So, there is Jakey, on TV, stating Trump is trying to silence people-guess he doesn’t believe in the First Amendment. Why did we give morons a mouthpiece? We didn’t the MSM monopoly did. My definition of the ‘Epitome of a POS’ is you accuse someone of shutting down free speech almost synchronously doing the same thing yourself. Is it arrogance? What is it?
I mentioned at the beginning of this year that there would be an all out assault on the internet to silence people. I hate it when I’m so, so, so very right, and still no one is making a fuss. This is where the young should be stepping in—-WHERE ARE THEY? Hundreds of YouTube channels and Facebook accounts and so forth. And now, they want to embed things in search engines so you never find their sites or blogs either. Is this a Democracy? Well, the young are still patting themselves on the head over the gun thing. What did it accomplish? Another phony celebration by the media. All sorts of talking heads building up the kids like they’re the next Martin Luther King. Good luck to you, young people. I have political fatigue.

August 9, 2018

I keep making excuses…….no more!….time to get on the ball.  Another heatwave here in the Northeast, and by God, I’ll take it.  (memories of winter).  Today, the Journal announces the ‘alt-right’,’white supremacist’, ‘neo-Nazi’, ‘hate group,’ is on it’s last legs.  That’s kind of odd because no one ever said it was a thing.   Just the opposite,  everyone was saying an uninvited group showed up in Charlottesville, and the media blew it up.  The journal goes on to say they have been shutdown by YouTube, and Facebook, and yada, yada, yada.  The interesting thing is all the “alleged” haters also made a stink about the media being overwhelming run by Jews.  So, seeing as it was so easy for that to happen, so quick, so efficient, very much unlike looking for the terrorist after the attack, that they have proven there’s something to their statements?  There are several, many, dozen, supremacist and hate groups on YouTube…still, on Facebook….still, on digital media sites …still.   If the media is mostly Jewish, we need to look at that.  Don’t we have an EEOC?  Where are they?  Let’s start with the newspapers, the rags, the mags, the books, the television, PR companies, motion pictures, and absolutely everything that falls under the HUGE umbrella.  At about 2 percent of our population, we need to take a look at that while we look at local government, state government, federal government, fed officials, going and going and going.  Something tells me, like a dog owner putting the first flea treatment on their dog in months, you see lots of fleas fall out.  That’s how I view it.  Let’s not argue unless the editors are out of the room.  Then, I say ‘Bring it!’  It brings us to the First Amendment.  The reason it exists is because just shutting people down is very negative, unjust and untruthful.  The problem is said same media tries to frame the other side and set it up, s o it can shut it down.   And it goes way back.  It goes way back.  Consequently, you canNOT trust what’s been given to you as history.  It was re-written by the true haters.  It was thought up, printed, published and staged by the media.  Where is the EEOC?  How many better-qualified people went for it and were shut down?  Tons.  Hundreds of thousands, if not millions.  I hope the sleeper awakens soon because, Satan has pierced his cheek.  Satan wants to spread his wings.  All the pieces are in place.  All politicians are bought-and-paid for.  All social legislation is done without society’s vote.  Bailouts are given whether the whole country wants them or not.  Thousands of racial preference groups conduct studies of perceived ‘white racism,’ when from what most people see is just the opposite.  When you see this, it becomes so, so, so, very important to see how well-represented those ‘white’ people are represented in the media.  You see, maybe we got the wrong haters.   When we say, ‘Why are those white people so racist against the Indians, (which we aren’t), maybe we need to say whose jobs are being overwhelming lost.  You see, you don’t have the reigns, I don’t have the reigns, we don’t have the reigns, but we are being steered.  By who?  All you have to do is add the little pieces.  Lots and lots.  Strychnine will be for those who dare to see.  It could be strychnine, because once you look and add and look and add….you’ll start to see what they hate;  the truth.

August 2, 2018

I guess there’s a group called Q-anon.  It’s like a run-off of Anonymous.?   ‘OK, so what?’ you say.  Well, take notice, because the MSM is right on top of it.  ‘They are crazy conspiracy theorists,’ they say.  Who are they taking their q’s from?  Are we all crazy conspiracy theorists?  I would tell them a lot of people out there, (and I know George Soros doesn’t support them), are finding the real news and the real truth.  It appears, this they are not on top of.  Most everyone and their brother out there knows there are real bad side effects to their pharmaceuticals not mentioned in their continuous and never-ending television ads.  They are not on top of that.   Most everyone out there knows everyone is sick to death of these ads.  They don’t seem to know that either.  It seems like almost every ad on television is part of the brainwash machine.  We are not very ignorant of this.  They seem to be.    This is all a part of the sickness.  The narcissists never get it.   We can see them.  We can see the real them.  They can look in the mirror all day and do not see themselves.   In our government(s) prideful view of the EEOC and other on-the-spot laws, their ongoing centuries old plans really do stick out.  Everything being so subtle and all, it was a good creep.  A lot of us over the generations have not seen it coming.  It is there.  It is in front of our face and hard not to see now.  That’s why we have a lot more ‘Constitutionalist'(s)  We can now plainly see we are NOT all equal under the law and that every law under the law has been either written and re-written, manipulated to the max, or, as English so lavishly grants us, interpreted every which way but the way that was intended.  And the speeches given by the Honorable(s) do not hold the sway they once did.  They do not seem to see that.  The American people need to see what the Russians did, they say.  No.  No, we don’t.  You do.  This is an interesting time right now because a lot of us who have been around for more than a few decades were born in the infancy of the brainwash machine.  We can now see how it has been a wholly-owned enterprise.  And the brainwash machine extends out.  All the pieces that put it together make it hard not to see.  For instance, did we see how Alex Jones came under the spotlight for the crazy take on Sandy Hook?.  Where did he come up with that and why?  But, then that means the Bilderberg meetings should be as easily taken apart.  The JFK one wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did and continues to.  They should be able to expose the double-takes on racism in the news, or how these racial interest groups are so embedded in our politics that these conspiracy theorists talk about.  But nope.  It was the Sandy Hook thing.  And now, Alex Jones is kept going…because that gives them the angle they need to say everyone who isn’t on board is crazy.  Unfortunately, his English counterpart appears to be right on target a lot, his videos have millions of views.   Notice the locals never come on to say ‘viral’  where he’s concerned?   Also, check to see if what they say is viral is really that viral.  We know they have their own on-line viral makers.,  So check the sources.  See what you find.  Alex Jones is right about one thing;  it is an information war and, now you know you can’t take anything on the  brainwash machine for granted.  If you do,  and I hear it,  I just may have to challenge you.

Afterthought; Actually the English fellow, (whose name is Paul Joseph Watson),  was on the news for a few days a while back.   See if you can remember this;   President Trump said Sweden is a lesson to the US on UN-restrained immigration.  The Swedish president took issue, and portrayed it all as one happy love fest.  Then the media used Paul as a punching bag because he got a lot of online buzz challenging someone to go to Sweden and see for themselves.  Of course, he was the crazy conspiracy theorist-they stated.  They used a few Swedish officials to say how crazy Trump and Paul were.   The normal young, naive liberal came on to tell how he was going to go and take apart Trump.  But, that’s where it ended with the media.  You see, that liberal came back and confirmed what Trump and Paul were saying.  Where was the media then? They were working on their next phony case of white supremacists.   They mentioned not a thing about it.

July 28, 2018

We will soften the tone and lessen your stress.  A little Feng Shui will take care of the rest.   However, there will still be some focus on the New World Order.  One can never say how I know.  I know the variables do not align well for posterity and future world.  I know the math is wrong.  I know the intentions, the true intentions, are all wrong.  I know it isn’t progress.  It isn’t progressive.  It isn’t the best way forward.  But, I don’t have the kids.  You do.  You figure it out.  I know the strength of community.  You want to have kinship with your neighbors.  Shake hands.  Don’t peer out windows.  Offer to lend them some help.  Build bridges.  Work together as a sense of human fulfillment.

I know it isn’t easy in a more and more alienated world, leading back to what I say above.  But, everyone still has something unique to offer.  Everyone is still an individual.  The right frame of mind, the right state of mind, will get you through the battle.  Summer’s half over.  Get out there and have a life.


July 25, 2018

As we progress through the rest of year, the focus will be more towards those things which are informative and helpful. Different pieces have laid the groundwork for the damage done to our surroundings. Our water, our oceans, our land, our wildlife, our pets, our jobs, our health…then into birth control, creating countries that can sustain their people and work on the safety for our kids and their futures. I’ve done my rants. Only in numbers can you win. Only by ignoring their doublespeak of division and realize that the person next to you gives you a lot more opportunity than your boss or company ever could. They create racial animosity. They create the violence and they create class divisions, health systems and laws and monetary systems. It is their game. A colorblind society of people all working together is their biggest enemy. There are different people and different cultures, but they can all be the same in certain ways-mainly by respecting their differences and starting anew. You can’t work from the past because it is now evident so many falsities revolve around and around in different time frames, no one can be sure of the past. But, they can be of the future-if they stop the revolver. Let’s improve ourselves and our surroundings and turn off the daily meat grinder of humanity that is our television sets. When humanity first began, there were just small bands and groups of people working together. Each one had their part, and they still had individuality, but still, they all benefited by working together a lot better than we do as a part of the machinery, as a part fiat money system and its corporations and its managers. I would advise this outdated, minimally adaptable system to cease. But, you know they won’t ever. (They continually try to make it sound complex, all bases are covered.) With all that’s wrong in this world, the young people are making speeches about guns? BTDT. That means been there, done that. Forty percent of murders are done with other weaponry, anyway. Bad people are bad people. They’ll find a way to do what they do, one way or another. The world is the hen house and the fox is your boss. Get it? Got it? Let’s move on.

July 19, 2018

Is it safe?

Free Dentistry

Help your wallet lose weight. Suck out all the dollars and even watch it evaporate your credit cards. Just visit your local dentist. Why is dental insurance so weak in this country? Why is our regular healthcare insurance so weak? Why do a lot of people come here from other countries to be doctors and dentists? Well, Suzanne Summers on Fox TV one time, she didn’t want ‘social’ medicine. Her husband couldn’t make any money on that system. I think those are professions you get into for reasons that make money a very distant second. Now, I’ll ask again, why do a lot of people come here from other countries to be doctors and dentists? And the, ask yourself this one; Why is it that all these folks from other countries know that and you just don’t seem to? Read this one The law?
It’s called the lawyer industries. There are all kinds of lawyer specialties meant to make them dollars at your expense. These lawyers then go on to become judges and politicians. This trend isn’t getting any better.


Saturday, July 14, 2018


Whoah!  We are back!

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I keep getting in trouble for some of the things I say.   I even see my site being attacked, and references disappearing.  These past couple weeks, I’ve been going through a lot of it, but it has grown.  It’ll take me some time to make it through.  Good news, though, it is now secure.  So remove any cookies, fastloads, caches, etc. to this site, and to initially use ‘https://’  after a few times it will remember on its own.   Also, the security of links, images and user accounts will be checked more vigorously going forward.   Please make a donation, however big or small, to keep this thing going.  It has advanced readers without bringing in more dough.  So, whatever, whatever helps.  Some of the funds from this site go to those who keep us in the know where the media will not.  Any why not?  Even Mexico has user-funded news to bring them the truth.  If you want to create poverty and mass migration and refugees and war, you can’t tell the truth, can you?

The focus for the rest of this year won’t be that, though.  It will be the ‘Big D.’  One of the reasons we trust not adults as youngsters is because they seem to contradict themselves while giving us those big lessons.  What happens when you then try operating in a series of continual dichotimies?  Eventually, you want to pummel the next person who says ‘life isn’t fair.’  When it comes from someone who life has been more than fair to, I think you should pummel the shit out of them.  Then, you’ll know it just became a little fairer, won’t you?  No, the media lies, the entertainment lies, the rags lie, the actors lie, the politicians lie, the businesses lie, the boss lies, your wife lies, your kids lie, and reality slips.  A lot of us who have been around a while must be able to see this on some level(?).  By then, you see a House of Cards.  It will cave in on itself shortly.  Or, our benefactors will pull the rug out.

Me?  I just want more peace of mind.  But, I think too much.  I ask too many questions.   I started with the questions long ago because of the double standards, the continual edicts and proclamations of the wise that never corresponded with their own behavior.  Like the ferocious anxieties that took me over from the very beginning, I will probably continually ask the questions.

If you don’t believe me, continue on.  If you do, stay on the questions.  Form your own.  The only good protests are the ones the media doesn’t show, but the questioners know they exist.  The only good protests don’t need Soros’ money.  But those who have hijacked our academia will tell you different.  To know the truth, you have to do the math.

On another note, the loss of a dear friend weighed on me.  It stole me and drove me downward.  So, hopefully you have a dear friend, or you have thought of one.  You have to have one to know this continuous plastic facade, to which we are not innocous, is not where it’s at.  When we all realize it, and acknowledge it to one another, the House of Cards needn’t fall.  The liars will be forced to answer and the House will evaporate.




Wed 5/16/2018 11:58:44 PM

When a worldwide petition goes out on Soros’ behalf to influence governments with his money, that is not good.  I hope others would see that as I do.


Then there’s a cover from Bloomberg Businessweek. It shows Youtube cleaning out the garbage….according to their corporate requesters-ya know where I’m going with this? The problem for me is that garbage is what’s left! Sorry Youtube.

…and it keeps coming and coming. A couple more great articles on the way. Limited Edition Tees and biting sarcasm, coming your way everyday.


Other sources have come up with stories on Starbucks.  The media is coming in late.  Or, maybe they hijacked the story, or, maybe it was a setup.  Ridiculous? Only if you didn’t know these stories were coming out a few years back.  That’s right.  Starbucks employees were upset about ‘people,’ using their bathrooms.  Was it just because they were black?  Well, you don’t really know what’s in someone’s head.  We should have interviewed a few of the manager’s friends.  We should have interviewed other customers.  We should have reviewed more tape to see if the manager has it in for black people.  That requires work.  Are they just lazy?  We have limited information.  Is this a newscast?   It’s time to call the media the ‘the parrot industry.’  I know there are the standard comebacks and I’m a nutjob, and, other lazy people will readily believe the status quo.  H


Well, I always promise and have yet to deliver. But start to look for some goodies on the New World Order page. This is going to be a hard punch to the gut because I will be going full-out anti-corporate. They are dictating our lives for us. One thing they are doing is using their clout to shut down sites that might actually tell you what’s going on in this country. Beat up a black guy, beat up a white guy or a Mexican or Democrat or Conservative. And I haven’t even scratched the service of how they divide us. Is it not easy to see that they could give a good rip about any one group or another or an individual’s welfare?

Perhaps looking to change the editor so as to get on a more upbeat track.  But, still committed to trying to sort out true from false.  Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

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