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October 11, 2018

Okay, I realize speed is becoming a thing.  We are working with techs throughout the day.  Thanks!   Will keep the blather to a minimum today as new items are in the works and the editor becomes the troubleshooter.

Saw a lot of nice people yesterday, informative and helpful and hope to hear more from in the future.  Back to the tech department. 


October 7, 2018

Well, it seems like we have to keep picking on network news. There certainly was a lot that went on this week that didn’t seem to show up. Not even with sports. Not with major protests going on around the globe. How can you trust a network that does that? Another thing is, go out and play, talk, take up a sport, anything. Quit the constant looking at the phone thing. They are brainwashing you. They are using it addict you and stress you out. Who needs more stress? Stress anyone? They do it with the television set. Who’s they? Let me put it this way; A lot of these companies get funding through like colleges, industries and banks and find a way to hire their own people no matter whose idea or the originators. Such would be the case with Google. The only thing that made Google different, (they’ll claim something else), is the bankers, investors, and media and publicity people put their dollars behind it. Frankly, I don’t find it any better than any other search engine. In fact, I find it worse. It’s become slower and finds more bogus fits to my search terms. Maybe you don’t think so, that’s okay. Bottom line, it’s the same club cabal that’s behind it. Now, it’s as much a spy tool as it is a search engine. I use it much less. Is that what Google Advertisers want to hear? No? We’ll see how that plays out. But, let’s not stress!

October 4, 2018

The more we fall apart, fall apart, fall apart. The more we fall apart, the alien is we.

Lots of political talk in the US lately, eh?  Everybody wants to make a stink and, at the same time, mention how the whole country is divided.  And, that’s because every armchair politician is speaking out of both sides of their mouths, just like the politicians.  Is the country divided?  Well, let’s take the girl who accosted Senator Flake in the elevator;  The abuse she suffered, her mother said was news to her.  I don’t doubt that.  In her head she was abused, and gave the heartfelt emotional breakdown of somebody that was abused.  But, I don’t believe her.  Why?  Well, because she is also a major member of a radical group based out of Brooklyn, New York.  We can start to formulate the questions;  ‘Why is a young girl of working age so far away from home on a work day?’   Answer;  She was working.  She was working like a lot of young people are for these George Soros splinter groups.  They don’t represent a divide.  The mainstream would like us to think so.  The mainstream will Pete and Re-Pete.  The mainstream failed to give us the background on this girl while they played and re-played her drama over and over.  Then, one asks, ‘why don’t we believe?’  Wait 36 years, where more than one question results in ‘I don’t remember.’  Recognizing that there are these little splinter groups that the MSM gives repeated coverage.  If they want you to believe something no matter what, they Pete and Re-Pete.  This is their avenue of credibility that they won’t sway on.  Then, you realizes how badly one billionaire can create trouble in a country as widely governed as this one can go poop.  Worse, the same sad scenarios are being played out in Europe.  The media is a disgrace and, it’s not just that they know it, everyone knows it.  Hence, the push to shut everyone up.  Does anyone think that’s good?  Going back 36 years to make charges sets a very bad precedent.   Restricting free speech by sneak attack sets a very bad precedent.  It’s not just that one worthy cause will get the heave-ho, all worthy causes will turn into one;  the maintenance of the state.  One had better read up on the Russian Revolution.  One had better learn how they got people to turn on one another.  One had better read how they got financed and funded by billionaires like Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff.  If one does not wish to repeat history, one had better learn.  Going along to get along isn’t working.    I wish I could be worried about this one man’s integrity.  Unfortunately, I’m worried about much, much more.  The Russian Revolution is not boring reading by any means.  On the other hand, the 1,000,000th new film on Hitler is just a tale that gets taller and more redundant.     –editor.

September 29, 2018

Who really hijacked the Senate vote today?

Momma’s little baby is a raving lunatic

September 26, 2018 Man, does time fly when you’re not having any fun. Allergic reactions galore. To say there is something wrong with healthcare in the US is an understatement exemplified. We get to vote on a one-size-fits-all nursing staff. But, isn’t that what we get from insurers anyway? It doesn’t matter if a doctor is a seasoned pro or a clumsy bum just out of med school, we get charged the same. I don’t see why(?) I mean, it seems that by the nature of the profession, it’s already born into privilege. If I knew I could be a shitty doctor, I probably would’ve been one. There is a war on white middle-class Americans. Today, we’re blamed for what laws a Superior Court judge imposed on Native Americans a hundred years ago. Even the term ‘white people’ is a misnomer, but the MSM has no problem saying it over and over. Set the wrong frame of reference, based on lies , and talk about it as if it were true. And, we ‘white people’ can’t win for losing. We pulled little Indian children out of tribes and planted them in white families homes. This is an all new one. But, there’s a problem. It was government that did that and at that time, there were plenty of Jewish and black politicians. If it’s easier to say the ‘white man,’ then it’s easy for me to say the Jews and the blacks. Sound good? What was the Justice’s name? Marshall? Suspicious at the very least. Or, was it Brandeis? Now, the damned if you do part; In another hundred years we’ll be blamed for misplacing the Mexicans….tearing them away from their culture, is he Mexican? I don’t recognize him? Oh! a refugee? Why did ‘white people’ tear them from their homes? Their countries? Their parents? Their families? Answer; look in the mirror. A President at the U.N. today said, ‘We have to make our own countries proud and democratic.’ OMG! Novel idea! I must have said it a million times myself. Isn’t it funny, I haven’t heard that said ever> Not ever in fifty years, until today. Oh my God! Make sense? Are you shitting me? You want things to make sense? ‘White people’ do. But our elitist leaders do not. But, ehy, I’ll admit, there’s a lot of ‘white people’ in that bunch. At least they look white. And, but for the Grace of God….watches updated, headlines, New Yorker(propaganda). WSJ and more media coming. Smile!

September 18, 2018

What is progress?  What are advances? I read an angry post about Trump ruining all the ‘advances we made.’   In contrast, I read a follow-up to a story about the online social justice warriors ganging up a woman who made some alleged racist statements coming out of a Dunkin Donuts.  They got her fired and ridiculed and in hiding.  Another boasts how they will ruin anyone and everyone who is racist until there are no more.  I imagine they like the power of being part of the gang.  I imagine it gives them quite a thrill to ruin peoples’ lives.  To me, it opens cans of worms all over the house.  To me, it’s vigilantism without judge, jury and justice. 

Set ’em up. Click record.

To me, it’s a modern day version of the museum of injustice to blacks during the reconstruction.  It’s a monument to the injustice of giving blacks judgment from the mob.  That is, according to Oprah.  So, where that is concerned, it’s a matter of principle.   That’s a lie.  There is NO principle when the same thing is done in modern times and the concerned turn a blind eye.  It could be revenge.  It could be all of history is one big payback-after-payback.  Whatever.  Just don’t call it progress.  And don’t lecture me on principle. 

September 17, 2018

We added the latest New Yorker.  Another episode of the Zone coming shortly.  Some updates coming for all 3 listens, we hope will be done tomorrow.    Any kind of fight against keeping the internet open and free from hacking, surveillance and censorship, must be met with a daily challenge for as long as it takes.  Recognizing and knowing how open and honest our censors would be, like finding out you are being spied on or letting your life get redesigned for you by elitists is going to be quite a jolt if you really don’t believe what’s happening right NOW.  Like the New Yorker talking about efficient termites and worker ants, and how the male is a problem, etc.  We are heading for a Russian Revolution Redux.  Vigilance is key from this moment forward.  I know there are brave people out there who don’t want what happened to happen again on a grander scale.    Corporations make bad, bad voters and even worse citizens.  But nobody seems to notice.  Nobody seems to care.   Hey, what can you do?  Have a good week.

September 14, 2018

Why is this being done undercover?  Why aren’t people being told about this?  Why isn’t your government telling you about this? Well, now you now, and let yourself and everyone around you know that your number #1 right is being stolen behind your backs.  But, if it was so great, there would be no need to hide it, would there?

September 12, 2018

Oh man, do we have to stay on top of things here!  Could it be that certain people are targeting for monitoring just like they are at airports?  How insidious could the attack on the First Amendment be?  I think it could go pretty far if people do not become concerned soon enough.  In the meantime, we have our watches which point out the things they could be monitoring instead.   Like the hacking, like the quality of the information from them, like what’s going on that they are not telling us.    So, we will be on the attack against this absurdity because you need to be informed of the truth.  Although, we do provide  good entertainment as well. 🙂

September 7, 2018


Recently, I have heard two separate articles, not about shutting down fake news, or stopping offensive or hateful language, but CENSORING EVERYTHING SENT OVER THE INTERNET, looking for ‘key’ words in every aspect, social media, websites, email, ads, search engines, EVERYTHING. The Congress is already initiating these things under our very noses. Companies are already formed to be developing software. Who says what is “fake”? Who says what is hateful or otherwise? Who is the judge of this? Well, as it is, right of this moment, those that have the money and influence. It’s those who will have the influence going forward, but mostly, it’s a power grab and a mockery of the First Amendment because it’s being done under your noses while your local and national news stays ABSOLUTELY QUIET. Are you sure you want them to be the judge for you? After watching them for 50 years, I can tell you that would be absolutely frightful. This is just the start of what needs to be done here. Our initial funding will be to host a few events key to the locations of all our donors and set up a nationwide network, or the entire planet if need be. All members names will be confidential, only first name and email will show on the website if you would like to make yourself available to other members. We will maintain a very secure database and contact you as soon as we reach our goal. Please help us in this very, very important initiative.

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September 6, 2018

Man, beefy.  Of course, I’m talking about how great this site is.  We are beefing up the media, beefing up the news and video, beefing up the truth, beefing up the interesting stories, beefing up what really needs to be done on this planet before it becomes fodder for a few power-hungry demons.  It’s all here.  And a new initiative is beginning for internet freedom.   But, we won’t get it without your help.  Please hit our GoFundMe page and put something down, whether it’s a dime, a dollar, a twenty or a Grant, (I like Grant).  We will put out who is doing this and why.  It’s critical.   And btw, check out our media selection while it grows and grows.  Thanks much.

September 4, 2018

Radical and fanatical as it gets here.   There is still much to do post-security, so we’re still getting back to normal.  Headlines are updated,

Periodicals are updated.  The media can’t seem to get beyond their current frame of reference.  What’s happening in the world.  How are things in Africa?  South Africa, Darfur, India?  What is the corporate report card?  Well, you know, they are the corporate card, and they, of course, give themselves the altruistic A++.  That’s why blogs like this exist;  to tell you the story, to tell you the truth.  And so it seems to the  many, the many millions, they aren’t getting it and they know that.  We’ll do our best to get it to you.  We’ve already been right on target for the last 7 years.  Why stop?  Thanks for bearing with us as we get up to speed.

Labor, Goodbyes, Mid-Terms, the Future.

August 31, 2018

Even a blog is work!   Well, not just a blog, a blog as good as this one.  Nurses are striking, other public, and government workers are striking, and, I don’t know about the others.  Unions are a love/hate thing.  When private sector people hear about pensions and packages, health care, holidays, and paid overtime and such, they seem to get a bit perturbed…and they should be.  The reason unions exist is because most jobs, service, factory, even professional, have not kept up with the inflation or the standard of living at all.  And so, as unions are destroyed, so are livelihoods.  Thus is the problem with illusions pushed upon us every single day.  This isn’t progress.  Progress in the corporate world has gone ass backwards.  Now and then, you’ll see a news show on what some company does for it’s employees, and it may be.  There was a show called “Undercover Boss,” and it was such a joke.  Such a joke.  It was totally scripted and, by the end of the show, everyone was happy and going on vacations.  Illusion.  Myth.  Lies.  The  real script is, as we show the rags to riches story of people on the American Bible, (the television set), we are creating a whole more losers than winners, and have been for quite a while.  What seems to work well for the illusionists is that no one knows how their neighbors or anyone else lives.  That’s right.  We live in a world where a union worker can, when all is said and done, blow away a college graduate’s pay.  That’s if the job has the same job security, and that’s now more doubtful than ever.   Another reality is those pensions are a very large and increasing part of the bubble known as the “public sector.”  People with less and less purchasing power are paying taxes to sustain people who are already much better off than they are.  How do you think that’ll eventually turn out?  Well, it will help the Koch Brothers fulfill their dream of NO unions.  But, let’s not stop there;   The illegal immigrant tap continues to run for small business, big business, and yes, even government, and professional jobs….all for much, much less with even lower expectations.  Customer Service?  Hah!  What a joke.  What a bad, sad joke.  The last time Communism, the largest mass murder in the history of the world, came about, it was at another desperate time in the world-robber barons got in on booming industries, buying off politicians, creating their own police forces, (Pinkertons), giving people sssshhhh for working all night and day.  It’s part of the human condition-you convince yourself you earned it, you’re great and everyone else sucks.  

Life ovuh!

The reality is the false economy, with the false gambling wheel and the false money, all created by Satan’s favorite charmers give nice large stock grants to someone with half an idea, usually someone who is part of the same club, or from the same stock.  You see how insidious it all gets?    Yah, the kids were down in the mines all day and night and grew up to be not much use.  This is all justifiable to those we called the robber barons, who basically stole most of the technology, land, and everything else they got.  It’s real, real bad.  And you have to create divisions.  How insidious?  Well, for one thing, people talk about affirmative action.  But, behind it are several, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of “organizations” working to create employment and opportunity for one at another’s expense.  And, they are owed it?  By whom exactly?  Yes, the hidden intentions are such monsters.  The media plasters them with continued honors of nobility while pointing out the bad guys, all lies meant to stoke animosity, and/or raise guilt.  Then we look at EEOC laws, another vile thing, because if you want me to show just who is over-represented all over the place, it’s the accusers…the only thing they truly know about victimhood is what other people told them.  And the whole point of it is to create UN-Equal opportunity.   So, these people play, everyone’s on the payroll but the actual workers, inventors and creators.  The bad things happening are the bad things THEY HAVE CREATED.  They know just what they are doing.  I suggest the young among us quit looking at right and left and start looking at right and wrong.  The EEOC is wrong, exploiting workers is wrong,  exploiting race is wrong, creating a huge police/surveillance state is wrong.   Creating the most expensive healthcare system in the world without giving people access to it is wrong.  Making essentials too expensive to buy is wrong.  Words are used to make evil sound good and vice versa.  People, people, people.  You think guns are the topic you wish to get all over right now?  There’s many, many, many more people dying every day in new and interesting ways.  I’ll tell you children, because I was taught to participate in the game, not look at it for what it is–and the problem with that is it’s getting more and more evil by the day and your masters, who know full well what they are doing,  are dooming you, your heritage, your legacy, your beliefs, your memory, your health, your existence.  Need I go on?  The list of what needs be done is long.  Do you want the truth?  Do you want to know what really has to be done?  Do you want to know how to reverse it all?  You can start here, but you must know one thing;  Your self-preservation and self-interests are everyone’s.  Yes, the time for getting over yourself is NOW.  What do you know about anyone else anyway?  You probably know nothing.  There’s a whole lot more to people, individuals, than they ever reveal because there’s that about themselves which they do not even know.  The efforts you make will have to be for each other and not just yourself.  I see lots who play that role in public, and that’s all it is-a role.  When you’re ready to get serious, let me know.

Have a great, peaceful, restful Labor Day.  Thanks to all dedicated readers.

OMG!  Update!  Back to Life!

August 29, 2018

Headin’ on to Labor Day.  I’ll call the ACLU, make sure they don’t have a problem with it.  Anyway, the problem with having decidedly centralized governments, or government-controlled businesses, or…well you get the idea.  Anyway, what becomes important in the Wide World of Sports is avoiding the agony of defeat.  Yes, it’s getting a leg up.   And, it’s incumbent on us all out there to try to put a cork in it for all of them, and soon.  There are too many victims of the game.  In fact, the planet itself and other inhabitants that we don’t think much about, if at all, become victims too.   In that regard, we now have Lara Coop, our African correspondent, working on what is going on over there.  So look for more stuff from her real soon.  Andrew Gooding, our avid reader and resident expert on US history will try to lead us into the true meaning of ‘a republic,’  and how it was meant to be interpreted by the country’s Founders.  Lifeanswers, (Monique), will be adding articles to try to steer us back to center.  One such item, would be the internet.  Unbeknownst to us, (write that word down, it’s key), our fearless leaders are looking for ways to spy on us and restrict our freedoms.  You pay for the internet, why should you accept any company’s software that invades your privacy and decides whether or not your site is good enough to find in a search or even access?  It’s slowing you down…..big time!  Next time you’re waiting, and waiting, and waiting, think about that software.  Also, other big firms are working to limit access and redefine its users.   These sorts of things go directly against what any red-blooded techie should want.  It’s against their very ethics.  But, we’re finding out how much that matters anymore.    How much do you care?  Passive isn’t passivity.  It’s hopelessness.  Today, we are springing eternal.  We expect you to get onboard.

Special weekend edition of The New Yorker, WSJ and headlines updated throughout the weekend, and…

Happy Labor Day.

August 24, 2018

Whoa, whoa.  Headlines, W.S.J., all the watches up to date?  Amazing!

The whole site has been going through a lot of security checks and updates, and software updates.  As well, it gained in such size, despite the overwhelming BOG of ads.  But, we here and we going forward with new pieces and new stuff!

August 23, 2018

Sharpen, focus and pinpoint.

I’m not very good at doing that as too much minutia runs through my head at times.  Like one of things I forget to say is if you don’t see a side bar on the right, put your screen view down to 90%, (Ctrl + “-” . Do it successive times to bring it down more.  This works on most browsers.) 

Good things at the Federal level?

Well, as Bostonians know, there has been a lot of hit-and-run crime in the city, murders, thefts, assaults, etc.  We put a new police chief in so the MSM could go on for a week about we made history hiring our first black police chief.   Ask anyone on the right and they’ll say, ‘Hey!  If he gets the job done, then more power to him.’   Right away, that would be seized upon to make a point of how ‘racist’ the right is.  As I predicted at the beginning of the year, the New Yorker and Times would go on and on all year long about race.  Why?  Where are those headlines?  “White people attack!”, “KKK hangs another!”, “White people rampage at the border?”  I know there was a demented white kid who attacked a pair of black girls in San Francisco.  The news couldn’t let go of it for a week.  Black Lives Matter was out in force.  Antifa was on the attack.  It should be made news.  That’s legitimate news.  So, what’s the problem?  The problem is that particular subway station has been the site of numerous, several, a whole lot,  of black on white thefts and assaults.   So, how do I know this?  I look for the truth.  I know it’s there.  I report it to you.  Other patriots report it to me.  Then I examine the video to validate it.  Then I look for similar stories that will back it up.  False Narratives, talking points, commentary as factual news, whatever you want to call it–has been going on for decades now.  You have to know that elitists looked at this boob for what a tool it could be. It worked and continues to.   You’re busy all day.  You come home tired, and you still have things to do and you want to digest the conversations of the day.  You turn on the set.  You take it for granted.  You believe.  I believed.  I believed good and I believed for a long time.   One day, I was watching, (and I hate that it took me decades),  and I know a different story of events was happening because I was close by and I heard what was said.  First question, “Why would they do that?”  Answer:  Whatever it is, it can’t be good.  Let us get to the truth whether it’s in our interest or not.  Because, long term, it will be to everyone’s interest and benefit.  If you act on falsities, you have wasted your life and perhaps have done harm.  This is what they want.  You should be angry.  You should be angry at any and all attempts to erase people off the internet.  It may be offensive, but who decides that?  You don’t have to watch it.  You don’t have to believe it.  You can block it from your own personal computers.  But,  our elected officials decided that they need to decide for us.  But, it’s more insidious than that.  I found out that things have been taken out of print and removed from shelves.  lines and entire parts removed from movies, and moves toward media conglomeration.  I thought to myself, “Would people have conscience enough not to want to lie to people by the tens of thousands or even millions, everyday?  The answer is ‘No.’  They put up a meaningless story and that erases it.  Such would be the ‘America Strong’ narrative.      They confuse you, don’t they.  They mix the messages just enough so that you think they’re still honest.  They are the good guys.  They aren’t. 

Bottom line is we have to take the power of the media back.  We have to stifle all attempts to control everything about everything.  Movies, television, newspapers, billboards, magazines, mail, etc. , and make laws to help them enforce such flagrant violations of our First Amendment rights.  The war is still on.  That’s the war.  What happened to ‘I hate what you say but I respect your right to say it.’  This is power saying to NOT let the people decide.  Will get to watches and views from different locations around America.

Now that we are more secure, we will back to business and bring up more and decent pieces.

Peace to the left.  Peace to the right.  It’s not for politics that I fight.  It’s for the truth.  People that want to take control of the First Amendment have something to hide.  There is NO doubt it.   Bring your best debater.  I’ll win easily because deep down, everyone knows that.

August 19, 2018

  There are some security precautions being put in place to protect members and prevent mischief.  So, sometimes, things may seem as though they don’t work.    As we move ahead, though, what seems increasingly imperative is internet freedom.  There is a definite attack on our freedoms.  There is a MAJOR attack on our freedoms, and that’s the freedom the First Amendment affords us.  We lost already in the visual and radio media, being that corporations stole them away from us.  Then they monopolized.  Did Teddy Roosevelt feel no need to restrain the corporations?  We say, “When smart people do dumb things,” and “When good people do bad things,” as if there’s a way to defend these decisions.  There isn’t.  It’s either stupid or money.  It’s either bad or money.  There’s no defense.  Internet ethics was discussed back in the 80s in college campuses.  I wonder how they talk about it today since all the bad stuff seems to have come true.  The good stuff hasn’t quite materialized.  There have been corporate, institutional, and individual attacks on the use of the internet.  In this one year, as I predicted, I saw all the indicators of the hidden intentions, (so not psychic), really take place.  And, I saw something else;  In the removal of what our lovely establishment deemed bad, they seemed to have missed an awful lot that are still there.  What does that mean?  It means that what is bad is still out there, and so, removing the bad was not really their intention at all.  It was silencing opposition voices.  Now, a lot of the misled on both the right and left are applauding this because they have no logical brain.  The logical brain sees the massive double standards list that grows by the hour.  But, you just gave them a free pass to tyranny.  Silencing one voice is silencing everyone’s voice.    You see, you are letting them do your thinking for you.  You are letting them lie to tell you what’s bad, even if you do agree.  Now, you will always have to agree or you will lose your voice, your freedom, your individuality, and ultimately, your heritage and your past.  Control of the establishment’s ghetto blaster isn’t new.  It’s just now bigger, and more powerful, and more owned by the same individuals, whereby laws are being made without your knowledge in our pretend democracy.  It’s insidiousness is already in action, destroying lives into nightmares too horrible to even dream.  You know, we have whitelists and blacklists, and rated G and rated X, and parental controls and security controls.  You don’t have to listen to nasty stuff, if you don’t want to.  You can block these sites out.  But, if you want them silenced completely, you best be as virtuous as the man with no sin, (the one who doesn’t exist), because the real reason could be that someone has something to hide.  And, if you want to voice your opinion, refer to the all-virtuous person, because the other person has a right, too.  You don’t have to read it, believe it, or anything.  You can even contest it full force.  But, the more you allow, the more you lose contact with other people.  The notion that countries say they are protecting people but doing something else is not new, and has always led to complete misery.  Suddenly, you will find you have to side with everything being handed you, but it’s too late.  The person you screwed is yourself.  The people you screwed is everyone, everywhere, all over the world.  We will move towards the role of internet freedom.  Please join us.

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August 18, 2018

Political Fatigue

Who knows? There is the obvious back-and-forth on the upcoming mid-terms and how important they are. I don’t know. Is political fatigue a thing?
This is a never-ending game where the American people are being played like Yo-Yo s. The really, really, fatiguing thing for anyone of an age old enough to think for themselves is they can see how destructive, damaging and demeaning the major is. Why demeaning? Because it insults our intelligence. Why damaging? Because they are indoctrinating the young into the same barrel of lies we were indoctrinated with, only worse, much, much worse. So, where’s the fatigue from? Well, we do have people fighting back, but they have no coverage. None, nada, zero. So, the headlines and television assault yesterday was ‘Trump is trying to silence his critics.’ Again, and again and again. Right on top of things was Jake Tapper. I’ve taken to picking on Jake. He spoke of professional journalism. like he knows about it, like he’s ethical. In the same bit, on Twitter, he goes into an extremely biased character assassination of Trump. I went on onto Twitter to reply to his nonsense, (as if he knows what “professional” journalism is. What happens? My Twitter account is shutdown for such time being as they saw fit to let me respond again, ie., I could read Jake’s absolute BS, I just couldn’t call him out, like we used to let Americans do. So, there is Jakey, on TV, stating Trump is trying to silence people-guess he doesn’t believe in the First Amendment. . My definition of the ‘Epitome of a POS’ is you accuse someone of shutting down free speech almost synchronously doing the same thing yourself. Is it arrogance? What is it?
I mentioned at the beginning of this year that there would be an all out assault on the internet to silence people. I hate it when I’m so, so, so very right, and still no one is making a fuss. This is where the young should be stepping in—-WHERE ARE THEY? Hundreds of YouTube channels and Facebook accounts and so forth. And now, they want to embed things in search engines so you never find their sites or blogs either. Is this a Democracy? Well, the young are still patting themselves on the head over the gun thing. What did it accomplish? Another phony celebration by the media. All sorts of talking heads building up the kids like they’re the next Martin Luther King. Good luck to you, young people. I have political fatigue.

We will soften the tone and lessen your stress.  A little Feng Shui will take care of the rest.   However, there will still be some focus on the New World Order.  One can never say how I know.  I know the variables do not align well for posterity and future world.  I know the math is wrong.  I know the intentions, the true intentions, are all wrong.  I know it isn’t progress.  It isn’t progressive.  It isn’t the best way forward.  But, I don’t have the kids.  You do.  You figure it out.  I know the strength of community.  You want to have kinship with your neighbors.  Shake hands.  Don’t peer out windows.  Offer to lend them some help.  Build bridges.  Work together as a sense of human fulfillment.

I know it isn’t easy in a more and more alienated world, leading back to what I say above.  But, everyone still has something unique to offer.  Everyone is still an individual.  The right frame of mind, the right state of mind, will get you through the battle.  Summer’s half over.  Get out there and have a life.

July 25, 2018

As we progress through the rest of year, the focus will be more towards those things which are informative and helpful. Different pieces have laid the groundwork for the damage done to our surroundings. Our water, our oceans, our land, our wildlife, our pets, our jobs, our health…then into birth control, creating countries that can sustain their people and work on the safety for our kids and their futures. I’ve done my rants. Only in numbers can you win. Only by ignoring their doublespeak of division and realize that the person next to you gives you a lot more opportunity than your boss or company ever could. They create racial animosity. They create the violence and they create class divisions, health systems and laws and monetary systems. It is their game. A colorblind society of people all working together is their biggest enemy. There are different people and different cultures, but they can all be the same in certain ways-mainly by respecting their differences and starting anew. You can’t work from the past because it is now evident so many falsities revolve around and around in different time frames, no one can be sure of the past. But, they can be of the future-if they stop the revolver. Let’s improve ourselves and our surroundings and turn off the daily meat grinder of humanity that is our television sets. When humanity first began, there were just small bands and groups of people working together. Each one had their part, and they still had individuality, but still, they all benefited by working together a lot better than we do as a part of the machinery, as a part fiat money system and its corporations and its managers. I would advise this outdated, minimally adaptable system to cease. But, you know they won’t ever. (They continually try to make it sound complex, all bases are covered.) With all that’s wrong in this world, the young people are making speeches about guns? BTDT. That means been there, done that. Forty percent of murders are done with other weaponry, anyway. Bad people are bad people. They’ll find a way to do what they do, one way or another. The world is the hen house and the fox is your boss. Get it? Got it? Let’s move on.

July 19, 2018

Is it safe?

Free Dentistry

Help your wallet lose weight. Suck out all the dollars and even watch it evaporate your credit cards. Just visit your local dentist. Why is dental insurance so weak in this country? Why is our regular healthcare insurance so weak? Why do a lot of people come here from other countries to be doctors and dentists? Well, Suzanne Summers on Fox TV one time, she didn’t want ‘social’ medicine. Her husband couldn’t make any money on that system. I think those are professions you get into for reasons that make money a very distant second. Now, I’ll ask again, why do a lot of people come here from other countries to be doctors and dentists? And the, ask yourself this one; Why is it that all these folks from other countries know that and you just don’t seem to? Read this one The law?
It’s called the lawyer industries. There are all kinds of lawyer specialties meant to make them dollars at your expense. These lawyers then go on to become judges and politicians. This trend isn’t getting any better.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Whoah!  We are back!

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Me?  I just want more peace of mind.  But, I think too much.  I ask too many questions.   I started with the questions long ago because of the double standards, the continual edicts and proclamations of the wise that never corresponded with their own behavior.  Like the ferocious anxieties that took me over from the very beginning, I will probably continually ask the questions.

If you don’t believe me, continue on.  If you do, stay on the questions.  Form your own.  The only good protests are the ones the media doesn’t show, but the questioners know they exist.  The only good protests don’t need Soros’ money.  But those who have hijacked our academia will tell you different.  To know the truth, you have to do the math.

On another note, the loss of a dear friend weighed on me.  It stole me and drove me downward.  So, hopefully you have a dear friend, or you have thought of one.  You have to have one to know this continuous plastic facade, to which we are not innocous, is not where it’s at.  When we all realize it, and acknowledge it to one another, the House of Cards needn’t fall.  The liars will be forced to answer and the House will evaporate.

Wed 5/16/2018 11:58:44 PM

When a worldwide petition goes out on Soros’ behalf to influence governments with his money, that is not good.  I hope others would see that as I do.


Then there’s a cover from Bloomberg Businessweek. It shows Youtube cleaning out the garbage….according to their corporate requesters-ya know where I’m going with this? The problem for me is that garbage is what’s left! Sorry Youtube.

…and it keeps coming and coming. A couple more great articles on the way. Limited Edition Tees and biting sarcasm, coming your way everyday.


Other sources have come up with stories on Starbucks.  The media is coming in late.  Or, maybe they hijacked the story, or, maybe it was a setup.  Ridiculous? Only if you didn’t know these stories were coming out a few years back.  That’s right.  Starbucks employees were upset about ‘people,’ using their bathrooms.  Was it just because they were black?  Well, you don’t really know what’s in someone’s head.  We should have interviewed a few of the manager’s friends.  We should have interviewed other customers.  We should have reviewed more tape to see if the manager has it in for black people.  That requires work.  Are they just lazy?  We have limited information.  Is this a newscast?   It’s time to call the media the ‘the parrot industry.’  I know there are the standard comebacks and I’m a nutjob, and, other lazy people will readily believe the status quo.  H

Well, I always promise and have yet to deliver. But start to look for some goodies on the New World Order page. This is going to be a hard punch to the gut because I will be going full-out anti-corporate. They are dictating our lives for us. One thing they are doing is using their clout to shut down sites that might actually tell you what’s going on in this country. Beat up a black guy, beat up a white guy or a Mexican or Democrat or Conservative. And I haven’t even scratched the service of how they divide us. Is it not easy to see that they could give a good rip about any one group or another or an individual’s welfare?

Perhaps looking to change the editor so as to get on a more upbeat track.  But, still committed to trying to sort out true from false.  Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

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