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November 14, 2019

We are upping our game.  New headline groups and switching between two audio newspapers and lots more audio will be going up tomorrow.  There are a lot of people on social media, in force, saying things are just crazy.  How does all this insanity help our citizens move forwards?   It doesn’t.  It hasn’t.  4 years more of absolutely no progress.  You there, you attack the left, and you, you should attack the right.  Who’s winning?  Who will win even if your rah-rah side wins in Washington?  No one.  Is it sinking in yet?  The drama continually played out is always the same, one way or another, and it costs you!  left and right.  Adam Schiff has got a state in real trouble.  Is he responsible to California?  It doesn’t appear to me he cares one iota.  We have votes, those votes should take care of who in one year.   If you don’t care?   But, whatever.  It’s your country, you shouldn’t care what either side is doing and demand more action from both of them.


 All Saints Behave.

November 1, 2019


Subscriptions come and subscriptions go.  It looks like Fast Co. and New Yorker are on ice for now.  However, we’ll keep switching between the WSJ and the Washington Post, or maybe offer both if time abides.  Some new titles coming for November as well.  A couple real goodies.  The Griff tale, “Jekyll’s Island” is getting sorted and something new by him getting posted.  A lot of people believe there was/is a cure for cancer.  Griff says there definitely is and big Pharma uses the government to shut it down.  But, how could it be shut down across the globe?  That is the question.  Hopefully, he’s got an answer.  Then, we need to get politically correct to educate the millennial.



Monday, October 21, 2019


Well, that indigenous day went by and, I must say, those lovely desecration-s of Columbus statues told me why maybe there are statues of Columbus and not Indians. But, there was genocide? Really? I don’t see it. There sure is an awful lot of “indigenous” folk around for any kind of genocide. Now, if you’re looking for a lot of white people living in Hatey, you won’t find them; you see every last one of them were slaughtered by the black population. Wonder why they never mention that on the news? Wonder how many people are completely ignorant of that fact? Well, something to consider as the far-left wages their Europhobic war on Christians. I made up that word a long time ago and I’m glad I’m starting to hear it coming around, because it was long overdue, as I found out in Russia and Turkey and other areas. the far-left is far-gone, far-away from sanity. They are too dangerous to want to see get anywhere.

510 years resistance? I would not call ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, HSN, TYT, MTV, NYT, WP, NYC, etc., the resistance. If you want the resistance, go to South Dakota and pour that paint on Crazy Horse. You’re the pansy, you aren’t the resistance.

Monday, October 14, 2019



Happy, Happy Columbus, Indigenous? Holiday?


Wrap it up, wrap it out, Get it up, get it out, relieve the doubt, without a doubt. There has been enough of the back and forth about how bad whitey has been throughout history. And, there’s no doubt, whitey has been bad. Power is a very bad motivator for being nice. Just ask Turkey, responsible for a mass genocide of Christians, Armenians, yes, but to the perpetrators, much worse: Christians. China, Munich, Rwanda, Yemen, Afghanistan, South Africa, and on, and on, and on. Relieve the doubt, without a doubt; let’s look at current history. Whitey, by no means whatsoever, has a lock or has had a lock on atrocities, on prejudices of all kinds, from all races, all religions, all creeds, here there and everywhere. To love diversity, go there. If you want to be a racist, pick and choose. Therein lies the ludicrous idea of a “hate” crime that 99.9% only holds one race accountable. Backed by an irresponsible media, it has caused a lot of grief and suffering for that race, like it has for quite a while now. I know, I know, no justice, no peace. Again, what is not shown are the numerous, numerous, numerous times police have given the benefit of the doubt and wound up being the victims. In fact, there has been an ongoing effort to cover up such things. This is the history now. Was it the history then? Hey whatever, something to chew on. History isn’t always nice to revisit when this stuff happens if we want to move on.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019


As we check the headlines, we find superpowers racing towards hypersonic missiles. Would that be good? NO!! It would a big step towards bye-bye. And we iz buh-hind. Blame this Communist catastrophe called the Democrats(?), lately. I would say the stupid, stupid games of the left since the election has put this place in a stalemate beyond stalemates. But, that’s okay because Obama spun us behind in his second term, the sole purpose of which was to send race relations back to prehistoric times. The diversity is killing us….literally. And it looks like a popular movement because the litter is all over the internet, peddled constantly by the mainstream media, re-created for our ridiculous selections from the boob and the commercials that dictate life instead of imitating it like it is supposed to. And obviously, there has been a constant effort to fill the land with non-Americans. The real non-Americans, though, have been here from the get-go, making it a situation where things have come to a head. It is Communism and, if one reads up and gets educated on the Russian Revolution, you will find out who the enemies are and you will find that it has several similarities to what is happening today. It is a reason that my fingers start madly typing. This so-called “popular” movement is totally embraced by the corporations, political benefactors and the wholly-corporate-owed mass media. So, anyone that allies with it is allying for their own destruction. Believe it or die. Also coming, what happened to our legal system? It looks like it was re-written while we slept to give judges so much more lee-way, innocence or guilt seems less clear than a toss of the coin. It’s backward. It’s ridiculous. It’s deadly. It-has to stop!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

As the staff of the blog know, balance is essential. This planet is a perfect creation of balance that only the One can bring forth. He didn’t give it to Venus. He didn’t give it to Mars. And where else did He give it if we keep on searching for stars? We are, indeed, in the garden. It’s not for exploiting. It’s for coexisting. The more we let exploitation take place, the more we say we don’t care about this perfect creation of balance. Does this make sense? Evolution proves that one side is not always right. Though we need the material world to exist, we should exist in spite of that and not because of it.

The dudes become the dinner.



Monday, September 23, 2019

September 23?   Man, this is hard to believe .  So fast, so fast.  At least we have an Indian Summer going on, so I can stand it.   I always say bad things about Dentists.  I stopped after a series of rants, but I’m back on it.  It seems they never fail to find a problem, and in hindsight, you need things fixed that they started in the first place.  It’s not a profession.  It’s a racket.  Now, we’ve had like 10 new dentist offices open up in the last couple years.  So, how do you compete?  You find problems.  Problems are necessary when the market is glutted.  This is a failure of capitalism because it’ll insure people get ripped off, misdiagnosed, and put their health in jeopardy.  Another thing you notice about dentists, like doctors, is they never bad mouth one another.  That’s because of their organizations like the AMA, ADA, yada, yada.  And another thing you notice; there is not that much difference in price across the board?  Should an excellent dentist charge a lot more than a rookie?  Rookies should be cheap.  These professions, though, never seem to suffer for the dollars.  They can’t, or their prices would be all over the board.  There would be competition.  So what gives?  There are lots and lots of things to take to task.  I hope people start doing it, young and old.  But, the bamboozling started a loonnng time ago.  The problem when things get too muddled is people don’t, won’t, want to, ask questions of what is presented to them as facts.  When things start to contradict one another, you have a duty to.  It’s become way too important.  Good Indian Summer, football starting, Fall fests coming.  Good time to focus on that.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A Diddly Doo and a Doodly Dee

Stay the course. Do not head astray

That’s the marketing prediction of the day. Do with it what you will. The number is 7. The message of the day is Love Conquers Fear. Don’t ask how or why these things come to me cuz I ain’t got a clue. But, when you look out at all that great glory, you know you’re along for the ride and nothing more. It’s like being in the back seat when you’re a kid; not much is up to except things like, I can make myself more comfortable and enjoy it, or dread and dwell like I’m going to Hell. Nah, not today. Okay, so you’re off to a good start. Don’t let anyone wreck your day, large or small. Enjoy it, flush out the small things. Think big things and slumber with an air of mystery. Good plan! Manipulators, Day Traders and Corporate Raiders? Forget ’em. We ride with confidence. We tell them, today, the crystal ball is ours. Take some good breaths that precious Fall breeze brings. All is getting updated, the watches, headlines and audio. Some good Semitic investing advice. We’ll trade faith for faith and listen to a good guy named Brian.

September 9, 2019

Another debate to measure hate, coming up.  It’s a good Monday.

We don’t need to get into it as we evolve this site into something faster.  Good attitude.  Good attitude.  Anyway, not to many bad things happened over the weekend.   Politics is a bunch of voodoo.  There are so many factions within factions, keeping track becomes not fun.  But, we have the New Yorker updated.  We have the Journal updated.  We’re putting up some audio on investing.  We have the headlines up.  That’s great stuff.  But, the new watches are also things that are very important, and where we care to focus more time.  The amount of pieces that come up on animal cruelty are scary.  It’s all part of the human condition, which we need to correct, and maybe the politics will get in line.  If you want a better world, it starts with you and what you know.  I notice too many people take stand after stand without really knowing the facts.  Human condition.  Politicians….I misspoke.  No, you didn’t.  Your masters aren’t us.  We know the power structure only take the votes they want.  Only what’s important to them.  Democrat or Republican won’t change a thing.  Voting everyone out and establishing term limits is the only thing anyone should be thinking about.  Get mad together or NOTHING will happen.  Who doesn’t know it.  Isn’t the establishment already bold enough?


September 3, 2019


Ohhhhh, goodbye August.  Hurtful.   Well, there will be climate talk.  It’s okay by me.  There’s enough going on that says lead by example and the United States had better start setting good example here.  We don’t measure what others are doing and how much they spend or whatever.  There’s enough watchdogs out there and they will keep tabs on that.   Then, the momentum gains, and then nobody wants to be the bad guy in such an important area of focus.  We don’t need to get into left/right mumbo jumbo.  It becomes retarded to make issues that are, more or less, universal to get caught in that trap.  Like Japan’s slaughter of whales and dolphins.  That is absolutely atrocious.  It’s sickening.  Like China killing huge animals for a piece of ivory or some soup, and like the same that is done in Vietnam.  If these silly remedies and other things are worth the disruption to universal order, let’s see.   It’s like saying ‘drink warm milk ‘ is going to make me sleep.  Uh, I don’t think so.  You can do it.  Then, we need to realize race is not a political thing.  It is also a universal thing.  Hence, why push shows on us like ‘Blackish,’ and ‘Brownish,’ and ‘Reddish,’ and ‘Mixedish,’ and ‘Bi/Try/Sexual Guy.’ ?   Nature.  Natural Order.  Typical.  Atypical.  We need a huge corporate monolith to tell us what becomes evident by nature itself?  Some cross those lines and that’s okay because they are different.  That’s totally okay with me, if it’s natural.  If it’s naturally how you’re built.  I saw a piece on television where a girl says to the newslady, ‘hey, there were more of us than them!’ about a protest against a ‘straight pride’ march.  Well then, who’s really pushing the divide?  Maybe they should’ve come out and said, ‘Good for them!  If they don’t mind our parade, why should we mind theirs?’  I cite the monolith.  I cite the girl’s remarks.  I ask myself, ‘Who’s doing the divide and, who’s saying “let it be”?’   We move on….

Image result for Dorian storm path

Not looking good.

August 30, 2019


Hurricanes, tornadoes, uncontrollable fires, extreme weather, tons of property damage.  I don’t like arguing about global warming or Climate Change  or whatever we call it now.  It’s a given.  It’s in our faces.  The Midwest and Texas has been through Hell.  Fires burning through California.  Fires burning through the Amazon.  Fires are burning everywhere.  Floods are happening everywhere.  The improbability of the left and right finding common ground is in a boon for the elites, a bane for us.  Somethings we have to find agreement.  PERIOD.  But, the leftist is on extremes.  There is an agenda towards Communism going on in our schools.  If I were any parent, public school would not be an option for me.  But, the internet and the government have both gotten into our personal lives.  That is also dangerous.  That is also a no-no.   Let’s work towards common ground.  Immigrants are nice, but we have plenty.  We take in 14X more than any other country.  We have doubled our population, (absolute), as long as I’ve been alive.  Remember the ‘population dying off’  argument?  Well, our population has been skyrocketing.  It’s not an imposition on ‘white people.’  That label is for division and scapegoats.  PERIOD.  Our infrastructure is breaking bad.  We doubled our population and haven’t fixed a thing.  The impositions it has put on our everyday lives is getting way too much.  I hope people really come to their heads about this.  And, in the meantime, remember you’re being lied to.

Everything is updated, more audio coming out.  Enjoy your ride home.  Happy Labor Day.