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January 14, 2019

Obviously, there doesn’t seem to be much new for the year.  The same things are of importance.  I would ask Democrats and Liberals to just keep an open mind to the notion that this whole Russia-gate business is an incredible waste of your money times a thousand.  The wall could have been paid for 20X, no lie.  Healthcare coverage could’ve been paid for.  There could be a busy agenda on behalf of your interests.  What is the agenda?  Same ol’, Same ‘ol.  Are you NOT sick of it yet?   I’ve heard from several, several progressives who say ‘Trump is one of ’em,’ anytime you mention their elitist corporate government.  You must be joking.  Right?  Really.  You must be joking.   He is NOT one of them.  The campaign made that clear.  Russia-gate has made that clear.  The lack of support from his own party has made that clear.  The continued calls to impeach and bow to the will of witch hunters.  He threw an anchor in their agenda.  It stopped.  If you aren’t in the least cynical about any of that, you aren’t seeing it yet.  This is a different Democrat party.  The one I knew would get mad, tell their candidates they are tired of the continued stalling–with everyone–and I would be mad at their companionship with the press.  It’s nauseating.  Twenty years ago, it would’ve been nauseating to a Democrat even if they were in charge of the House.   Your teachers and preachers don’t dare debate me on those issues.  I’d mop the floor with all of them.  Peace out!

January 8, 2019

All watches updated.  News and headlines,  2 new pieces coming very soon, and lotsa media.  As software gets upgraded, may look a little funny but will get back to awesome, soon.

January 7, 2019

There are two sets of us;  those who know this jockeying between Democrats and Republicans is a bunch of bull–and those who think it is legitimate and they should dook it out.  I’m of the former.  When you analyze the costs of having undocumented people here, the 5 bills is a non-argument.  Thinking that we could fund Universal Healthcare with the money is also a fairy tale.  No way.  This is a useless dog-and-pony show.  When we talk about it being the 21st century, shouldn’t we start asking about some of these other countries and why they aren’t serving their citizens?   I think we should.  That’s the problem.  Let’s fix the problem, not the band-aid.  Been there, done that * 100.  Shouldn’t we start looking at this stuff?  You see,  if the Globalists really wanted their global citizens with similar values  and ideals, they would be fixing these countries, wouldn’t they?   If they really believed what they said they would be challenging the leaders of these countries.  Globalists are not in the least interested in bringing those countries up, just dragging the Europe and the US down.   The evidence is all there; the rich are getting significantly richer, no matter what happens with business.  Inflation has doubled and tripled costs, wages are almost doubled.  Nah, when you add in undocumented workers, they haven’t even.  So, wanting them here is exploiting them, which they eventually regret, in a couple weeks.  It helps keep other jobs stagnant.  It has made an absolute joke of Johnson’s war on poverty.  Why?  Because we have doubled our population since then, all with impoverished people, guaranteeing the problem would not diminish in the least.    2019:  — Let’s get it right  —  our government is ruled by wealthy oligarchs of old — the only people they care about is their own.  Left/right — no difference — just corporate and banks with similar interests.  2019: — South Africa is a reverse apartheid.  That’s a bad, bad thing , isn’t it?  I don’t think whiteness or white countries are the problem.  I definitely do think it is white oligarchs, who are the very people telling you that that are the problem.  Are you seeing the contradictions?  Think, think.  Lots and lots of them.  Be certain of one thing;  it’s so absurd, we have our televisions and movie theatres and award shows and raggy mags, and radio and now Iphones to drive the phoniness, (pun not intended), home.  It works.  It works so damn good.  Don’t buy it.   At least not by face value.  — 2019.

January 4, 2019

Democrats?  Are there Democrats coming into the House?  I’m seeing posts like “Our new bisexual Senator takes oath,” “First Black Woman from Massachusetts in Congress,”  “First Muslim Senator,” “First Latina Socialist.”  Now, you might hear conservative politicians making an “occasional” statement like this.  Here’s the thing;  if the news put as much attention into “real” matters, you probably wouldn’t even notice because this stuff, which really doesn’t help anyone, not even anyone on the island of misfit toys, has been made the banter on display for decades.  Yes, decades, because there was female and black politicians since the 1800’s.  Earlier.   When I was 5, 15,25,35,….on and on, on and on, on and on.  Now, the reality is this is a corporate-monopolist-communist crew–all in lockstep.  The Democrat(?) left hates capitalism?  Well, if anyone gave them a reason to hate it, it would be them.  Communist, Democrat, Socialist, Conservative, Man, Lady, Tranny, black, white, native, illegal…etc.  These are the very words that divide us second-by-second, year-by-year, now into centuries?  The left embraces the very thing they allegedly hate.  Listen to the news.  Listen to the politics.  The words of division are never off their plate.  Front and center, hate, hate, hate.  The big monopolistic corporations, the black monolith, is who the left has gone in lockstep with.  To have any kind of honest conversation is to go around in a circle, the kind of conversation that says ‘that which was will be again.’  Now, we are supposed to believe the market takes such a hit because of one company and one country in a global economy?  Round and round.  If you keep the topsy-turvy moving and grooving, you can keep logic from EVER getting into it. I have witnessed it for decades now, kids.  Please wake up.  I need to get that piece on Aaron Hernandez back up.  I see more and more mixed racial stuff, always with white people, more and more gay, more and more sex, violence and perversion, in a Christian nation, which has sought to fight back with conviction instead of dollars.  They didn’t stand a chance in this country.    Atheism is something to brag about.  Now, I have never sought to push any kind of religion on anyone, and was solid left for the longest time.  I never had the time to investigate what was really going on.  What I have found is, like it or not, pop culture is destroying our identity as an individual, as a family, as a race, as a religion, as a gender, a culture, a country…Where are your feet?  Figuratively speaking, I don’t believe they’re  on the ground.  That black monolith we were talking about earlier, has created your life for you..older people get mad just suggesting that to them.  You bin had.  Historical revisionism?  What happened to “Question everything.”?   There is no RE vision.  There’s just the side you haven’t heard.  Create your own entertainment and always look for the truth.  Don’t let pop culture destroy you this year.  There are a lot of pop stars, (pun intended), their marketers, and the greater agenda at work.  Forget ’em.  Watches updated shorty, WSJ, headlines up as usual.  Have a good weekend.

January 3, 2019

Oh Gawwwd!  How scary can it get?  Am I right?  Well, we focus on your computer security, your freedom, and various  media sources to check what you’re getting and how reliable it might be, or not. Check the Media page for real news on the Dark Web.  Check your gauge for compromise and agreement, with Christmas Eve 1914, also on the Media page.  Relevant?  Yep.

December 30, 2018 One more day. Gear into those resolutions. And get some gear. Man does not live truth alone. (In fact, that can prove quite hard.) The Democrats will bad if they don’t fund this wall. If they want to show people it was worth voting for them in November, let us see it. We are not seeing it.

December 26, 2018

Hangovers?  Headaches?  Hand cramps?   Right here,  you can use a mouse.  Who got nothing?  Who got something they didn’t want?  We tend to think about it for a day or two and goes away.  I know I promised some good articles coming up and I haven’t forgotten.  In the meantime, more audio will be available on ‘The Dark Web.’  And, hopefully later today, the article on internet censorship.  We will tackle the view that says ‘just take ’em down.’  Now, the real focus should be on who is leading the way on taking such sites down.  We’ll also stay on the fake news thing, like the number of hate crimes.  You see, if I drew a swastika and threw it out in the hall, that, today, would be what they would count as a hate crime.  Now, in the world of fakes and frauds, and as has been proven NUMEROUS times, the reporter and the perp often turn out to be the same person, (hoax).  So!  Can you call such things hate ‘crimes?’ I think not.  Many statistics are paid for by organizations who want ‘their answer.’  Many statistics are done by ‘think tanks.’  Many statistics are done by schools with grants to come up with the answers required.   Is this bad?  Yep.  Young people are the ones buying this info in bulk, and heading down the wrong path, like we did, and like our forebears did.  This is the world of misinformation.  And, the best tool for misinformation is the television.  But, just in case, we seem to be getting it from the rags and periodicals as well, with FULL PAGE DRUG ADS.   Television, too, with LONG QUICK TALKING DRUG ADS and people HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME.  And guess what?  The shows and news are done by the same people who do the ads.  They always have little avenues where they can say, ‘Oh no, that’s not true.’  It’s true.  Know the beast and the lies become more obvious.   One such rag, which really makes you go looking for who puts it out, will be getting ripped apart, right here, very soon.  Stay tuned!


..and New Yorker is up-to-date.  Journal is up.  Headlines are up.  You can’t get bored doing that.  The automated processes are hiccuping.  Hopefully, they’ll be fixed today.  Grammar checker is off.  We must focus, in the new year, on what is really going on.  What is going on?  Why does the market play yo-yo with us?  Is it time for the 10-year crash?  (conspiracy…theory or fact?).  Well, when you run a Ponzi scheme, it runs nothing short of creative.  But!  Let’s ease into the holidays.  Play some music.  To hell with the news man.  Remove the stress from our bones.  Christmas is the word.  Christians are upset when it’s not used, and they should be.  Do we replace other religions holy days with politically correct names?  Oh, no, because in their case, it ‘s not politically correct to call their holy days something else.  I get into this an awful lot, don’t I?  I’m glad about that because I hear more and more people using the phrase “double standards.”  I hear more and more people using the phrase “have it both ways.”  I hear more and more people using the classic, “having your cake and eating it,too.”  That, I’m most pleased with.    These kinds of things go hand-in-hand with narcissism.   It was thought not to be bad in this country.  Contrary to the notion, there are several books coming out lately that say it is bad.  It is very bad.  That may be another focus for the new year.  But, not by taking shots at people.  Our media, political, entertainment, smoke-and-mirrors, pop culture bonanza, (like MTV, ugghhh, Okay, solved my constipation problem.)  The media uses things like “fake news has consequences,” with the set-up conundrums they shine a light on.  One thing I can clearly see after 50 years is-their fake news has consequences-big time.  Break the habit.  Turn off MTV.  Come into focus on how phony these politicians are about the right/left thing.  Will the left get the healthcare bill they want?  yo-yo, yo-yo.  2020-Will the the left get the healthcare bill they want?  yo-yo, yo-yo.  2024-Will race ever NOT be a thing?  yo-yo, yo-yo.  <—–all this is for you young people.  You learn so much more out there in the Wide World of Sports than you can ever learn in the classroom-especially today’s classrooms, with what I’ve seen on video and in person, promotes an agenda.    But!  back to happy;  I need to get this thing fine-tuned and speedy.  the other blogs drowned down with ads won’t possibly keep up.  It will need to be fine tuned because it’s going to explode with new material every day and the audio will be in place by the time you are going to work.  As always, thank you for reading the logikblog-best damn blog going.