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Monday, June 17, 2019

Now, there’s no doubt there’s still pain to be wrong here.  But this is going to blow up with several articles very soon.  The work continues.  Searching for the truth,..truth.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Way off!  But, back on track.   A lot of the things people look for on this site are controversial type things.    It is a definite, we have to look:  This is a site seeking reason, seeking logic.  A lot of what happens out there is not logical, reasonable, or a good way to move forward.    But, there is a lot that needs to be done that is not controversial.  Take internet freedom for instance;  there are a number of organizations that want to take it on  Now, the controversy;  who decides what’s true?  what’s offensive, what’s completely misleading., what’s to stay and what’s to go.  Well, there’s plenty of online fact checkeers, but not a lot of people even believe them.  There’s the networks.  They litter the web all over the place.  They dominate the space.  They bot out opinions and facts that contradict them.  Get Congress to pressure the mammoths to take down everything they find offensive.  So, it would appear that they are the deciders, the same most avenues contradict.  There are other ways-  They can use that little contact box to address the websites.  They can address the posters directly.  They can use their big mouth news stations to call such headlines, sites and posts out directly, and let those people defend themselves.  We have something different going on:  We have corporations, the corporate media, big brother and Hollyweird  deciding these things for the people putting the information up.  Given these two approaches, it is obvious the First Amendment is under attack by the same people saying things like ‘America Strong’ and citing the Founding Fathers.  Let’s say we go with the second option;  How do you think that will turn out in 10 or 20 years?   Our fund is for free speech defense but, people with option 1 in mind is who we’ll get behind.  Look for more about this coming up. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Now here we go again.  Too slow on the guns.  We’re going to get this thing kicking and kicking soon.  A number of checks did go out to various environmental and law enforcement causes.  But, things are slow in other areas.  A lot of updates will take place during the course of the day and new

pieces are being written as we save the planet from the puppetry and their no goodie super rich folk who claim to be “fiscal conservatives AND social liberals.”  What a hoax.   We here at our monitors are the little barking dogs, we tell you about the men behind the curtain.  And soon, it will be curtains for them.  Ah hah huh hah!   It appears a great deal of Europe is waking up.  We are barking.  We are barking about their campaigns of fear, lies, and disunity.  In fact, woof, woof.  Here we go….

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bettuh late than nevuh.  New short for your listening pleasure today.  I don’t know why they are showing a church.   Why are they showing a church?  Well, in the United States of Double Standards, it’s okay to use church and demon in the same picture but, using mosque and demon?  Okay, how about using synagogue and demon?  Okay,…don’t be stupid to these double standards because they make you dumb.  They make you not know what you are saying.  Turn on ‘The View,’ they do it all the time.   Things are a little behind but will catch up soon.  The public is fatigued with ‘hearings,’ and ‘hackings,’ and

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Chairman Nadler

Where do we go?  Whhhheeeere do we go?  Where do we go from heeerrre?  It amazes me that there is absolutely not one Democrat politician, or even one Democrat voter that has come out against the further deliberations on the alleged Russian collusion.  There was none.  Even if it can be said that it wasn’t for lack of trying and even if it can be said that multiple attempts were made to hinder the cooperation of the administration.  Let us go in the wayback machine to 1960.  What has been accomplished by our Federal government?  Well, in terms of corporations gaining complete political power, a whole lot.  In terms of doing anything that helps people, negative.  Lots and lots of Democrat-hold on the levers of control.  The problem with the Democratic party is that they were a big charade.  I say were because they no longer even hide it.  The media doesn’t hide it,  Hollyweird doesn’t hide it,  the states and their administrators don’t hide it.  When the both of these parties talk about the “rule of law,” or the Constitution, it’s a joke.  Frankly, the one that really pisses me off is the one about the Constitution, and the fact that they even mention it.  IT has not been followed or respected for the longest time now.  Did “The View” or “Nightly News,” or anyone at CNN balk at the dual house shutdown of BSD?  This was a leftist movement, shut down cold, and it was like it never happened.  Chuck’s speech at AIPAC said it all.  That showed the left how well-represented they really are.  Better than Trump?  That’s not the problem for me.  The problem is there wasn’t even an acknowledgment from the biased media or the left.    What business do they have talking about the “rule of law.”  Joke.

Monday 29, 2019

We really need logic.  We really do.  Or critical thinking skills, or reason, or whatever.   How do we recognize where it is needed. 

Meanwhile, the far-left, far-reaching onslaught of the leftists is in full swing.  We need to evolve a bit on this site to get an idea of it and why it so wrong, you should fear it more than China and Russia combined.  I’ll put in more on that tomorrow.  But here’s some headlines from the past few days;

SIX YEARS ON: The savage racist murder of Birmingham pensioner Mohammed Saleem

Liberals, Conservatives playing in politically 'dangerous field' by using racism as tool to mobilize …

President's words push race to fore of campaign

As Trump stands by Charlottesville remarks, rise of white-nationalist violence becomes an issue in …

Counter-protesters show up in Long Beach to oppose 'white nationalist' rally they saw posted on …

22 Times Racists Got Dealt With On Video For Being Racist

Gunmen in attacks on New Zealand mosques and Poway synagogue were tied to racist manifestos …

Monday, ‎22 ‎April, ‎2019

Gettin’ on. Just past Easter, a few teases of late Spring. That’s New England, isn’t it? The weather women got it wrong. Harvey got it wrong. They got it wrong today. Touch and go, up and down, hot and cold, in and out.
The mainstream media, par usual, was a little slow and awkward with the mass killing of Christians by Muslims in Sri Lanka. If you can’t hold a hearing on “white supremacy,” it just isn’t worth a damn. Isn’t that right? They know it. They are “THE” reason any courageous people doing the real job, with real impartiality, without leaving out pertinent information have let loose.
A lot of these blogs need funding and we’ll be reasserting our efforts to help them raise those funds. Any day I compare the news to the various internet outlets, I can see where stories are tainted, partial and reconstructed to fit an agenda. And the material beyond the news is so regurgitated, who is watching much anyway? What are you missing? Nothing. Well, there are some excellent lies if you like liars. Other than that, nothing. Crazy stuff going on on the roads, the media gives a tad of a story. You’re just left with “what?” The media needs to be pulled from these oligarchs and be publicly owned, not corporate owned.

Sri Lanka in Ruins

The news tells us Lawrence now has cameras to catch criminals. All over town, they have cameras. “It’s not big brother,” says the poleece chief. Imagine making a statement like that with a straight face. Oh! forgot. Not many English speakers there. They didn’t know what he was saying anyway. And, it’s a Sanctuary City. It’s Lawrence, Ma. It’s a poor town. Wait! there’s no crime in sanctuary cities, right? Dozens and dozens of leftist blogs and the mainstream media itself tells us this ALL-THE-TIME. Now, you can go with it if you want. But, you know they are lying. They know they are lying. But, only they know the “real” reasons why they are lying. Consider that while you’re all on board with the liars. Ahh, fuggedaboutit. You can’t help a purposefully-ignorant fool. These types never turn out all the better. Wait until they find out how much they are valued by their comrades. On a meat hook and down the line. Just one day, just a few items, the lies build like tartar on your teeth, rotting your soul. what are you going to do? Oh! Sri Lanka is on! No mention of the word ‘Muslim.’ Why? Okay, it’s just a local extremest group. You believe that? Locals don’t have this WMD just lying around if law enforcement was half-way on top of it. And yet, one Australian kid equals an entire race of white supremacists all over the globe? Waking up yet? Incredible. Just incredible.  It seems they are saying, ‘We are up on white supremacy here at home, and that’s more important.  This will backfire again on our masters.  Are they sure they want a Democrat in 2020? 

Dissecting the truth.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Tellin’ ya, tellin’ ya.  We’re almost up to snuff.  All the watches updated, New Yorker, WSJ, more to do on the story lines.  Market is up to date.  It’s a fast-changing world my friends.  But, we are also trying to put select stories at the top of the front page.  Our watches were selected because they cover what you need to know.  Put the pieces together.  There is a war on for “truth” all over this world because in countries from here to Malaysia, they know they aren’t getting it.  Then there are those asleep at the wheel, the day-to-day and all.  wind ’em up, do your 8, no hell, 10 is better, why not 12!  Now get out back into that grind.  Isn’t it exciting?  You have to do that, or you might just notice what’s really happening.  Well, too much is running through the mills, too.  The politicians create the chaos and the news spins it so it becomes smoke and mirrors.  No, no, no.  It’s white nationalists.  White nationalists are throwing kids off balconies.    Just ask our useless, (for the people anyway), fearful leaders.  But, the dollars never add up to the rhetoric.   This week, the doctor’s book on Jekyll Island must be complete.  Zee doctor!  Oh, he has the downlow on the medical breakthroughs witheld too.   Come on!  Quit complaining, big pharma, politicians, big pharma, big farma, big bankah.  The pieces are coming.  The pieces are coming.  I like the Griff.  I know you do, too.  Way back in the 50’s , they let him on TV a few times and then took him off quick!  He can’t tell them that!  Another guy, like Griff, who made tremendous sacrifice, a renowned scholar, could’ve had the penthouse, but preferred to give you the truth.  Don’t dishonor the man.  That’s coming.

April 8, 2019

Okay, the world ends today.  Okay, April Fools.  Of course, the news of the weekend gives me cause to ask, “What happened to humanity in this crazy world?”  Watching 2 absolute disgrace-to-the-race white boys slaughter hibernating cubs just churned my stomach to sickness.  But, for some reason, they not only persisted, but seemed to be proud of each other.  These kinds of things need exposure because “BALANCE” has now become paramount to the longevity of everybody and everything.  Such would be the worry when we wondered where the bees went.  What was it?  An exercise in extinguishing life?  Well, now, it would be a more reasonable exercise in extinguishing their lives.  In the world of humanity, we have to ‘balance’ the good against the evil.  This was, without a doubt, evil.  Is evil far outbalancing good?  Yes.  It is because the greedy buggers who are hooked on their portfolios encourage destruction.  There’s money to be made in destruction;  money for destruction and money for reconstruction.  Don’t speak wisely like this, though.  That worries them.

Cowardly Buggers Act Cowardly

Wow!  Hey the New Yorker audio is now in if anyone wants to listen to the Bolshevik-Communist-To-The-Core im-propaganda.   It’s you white people.  Racist, racist, racist!   And, this is exactly what is racist;  The New Yorker.  They know this kind of rhetoric empowers real racists.  Do you?  I mean, hey, I remember a day when Genuine European Stock were smarter than that and would NEVER believe it because they’d know better.  So now, they teach school.  If you don’t want the entirety of Europe to be one big beautiful, racially diverse place, you must be a racist.  Racist, racist, racist!!!!! Say it again!  Say it again!  Say it again!   Say what you want.  I know you are a liar.  You will always be a liar; a subservient of the Red House.  Britain is already turning red in blood.  So-called refugees are terrorizing people in their own neighborhoods.  You can thank these people.  Write their names down now.  Because, if you don’t believe it now, you will;  you, your future, your families, your prosperity, your history is all being sold down the drain by these people. 

Now, where are the Democrats going with their insistence on this report and another subpoena and blah, blah, blah.  Move on;  healthcare, jobs, education, pollution, immigration, debt, sustainability….  To continue in this vein, as they seem compelled to do, tells me why they are such a waste of vote.   Guys like Schiff are quite a disappointment.  If he’s the face of a new Washington, young people should be very disillusioned.    To win, he must make a lot of promises.  Since the War on Poverty, promises, promises, promises–but the natives are still not happy.  Must be the Republicans?  Come on!  Look at recent history.  They don’t deliver.  Bottom line; they don’t deliver and people like Harris and Booker are owned by oligarchs and elites.  Look it up.  They aren’t new.  They are stock-and-barrel old guard idiots trying to get you to see demons that aren’t there.  The Republicans do too.  But they don’t throw out enticements like the Dems do.  They just bait the hook.  The falsity of it all shows their unbridled narcissism.   Europeans are at odds with their governments that wish to remove their identity like never before.  Stay tuned on this.  This is World-Wide Bull.  If it works there, don’t think they won’t be on to your part of the world.  It is therefore, important and relevant.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Yah, I know.  I said I wouldn’t talk about such things anymore.  Okay, I’ll try tomorrow.    Hey!  How ’bout those Democrats!  Despite the fact they wasted two years of everybody in the world’s time-they got nothing.  Race to Twitter!  Race to Twitter!  We won’t stop.  We’ll find something!  Promise!  I hope anyone who applauded these hearings now better take a hard look at the pomp and circumstance that’s been going on for so long, just talking about impeachment the last few weeks, and nothing?  Really?  Nothing? 

Whatever.  I said it was a waste, especially in light of Hillary Clinton’s shenanigans. 

Okay, I’m done.  I got nothing.

Bloody Britain…Bloody Brits.

March 14, 2019

London Calling?  Don’t answer.  How long we gonna drag this Brexit thing out?  The elitists who make up the EU will drag it forever.  Their vision for Europe?  Destroy it.  We have elitists and their politician string dolls telling us urgently with one reason after another why they need all this immigration from developing countries.  So you can compete globally, they’re running out of white people, there’s not enough people to push along social security, they have mandates to save refugees,  yada, yada.  And, it would appear, there seems to be an awful lot of people on the left buying it.  Really?   You really think their genuine humanity is driving all these campaigns?  Would you please take note;  Not since Reagan has one politician kept a promise made to the voters.  Never.  Not once.  Promises kept to large campaign donors?  All of ’em.   Heyyyyy Zeuss.  I thought people on the left were supposed to be the smart ones.   Do NOT look to ANY politician to get something done, or think they will save the day, or think you’re slowing the pain, or protecting healthcare, or whatever.  I’m telling you now;  their big donors, the ones with the dough, and our huge WTF from the SCOTUS, corporate voters, don’t want the same things as you.  In fact, the goal is to make you a permanent afterthought.  Get it?  Left, right, left, right.  Make a few friends to the other side.  We are running out of time.

March 10, 2019

Uh boy, month down the road.  What do we have?  Well, we avoided the shutdown.  We have the Democrats digging in.  We have nothing being done.  See, it’s that last sentence that should bother people, not whether it’s Democrat or Republican.  They both harken to the same masters and absolutely everything else is a charade.  They play it from both sides on the news, on the talk shows, in the newspapers, in the movies, in the periodicals, on the billboard signs, on sitcoms, blah, blah.  It-is-all-a-ruse.  But, there will be more to say about that, because, yet again, another election moves on.  But, there are ever more wild animals wondering into the neighborhood.  Gotta pay them pensions, build! build! build!  Anyone who’s gone to a town hall meeting, tell me you don’t know how little they give a damn what residents think.  They don’t.  You become an afterthought quick or you’re out.  Is that Democracy?  Sorry young ones,  a lot of this is on you.  If you are listening to liberal college teachers, you are being taught the non-truth.  But, if you want to challenge them, if you need some questions to ask, come see me.  I have plenty.  What do I want?  The Constitution.  Learn the Constitution and you will see how badly ever single talking head rides roughshod all over it.  They are part of it.  It must be broken.  You must break it. 

February 11, 2019

Okay, okay, we fallin’ behind. But, WSJ, and The New Yorker AND Fast Co., all updated. and some great stories are coming soon. One or two may render opinion. More leave it up to you. We need to hold these new freshman congress people to the fire. It looks like ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’ And, yes, a lot of you appear to be “Fooled Again.” Let’s load some good audio. There’s so much rhetoric going on, it becomes impossible to keep up. even for the photographic memory. Tanks people! No, no tanks. Thanks!