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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I need a couple of extra heads for sure.  But, I should be able to keep up with the writing, right?  I’ve had to do a lot of re-designing so things get even better.  We’re focusing on some new stuff.  And, we’ll get into explaining that-like all this animal cruelty trend.  I want to catch some of these rats so bad.  I know you do too.  Gotta get to work on that.  Thanks for all the patience!

Friday, July 12, 2019

We are getting on the ball here all our watches and media bits will be updated today.  We’ll be offering the Washington Post in place of the WSJ, and later, both.  New New Yorker coming over the weekend.  Almost there!


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Have you noticed the new watches, images and dialogues and audio?   Well, they are still in progress, but coming.  Working back to the loyalty of readers, who we always treasure, no doubts do you have.   Bear with us, appreciate the new readers.  Working on additional audio bits and new pieces dedicated to Independence day, and more relevant stuff in the days ahead.  Much thanks.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Aside, from the usual political stuff, there is too much in too many areas to address, but we gotta get to it.   Right now, let’s celebrate Independence Day, and look up the word because I don’t think our younger viewers have the opposite idea.  Meanwhile good stuff.   The Fourth approaches.  Before it was the British, today it’s… well, who knows.   Another new Yorker, new headlines, solid headlines, markets

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Gorgeous photo taken by Kari Christensen.

Happy, happy, happy….Independence Day.   What does that mean?  It means what it means to be an American.  It is more important than ever, unfortunately.  Unfortunately?  Yes.  There is many and varied debates going on constantly lately about what the Constitution intended and what our Founding Fathers meant.  And, mixed in all the collisions of collusions, there seems to be an abundance of illusions.  However, if I took a lot of these talking heads to task, it would be apparent that they know very little about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.   Ahh, they were hypocrites anyway?  We don’t know that.  We have opinions and records of the times that don’t capture the reality of the times and the records of such seem opinionated.  Remember, Massachusetts was the first abolitionist state very shortly after the birth of the country.   And therein, the politics of it all exploded out.  If it was anything like today, we can’t count on these recollections.  We do know that, historically speaking, this is still a very, very young nation, and the most fair example of a set of principles for all.  That other countries took centuries to eliminate slavery and this one didn’t even take a century.  One would wonder why we’re the most scrutinized in this fashion.  Well, we’ll have to see what history says because we all know it’s politics and the politics of separatism that are the order of the day.  Enough!  We have a new New Yorker coming out today and a special weekend one tomorrow.  Headlines and WSJ updated.  Three new articles coming up.  Please respect each other and have a safe and happy time of the greatest of holidays.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

It seems like it doesn’t take much to offend the censors lately.  It seems all my warnings for the past several years were on the mark.  But, I don’t really like talking about it.  I don’t want to blame.  I don’t want to judge.  I do wish, in the worst way, it would fix itself…or at least meet its detractors somewhere closer to the middle.  It’s like watching Luke on ‘The Bachelor.’  We all know he’s an ignorant, insensitive, narcissist of the highest order.  I got that in 10 minutes.  But, the bachelor-ette doesn’t see it?  No, she does, but, it would appear she’s leaning a certain way despite the other guys.  That’s a straight-out dump on them, isn’t it?  A narcissist wouldn’t see it.  But, we do.  We know that pairing would be a total failure sooner or later.  What can we do?  What can we say?  We can say what I just did.  But, I’m not doing it alone anymore.  There are other fish to fry I can make more headway with.  I can just add things like this:  Could we swap out a few drug commercials with Captain Crunch, or Ore Ida, or anything without the overt, hypocritical, secual overtones?   The silent majority needs to get noisy.   Those drug commercials aren’t good for our digestion, our dreams, our anxiety, our betterment, anything.  Everyone knows it.  Everyone has said it at one time or another, yet these things have been relentless for the last quarter century.   They know it.  They don’t care.  Yet, instead of defending themselves, they throw out more imagined scenarios.  You seen this pen of mine?  Yes, mightier than the sword.   They don’t have to worry.  This site is going to be reserved to others who wish to put forth views, their articles, their sites, and what they have to offer.  And, anyway, I could be wrong.  Regardless, There’s no growth in being fixated.  Open up, there truly is diversity in the world of information and so much we still don’t know.  And so, I pursue it.  But, faithful readers can always weigh in.  Politics get more and more divided.  Don’t take a side, just take the truth.  Onward.  Let’s get some good content brewing for the Fourth!  🙂

Monday, June 24, 2019

Some updates will be coming soon. 

The watches will change gradually to focus on our environment and balance…balance of life.  Human bad behavior, resources, things with a more humanitarian effort in mind.  Anything the may broach politics will find its way into Strychnine.  Things that are not MSM but alternative news, news that challenges their news, because of course, we believe in internet freedom.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

It looks like the Democrats took a week from chasing Trump to finally doing some legislation.  Legislation for reparations.  Take one step forward and two back.  Without getting into it, racism would be worse than before.  The arguments for reparations are all benign.  First off, they’ve already been given reparations twice over.  No, I won’t say more.  People who jump up their soapboxes…now, they should pay reparations.  I saw a woman from Harvard giving a spiel on it,  she should pay reparations.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Now, there’s no doubt there’s still pain to be wrong here.  But this is going to blow up with several articles very soon.  The work continues.  Searching for the truth,..truth.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Way off!  But, back on track.   A lot of the things people look for on this site are controversial type things.    It is a definite, we have to look:  This is a site seeking reason, seeking logic.  A lot of what happens out there is not logical, reasonable, or a good way to move forward.    But, there is a lot that needs to be done that is not controversial.  Take internet freedom for instance;  there are a number of organizations that want to take it on  Now, the controversy;  who decides what’s true?  what’s offensive, what’s completely misleading., what’s to stay and what’s to go.  Well, there’s plenty of online fact checkeers, but not a lot of people even believe them.  There’s the networks.  They litter the web all over the place.  They dominate the space.  They bot out opinions and facts that contradict them.  Get Congress to pressure the mammoths to take down everything they find offensive.  So, it would appear that they are the deciders, the same most avenues contradict.  There are other ways-  They can use that little contact box to address the websites.  They can address the posters directly.  They can use their big mouth news stations to call such headlines, sites and posts out directly, and let those people defend themselves.  We have something different going on:  We have corporations, the corporate media, big brother and Hollyweird  deciding these things for the people putting the information up.  Given these two approaches, it is obvious the First Amendment is under attack by the same people saying things like ‘America Strong’ and citing the Founding Fathers.  Let’s say we go with the second option;  How do you think that will turn out in 10 or 20 years?   Our fund is for free speech defense but, people with option 1 in mind is who we’ll get behind.  Look for more about this coming up. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Now here we go again.  Too slow on the guns.  We’re going to get this thing kicking and kicking soon.  A number of checks did go out to various environmental and law enforcement causes.  But, things are slow in other areas.  A lot of updates will take place during the course of the day and new

pieces are being written as we save the planet from the puppetry and their no goodie super rich folk who claim to be “fiscal conservatives AND social liberals.”  What a hoax.   We here at our monitors are the little barking dogs, we tell you about the men behind the curtain.  And soon, it will be curtains for them.  Ah hah huh hah!   It appears a great deal of Europe is waking up.  We are barking.  We are barking about their campaigns of fear, lies, and disunity.  In fact, woof, woof.  Here we go….

e’s so much rhetoric going on, it becomes impossible to keep up. even for the photographic memory. Tanks people! No, no tanks. Thanks!