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July 19, 2018

Is it safe?

Free Dentistry

Help your wallet lose weight. Suck out all the dollars and even watch it evaporate your credit cards. Just visit your local dentist. Why is dental insurance so weak in this country? Why is our regular healthcare insurance so weak? Why do a lot of people come here from other countries to be doctors and dentists? Well, Suzanne Summers on Fox TV one time, she didn’t want ‘social’ medicine. Her husband couldn’t make any money on that system. I think those are professions you get into for reasons that make money a very distant second. Now, I’ll ask again, why do a lot of people come here from other countries to be doctors and dentists? And the, ask yourself this one; Why is it that all these folks from other countries know that and you just don’t seem to? Read this one The law?
It’s called the lawyer industries. There are all kinds of lawyer specialties meant to make them dollars at your expense. These lawyers then go on to become judges and politicians. This trend isn’t getting any better.


Saturday, July 14, 2018


Whoah!  We are back!

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I keep getting in trouble for some of the things I say.   I even see my site being attacked, and references disappearing.  These past couple weeks, I’ve been going through a lot of it, but it has grown.  It’ll take me some time to make it through.  Good news, though, it is now secure.  So remove any cookies, fastloads, caches, etc. to this site, and to initially use ‘https://’  after a few times it will remember on its own.   Also, the security of links, images and user accounts will be checked more vigorously going forward.   Please make a donation, however big or small, to keep this thing going.  It has advanced readers without bringing in more dough.  So, whatever, whatever helps.  Some of the funds from this site go to those who keep us in the know where the media will not.  Any why not?  Even Mexico has user-funded news to bring them the truth.  If you want to create poverty and mass migration and refugees and war, you can’t tell the truth, can you?

The focus for the rest of this year won’t be that, though.  It will be the ‘Big D.’  One of the reasons we trust not adults as youngsters is because they seem to contradict themselves while giving us those big lessons.  What happens when you then try operating in a series of continual dichotimies?  Eventually, you want to pummel the next person who says ‘life isn’t fair.’  When it comes from someone who life has been more than fair to, I think you should pummel the shit out of them.  Then, you’ll know it just became a little fairer, won’t you?  No, the media lies, the entertainment lies, the rags lie, the actors lie, the politicians lie, the businesses lie, the boss lies, your wife lies, your kids lie, and reality slips.  A lot of us who have been around a while must be able to see this on some level(?).  By then, you see a House of Cards.  It will cave in on itself shortly.  Or, our benefactors will pull the rug out.

Me?  I just want more peace of mind.  But, I think too much.  I ask too many questions.   I started with the questions long ago because of the double standards, the continual edicts and proclamations of the wise that never corresponded with their own behavior.  Like the ferocious anxieties that took me over from the very beginning, I will probably continually ask the questions.

If you don’t believe me, continue on.  If you do, stay on the questions.  Form your own.  The only good protests are the ones the media doesn’t show, but the questioners know they exist.  The only good protests don’t need Soros’ money.  But those who have hijacked our academia will tell you different.  To know the truth, you have to do the math.

On another note, the loss of a dear friend weighed on me.  It stole me and drove me downward.  So, hopefully you have a dear friend, or you have thought of one.  You have to have one to know this continuous plastic facade, to which we are not innocous, is not where it’s at.  When we all realize it, and acknowledge it to one another, the House of Cards needn’t fall.  The liars will be forced to answer and the House will evaporate.




Wed 5/16/2018 11:58:44 PM

When a worldwide petition goes out on Soros’ behalf to influence governments with his money, that is not good.  I hope others would see that as I do.


Then there’s a cover from Bloomberg Businessweek. It shows Youtube cleaning out the garbage….according to their corporate requesters-ya know where I’m going with this? The problem for me is that garbage is what’s left! Sorry Youtube.

…and it keeps coming and coming. A couple more great articles on the way. Limited Edition Tees and biting sarcasm, coming your way everyday.


Other sources have come up with stories on Starbucks.  The media is coming in late.  Or, maybe they hijacked the story, or, maybe it was a setup.  Ridiculous? Only if you didn’t know these stories were coming out a few years back.  That’s right.  Starbucks employees were upset about ‘people,’ using their bathrooms.  Was it just because they were black?  Well, you don’t really know what’s in someone’s head.  We should have interviewed a few of the manager’s friends.  We should have interviewed other customers.  We should have reviewed more tape to see if the manager has it in for black people.  That requires work.  Are they just lazy?  We have limited information.  Is this a newscast?   It’s time to call the media the ‘the parrot industry.’  I know there are the standard comebacks and I’m a nutjob, and, other lazy people will readily believe the status quo.  H
Philly police at Star Buckey’s.


Well, I always promise and have yet to deliver. But start to look for some goodies on the New World Order page. This is going to be a hard punch to the gut because I will be going full-out anti-corporate. They are dictating our lives for us. One thing they are doing is using their clout to shut down sites that might actually tell you what’s going on in this country. Beat up a black guy, beat up a white guy or a Mexican or Democrat or Conservative. And I haven’t even scratched the service of how they divide us. Is it not easy to see that they could give a good rip about any one group or another or an individual’s welfare?

Perhaps looking to change the editor so as to get on a more upbeat track.  But, still committed to trying to sort out true from false.  Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

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