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November 13, 2018

Ahhh, yes.  There is more coming to Unsolved.   Waiting on a few excellent pieces you want to miss because your, your kids’ futures may depend on it.  It’s funny, or not, to try to find out if what you’re saying is true.  Try to find out sooner.  Also, whether you agree with them or not, whether they hate or not, whether they are prejudiced, or lies, or whatever.  You don’t want them taken down, because then you allow the elitists to judge what’s bad and not.  And as far as all the gun attacks and mosque attacks and synagogue attacks, do NOT for a second think these things can’t be initiated to push a law that you’d never agree on otherwise into place.  It has been admitted to in historical context.  How do you spawn racism where there is no racism?  You become the racist.  You get put in jail.  No one’s ever heard of you or will hear of you again.  Don’t believe it.  It’s okay.  Just seek verification whenever possible.  Don’t make it easy.  In the meantime, we have a nice GoFundMe page over to the right there.  Help us help you.  People don’t have to see what they don’t want to online.   Everything from advertising to entertainment to news can be tailored on the internet.  If you can’t do it.  We’ll show you how.  But to restrict information based on faulty implications will destroy you all.  Please think.  I have read many a post and page from people who have been taken down from YouTube or Google.  A lot of the reasons are vague at best and the person is left wondering.  Let us not suffer other peoples’ ignorance.  They don’t have to see what they don’t want to see.  We don’t need everyone to play policeman.  Hey, you know they did that in Russian Revolution?  Don’t worry, only 63 million people died, not counting it’s spreading to lower Asia.  Then you have to start multiplying.  It’s a Trojan Horse.  It sounds good to the average guy who’s willing to trade freedom for reward.  But, then you get no reward and your freedom’s already gone.  Sound like fun?

November 12, 2018

Damn time sneaks up fast.  There’s not a moment to waste for our 120 new female members of the House.  Let’s see if they can roll it.  Let’s see if they can role it right past the Cabal.  We used to ask where the beef was.  I wanna see some steak.  Yah, commercials are over.  And, as they say, put up, or…  Anyway, these stories are a lot to absorb.  There are too many.  So, don’t get sucked into the mainstream media’s smoke and mirrors.  Acknowledge it as the joke it is.  It’s really a corporate ruse.  If you think they really care about you, your race, your gender, your rights, or anything along those lines, then ask them for a raise and wake up.  They lie.  They lied from the beginning.  They lie now, and they will always lie.  Unless….common bonds and friendships are formed across genders, races, nationalities, abilities,etc.   This is what they fear.  Right now, they’re laughing.  With every move Trump makes, they pounce and create division.  They feed.  It’s their bread and butter.  They love fear when it’s not their own.  Bring them fear.  Okay, no more reflecting.  Deflect.

November 9, 2018

Flyin’, flyin’, flyin’, and I ain’t lyin ‘.  Speaking of lying, I hear there’s a little back-and-forth about the Acosta thing.  Yes, with InfoWars?  Didn’t Megyn Kelley dismantle them enough already?  I don’t know, Putting your hand up and pulling the mike tightly toward you is nothing?.. is not wrong?  So, what was the young lady expected to do?  I definitely think the media shouldn’t engage in these things because they make them, (the media),  look less credible.   I just want a credible media.  Is that too much to ask?  Yes?  Then you’ll get things like InfoWars.  And you should want them until we get credible, and then keep them credible.   I had a little difference of opinion over the original ‘The Fly,’ movie.  Someone liked the latter better.  I didn’t like the latter-it went into the sick mind of the professor, which got more sick the more he turned into the fly, became more gross than engrossing, and left you with ‘what was that?’  The original left more to the imagination and more to the lesson, the warning. Lesson?  Warning?  Was there one to be had?  There you go!  -the problem with latter version.  Of course!  Of course, there was a plainly easy to see lesson;  it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.   There it is, an excellent lesson and, we need to get into global concerns more- let these political things play out on their own a bit, see what the hidden intentions reveal.  There’s other fish to fry–like freak pork chops and tomatoes.  Hey, I’m not kidding.  So, to that !  Watches updated, (starting to think on new ones for next year, so ‘help!’), two new ‘Twilight Zone ‘ radio sagas, (lessons, lessons), better than Neitzsche.  Also more media on the weekend.  Bear with us …  and  Happy Veterans Day! 

The snow’s out and I’m in.

November 7, 2018  Evening Spat.

  Who knows how the change in the House will change things?  Not I, but it spurt the market incredibly.  That’s a lotta faith.  We’ll have to wait and see.  President Trump went on the attack in the press room.  They deserve it.  They are nasty and repetitive.  CNN again?  Yup.  I just want to see if they will ever stop asking him if he’s a racist.   Maybe he is.  I don’t think so.  Try looking at yourself answering CNN’s questions and tell me they aren’t nasty.  They tinge every question with race.  Not productive.  The other questions were fair and respectful.  Productive.   He made some good arguments for the Democrats being the obstructionists and saboteurs.   But, we have lots more women and democrats and people of color.  Let’s see how it goes.  Peace out.

November 6, 2018

Oh man, do we have the beef.  New FastCo, new New Yorker, New WSJ, real-time market scenario, top-notch stories.  Make sure you eat your meat.  You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

November 2, 2018

Halloween’s not over.  No, come on.  Can’t say that.  I still got some books coming, to give you a chill, so listen inside.   Also, the watches, the news and updates updated very soon.  Don’t look at the leaves yet becuz you knows they wet.  Don’t vote left and right.  Vote wrong or right.  Have a good weekend.  Go Dogs!

This story says ‘leave ’em alone.’  …and the numerous stories drive it home.  It could have used a more animated narrator…like you?

November 1, 2018

Whoah!  Whoah!  didn’t notice some of the machinery went out of whack.  Hopefully, I fixed them today.  “The Hospital” coming very shortly.  Please do your Amazon shopping through our site.  It costs you nothing but helps this site greatly.  Also, do not forget to make a donation to “Internet Freedom.”  A Boston branch will be started, and expand out.  It’s tax deductible and you’ll be mailed a receipt from PayPal.  Your computer is already slower, your connections less consistent, access–period-is limited .  We are letting Corporate captains take money to limit our freedoms.  If the articles, memes, photos, etc.,are phony, they could point them out and debate them.  I listened to one of YouTube’s more popular channels last night argue about going into business with a better product and letting the free market work.  The free market hasn’t worked for quite a while, a good subject for another day,  and that’s why we have the mainstream media we do.  The Sherman-Antitrust Act has been totally shoved aside.  Monopolies don’t only exist, they are abundant.  The money flows on the imaginary machine.  The people on television talk as though we are all on board but, it doesn’t matter.  They own the PR, they own the stations, they own the content and have totally brainwashed the majority with their pop culture.  There are more mixed relationships on the screen by far, than what I see out there in the real world.  They don’t have to care what you think.  Their buddies own the drug companies the food distributors, the clothing, the department stores, the web sites.  They feed each other.  You have to like what they feed you.  But, I don’t imagine they are trying hard.   On GoFundMe, worthy causes get a few bucks, Hollywood Stars, or the latest subject of a news cycle gets hundreds of thousands of dollars on a whim.  Why is that?  It’s because they, (the MSM and their buds), got you believing what they want.  Yep, they feed each other and you need them.  You need the drugs, and the food, and cars, and the clothes.  So, they can put on what they want.  Check out companies like Nestle.  They own hundreds of companies if not thousands.  Most of what you see on the boob falls under a few large conglomerates.  Please open your eyes to this.  Please recognize the Whoopies of the world are reading and feeding their script.    You are on the last throes of freedom.  I would stop supporting Hollywood stars that don’t need your support  and, start supporting some causes that do.  Over and out!  Blessed November for my readers.

October 31, 2018

Well, what can you say about October 31?  I think the media is scarier than anything I could dream up.  Real-life horror.   No other way to view it.  There are lots of alternate news sites, and that’s good.  But, I believe, since there is a growing contingency against what we get on the box, they are trying to create racism out of every issue.  Notice how it’s such a main theme for the networks?  Well, there is plenty of crime and hate from other races and the news doesn’t want you to know about it.  Yes, it’s true.  Yes, it is scary.  But, a little later, we’ll some lighter fare about Ouija boards.  Oh wait!  Those stories are all true, too!  Yikes!  Okay, well wash that candy down with something worthy.  And, don’t tell your boss you’re reading this!  Too many real scares.  Just wait until you hit the turnpike!

Monday, October 29, 2018

First of all, let’s get writing down.  Whoever is doing the writing for horror movies these days?  Horror is not synonymous with drama.  Okay?  There’s drama, there might be some laughs, some tears, situations, resolve,  happy endings.  That’s drama, (and you can save it for your Mama.)   Horror is, well, a good example is, uh, all the bad people in town turn into werewolves and all the innocent people, you know, are doomed.  Sounds kind of like the current state of the Western World, only the werewolves are the elitists and the innocent people play themselves.  Wait, wait, one movie informs us there are no innocent people.  It’s kind of right in a way.  Lucky you, we are here to fix that.   Okay, so let’s cover the bomb thing–who knows what to say about the perpetrator himself?  One thing I will say is he’s a lousy bomb maker.  Now, the MSM and Federal and local officials all gave themselves accolades.   Well, it seems like they were all informed of the packages and it also seems the perpetrator himself was pointed out by a concerned citizen.  But, the general area of the mailings couldn’t have been that difficult.  Leaving fingerprints when you are a convicted felon is almost like giving directions to your home.  So, let me just say this;  Really?  In the end, no one was hurt, (maybe Republican chances),  and the only loser was the perp himself.  Then , they got bold and dared the lone loose canons to ‘try it’ at their peril.  Overkill on the accolades.  Overkill on the bravado.  Then the media who continually before, during, and now have fueled the nastiness 24/7 and want the President to ‘tone down the rhetoric,’ because he’s the President.  So, they can continue to be the child?  Then, the tragedy at the synagogue.  What we know is it was a hate crime.  Again, the media comes into play here.   Their one-sided reporting, with absentee facts, skew stories and set people on one another.   It’s like when two siblings squabble, A on B, and B on A, only the parents continually only accuse A.  A is stewin’.  A is boiling, piping hot.  Does the parent know this?  If they don’t, they be bad.  Do they care?  If they don’t, they be dangerous.  So, let us hope they turn down the rhetoric.  So,  talk. Talk.  Good Op-Ed with our star writer and We’re working on fixing them.  The New Yorker?  Two sides, not ONE, two.  Any conversation about race does not allow debate.  In fact, the whole Megyn Kelly thing has show it to go the opposite direction.  There are those that want closed mouths on the other side,  listening to the UN-challenged banter.  That strategy may win, but it destroys your arguments because you’re afraid to have them challenged.  Yes.  Afraid.  Afraid.

Is it cheese cake?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Time flyin’ we ain’t lyin’ We’re keeping the rhetoric chill today, but what do others have to say?  Check it, because all watches have been updated.  More audio and further stories for tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We gittin’ close.  Do we have our own country being usurped by those within that would like to see their globalist monopoly?  I’m a relic, but I hate to see predictions I made back in the 90’s come so true, because they were the doomsday predictions.  One of them was bringing a lot of computer manufacturing back to the States, or at least to a non-Communist country.  What did I know?  People stared at me.  Should I feel good about it now?  Well, I don’t.  Well, China, according to Bloomsberg, has managed to plant a very tiny chip used on servers and telephones all across America, all Apple phones, most notably, many Defense Contractor servers.   I wasn’t the only one making such predictions.  It’s not worth it because no one listens and you’re blowing hot air.  Nightmare 99:  Your life is online to CONTROL you.  It’s been hacked more times than you know already, hence, why not re-write it and load it with misinformation?  How did it happen?   Why is not David Muir talking about it night and day?   Where to start even?  I see new younger people running for office and, I hope they will be bold and brave enough to break the status quo.  More on this in a little bit.  NEW FASTCO!  Coming out very shortly.  Vid and Audio treats being worked on for Halloween.  Better than candy.  Save your teeth.   And more on finding our way back to the Constitution.  Ohhh, you’re halfway there.   Ohhh, livin’ on a prayer…..(solo!)

Long live the ducks.  No more quacks.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Back in the saddle?  Well, not quite, but we’re starting good.  The social media stuff is buzzing about November.  It’s a battle of life and death.  If it doesn’t come out your way, then there’s no way.  Right?  From my perspective, who ever wins, hold them accountable.  Let me say right now, for posterity, fifty years of watching your chain get yanked is about enough, isn’t it?  Swingin’ the chain, man.  Swingin’ the chain.  How can the issues be the same as they were fifty years ago?  Answer; because they be swingin’ da chain.  You wanna swing it with them?  Now!  Nice October day,  a little brisk.  Allergic to other half’s dog causing huge welts to pop out on me.  So, you think you got problems?   Think of my suffrage as I create this beautiful blog.  Top notch updates on the media and stories this week.  But, remember today’s stories will be the future’s fairy tales if we don’t keep free speech.  There can’t be anyone on any side of any creed or color that doesn’t want that.  The slope is slippery.  So, let the hateful talk.  So what?   Take ’em down with LOGIC and REASON.   And don’t forget to give to our gofundme account over to the right there.  A dime, a quarter, a buck, a little dough.  We need to hit that 10,000.  We need to hit that number.  It came from above.  It’s not a greedy number.  It’s the number of the movement.  Rugged individualism gets lonely, drop the phone and go say ‘hi’ to someone.  This week’s gonna get better!

Focus! Focus!

Friday, October 19, 2018 12:52:00 P.M. 

I’ll be apologizing until the the end of year for being late on this stuff.  Just consider I said it without saying it.  Somewhere in the haze up there, who do think the image started out as?  Yes, it is.  You know who it is.  Anyway, a short story of haunts called ‘Lullaby’ will set up today.  I hear the watches are finished as we speak.  Now, this site tries to provide a variety of sources,  hopefully, mainly, not mainstream.  Even so, one can see how the headlines are mimicking one another.  Not good.   It says to me that we get our news by copying one another and coming up with our own opinions.  So, please don’t wonder why I harp on this stuff.  On the other hand, you can find good sources.  You just need a strategy.  If anyone has a good strategy for finding the truth out, please, send some feedback.  New Yorker will be updated today or tomorrow, WSJ is finishing now.  Another T-Zone is coming.  Still working on getting our ‘Unsolved’ and ‘Global Citizen’ going.  We have one article, working on more.  Also, more interpretations of history…and let’s be honest…if you’re reading history or listening to historical accounts of things and not seeing some inconsistencies, things that don’t wash, different interpretations, contradictory accounts, etc.  This is okay, but, now we are supplying you with exercises in critical thinking and logic.  I know, I know, voting season is coming.   Logic doesn’t care about red or blue, left or right.  It cares about common sense.  It cares about wrong or right.   Sometimes I hear the phrase, “What do you care?  Just watch out for yourself.”  What do I care?  Well, this isn’t my world but, I have to live in it.  I don’t have kids, but your kids have to live in it.  If you think not caring is an option, you are going to start going down en masse.  A lot of the Boomer generation liked that phrase.  A lot of the ‘Greatest'(?) generation liked that phrase.   Yes, that’s a selfish view, for sure, because you don’t have that option.  It will be the ones that know that that I’ll care about.  What good does anything do if there is no future and history is completely gone?  But, history is to correct things.  It’s not for settling scores.  It’s not for robbing Peter to pay Paul.  It’s not making laws and policies that should have zero weight under a ‘true’ ‘equal under the law’ world.  That’s a scoff for the many benefactors it has created.  It’s up to you to change that.    We will focus on protecting your speech to say it, getting rid of the bogus stats that let unanswered crimes continue to destroy lives and show the ‘global governance’ that this is your globe, not theirs.  It hasn’t made me a millionaire being anti-corporate, but I have a wealth of good conscience.  They are part of the problem and wanting the opposite, (mostly), of whatever they want is in your best interest.   Don’t be fooled because they throw a band aid out now and then.  They are the reason you needed the band aid in the first place.  And how about all those new illnesses coming out of nowhere with no explanation?  No emphasis on that by the MSM.  You’ll get it here, though.  Have a good weekend.  Look for the sun.  Get out of the cube.  🙂

 Octobe17, 2018

Muchos pardones.  Missed a birthday, dentist is waiting on me.  Benadryl made me sleep too much.  And you thought your life was hard.  Will catch everything up later today.  Some of the longer audio will reach it’s deadline for part deux.  So, listen or download today, thank you!

October 16,  2018

Unbelievable!  I got blindsided by a sudden lockout due to space limitations.  All weekend and no one available.  Apologies for this.  Maybe not in the future.  Someone please convince me the mainstream media isn’t the arbiter of division and hate.  I have little trust in the studies and the stories.  Good weekend for the Trumps;  ABC went to Africa for a hit piece and CBS to interview the President.  I don’t care which side of the fence you are on .   This stuff is no longer acceptable.    The media can question Trump’s credibility all they want, it’s their credibility I have a problem with.  How about they focus on environment, water, the middle class, inflation, infrastructure and what, if anything, they are doing about it.  Nah, just after the fact damages.   They have no credibility so then, I can’t believe what they say about Trump’s credibility.  But, this year’s about over.  Anything significant?  Anything at all?  Listen up!  They both

suck!  So now, we move to the unsolved and what’s good for us in China and Chelsea as global citizens.   More audio, (after I find some space),  and up-to-date stories from all over the web.  You get different sources to form some kind of truth, certainly more than you’ll get from the bloated bull balloons.

October 11, 2018

Okay, I realize speed is becoming a thing.  We are working with techs throughout the day.  Thanks!   Will keep the blather to a minimum today as new items are in the works and the editor becomes the troubleshooter.

Saw a lot of nice people yesterday, informative and helpful and hope to hear more from in the future.  Back to the tech department. 

October 7, 2018

Well, it seems like we have to keep picking on network news. There certainly was a lot that went on this week that didn’t seem to show up. Not even with sports. Not with major protests going on around the globe. How can you trust a network that does that? Another thing is, go out and play, talk, take up a sport, anything. Quit the constant looking at the phone thing. They are brainwashing you. They are using it addict you and stress you out. Who needs more stress? Stress anyone? They do it with the television set. Who’s they? Let me put it this way; A lot of these companies get funding through like colleges, industries and banks and find a way to hire their own people no matter whose idea or the originators. Such would be the case with Google. The only thing that made Google different, (they’ll claim something else), is the bankers, investors, and media and publicity people put their dollars behind it. Frankly, I don’t find it any better than any other search engine. In fact, I find it worse. It’s become slower and finds more bogus fits to my search terms. Maybe you don’t think so, that’s okay. Bottom line, it’s the same club cabal that’s behind it. Now, it’s as much a spy tool as it is a search engine. I use it much less. Is that what Google Advertisers want to hear? No? We’ll see how that plays out. But, let’s not stress!

October 4, 2018

The more we fall apart, fall apart, fall apart. The more we fall apart, the alien is we.

Lots of political talk in the US lately, eh?  Everybody wants to make a stink and, at the same time, mention how the whole country is divided.  And, that’s because every armchair politician is speaking out of both sides of their mouths, just like the politicians.  Is the country divided?  Well, let’s take the girl who accosted Senator Flake in the elevator;  The abuse she suffered, her mother said was news to her.  I don’t doubt that.  In her head she was abused, and gave the heartfelt emotional breakdown of somebody that was abused.  But, I don’t believe her.  Why?  Well, because she is also a major member of a radical group based out of Brooklyn, New York.  We can start to formulate the questions;  ‘Why is a young girl of working age so far away from home on a work day?’   Answer;  She was working.  She was working like a lot of young people are for these George Soros splinter groups.  They don’t represent a divide.  The mainstream would like us to think so.  The mainstream will Pete and Re-Pete.  The mainstream failed to give us the background on this girl while they played and re-played her drama over and over.  Then, one asks, ‘why don’t we believe?’  Wait 36 years, where more than one question results in ‘I don’t remember.’  Recognizing that there are these little splinter groups that the MSM gives repeated coverage.  If they want you to believe something no matter what, they Pete and Re-Pete.  This is their avenue of credibility that they won’t sway on.  Then, you realizes how badly one billionaire can create trouble in a country as widely governed as this one can go poop.  Worse, the same sad scenarios are being played out in Europe.  The media is a disgrace and, it’s not just that they know it, everyone knows it.  Hence, the push to shut everyone up.  Does anyone think that’s good?  Going back 36 years to make charges sets a very bad precedent.   Restricting free speech by sneak attack sets a very bad precedent.  It’s not just that one worthy cause will get the heave-ho, all worthy causes will turn into one;  the maintenance of the state.  One had better read up on the Russian Revolution.  One had better learn how they got people to turn on one another.  One had better read how they got financed and funded by billionaires like Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff.  If one does not wish to repeat history, one had better learn.  Going along to get along isn’t working.    I wish I could be worried about this one man’s integrity.  Unfortunately, I’m worried about much, much more.  The Russian Revolution is not boring reading by any means.  On the other hand, the 1,000,000th new film on Hitler is just a tale that gets taller and more redundant.     –editor.

September 29, 2018

Who really hijacked the Senate vote today?

Momma’s little baby is a raving lunatic

September 26, 2018 Man, does time fly when you’re not having any fun. Allergic reactions galore. To say there is something wrong with healthcare in the US is an understatement exemplified. We get to vote on a one-size-fits-all nursing staff. But, isn’t that what we get from insurers anyway? It doesn’t matter if a doctor is a seasoned pro or a clumsy bum just out of med school, we get charged the same. I don’t see why(?) I mean, it seems that by the nature of the profession, it’s already born into privilege. If I knew I could be a shitty doctor, I probably would’ve been one. There is a war on white middle-class Americans. Today, we’re blamed for what laws a Superior Court judge imposed on Native Americans a hundred years ago. Even the term ‘white people’ is a misnomer, but the MSM has no problem saying it over and over. Set the wrong frame of reference, based on lies , and talk about it as if it were true. And, we ‘white people’ can’t win for losing. We pulled little Indian children out of tribes and planted them in white families homes. This is an all new one. But, there’s a problem. It was government that did that and at that time, there were plenty of Jewish and black politicians. If it’s easier to say the ‘white man,’ then it’s easy for me to say the Jews and the blacks. Sound good? What was the Justice’s name? Marshall? Suspicious at the very least. Or, was it Brandeis? Now, the damned if you do part; In another hundred years we’ll be blamed for misplacing the Mexicans….tearing them away from their culture, is he Mexican? I don’t recognize him? Oh! a refugee? Why did ‘white people’ tear them from their homes? Their countries? Their parents? Their families? Answer; look in the mirror. A President at the U.N. today said, ‘We have to make our own countries proud and democratic.’ OMG! Novel idea! I must have said it a million times myself. Isn’t it funny, I haven’t heard that said ever> Not ever in fifty years, until today. Oh my God! Make sense? Are you shitting me? You want things to make sense? ‘White people’ do. But our elitist leaders do not. But, ehy, I’ll admit, there’s a lot of ‘white people’ in that bunch. At least they look white. And, but for the Grace of God….watches updated, headlines, New Yorker(propaganda). WSJ and more media coming. Smile!

September 18, 2018

What is progress?  What are advances? I read an angry post about Trump ruining all the ‘advances we made.’   In contrast, I read a follow-up to a story about the online social justice warriors ganging up a woman who made some alleged racist statements coming out of a Dunkin Donuts.  They got her fired and ridiculed and in hiding.  Another boasts how they will ruin anyone and everyone who is racist until there are no more.  I imagine they like the power of being part of the gang.  I imagine it gives them quite a thrill to ruin peoples’ lives.  To me, it opens cans of worms all over the house.  To me, it’s vigilantism without judge, jury and justice. 

Set ’em up. Click record.

To me, it’s a modern day version of the museum of injustice to blacks during the reconstruction.  It’s a monument to the injustice of giving blacks judgment from the mob.  That is, according to Oprah.  So, where that is concerned, it’s a matter of principle.   That’s a lie.  There is NO principle when the same thing is done in modern times and the concerned turn a blind eye.  It could be revenge.  It could be all of history is one big payback-after-payback.  Whatever.  Just don’t call it progress.  And don’t lecture me on principle. 

September 17, 2018

We added the latest New Yorker.  Another episode of the Zone coming shortly.  Some updates coming for all 3 listens, we hope will be done tomorrow.    Any kind of fight against keeping the internet open and free from hacking, surveillance and censorship, must be met with a daily challenge for as long as it takes.  Recognizing and knowing how open and honest our censors would be, like finding out you are being spied on or letting your life get redesigned for you by elitists is going to be quite a jolt if you really don’t believe what’s happening right NOW.  Like the New Yorker talking about efficient termites and worker ants, and how the male is a problem, etc.  We are heading for a Russian Revolution Redux.  Vigilance is key from this moment forward.  I know there are brave people out there who don’t want what happened to happen again on a grander scale.    Corporations make bad, bad voters and even worse citizens.  But nobody seems to notice.  Nobody seems to care.   Hey, what can you do?  Have a good week.

September 14, 2018

Why is this being done undercover?  Why aren’t people being told about this?  Why isn’t your government telling you about this? Well, now you now, and let yourself and everyone around you know that your number #1 right is being stolen behind your backs.  But, if it was so great, there would be no need to hide it, would there?

September 12, 2018

Oh man, do we have to stay on top of things here!  Could it be that certain people are targeting for monitoring just like they are at airports?  How insidious could the attack on the First Amendment be?  I think it could go pretty far if people do not become concerned soon enough.  In the meantime, we have our watches which point out the things they could be monitoring instead.   Like the hacking, like the quality of the information from them, like what’s going on that they are not telling us.    So, we will be on the attack against this absurdity because you need to be informed of the truth.  Although, we do provide  good entertainment as well. 🙂

September 7, 2018


Recently, I have heard two separate articles, not about shutting down fake news, or stopping offensive or hateful language, but CENSORING EVERYTHING SENT OVER THE INTERNET, looking for ‘key’ words in every aspect, social media, websites, email, ads, search engines, EVERYTHING. The Congress is already initiating these things under our very noses. Companies are already formed to be developing software. Who says what is “fake”? Who says what is hateful or otherwise? Who is the judge of this? Well, as it is, right of this moment, those that have the money and influence. It’s those who will have the influence going forward, but mostly, it’s a power grab and a mockery of the First Amendment because it’s being done under your noses while your local and national news stays ABSOLUTELY QUIET. Are you sure you want them to be the judge for you? After watching them for 50 years, I can tell you that would be absolutely frightful. This is just the start of what needs to be done here. Our initial funding will be to host a few events key to the locations of all our donors and set up a nationwide network, or the entire planet if need be. All members names will be confidential, only first name and email will show on the website if you would like to make yourself available to other members. We will maintain a very secure database and contact you as soon as we reach our goal. Please help us in this very, very important initiative.

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September 6, 2018

Man, beefy.  Of course, I’m talking about how great this site is.  We are beefing up the media, beefing up the news and video, beefing up the truth, beefing up the interesting stories, beefing up what really needs to be done on this planet before it becomes fodder for a few power-hungry demons.  It’s all here.  And a new initiative is beginning for internet freedom.   But, we won’t get it without your help.  Please hit our GoFundMe page and put something down, whether it’s a dime, a dollar, a twenty or a Grant, (I like Grant).  We will put out who is doing this and why.  It’s critical.   And btw, check out our media selection while it grows and grows.  Thanks much.

September 4, 2018

Radical and fanatical as it gets here.   There is still much to do post-security, so we’re still getting back to normal.  Headlines are updated,

Periodicals are updated.  The media can’t seem to get beyond their current frame of reference.  What’s happening in the world.  How are things in Africa?  South Africa, Darfur, India?  What is the corporate report card?  Well, you know, they are the corporate card, and they, of course, give themselves the altruistic A++.  That’s why blogs like this exist;  to tell you the story, to tell you the truth.  And so it seems to the  many, the many millions, they aren’t getting it and they know that.  We’ll do our best to get it to you.  We’ve already been right on target for the last 7 years.  Why stop?  Thanks for bearing with us as we get up to speed.

Labor, Goodbyes, Mid-Terms, the Future.

August 31, 2018

Even a blog is work!   Well, not just a blog, a blog as good as this one.  Nurses are striking, other public, and government workers are striking, and, I don’t know about the others.  Unions are a love/hate thing.  When private sector people hear about pensions and packages, health care, holidays, and paid overtime and such, they seem to get a bit perturbed…and they should be.  The reason unions exist is because most jobs, service, factory, even professional, have not kept up with the inflation or the standard of living at all.  And so, as unions are destroyed, so are livelihoods.  Thus is the problem with illusions pushed upon us every single day.  This isn’t progress.  Progress in the corporate world has gone ass backwards.  Now and then, you’ll see a news show on what some company does for it’s employees, and it may be.  There was a show called “Undercover Boss,” and it was such a joke.  Such a joke.  It was totally scripted and, by the end of the show, everyone was happy and going on vacations.  Illusion.  Myth.  Lies.  The  real script is, as we show the rags to riches story of people on the American Bible, (the television set), we are creating a whole more losers than winners, and have been for quite a while.  What seems to work well for the illusionists is that no one knows how their neighbors or anyone else lives.  That’s right.  We live in a world where a union worker can, when all is said and done, blow away a college graduate’s pay.  That’s if the job has the same job security, and that’s now more doubtful than ever.   Another reality is those pensions are a very large and increasing part of the bubble known as the “public sector.”  People with less and less purchasing power are paying taxes to sustain people who are already much better off than they are.  How do you think that’ll eventually turn out?  Well, it will help the Koch Brothers fulfill their dream of NO unions.  But, let’s not stop there;   The illegal immigrant tap continues to run for small business, big business, and yes, even government, and professional jobs….all for much, much less with even lower expectations.  Customer Service?  Hah!  What a joke.  What a bad, sad joke.  The last time Communism, the largest mass murder in the history of the world, came about, it was at another desperate time in the world-robber barons got in on booming industries, buying off politicians, creating their own police forces, (Pinkertons), giving people sssshhhh for working all night and day.  It’s part of the human condition-you convince yourself you earned it, you’re great and everyone else sucks.  

Life ovuh!

The reality is the false economy, with the false gambling wheel and the false money, all created by Satan’s favorite charmers give nice large stock grants to someone with half an idea, usually someone who is part of the same club, or from the same stock.  You see how insidious it all gets?    Yah, the kids were down in the mines all day and night and grew up to be not much use.  This is all justifiable to those we called the robber barons, who basically stole most of the technology, land, and everything else they got.  It’s real, real bad.  And you have to create divisions.  How insidious?  Well, for one thing, people talk about affirmative action.  But, behind it are several, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of “organizations” working to create employment and opportunity for one at another’s expense.  And, they are owed it?  By whom exactly?  Yes, the hidden intentions are such monsters.  The media plasters them with continued honors of nobility while pointing out the bad guys, all lies meant to stoke animosity, and/or raise guilt.  Then we look at EEOC laws, another vile thing, because if you want me to show just who is over-represented all over the place, it’s the accusers…the only thing they truly know about victimhood is what other people told them.  And the whole point of it is to create UN-Equal opportunity.   So, these people play, everyone’s on the payroll but the actual workers, inventors and creators.  The bad things happening are the bad things THEY HAVE CREATED.  They know just what they are doing.  I suggest the young among us quit looking at right and left and start looking at right and wrong.  The EEOC is wrong, exploiting workers is wrong,  exploiting race is wrong, creating a huge police/surveillance state is wrong.   Creating the most expensive healthcare system in the world without giving people access to it is wrong.  Making essentials too expensive to buy is wrong.  Words are used to make evil sound good and vice versa.  People, people, people.  You think guns are the topic you wish to get all over right now?  There’s many, many, many more people dying every day in new and interesting ways.  I’ll tell you children, because I was taught to participate in the game, not look at it for what it is–and the problem with that is it’s getting more and more evil by the day and your masters, who know full well what they are doing,  are dooming you, your heritage, your legacy, your beliefs, your memory, your health, your existence.  Need I go on?  The list of what needs be done is long.  Do you want the truth?  Do you want to know what really has to be done?  Do you want to know how to reverse it all?  You can start here, but you must know one thing;  Your self-preservation and self-interests are everyone’s.  Yes, the time for getting over yourself is NOW.  What do you know about anyone else anyway?  You probably know nothing.  There’s a whole lot more to people, individuals, than they ever reveal because there’s that about themselves which they do not even know.  The efforts you make will have to be for each other and not just yourself.  I see lots who play that role in public, and that’s all it is-a role.  When you’re ready to get serious, let me know.