Animal Cruelty

Sick new trend.  I have seen enough of this trend of an extreme sickness of the mind.  These people need to be found and held to account for their sins.

Life Becomes Cheap




You don’t kill baby bears even if you’re hungry.

What I have unraveled in my travels are their are varying degrees of conscience, most of which are not good. There is also a psychological condition that I read about that is very, very dangerous; it’s called transference. I have heard it described as a mental illness, and therefore our sympathies should lie with the afflicted. I would further state this thing, as seen through completely logical inevitability, has already done major damage, personally and universally. Transference is when people play out their rage and anger, through perceived or real harm to them. They also take out rage when they do not feel in control of their lives. In essence they ‘project’ their anger onto the innocent or what they do have control over. To eliminate it, Big Brother and the NWO must be eradicated. Call them what you will; the Cabal, the Insane, the Bilderbergs, etc. Their damage is to plague the souls of the masses.