The False Narrative on Immigration

I Challenge You, Robert Reich; Effects Of Immigration

Updated, March 19,2017.

In light of the 60-minutes shows on H1-Bs, which is all stuff known for several years now, I thought it was time to bring this to light again. The media, the politicians, lobbyists and their corporate captains all knew this was would happen. What good does it do to bring up several years later? Lots of on-line sources have been talking about this for quite some time. Double-standard, lying, hypocritical pretty people in suits. As for the whiners on the show; you should have been sticking up for your co-workers out of duty to humanity, instead you thought you would slide by….Me, me, me ,meeeeeeee. no sympathy.

An ECONOMIST wants to tell you how immigration is benefitting you. I always thought they were supposed to be smart.

Elections, elections, elections. It is a repetitive cycle of the same old propaganda that has gone on and on and on. You’re doing that commute, nearly getting killed by all the people in the rat race acting like rats. You turn on the radio and hear about last night’s debate. Let me warn the young among you right now, if things continue they way the have for the last umpteen years, the debate you hear 30 years from now will have the same questions, the same answers, and the same ill-advised solutions. The worst thing about it is, both sides lie. Both sides supply propaganda. Both sides make cases with slanted research paid for by poll companies that arrive at the answers you want. Does that seem futile? It is. It’s not only futile, it’s getting worse. Immigration is one of those things. It is getting worse and worse and worse. Why? Because it has become a battle of two sides when it shouldn’t be. It should be looked at as a whole nation. The worst thing about it is race is injected into the whole thing. Immigration has become an incredibly destructive force across the globe because all the immigrants migrate to just a few places; Europe and America. Such imbalances rock the boat. It is a total game of ‘Divide And Conquer’ and it works quite well. You’re out of a job. You’re making less and paying more. You’re health care costs are going through the roof. Towns and cities are looking for more and more business activity, making mobility aggravating or next to impossible. You get a severe injury and go to the emergency with your emergency and you see a large room, chock full of people, playing on their cellphones, having laughs, and you can immediately see that these people are not there for an emergency. You hear another story about a hit-and-run. You hear another story about gang activity. And yet,……, our politicians call us ‘racist’ if have a problem with any of this. That in itself makes the problem much worse because it is stoking race wars. But, this insidious lie is not a lie. There are racists afoot; the elitists and their puppets. Since the advent of the Civil Rights legislation they have sought to demean and diminish their own people. The more they tell you who you are, the more confused you get. This was thought out and planned and it is a race war against countries by their own politicians. If you really want to tackle racism then tackle them. You won’t get it from the media. You won’t get it from every single wannabe fake radio guy that wants an audience. You need to embrace the truth. Extreme leftists and rightists have an extreme aversion to this. I don’t have an audience. I want an audience, but, if I have promote someone’s agenda, I don’t want one. To me, it is quite an insult to have race groups advocating for their own in other countries. The politicians promote them. The media promotes them. They are funded and backed by elitists. But, we find it is not only going on in North America, but all over Europe as well. So! We have to ask ourselves ‘Why?’ It’s not for the immigrants to have a better life; it’s for the elitists to destroy what’s left of a good life for everyone else. This is the only logical conclusion. But, back to you Bob!

Now, let’s take a look to the left because they love the race word. I recently saw a video passed on to me by, an organization against the corporate government. The video was by Robert Reich, an economic guy and worker’s advocate. Bob tells us that immigration is excellent for us and wants to dispel the myths of the right. He does so by asserting five things:

Immigrants add to economic demand and push job growth.
Immigrants pay taxes to sustain local governments.
Immigrants beef up social security.
Immigration is net zero.
The real cause of the problem is the elites.

Here we go, Bob. Are you ready?

1. Immigrants add to economic demand and push job growth.

This assertion almost eats itself. There is undoubtedly some economic benefits to local businesses and employers. But, these people are here to make money, not spend it. The economic benefit will never outdo the job itself. So, if everyone was working and there was no counter effect on American wages and jobs, this assertion would be true. Here’s the truth; it is having a counter effect on American wages and jobs. So, while these local businesses think they are benefiting, they are actually losing money they could be getting from lost jobs with better wages. As anyone who plays the market knows; rising unemployment has a negative effect on wages. As for the notion that illegals are paying taxes, someone will have to explain to me how they do that without a social security number. But, in case what you’re saying is true, let me say that 11 billion in revenues aren’t enough to sustain their numbers in terms of local and state governments. Taking Georgia and Massachusetts into account, the expenditures account for well more than $1000 per person. Well over $17 billion for Massachusetts with 6.5 million people (from 2010 data). They would cost twice what they account for. That is simple math. You can’t account for higher and higher costs with lower and lower wages. And, state and local governments need federal help to account for their numerous shortfalls. Another shot for you; There are abundant legal and accounting firms specializing in helping them to NOT pay taxes. In fact, there’s a lawyer online telling applicants they’ll get them a job even if local applicants are applying. Sounds like a real dirty business, Bob. Real dirty. You can’t have it both ways; the corporation isn’t bad on wages but good on jobs for America. They’re bad for both, and our politicians are supporting them. This is a propaganda war leading us to our graves. As for unemployment, there is absolute truth to the notion that several people simply have given up and aren’t even being counted. According to several folks entering the job market, all their very expensive educations are doing is getting them jobs that don’t require a degree. What job drivers in America are trying to do is cheapen, or wipe out entirely, jobs that were traditionally done by Americans. This isn’t only in lower level employment. If you see an argument on illegals that focus mainly on farm workers, you should discount it immediately. They are trying to replace professionals in several areas; technological, medical, marketing, management, services, etc. I go the gas station, I see immigrants. I go to Dunkin Donuts, I see immigrants. I go the Doctor, I see immigrants, Walmart, Dentist, School, Work, Home, etc. So, in fact, everywhere I go and everything I do, I see immigrants. This we can see with our own eyes, Bob. Do they deceive us or is it you doing the deceiving? Your facts aren’t facts, Bob, these are facts:

This shows Ma. Expenditures for 2010 ( courtesy of Ma. DOR website)

Half of college grads can’t find work:

From the Huffington Post of 11/1/15: Same as 2012, College grads work in low wage jobs or not at all.

From Newsweek:

From MarketWatch:

NY Post:

and it goes on and on and….

Here’s some good news for getting your job outsourced; check Myth#6, in which the lawyer helps you get around the ‘local qualified.’ stuff. Every company that hires them swears the talent doesn’t exist. LIE:

Pay taxes? Not if this guy can help it!:

And, as for that local workers first? Here’s a report from PBS:

And they do get our jobs, Bob.

Bob, do you believe that we can have all these immigrants and get higher minimum wages?
You are an economist………right?

I could go on and on with this; the evidence is clear. Every second you play this game, you insult of your Nativist citizens who fought your wars and paid your taxes for generations, who built this country and believed in its principles.

2. We need more immigrants to sustain Social Security.

If that’s true, Bob, why are we always spouting about how Social Security will run out with all the immigrants, illegal immigrants, foreign nationals, students, teachers that dramatically increased over the last fifteen years? Why has that not seemed to have any effect, Bob? This again, eats itself. If they are here doing jobs we won’t do and they have low wages, then how can that possibly benefit SS? If they are illegal to begin with, then how can that benefit SS?

3. Immigrants add to state and local budgets to the tune of 11.8 billion dollars.

The legal ones, perhaps, but the illegal ones detract. First of all, states like California have budgets into the hundreds of billions. Yes, we little people think its incredible amount when you emphasize that ‘B’ but, it’s minuscule as compared with what would be possible, liking having college graduates in jobs they actually prepared for and every year paid BBBBBBillions to get it. Its minuscule as compared with what it would be if people at the peak of their professional careers weren’t getting tanked daily. It is minuscule to what it would be if wages had the audacity to keep up with inflation. Instead, we see the opposite effect. But businesses, with their promises of more taxes and more jobs, are what the local politicians want to see. Then, when they get there, they create a density problem with traffic light collections and a whole lot of re-zoning on lifelong residents. And what happens? The employer uses outside help and avoids paying taxes like the plague. They have accountants sitting in house every year to guarantee it. Politicians are so inept and short-sighted that they create their own budget problems and make things a mess in the meantime. And who pays for their budget shortfalls? Do you ever wonder why zoning keeps getting rewritten to accommodate businesses but not actual residents? It’s simple arithmetic friends. The more one little clique gets their way, the more the rest of us get screwed. And we’re already pretty screwed.


(courtesy of Mass DOR 2010)

Note: Education is taken out as a separate expenditure in Georgia

Year: 2010 Expenditures.
(courtesy of Ted – University of Georgia website)

Georgia’s population at the time was 9.8 million. Again, any tax revenues from illegals would produce a negative with the numbers, Bob.

They are taking our jobs. They aren’t paying taxes. They aren’t sustaining social security.

4. Net immigration is zero.

Self-eating statement, again. I refer to #2 above. So, what you are saying, Bob, is that we need more but we have zero? Well then! Doesn’t fix SS very much does it? So, if we are to believe you, Bob, we should be seeing a vacuum at certain times as people come and go. Is anyone seeing that? I’m not. I’ve been all over this country and I’ve seen no vacuums. What I see, Bob, is the opposite. Immigration is proceeding at an unprecedented rate, and illegal immigration is proceeding at an unprecedented rate.:

Source: Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (legal)
This one from the Census Bureau:

They seem to have a common shape. (legal)

What about ILLEGAL immigrants?

Why would you even have a chart like this? Folks, I guess they are taking it
for granted they’re just gonna keep letting them in, population explosion into 2050.
This chart would seem to contradict the net zero and leveling off.

There is no net zero. What there is going to be is a prolific rise in crime, extreme poverty, overcrowded prisons, overrun neighborhoods.

5. The problems are caused at the top of the economic ladder.

Hey! I’m with you Bob! If anyone doesn’t believe that at this point, they are stupefied by their own ideological dogma. At this point, we see it. We see how the truth is forsaken for the party line, which makes you a hypocrite, plain and simple. I say some things that I’m sure people resent, and that’s what the comment section is for. But, let me give it to you simply. Let’s play chess: You only get pawns and I only get the pieces behind them. I’ll let you name the dollar amount. You see? Case closed. This is not capitalism. This is not competition. Don’t even mention the job creator stuff before I need a barf bag. It’s kind of like watching a republican debate where changing the tax code is going to make someone worried about putting food on the table prosperous again. That is just sad. The code was made complicated by them, for them. There is NO change they can do to their tax code to fix that problem. Ever. A portion of peanuts is still peanuts. Yet, they have gotten away with saying this since Ronald Reagan.

Wall Street and I agree with you
(courtesy of Business Insi
We’ve finally reached the stage in this country where if someone is stating facts with simple anecdotes that may prove right in a few places, you need to discard them entirely. Facts in this country now have to be proven hing there to prove it. Elaborate and elaborate. I hope I did that here. Instead, everyone has got the quick anecdotal facts that never pan out when you take them to task. But, I’m not to the right or left on this. In fact, you don’t know how I wish I was wrong. There should be nothing but good from all this immigration but I don’t see it, Bob. It’s not there. It’s the opposite, and, if you really care about America, then the truth is what you should be interested in. As for racism, that’s nothing but a cruel and ruthless insinuation that the elites are using to cause bloodshed among their own people. That is the fight we must take on. Do you understand this Bob? Do the right thing.


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