The Return of Master PO Poe!

Master PO Poe

Now sit right back and you shall see, what Poe has written, it’s for free. I know there’s you out there who love it.

The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

I think it was Denzel Washington or Samuel Jackson, or one of those, or both, who said something like “The chickens are coming home to roost for the white people,” over some story or another that didn’t end well.

Well, that kind of hurt my feelings, you know. The actions of one white person, I didn’t feel, represented all of us. This is the “I want my cake and eat it too,” mentality. Yes, like a person who says “black people” and says something derogatory about them, then that person is a racist. People can’t hope for a better world “if they want their cake and eat it, too.” It’s another name for hypocrisy. How can you fix racism by returning the favor? So, to put it another way, Denzel was being openly racist without consequence. It’s like, I have the right and you don’t. It’s like, I don’t want people to call me names but I want to call them names if I feel like it. Ah, but the black man tells me they can’t be racist because of what the white man did(?). Maybe a way to even the score? It never will be even. You see, that is not an equalizer. That’s just pushing your negative emotions towards people who, mostly, have done nothing to you. All it does is ensure the cycle continues. It ensures that some person who didn’t take kindly to the words would return the favor. But, then Denzel knows this and he still says it. Step up and be the man. Cosby was right, wasn’t he? Maybe some of the unpleasant circumstances happening with black people is simply the chickens coming home to roost. Not racism. Unless you are very selfish, I don’t see how you couldn’t see that. Let’s take the case of Philando Castille; the reason the police stopped him was because he looked like a robber who was armed and dangerous, holding up a convenience store the previous night. Then, he makes the mistake of saying “I’ve got a gun.” First off, let’s get this straight; the police officer was Hispanic. So, unless Hispanics are racist, then maybe there’s another reason that he was shot. And it was tragic, because this was a well-liked man. But, see, I was thinking just like Denzel. Would this black man be shot if another black person who resembled him wasn’t doing the nasty? I was thinking maybe the chickens were coming home to roost for the black people. But, this is not the only case where the chickens came home to roost. Such was the case, for Raekwon Brown. You see, a gang member, Angelo West, shot a Boston police officer right in the face for no reason. Return fire killed Mr. West. BLM showed up and very angrily protested over Mr. West’s death. The other gang members in the car with Mr. West were not arrested to counter further scrutiny leveled at the BPD. A short time later, a black kid, Raekwon Brown, was shot leaving his school in Dorchester, Ma. And where was that crowd when Raekwon was shot? Why were they not saying black lives matter then? Nowhere. Now the irony; see Raekwon was killed by one of the men in West’s car. I felt bad for Raekwon and his family. He must’ve been a good kid. But, if I were like you Denzel, (maybe it was Samuel, now that I think of it), I would just say the chickens are coming home to roost for the black people.