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President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Brown, Merkel, Sarkozy, the media(?), state, local, and even judicial authorities are pushing this thing called diversity. They’re making this push towards something called “multiculturalism.” When stupidity crosses into the political sphere, then we must venture on the concept without getting into politics. When people want something of their own free accord, then they are more likely to be accepting of it. If it turns out bad, they know they can’t blame someone else. If I could name all the times I heard about diversity in a speech in these last few years, I’d think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But, is it? We are told one thing but, get news that indicates another. It happens every time the headlines get put on the ‘news-on-the-go’ page. I keep seeing lines that indicate the opposite. At the bottom end of the spectrum, I see these kids’ shows that literally drench their minds in the greatness of this, along with being gay, or bi, or trans-sexual or a pedophile or.. If it was so great..I mean, if it really was great, wouldn’t we already have a mainstream society consisting of all these things that occurred naturally? Look, the logic to the left AND the right often seem to fly in the face of absurdity. It is high time to realize this before it’s too late. Oh yes, they will tell you about growing pains(?????????) REALLY? Culture, skin color and everything associated with them come from a long lineage of people over thousands of years. The fact that someone may have European or Asian or African DNA is not the point so much as what defines us over history, or even just from upbringing. (One calls to mind “Tarzan of the Apes.” ) A prime example of this is, (and he is hardly ever talked about in these speeches, albeit with very good reason), Frederick Douglas Douglas was of African descent, but European culture. At the end of the Civil War, he fought hard to keep the newly-freed slaves in America. Why? Because, he knew that Africa consisted of warring tribes, the same which captured and sold them in first place, and he knew that they may well end up in the same situation and sold off to places where slavery was still running strong. We may think that Douglas did them a very large favor. Two hundred years on, it truly does not seem that way to African Americans themselves. But, then, as now, the name of the game was exploitation. Is it the races themselves so much as it is the exploiters(politicians, corporate interests, billionaire think tanks, media)?

The truth is in the headlines;

* Fly to Europe: German NGO wants to help refugees reach EU by plane.

* Teen attacks priest with ax, attempts to detonate bomb in crowded Indonesian church.

* Argentinian students wear Nazi armbands to club, provoke brawl with Jewish teens.

* Merkel’s conservatives underestimated refugee challenge vice chancellor.

* NFL player refuses to stand for US anthem as part of anti-racism protest.

* Trump pledges to track all immigrants to prevent visa overstays.

* Controversy as Vogue Brazil photoshops disabilities onto models for Paralympic shoot (PHOTO).

* EU membership no panacea for Turkeys closer ties with Europe Austria’s Kern

Given that no one voted for anything back then as now, and, more or less, was just forced onto people, what makes anyone think that will work now? More than that, since the growing pains of the past are still here today, what makes anyone think making the situation worse will work itself out, even in centuries? Let me just ask this; ‘Why does no media reporter take this on in a major way?,’ and ‘Why does the media that always says “we need a race talk,” never have one. Think! Well, I’m having one. Research recent history going back. Today as is in the past. You can trust the media does not want to solve any race issues ever. Multiculturalism? How? By taking peoples’ jobs? By crowding their overburdened streets? Getting free passes to their institutions? Getting immediately what their lineage fought years to get at great cost? Erasing the identification of nation that shed much blood to get where it where it is? You don’t have to put your hand on your heart at the pledge of allegiance, but you’re insulting those people, not the politicians, who we know never fought anything. You are insulting the people who paid for it literally every way possible and spitting in their faces. Why do you think the media puts up such headlines? Answer; because they know it will piss people off. They know it will create racism and tensions. As much as any democrat or leftist hates the right, they have to know in their hearts this isn’t right or, they aren’t worth a damn. Hillary, calling Trump a race-baiting candidate? Really? Calling half the country, (which btw includes Black, White, Asian, Indian, Hispanic,etc), ‘a fringe extremist group’??? Calling people she doesn’t even know on social media supremacists and racists while promoting multiculturalism? Orwell is turning in his grave. This Po, over and out.


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