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Chaos rules the world.  It is not good.  Chaos is a benefit to some.  Not us.  Make a decision in your own mind to find common ground with everyone who is different on most things.  Find it with your enemies.  Just find it.   Let me see. How do we get from chaos to reason? I’m not going to break any IQ scales with this, but I believe we all have to start getting along. How can it not be easy to see this? Also, how can it not be easy, and I mean, real easy, to see that that’s exactly what the powers that be don’t want. If you can’t see, drop a comment below and I’ll help you. Go look at some news casts back in the 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s. Was there any daily talk about the white supremacists? black supremacists? refugees and border people, even? There was some. I mean, there was SOME. It wasn’t a daily thing like it is now. Then we elected a black guy as president and things went whoosh. Think about it. Think about every left candidate who’s going to stop raising ire in the Mid East. All of them. How many actually do it? None of them. For the younger people, who I would want a better life for, all colors, races, creeds, etc., you can go along with these people who are spinning your wheels. I can tell you now, there’s a scratch in the record and no one is willing to move the needle. This is a cat door. Only you can make it the doors to the Cathedral. There are no ideological hard lines here. There is the truth. What do the courageous do? They seek it no matter what side or to whose benefit. That’s virtue. That’s sacrifice. That is what would not be easy for anyone. Only 2 ways to go. Over and out.    

Virtue Signaling – Another Problem With The Landscape.

“Virtue Signaling,” Just Another Part Of A Larger Problem. “You’re talking a lot but, you’re not saying anything.” – (Psycho Killer, Talking Heads, 77). “Why don’t they do what they say? Say what you mean. One Thing Leads To Another.” – (One Thing Leads To Another, The Fixx, Reach The Beach, 1983) “Subtle innuendos follow, must be something inside.” – (Adam Ant, Goody Two Shoes, 1982). All songs – http://www.songfacts.com. (Relative then. Relative now.) Virtue is virtuous. The left accuses the right. The right accuses the left. The Boston Globe says a journalist from the Spectator came up with it.¹  The Spectator guy gives himself credit.² Someone else says it was first coined way back in ’04.³Everyone has a stick in their craw over the way the last guy or girl was using it, and whom or what the definition truly fits. I say, ‘who threw mud in the water?’ It’s a nifty term, it’s more descriptive than I would put it. I would call it plainly, “false virtue.” It all lends itself to the blurring of the lines that has taken place in America, over and over again. It has led to the double standards, hypocrisy, one-way streets and narcissism, ‘there’s what’s good for me and then there’s everybody else.’ It has led to the same crime calling for different convictions. The big believable screen is telling us lies or leaving out pertinent information. Politicians and talking heads make insinuations and then talk about them as if they were true. This is the establishment-your government=media=Hollywood=sports=corporate=repeat, repeat, repeat=judicial=purgatory in which all the cops are criminals, and all the sinners saints. This is they. This is them. But, wait-that was yesterday. Today, we talk of the cops’ heroism. Yesterday, we worshiped the First Amendment, today the Veteran, like never before. It depends on what the expediency of the day can contribute to the Big Plan.4   Today, what is bad may be good, depending on how our ‘corporate’ media wishes to view it. It is definitely trial-by-media and the courts are just an extra sideshow. There is something very dangerous taking place, and I would particularly ask the men, the women, the five races, the religions, the conservatives, the liberals, the Millennials and Boomers and X’ers, and Yada, yada, yada. Please take notice; your “shadow” government has created the very divisions they hoped would take place all along. And of course, we now have different applications of morality, ethics, laws and justice. Therefore, a bad person can be redeemed, and a good person made bad. Historical figures can go from heroism and importance to irrelevant, or a pariah. You, who probably know much more than I, are a revisionist, (bad), while I can be a revisionist, (good). We can have a statute of limitations or go back a lifetime. To them, it depends on the day and the narrative they are going for. Payday is coming up and I know you got the memo.   The fiat bankers have been angling for control of this country since its birth.   The death grip has been tightening  starting with the years following the Civil War and the years of the Industrial Revolution. Banks and Robber Barons accumulated unprecedented wealth and power, leading up to the two World Wars.  They have been slowly taking control of the government.  It’s lucky for all us little specs that, at particular times, not everyone has wanted to play ball.   I mean, guys like Louis McFadden.  (love that guy).  But they are still working on the same thing, the wealth is more concentrated than ever, and they are very close: a World Government-A big center of power by which you will all be controlled.  Of course, I’m a crazy conspiracy nut, so, help me with the sane people who are are happily proclaiming it and writing about it in the MSM.  Explain them.  And, most are the go-along-to-get-along types. Most are helping them, their masters.   There are people who are “virtuous,”  but there are those that would like to blur the lines;  blur the virtue, blur the differences of so many things. But, back to the virtuous virtue signalers. First, let us take the attacks of the Dems, all racially-aligned groups, the media, and our lovely popular movie and sports stars when now-President Trump stated that we must ‘stop the violence at the border.’ Hillary, to her talking heads to CNN, to stars Eva Longoria and every single star of Latin descent and sports stars galore seized upon it to make candidate Trump a ‘racist.’ What Mr. Trump said was actually true; there was a crazy amount of violence at the border. Movies were made about it, Juarez was the murder capital of the world, and gangs became a regular part of the American landscape. How does that make Mr. Trump ‘racist?’ It doesn’t. You would to conceive it in your own mind-and, then, we know something about you, don’t we? We know that you have a one-sided way of deciding in your own mind what is true. That you had to conceive it entirely without evidence. Then you proclaim it over and over. You make yourself a Savior of the Races. Nope. You are taking a selfish stance beneficial to yourself, or those who fund or represent you. Isn’t that what Hillary has done again and again? One had to know she would do it. I was already buh-bye. Amazingly, an unprecedented number of people jumped on board. Let’s talk about them. First-the Latino factor-self-serving-Period. Second-White people be racist-It’s all about the African Americans. Third-anything at all that seems like it could be discriminatory is all about the black people. Fourth-people wanting a better life. Too many numbers here to go that deep. All those “old white men” may have started talking about social justice warriors and virtue signaling. The SJWs tried to turn it on the conservatives. (Still trying). I watched a debate between Jorge Ramos, (Univision) and Jared Taylor, (white supremacist, racist, segregationist, nationalist, (etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera.) I mean, (American Renaissance), and it was quite interesting to say the least. Mr. Taylor seemed to make Mr. Ramos look like a Latin Supremacist, a racist, a segregationist, self-serving and selfish beyond the pale, (pun intended), caring about his own people and not giving a damn about European Americans, their land, or any of their interests as being American. Did I say seemed? He did. That’s because that is what Mr. Ramos is. He is a self-server of La Raza, (“The Race.”) There are way too many examples to cite. But one of critical note is Colin Kaepernick. Oh boy! Is he a good one? And how about all the sexual accusers? Maybe I’ll be able to point out how these lovely virtuous people don’t really care about the country or it’s countrymen, but about their own quest for power, to erase the American identity, and make it either their land, or a no man’s land, believing they have every right.*  But, I’ll get to that issue. Let’s go to Colin. Colin Kaepernick was applauded by the media and fellow sports stars, and took a risk, saying he would do what he had to do to draw attention to ‘racial inequality.’ I read a brand new blog trying to shed light on this as a black man, so I’ll give him a shot here: There has been much tuhdoo about Colin Kaepernick and “virtue signaling.” Here is the opinion of one such, and a new guy on the block, so we welcome him: Matt Infald.5  What can I say?  Where should I start?   Like Mr. Ramos, it appears he sees things in “Univision.”6     I have no qualms with his first few paragraphs. After all, a lot of conservatives repeat what other conservatives say simply because it is negative towards liberals. He says, we don’t know what they really mean until we can equate them to actions. Good. Rather than take issue with his statements against President Trump, I’ll say what he says, what he does, is debatable. The Ohio governor, (Republican), would like him to know there’s another half of the country, but that half just wants him gone. Every time he has stuck his neck out, from top to bottom, the democrats are looking to take his head off. I’d have to review tapes of Obama. I do not believe he was under such relentless, consistent, attack…Establishment darling that he is. Kaepernick! Kaepernick! Well, Matt goes off on Mr. Trump, how he’s a Castro-styled blowhard (?), and self-aggrandizing. All those who voted for him are lobotomized, conspiracy-theorist, victims. I had to think back to Obama’s inauguration where all the white people who voted for him said he was for everybody, while all the black people thought he was just for them, and they laid all their expectations out that way—to which Obama was one huuuge disappointment. He believes Trump does not care about the flag, he doesn’t care about vets, he doesn’t care about the country, and he is the epitome of “virtue signaling.” Really, Matt? Matt cites his criticism of Senator McCain, which is correct. Mr. Trump had no room to talk, there. He called the country Third World, and said it is going to Hell. He’s right, Matt. The evidence is massive.  He may not care about the country, but, I have a feeling he does. I believe, even if doesn’t do a professional job, he’s out there doing what is required. He pretty much financed his own campaign.  He is foregoing the salary. His agenda seems quite aggressive. Perhaps he didn’t start out caring.   Now, I think he does and he has to. I think if you haven’t done much for the country yourself, you’re not in a position to talk about it. He does call soldiers’ parents. He does honor his countrymen at the Cemetery, (Arlington National),  and he honors the holidays along with every American. Nah, he’s not the epitome, Matt. Can we move on to Colin?  Well, Matt says that Colin was just exercising his ‘First Amendment rights,’ and he thought if we loved America, we should see no problem in burning the flag.   Matt says he was just protesting racial inequality. First, Matt, where was that First Amendment, when the alt-right, or whoever was trying to speak. Let’s say White Supremacists, even. Well, I heard several anti fa and Black Lives Matters supporters shout them down saying they had no right to speak. In the wake of Beyoncé’s rude entertainment at the Super Bowl, those White Supremacists, or whoever they were, probably saw all the black people wiping their bottoms with the flag. You know, I didn’t see President Trump doing that, Matt, did you?  They probably saw all those green,black and red flags being waved.  I didn’t see the White Supremacists waving those flags, Matt.  Did you?  You want the Confederate Flag down?  Take those down.  Also, they felt, rightly so, that his protest was misguided; wrong forum, debatable reasons, escalated from a police to a national issue. And, they would be right. First, we know, in the numbers, police kill many more white people-they just don’t have a fellow racebaiter around filming. They believe in justice. Definitely, two or three videos clearly showed police officers going way over the line. What I didn’t see was any indication whatsoever it was because of their race. Sometimes, when we talk race, we have to talk the truth, whether it benefits our side, or not. Next, would be the fact that black folks have done much better in this country than any other country by FAR. Not a little. By FAR. So, the question is: How can this country be so racist?**  Every reason ever cited is a problem from within, not on the outside. But! If conservatives don’t like it, they can move to a country that doesn’t allow flag burning.  Right, Matt?  First, why should they leave a country they love? They aren’t complaining, Matt. Colin is. You are. What we know and you know, (unless you’ve had a lobotomy), is that the protest was disingenuous, and for more than one reason. Tell me, why is the virtuous Colin, who himself stated he was taking the risk, he was sacrificing for his people, now suing the NFL and trying to get his job back?????? What is virtue signaling? Well, to me, it’s when you say or imply how genuinely concerned you are, so much so, that’d you risk a career, as in Colin’s case. But, the country-haters got some blow-back. Too, bad. Now, you want your First Amendment rights? They were never against that, in case you’re still not getting it. They are against it being so untrue, just so untrue. They are against the false altruism. They are against people taking a family sport and turning it into a political grandstand like Beyoncé, like Colin. He’s not a hero. I guess he doesn’t really care about your plight as much as he said, because now he wants his job back. And finally, most of us, and I would agree, that the alleged plight is bogus to begin with. I can’t speak for President Trump but I can say Colin is a much better example of “virtue signaling,” -“Of false virtue.” Next, the sex scandals, another abysmal example of the “alleged” virtuously, brave women. The media, on and on and on, about “brave women.” Really? Good corporate maneuvering because they are either completely ignorant, or in absentia, or both. News flash: Anyone with two cents of power abuses it. Sad, but true. We aren’t talking just about women. This country is littered with its victims.  In fact, it is a much bigger, monolithically bigger, problem that would be worth highlighting. But, back to the ladies:  Being molested, or assaulted and speaking out years, indeed decades, later about it is not too brave at all. Maybe the first, not any other. You see there has to be risk. The ladies were not only not willing to risk, but now they are seeking reward! Bogus, bogus, bogus. That is virtue signaling.  What brave women, who wouldn’t risk their job, and Colin, what a brave person who wouldn’t risk his job. So, there had to be many, many other victims to come. It still doesn’t address the larger issue of the abuse a multitude of people, man and woman, suffer behind company walls. Much, much more damaging,  played out daily by the thousands, (a guess). It doesn’t get you elected though, does it? Even if one employee manages to speak up for another, it goes hush-hush. The extent of the problem hasn’t even been touched. “In the twentieth century, it almost a joke in the Western world to use words like ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ They have become old-fashioned concepts, yet they are very real and genuine. These are concepts from a sphere which is above us. And, instead of getting involved in base, petty, shortsighted political calculations and games we must recognize that a concentration of evil and a tremendous force of hatred is spreading throughout the world.” -Solzhenitsyn. [1] https://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2015/12/24/virtue-signaling-and-other-inane-platitudes/YrJRcvxYMofMcCfgORUcFO/story.html [2] https://www.spectator.co.uk/2015/10/i-invented-virtue-signalling-now-its-taking-over-the-world/ [3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtue_signalling  [4]  N.W.O. [5] https://medium.com/@mattinfald/colin-kaepernick-the-flag-fetish-and-conservative-virtue-signaling-49b2caab81a [6] White Racist/ Brown Racist [7]  “Warning To The West”, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, First Edition, 1976, p.43.< datetime=”2017-11-12T21:11:43+00:00″ (anyone of such virtue may give up their personal land and personal rights may be so inclined.  We have yet to see one.) Enlightened people would surely know how the reverse would look.  Haiti would be an EXCELLENT example.

Warning To The West by Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A Review

The answer in this country is to have it both ways, which is more expedient to the agenda-but it’s quite bad for justice, the law, morals, politeness, respect, etc., etc., And let’s not kid ourselves.

Too Many Labels, Not Too Smart

Set the control to ‘labels’, I mean self-destruct. (updated, Monday, August 14, 2017) Does anyone notice the extensive use of labels by the media? (updated, Sunday, August 13, 2017) And now, a message from the Catholic corner: Let us try not to use labels. Why? There was an editorial I read that carried that message from the Catholic Free Press. I had been saying this since the early days of the Bush administration. I’m always glad to repeat it because I know, firsthand,how destructive they are. I was not a big fan of the Bush administration. I’m still not, and much more informed about it. But, being in the South, I was a communist, a Massachusetts liberal, a welfare lover , etc.,etc. Unbelievably,a lot of people put stock in that. That’s what I was, an overnight abomination. I didn’t consider myself any of those things. I wasn’t even keen on politics, as most people in the South were, (are). Are you a “Catholic?” I was a labeled Lib. I was Libby’s, Libby’s, Libby’s on the label, label, label. So, you know I’d never eat at your table, table, table. I was extremely annoyed to say the least. Who the hell were these people? To that point, I joked I was voting for John Kerry to return the favor. Ohhhhhh, my conservative company mates did not see the joke. Bad, bad, bad. It was all so stupid…so stupid. I didn’t respond to much of the crap anymore, but, I would be lying if I said my resentment didn’t cut deeply. Any-who, back to the editorial.–It stated that we are not uni-dimensional, you should not blast away family and friends because of this one thing that can easily become the basis of the relationship. How could these people know there may be many areas where they’d agree? As I said, the resentment cut deep. I wasn’t making any apologies or becoming a gun-toting conservative, or even willing to talk seriously about a single thing. With labels, we are creating this all-encompassing, uni-dimensional block with which to relegate a person. But, the longer I was in the South, the more I understood it.  The fears they have are real.  Where they come from, their environment is a large part of who they are.  We were viewing each other through a prism of ignorance, brains minus intelligence. Returning to live in Massachusetts, a lot of things were not as I remembered. A lot of the things I would have called Social Justice had gone too far. When any kind of line of reasoning has to be backed by things that aren’t really true, or seem to be deceitful, I can’t get behind it. That was what I started seeing come from Obama, almost repeatedly,and with our lovely governor in tow. Obama wasn’t the cure for racial tensions, he was the kick starter of a new era of ‘imagined’ racism, a new Civil Rights. Every speech he gave, he was going for Martin Luther King. What I saw was another loser with a grandiose vision of himself. But, I knew our social engineers would play it for everything it was worth..and will be  into the future. His initiated executory movements of so-called justice are making sure the hatred continues. More has been added to the robbing of Peter to pay Paul syndrome. It’s a system that benefits one group at the expense of the others. Do you really, in your heart of hearts, believe that will make things more equal? I can tell you after forty years or more of it, the answer is an emphatic “NO!” It’s a boon to the NAACP, the ADL, the Urban League, etc.,etc. etc.  You see; they NEED racism. The fixes they come up with are always sure to guarantee it continues. “If I had a son, he would be like Trayvon.” He knows by saying that, he is playing the game. He wants no equality.  He lies.  The news completely replayed the notion that the whole incident wouldn’t have happened if Trayvon wasn’t black.  Not true.  The incident wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t a thief in the neighborhood. You see, I can speak firsthand to that as well.   To boot, the notion from law enforcement is ‘we can’t do anything.’ You create a situation of me against you. I will defend myself no matter who you are, what color, creed or religion.  Those, sitting back and waiting for the inevitable, (politicians and pundits), will weigh-in later with that stuff.  This, and other things, became part of my Southern experience.  Southerners are correct; those not from the South don’t know the South.  We put the whole of the Southeast into the racist pool and that’s who they all are.  It’s not who they are, but it seems they have been forced to go against that interpretation for the last century and a half.  The irony is 99.9% of them didn’t own slaves, it was always those laying the claim of ‘white people,’ in fact, the very people who’s relatives did own slaves.  Why would they do that?  Aren’t they “white?”  First, not in my book they aren’t.  Second, fiat money is a powerful tool.  They are owned by it.  Like powerful blacks, and other groups-no race comes between them and their money-not even their own.  Thirdly, I have no doubt in my mind these arrogant murderers of their own believe they are doing good.   But the Southerners, they are defensive and suspicious.  All this has been done by a few labels.  It is really too, too bad. Our shared knowledge would carry us so much further.  Take note, when you watch the ‘alleged’ news, how ONE-SIDED it is.  They call it ‘editing.’  They are deceivers.  They are very, very deceitful.  Satan is real.  Satan is all around you every day.  The original sin was one done through deceit.   Looking back, the whole tenseness of the situation was so unnecessary. But, it’s up to you. How many levels do you have, or are you that very uni-dimensional person who “labeled” me? To classify, judge and condescend from the get-go or a lack of experience, is therefore dangerous. Now, to the left, I see the same with the “anti-fa,” and the “fascist,” and the “far right,” and the “racist,” and the “xenophobe,” etc., etc.,etc. etc.   If the left is no different, how is it better? As the article concludes, and I would whole-heartedly agree, though our convictions are strong, our understanding may not be. Emotions often squelch truth. Emotions are both beautiful and ugly. Try to stick to that beauty. Try to see how to connect. You can be so right about your stance, but so wrong about the person you’re imposing it on. The system has deteroriated around us. It may be the right’s fault. It may be the left’s fault. I believe in balance whereby it can be neither’s fault, but the truth still has to be reconciled. Life is chronic; There are things you’d like to see that will never be, meaning the health of your world after several meaningless battles, will never be as you envision.  If we seek balance, tolerance and understanding, we may at least get a world that is held in check.  We may at least get a world everyone can live with.  Looking at the left and right throughout history, and getting to the truth, you realize how destructive both are at their extremes.  It’s not a fair, may-the-better-man win, kind of competition;  it’s win at any cost–and it has had a cost–a rather large one. Young people are impressionable. Clearly, the ones wielding the wands have strong input into early lives. These young people have a right to be angry. Capitalism is clearly failing. It is losing its balance and making us start to look like those dictatorial powers. The only difference is those reaping the rewards, (and who didn’t see this coming? If Mr. Reagan didn’t help this imbalance come about, he sure heralded its timing.), the global corporations and billionaire elitists did.  I’m totally with the left on the wage gap, healthcare, opportunity, and so on. The remedy being provided is being provided through the corporations, the banks and all they control, (the politicians). They don’t believe in capitalism. What am I saying? They don’t. They continually use their wealth to scheme and undermine and payoff those that betray us. They say things with complete conviction that they know are out-and-out lies.  I saw a video of Lord Rothschild speaking about the Balfour Declaration as if it was the most foolish undertaking.  But, you see, it is addressed to his family!  It is the good news to him and his.  I swear, lying is a first language for these people.  But, full on communism is not the answer. The divide-and-conquer strategy is a communist strategy; Lenin, Trotsky, Rosa Luxemberg,  Bela Kun, all played that game for everything it was worth. They got you to do their dirty work so later they could do it to you themselves. These are things they admitted and laughed about.  The so-called Black Flag, (or whatever), group in Germany had better learn that before they wind up like the millions of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, who were starved to death, if they weren’t used for target practice. Consequently, is that guy defending the Trump immigration policy really racist? Perhaps, he is just someone who sees these corporatists playing out their global strategy, which is NOT to raise the standard of living for others, as they claim, and you can easily find this out by seeing how much they pay them.  It is clearly to destroy the lives of those who have a reasonable standard of living. Included are people getting wealthy off their victimhood organizations, La Raza, NAACP.  They have to create what is not only not there, they have created it in the opposite direction. They are destroying the lives of those they pretend to defend as well as everyone else’s. You need to look for the truth before you go jumping on anyone’s band wagon. Don’t waste your life in a confused state. That is the tool of the Great Deceiver. ” the truth will set you free.”-John,8:32. …and that is the truth. People are definitely searching for it, and now, as in the past, it is time again to frame the Bible, and our entire history, as the enemy, with Hollywood giving us our history lessons.  It will alleviate your anxieties.  It will give you more control over the future.  You need the truth…every one of you.

R.I.P. Aaron Hernandez

To Pop Culture World-Wide: Today’s wisdom; You can take the kid outta the hood. You just can’t take the hood outta the kid. For me, America is the hood. We are taking in the storm of media more than realizing what’s going on all around us. Be an observer. Every time you go out; take notice of what’s going on around you. Re-focus your focus.       They are leading the charge against Fake News. So, they themselves?We all have a common enemy today; American Pop Culture, (Holly-weird). Where we try to paint the grossest of anti-heroes in the same light as the heroes; where we bend the truth just a little bit—or a whole lot; where being bad is cool until you totally lose it, then uncool, forgotten, and ridiculed. In everything from education to art to news to literature to the internet we are being bombarded with this and good from evil becomes indistinguishable. It’s all part of the world of contradictions. It’s time for some of the adults in this world to step up to the plate and realize how it made an impact in their lives and how it may make an impact in their kids’ lives Does that really happen? You know, we all have instincts. Our senses can tell us something is wrong even if we don’t know what it is. But, what I’m witnessing is people see it, then they don’t seem to be seeing it, and back again. You see, it’s an onslaught; it is a continual attack on you and your kids. We are given this manufactured lifestyle by our market manipulators who pull tokens out of the wishing well to reinforce it over and over. But, hey, it works. It works good. We all had our heroes; our rock stars and movie stars and sports stars intermingled with fast cars, sex and champagne. You’ve been hypnotized. How different would you be if none of that stuff was introduced in your life? Forget it! Right? If you’re born in this country, there’s no way you don’t see it. Nowadays, we aren’t only bombarded with it, we’re told how we should think about it. It’s a big soup with a lot of lucky stars in it, but it’s murky and it’s a bottomless bowl. . For most of your kids, it’s most likely leading them away from who they really are and stealing their lives. The pressure on girls to look a certain way is an incredible example; when we see the downside, anorexia, exploding boobs, suicides, everyone’s ready to talk about it until the next Victoria’s Secret commercial, (now they even have prime-time lingerie shows).   The manipulators are expanding their influence. What education is cool? What political party is cool? What job is cool? A star of stage and screen, of course! I’m a casualty on remission. I wanted to be bad doing good, (Clint Eastwood), as funny as Don Rickles and Jonathan Winters, a guitar player like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. We now need to be hypnotized to see that that’s a bad thing in the worst way right now, or at least that you can be good at that stuff without getting swallowed whole by the industries they exist in. You can do it without the big contracts, the big houses and all the allure. If you have a soul, then you HAVE TO do without the allure or you WILL be a casualty. Some people are born to be great entertainers, and even for them, they have to realize that the pitfalls are much worse now than they were in the past. One of the ways I see this is when we see someone falling from grace, or fading away to what’s new; we talk about the tragedies a bit. The talking heads shrug their shoulders, say ‘oh, well,’ and it’s on to the next sensation. It’s like when people talk about salaries. ‘Oh the salaries and the contracts are outrageous!’ and then cheer our guy onto the field. I could go on forever about these kinds of things. The problems are continually there but continually forgotten. It could be another definition of ‘wormhole.’ So, they are never tackled, (no pun). But, the reality is “NO.” None of these people are worth the money they get. But, the power of the culture is they don’t know it, and neither do you. There are a million reasons why. Uh! The wormhole again. The boardrooms of America are filled with people who don’t even have a clue what’s happening on the front lines. Ah yes, the little people. We say a prayer. We call them the salt of the earth. We talk about their sacrifices. In all reality, a lot of that salt, nowadays, is likely to be worth more than the whole meal-and neither the salt or the meal know it. Do you know what I mean? It’s a tragedy, alright. It’s a tragedy for the entirety of the human race. I often think that while watching any reality shows. I say ,’Why is being so petty such an acceptable human trait?’ I think of it as bad. I also see why it would be so much better to work together; to admire good traits and not be jealous of them. American Pop Culture; a way to lead you down a million roads to nothing but dirty feet. There are no answers. There is no truth. It’s the tool of the benders; the manipulators, the lawyers and politicians. We scoff them and then praise them on into perpetuity. Heroes used to be born. Now, they are made. They get their own street names and things. The real heroes, and we most likely don’t know who they are, have no street names. They have no monuments or signs or aren’t the latest subject of a talk show, and they have no months where we praise them all month long. You see? That’s another bad thing about pop culture. It was built on propaganda and it is propaganda. It gives you a little truth mixed with a lot of lies. This is the hood we in this country are born into and, the more time that goes on, the more anyone with any kind of rational can see how harmful it is. It’s either that, or they become lost. They become lost in the slogans, and other meaningless gems. It doesn’t make sense to them anymore either. But, that’s the go along to get along world, isn’t it? A lot knew it at one time or another, but, they became such willing participants. It’s not you anymore. For some reason, I have to look at it for what ‘it'(?) is. When I can relate to you no longer, it’s because you’re a casualty. It’s because I left the hood but you’re still there.   We need to embrace our own cultures more because it is the genetic blueprint upon which we’re all built and we have to know about it to improve upon it. That doesn’t mean being a racist. We should also have mutual respect for other cultures. Our cultures are flawed, all of them. Our common culture, (American) would be just that. They could learn our language. We could learn theirs. They could show us music. We could show them medicine. It’s already there. It’s already in place. Yet we seem to have this ongoing tension between white, (European), Asians and everybody else. Why? Because our media and leaders continually push lies. They use the lies to justify inequities and create tensions. Then they build upon the lies with more lies. Instead of getting better, things are getting worse. Things like white privilege, (I am European, I’m not white), are absolutely ridiculous. Just the opposite is more likely the case. Institutional bias? Why, yes, there is; against Europeans. It’s been written into law. Ittttt’s innnnnn writing! Yet, the opposite is pushed and believed. So, you’ve been given someone to blame: Whites? All our television and movies and news shows build on it. There’s no need to go into the damage being done. A lot of people refer to Frederick Douglas as an African-American. I refer to Frederick as African. Why? The best of both wasn’t there; the skills learned in one culture was used to defend the other. Frederick knew of the downsides of his African culture. He knew if the newly freed slaves went back to their homes, they very much were at risk of being enslaved again by their own people. But, that didn’t get much headway. The good and bad of both sides have to be acknowledged just as if it was one culture. Yet, any time you learn about such a mixed marriage, you find just the opposite. American Pop Culture: The anger and resentment coming from the African-American community tells me they are in a European-dominated culture, and they resent it… yet they’d prefer to live here. Quite a contradiction. Half are here through heritage, against their wishes, and it’s the dominant culture who is to blame-that’s the perception. So, the problem is the Africans aren’t the dominant power. What would that do? It would turn the US into Africa? If they say no, then it must be obvious they learned how to live from Europeans. I haven’t seen even the remotest acknowledgement of that. This is the truth about mixing cultures that has been proven again and again throughout history. It’s a lie, and it’s worse than that; American pop culture states the races should never get along and it’s the white man’s fault. Who’s saying that? People who have a microphone, notoriety and are completely accepted by the machine. Think of the contradiction; Obama, who comes from a mixed marriage defends one to the core and shows total disdain for the other. He then gets up and gives a speech about ‘diversity is our strength.’ ‘Yah, we fight sometimes,’ he says. Really? We’ve been fighting for 2 centuries yet the power of the machine states different. They are even making it worse. Anyone see how dangerous that is? There was never anything said about Obama’s beer talk with racial rivals. Why? In reality, they want more tension. The contradictions are intended. Don’t think for a second they don’t know it. They talk about more jobs and more immigration at the same time. Contradiction: yes. Believed: yes. Dangerous: yes. That, right there, should let you know how much of a lie it is. That’s what APC is. It’s a game by which you give the devil his due. The devil owns it. Take the slogans and throw them in the trash. Take ‘diversity makes us strong.’ Really? Why isn’t it pushed everywhere if that’s the case? Several institutions exist solely for their own culture; contradiction: yes. dangerous: yes. And it’s taught through movies and music and whatever. Just the opposite is reinforced. I do believe we can ‘coexist’ by going out of our way to appreciate each other. Through learning and education. But, natural selection? You can’t get that from a politician. It’s instinctive. It comes from your soul. I do believe that’s how it happens and that’s when it works. Things of this sort don’t come through force. If you haven’t learned, we have to say it again. Where does Aaron Hernandez fit into all this? Aaron was a good football player. Everything else around him was a lie. He was a football hero, (American Pop Culture), and a gangsta, (American Pop Culture). Lots of sports heroes and celebrities like this duality. They are both embraced as part of APC, and become the same. He was at the lowest low, his friends turned on him, he was alone in a dank cell, his posse no longer buying his drinks. His team was being celebrated at the White House, (APC). He was definitely a casualty. He was lost; scribbling meaningless things and quoting Bible verses. I imagine a lot of people were happy he was dead. But, if you embrace the culture as he did, aren’t you somewhat responsible? APC is very alluring. We have so many reality shows that just won’t quit. We have so many award shows of people self-congratulating each other. It’s ridiculous. It’s insane. We talk about woman empowerment and then play them off again and again as sex symbols-symbol being the operative word. In reality, women are already empowered. What don’t they have that men do? Pay differences? We hear a lot of stats nowadays….I refer back to the machine. Any women of position I see are all doing pretty good for themselves. That’s where the truth is folks: it’s outside the front door. It’s not in the stats, or the editorial or Campbell Brown’s kitchen. It’s what you see in every day-to-day detail. They are things you see more clearly when you are more in the world and not just taking in the fog emanating from the hood. When our leaders speak of diversity, they really mean DIVERSIONS. That is their strength, while you get lost. And, if you do, there’s always an excuse. So, yes, we do have to coexist right now. We do have to find common ground. Black Lives Matter should become All Lives Matter. To save black lives, you have to become unified, not by tricky suggestions that we become unified through separatist arguments. One seeks equality. The other seeks more power at another’s expense. We do have to embrace the truth no matter what side of it we fall on. But,is that you? Who is that? That is someone with a soul. That is a hero. Why? Because they are doing what most people won’t; risking themselves. They aren’t on ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders and they are out there. But, they aren’t on your television and you won’t read about them. They don’t get any praise but they are more than worthy. If there is any hope right now, it is with them. Find them. Rest in peace, Aaron. I say that because who are we to judge? What do we really know? What the news wants to tell us? You did some bad things and most of us couldn’t, and still don’t, understand it. I do believe you were at the extremes of such contradictions. We like to drag these modern-day Greek tragedies out. But, they aren’t Greek tragedies. They are manufactured tragedies. They happened before and they will happen again. But we don’t have to follow the script. We could ridicule you for writing crazy things on the wall. Maybe they weren’t crazy. They sure made sense to you. But, there’s no big secret to these people. There’s no mysterious Illuminati. There’s just truths we don’t yet know because they are busy being drowned–continuously. But, there are well-organized elitists defining your life for you. Was it ever really you? I believe in that dark and dire moment, it may have crossed your mind. It crossed your mind enough to know it’s screaming to get out before the next set of victims comes along. Welcome to the hood. Welcome to the addiction.

Media List

This is just the start of it: You need to know the facts because you aren’t getting them.  Our mainstream media is printing a false picture of what is truly going on in this country.   Draw stories, reporting and data from different sources.  Why?  Because they do have different data and facts.  When you disect between the sources and gauge reality, (what you see when you go out the door everyday), then you should be able to get close enough to the truth.  Remember the truth and facts you come across because this is war, and the MSM holds the cards. President Obama’s Speech at Islamic Center of Baltimore: A Fact Check – Breitbart 10 Things Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You to Know | The TAO of Dentistry Fact Check: Top 10 Lies in Obama’s State of the Union – Breitbart www.dentistat.com/ReaderDigestArticle.pdf What’s Really Going On With Crime Rates – Article – POLICE Magazine 10 Signs Your Dentist is Ripping You Off Poverty | State of Working America Why Vets Are Getting Away With Murder – Dogs Naturally Magazine 50 Is the New 65: Older Americans Are Getting Booted from Their Jobs and Denied New Opportunities | Alternet Poverty Increasing Among Retirees | Retirement Planning, News, and Advice | US News Should you trust your veterinarian? – SFGate Leerburg | Many Vets Don’t Deserve Your Respect or Your Business Crime Migrates to the Suburbs – WSJ Obama Caused Illegal Crime Surge – It’s all about trust with veterinary clients Do you trust your vet? | Dr Rayya’s Online Veterinary Journal Immigration and Crime: Assessing a Conflicted Issue | Center for Immigration Studies Illegal Immigration Crime Invades East Tennessee Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Do Not Increase Doctors’Insurance Rates, Study Says Gangland TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes and More | TVGuide.com Brown Pride 218 Hunt and Kill PART 5 Gang Land – YouTube 50 State Report on Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices 10 Most Dangerous Gangs In The World Black Americans & Barack Obama: Going Backwards under President Obama | National Review 11 states spend more on prisons than on higher education – Oct. 1, 2015 Incarceration in the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The U.S. has more jails than colleges. Here’s a map of where those prisoners live. – The Washington Post RINOs and DINOs: Although Faithful to their Parties’ Original Political Ideology, they get No Respect – Politi-Geek Immigration’s Impact on U.S. Workers | Center for Immigration Studies Bernie Sanders: ‘No Question in My Mind’ Immigration Hurts Jobs – Breitbart Throughout U.S. History, Immigration Surges Have Harmed Black Workers Hitler, NOT Gandhi Was the Reason for the 1947 Indian Independence Suspect Resisting Arrest In Mall Parking Lot – YouTube New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime | American Renaissance BBC Two – Barbado’ed: Scotland’s Sugar Slaves Chaos in Kenya: Tribal Massacres Echo Rwandan Genocide – SPIEGEL ONLINE BBC NEWS | Africa | Chad may face genocide, UN warns Sudan – United to End Genocide Ethiopia’s Policy of Genocide Against the Anuak of Gambella | Cultural Survival Mozambican Civil War – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Democratic Republic of the Congo — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Hereros mark genocide in Botswana – The Namibian Angola Genocide (1975-2002) by Ericka Duran on Prezi The Beginning of a Genocide in Nigeria? Urgent Action Needed to Stop the Massacre of Christians Somalia Genocide by Rita Clarke on Prezi Black People Enslaved White People | Violence Against Whites 10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People Not Taught In Schools – Atlanta Black Star History of slavery in the Muslim world – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sarkozy: Challenge of the 21st Century: Racial Interbreeding (FRANCAIS, intro anglais) – YouTube Jewish activist promotes “multicultural mode” for Europa: Sample Sweden – YouTube Multiculturalism Fail – Non-White Panel Dictating British Identity Narrative – YouTube David Brooks’s conscious oversight about America’s ‘elite’ Why Do We Love Tall Men? New Tab Activist critical of police undergoes use of force scenarios – YouTube racial demographics Mexico – Google Search Mexico Demographics Profile 2014 Ecuadorians – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Albania Demographics Profile 2014 Japan – Country Profile – 2014 Ghana – Country Profile – 2014 Interracial marriage in the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Big Data Analytics | St. Thomas University Online Elusive crime wave data shows frightening toll of illegal immigrant criminals | Fox News Who Is Michelle Obama? Black Organizations and Organizations Serving Black Communities | The Network Journal Black Progress: How far we’ve come, and how far we have to go | Brookings Institution How to End the Slavery Blame-Game – The New York Times Protesters Rage Unsuccessfully as Rio’s Poor Black Men Are Slaughtered – The Daily Beast KING: Cynicism over mom slain by cops illustrates white privilege – NY Daily News Privacy Enhancement America has suffered a terror attack every year under Obama | New York Post African American–Jewish relations – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia MS-13 gang killings linked to immigrant surge – Washington Times MS-13 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia FBI: Burgeoning gangs behind up to 80% of U.S. crime – USATODAY.com Video Editor – YouTube Report: Illegal Drivers Behind High Hit-And-Run Rate In LA « CBS Los Angeles UnlicensedToKill Dad’s grief leads to quest to count deaths caused by illegal immigrant drivers | Fox News L.A.’s Bloody Hit-and-Run Epidemic | L.A. Weekly Suspected Illegal Immigrant Jailed for Horrific Hit-and-Run | Frontpage Mag Articles: Illegal Aliens Murder at a Much Higher Rate Than US Citizens Do Hispanic crime and illegal immigration in the United States | Open Borders: The Case Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for over 30% of Murders in Many States – Breitbart Illegal Aliens & Crime — U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Is Wrong about Americans’ Concerns | National Review Illegal Immigrants Get More Welfare Than American Families American Immigration in the 21st Century | Hoover Institution Obama’s Numbers (January 2016 Update) ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE | 2007 (HD) – YouTube WATCH: Man fights with Framingham cops – News – MetroWest Daily News, Framingham, MA – Framingham, MA Crime, Arrests, and US Law Enforcement | Drug War Facts The Obameter: Campaign Promises that are Promise Broken | PolitiFact The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization When Keeping It Swirl Goes Wrong: Why Are Black People Obsessed With Interracial Dating? | MadameNoire indian workers hurt US computer science degrees. – Google Search Irish are ‘the forgotten white slaves’ claims expert – IrishCentral.com Sixty-Six Million Christians Murdered By Jewish Bolsheviks | Mystery Worshiper’s Blog Illegal Immigrants Without Driver’s Licenses Risk More Than a Ticket – The New York Times Police often chasing ‘ghosts’ in hit and run cases | Rocky Mountain PBS News Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the Numbers: We’re All Victims | The Constitution Party 200,000 Undocumented Immigrants Now Have A California Driver’s License | ThinkProgress Media Facts for Research For second time in a week, illegal immigrant accused of hit-and-run | abc11.com Hit-and-Run Accident Statistics Immigration and crime: Not here to cause trouble | The Economist Voices: How violent are undocumented immigrants? Immigrants and crime: Crunching the numbers – CNNPolitics.com Illegal immigrants released from custody committed 1,000 new crimes – Washington Times Number of sanctuary cities grows to 340; thousands of illegals released to commit new crimes – Washington Times Number of Sanctuary Cities Climbs to 340; Thousands of Illegals Released to Commit Crimes | Truth Revolt Illegal Immigrants Accounted for Nearly 37 Percent of Federal Sentences in FY 2014 – Breitbart Incarcerated Felon Population by Type of Crime Committed, 1974-2012 – Felon Voting – ProCon.org

The Return of Master PO Poe!

Now sit right back and you shall see, what Poe has written, it’s for free. I know there’s you out there who love it. The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost I think it was Denzel Washington or Samuel Jackson, or one of those, or both, who said something like “The chickens are coming home to roost for the white people,” over some story or another that didn’t end well. Well, that kind of hurt my feelings, you know. The actions of one white person, I didn’t feel, represented all of us. This is the “I want my cake and eat it too,” mentality. Yes, like a person who says “black people” and says something derogatory about them, then that person is a racist. People can’t hope for a better world “if they want their cake and eat it, too.” It’s another name for hypocrisy. How can you fix racism by returning the favor? So, to put it another way, Denzel was being openly racist without consequence. It’s like, I have the right and you don’t. It’s like, I don’t want people to call me names but I want to call them names if I feel like it. Ah, but the black man tells me they can’t be racist because of what the white man did(?). Maybe a way to even the score? It never will be even. You see, that is not an equalizer. That’s just pushing your negative emotions towards people who, mostly, have done nothing to you. All it does is ensure the cycle continues. It ensures that some person who didn’t take kindly to the words would return the favor. But, then Denzel knows this and he still says it. Step up and be the man. Cosby was right, wasn’t he? Maybe some of the unpleasant circumstances happening with black people is simply the chickens coming home to roost. Not racism. Unless you are very selfish, I don’t see how you couldn’t see that. Let’s take the case of Philando Castille; the reason the police stopped him was because he looked like a robber who was armed and dangerous, holding up a convenience store the previous night. Then, he makes the mistake of saying “I’ve got a gun.” First off, let’s get this straight; the police officer was Hispanic. So, unless Hispanics are racist, then maybe there’s another reason that he was shot. And it was tragic, because this was a well-liked man. But, see, I was thinking just like Denzel. Would this black man be shot if another black person who resembled him wasn’t doing the nasty? I was thinking maybe the chickens were coming home to roost for the black people. But, this is not the only case where the chickens came home to roost. Such was the case, for Raekwon Brown. You see, a gang member, Angelo West, shot a Boston police officer right in the face for no reason. Return fire killed Mr. West. BLM showed up and very angrily protested over Mr. West’s death. The other gang members in the car with Mr. West were not arrested to counter further scrutiny leveled at the BPD. A short time later, a black kid, Raekwon Brown, was shot leaving his school in Dorchester, Ma. And where was that crowd when Raekwon was shot? Why were they not saying black lives matter then? Nowhere. Now the irony; see Raekwon was killed by one of the men in West’s car. I felt bad for Raekwon and his family. He must’ve been a good kid. But, if I were like you Denzel, (maybe it was Samuel, now that I think of it), I would just say the chickens are coming home to roost for the black people.


Add Your Concerns To Protect MA. Pets

Another great one from the ASPCA. Lobbying for MA. residents to protect animals across the state. You get to fill out without giving your life away. Thank you in advance: https://secure.aspca.org/action/MA-Puppies-Kittens?ms=em_ade_ma-pet-sellers-20160711&initialms=em_ade_ma-pet-sellers-20160711&utm_source=ma-pet-sellers-20160711&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=advocacy&Lf3cRWC%2BoIwSZws4zgp1zcdiaowQPVEPzgp2ist2030GJe8F%2FBqESwb0eUBqhFNgdvcCUDR%2BGrZFPk4%2B7f1c%2BONLeV7%2BKL3jJn6L5mWXoQbvuKRgp%2FxCTHndr3C5JihfbogFy6FKU700PPo3FQrllpYy4ZbuLGmGiZrhmmIYDzPc1HuWDfNG28UMVi9rm2M9aL%2FnPOIbxJBKWgOiA5Psw2%2BDH4A5rJV1VI1M%2B4dEYEo%3D&spMailingID=9182824&spUserID=MTE5NzI0Njc5NjU3S0&spJobID=960837007&spReportId=OTYwODM3MDA3S0

Another Heart Warmer From ASPCA

May 31, 2016 Lovely Little Pomeranian Finding Comfort in a ‘Speedy’ Recovery The Hernandez family of East Harlem, New York, was still dealing with one tragedy when another one nearly fell upon them. In 2014, an infamous gas explosion destroyed their apartment, killing eight-year-old Rosalie Hernandez’s older sister and mother. Six others died in the blast. In an effort to help the family—especially Rosalie’s 15-year-old brother, Oscar, who was critically wounded in the blast—a friend offered them a Pomeranian puppy named Speedy. “He was a very good therapy dog for the whole family, especially Oscar,” said Rosalie’s father, José Hernandez, through an interpreter at the ASPCA. “He really helped our recovery process.” But at a birthday party last March, Speedy leaped from someone’s arms and fell awkwardly, breaking both of his front legs. José took Speedy to a local veterinarian. “We thought we would have to euthanize him,” he said. . An X-ray of Speedy’s broken legs. The family was referred to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, where veterinarians assessed Speedy’s injuries and determined that they could help. Sadly, what happened to Speedy is not unusual in toy breeds, or dogs weighing less than seven pounds, including Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, and Maltese. “These are common injuries as these dogs tend to jump down from furniture or out of their owner’s arms and then sustain a break,” says ASPCA veterinarian Dr. J’mai Gayle, who repaired Speedy’s legs with bone plates and screws. Doctors at the ASPCA Animal Hospital were able to repair Speedy’s legs with bone plates and screws. Doctors at the ASPCA Animal Hospital were able to repair Speedy’s legs with bone plates and screws. Toy breeds’ small bone structure makes them more vulnerable to traumatic injuries. They also often have thin skulls and misaligned teeth, which can lead to medical problems. And because they’re so small, toy breeds can easily fall from a handler’s arms or purse, get stepped on, or fall victim to predators. “Poor breeding practices are also to blame,” says Dr. Gayle, noting that toy dogs are very popular, especially in crowded areas like New York City. The good news is that, with the help of ASPCA veterinarians, Speedy made a full recovery. “Speedy ultimately did very well,” says Dr. Gayle. “We’ve seen dogs that have been hit by cars and sustained multiple fractures which can be fairly dramatic, but most do well with proper care.” Speedy recovering in the ICU. This was very welcome news for the Hernandez family, who relied on Speedy not only as a loyal companion, but as a valuable source of comfort. “Speedy really lifted Oscar’s spirits,” said José. “Before, Oscar didn’t even want to leave his room. But Speedy motivated Oscar to walk and is the reason he gets up every morning.” Rosalie, who was eager to see Speedy after his surgery and accompanied José to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, sobbed when she first saw the splints on his front legs. But José says the family bonded during his recovery. “He gives the kids responsibilities, as well as a reason to be excited about life,” José says. “With his help, we’re moving forward.” Speedy and Jose.


Editorial : Animal Abuse

What’s Going On With All The News About Animal Abuse Isn’t it about time we tried to approach all this animal abuse stuff? The blog offers all due apologies but, we have tried to get those passionate about this subject to write about it and that offer is still open. Meanwhile, the news of the day seems to include more and more of the abuse of animals by humans. When it’s some thug kid or some non-caring adult, we lash out at them. We call them sick, retarded, soulless, and the endless array of harsher words. And, you know what? I approve of it. Only, I approve of it in a good way because there is definitely something very wrong with the person and they should be immediately subjected to some kind of psychological test. When you practice violence against a docile animal that can’t defend itself, it just screams of psychological problems. For instance, how about empathy? In other countries, even when used for food, there seems to be some form of masochistic violence, malice and callousness that is used in extinguishing the animal’s life which makes one wonder how much they value life at all. http://www.healthguidance.org/entry/13517/1/Reasons-That-People-Abuse-Animals.html Human Abuse Linked to Cruelty to Animals http://cfawr.org/animal-abuse.php http://www.thelastchancesanctuary.com/forms/helpstopanimalcruelty.pdf So, really, why? What about the religious types that think their animals must be slaughtered in a brutal and violent way? Well, you can teach someone that there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing just as easily as you can teach someone that it is wrong. So, it comes with their programming. It’s just what they do. My take is, in today’s world, there’s no need for such savagery and outdated methods from ancient times Today’s methods don’t seem to be so sane either. Then, each will complain their method is more the humane way. The real problem is we create a world filled with huge double standards. Children learn from adults. After a while, indifference sets in. We don’t like to dig into these things because we then realize that we are somewhat to blame, aren’t we? I’m to blame to but, once becoming aware of these things, I’ve been trying to fix them and calling out the double standard wherever it exists. Collectively, we have made life cheap while we make more and more arguments to protect life. These double standards just seem to get worse and worse as we race bait, defend cultures while we attack them, tell us not to discriminate against people while we use them for lower wages and promote quotas and preferential systems and politics reigns supreme. We constantly make those standout statements that don’t translate into reality. Double standards have a way of making everything less sacred. There is detachment that starts to cloud our thinking. Further, the promotion of self and individualism and greed as good, essential parts of living have an effect these business superstars don’t seem to address or consider; respect and dignity beyond self. Respect for others, their surroundings, their nurturing and respect for ALL life in general. Nobody has gotten anywhere in this world without the help of more people than they realize. Nobody has gotten anywhere in this life without Mother Nature’s help. Hence, there is a good deal of ignorance that goes with the self-promotional bull. Humility is in great NEED from what I’m experiencing. I don’t know about you. Teach your children by practicing what you preach. So, you think I’ve gotten way off track. This is my reason for abuse as well as other things. There is a collective mental defect that needs to be reversed. The corporate world and their media surrogates are to blame for this. They view life as one big competition between individuals. It’s destroying this country fast. I don’t doubt for a second that the ones leading the charge are psychotic. But, WE must realize that our success is dependent on others’ success. We must learn to value others and show that life is a series of progressions and not one big race to the end. We could take several queues from our animal friends. They never take more than they need. The strong protect the weak. They protect each other. They respect the other animals’ domains and the only time they ever cross line is for food. They don’t kill for money or fun. They know what balance is and they practice it. We are even stealing that from these animals and we have no right.