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Contributor Biographies.

Contributors may give as much or as little of themselves as they wish.  Wherein, matters of truth and honesty are at stake, it may be better to have a pen name. A lot of emotional content may be contained within that requires rational dialogue.  Once the writer is attacked, the dialogue goes south…for reader and writer alike.  Writing is still the best form of expression and communication.  The First Amendment, (US), and Freedom of Speech, (everywhere else), is the vessel.  It is “the” right that should be fought for tooth and nail.  It is the marriage of your existence.  Without it, you have nothing.  The corporation is the killer.  They consolidate and consolidate and scoff the Sherman Anti-Trust act.  They decide your rights with their clever doublespeak manipulation.  The English language lends itself perfectly to such an insidious act, however.  This is honest dialogue.  NO Advertisers will deprive a writer of an honest message.

But!  Include a little pic representative of yourself and an honest bio and give readers a way to contact you.