The Art Of Corporate Doublespeak

An honest man in the tub?


deliberately euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure language.
“the art of political doublespeak”

synonyms: equivocating, evasion, dodging, beating about the bush, pussyfooting (around); jargon, double-talk, gibberish, gobbledygook; informal-speak, -ese, -babble
“they throw in just enough doublespeak to make you forget that they’re trying to sell you something you don’t really need”

Preached from up on high, doublespeak is spoken. I know why:

We are living in a day and age where the absolute truth and facts have run amok in a sea of deceit. I forget who, but a famous person made a statement to the effect that deceit is the devil’s greatest tool.(Jesus?) It starts with someone with an agenda. They tweak the truth and repeat, repeat, repeat. The ignorance then spreads. With several agendas comes several tweaks. Mixed with works that seek to teach or correct the deep sea of artifice, we create quite a conundrum. But, at its core, it needs an audience to survive. There is no doubt that if we as people do not start fighting back for the truth then the corporations and politicians will get to write the false history of our time. Your place in time will just be a lie. It is extremely frustrating that the political and profit agendas are being proliferated to the extreme through the internet. Add to all this the numerous false dichotomies we find ourselves immersed in every single day. There is no doubt that if we as a people do not start fighting back, and in great number, then a prolonged period of pain and suffering will follow. Growing up, were you not told that honesty is the best policy? Then as an adult, how honest do you find those around you to be? As roughly stated by the very clever comedian, George Carlin, we live in the United States of Double Standards. The double standard then requires double speak to give it a false validity. The citizens that are most likely the most guilty are the corporate citizens. They have a one track mind and rewrite everything around it. But, they have no intention of making it black and white. Most people, (I hope), would know the truth no matter what they said. No, no, no, no-they need lots of grey to get away with their doublespeak. The more they get away with, the more outrageous they become and then the truth gets tarred and feathered. The more coated, the worse things get. The corporations want to perpetuate their truths to our very destruction. There is no conspiracy here. If you can’t see it going on around you or are too feeble-minded to think it through or are simply blinded by your own narcissism, then just go back to your candy-coated shell. The truth isn’t always to our advantage. It doesn’t always back our assertions. So, for you, we have your interpretation down. Sound rash? Seems to be quite necessary to me. The examples of corporate doublespeak are way too numerous. Time has been the friend of these deceivers. But, the wounds grow and lies in high places have continued the charade. I’ll just give one example; the incredible optimism preached to us by the economists and economic geniuses back in the nineties on globalism:

  • Manufacturing jobs would be replaced with newer, higher-skilled, higher paying jobs.
  • We would evolve into a service-oriented economy.
  • Other countries would require American workers to service their industries here.
  • There would more economic opportunities in more places.
  • We would benefit with rising incomes across the board.
  • There would be more and emerging markets.
  • It would settle the imbalances in the world, less poverty and, therefore less war. ( Funny. I just
  • heard Donald Rumsfeld on Fox stating that poverty didn’t mean instability and crime-a nice small
  • example of doublespeak; when it’s better to do so, say the opposite.)

The anti-globalists then made their case:

  • unregulated political power exercised through trade agreements.
  • declines in worker safety, conditions and compensation.
  • global environmental disasters.
  • slave-wage laborers..
  • dismantling of sovereignty, laws and the protections of our citizens.
  • deregulated financial institutions.
  • depletion of capital and resources.
  • political instability.

Like all the theoretical graphs economists give us to show what’s happening in the world, I put together a simple set of graphs on my own and decided to check them out against real graphs. There seems to be these self-described experts who want to tell you how complicated it all is when you turn on the television. I’ve taken Managerial Economics, Supply-Side Economics, etc. and it all combines to some neat calculus and forecasting formulas that rarely play out in real life. That’s not to say they don’t have practicality. They probably would if capitalism worked like it does it standard textbooks. But, in truth, there is too much fudging and manipulation to ever operate as pure supply/demand economics dictate. The more time that goes on, the more manipulative it becomes. In fact, the idea that our economy was ever truly capitalistic is a complete fallacy. Markets are manipulated, industries are subsidized, different rules and laws, (usually hidden from public view), are made to help companies go digging in your back pocket. Then there are all the other ways, price fixing by location and industry, and all the associated fixing in other forms that make all flavors and prices the same. The ADA , AMA, AIC,ABA, etc.,etc. Way too many for the FTC to address. (While they work to do away with FTC.) You can call that capitalism if you want, but that would make it not too different from socialism. And yet, there are those who see fit to complain about unions. What about the board who sets the CEO’s pay and vice versa?

There’s hundreds if not thousands of these:

(now, you must avoid those nasty anti-trust pitfalls!)


Gee, no conflict of interest there. The television itself is a pretty good tool for swaying public opinion and locking 90% of the market out. It’s a scenario not unlike all the mom and pops’ destroyed by Wal-Mart. (If one remembers, at the time Wal-Mart was expanding out into the ‘burbs and raising local ire, their argument was their stores would create more businesses by filling the voids they couldn’t) Well, of course it was a big lie. They knew it and, incidentally, pretty much filled every void, even groceries. Yet, the many lost out to the few because Wal-Mart bought town hall. That’s a wonderful practice that’s quite alive and well as we speak. The reality of American capitalism is the furthest thing from true capitalism. It is, and always has been, a ruse of the rich. Even in the days of laissez-faire, the lopsided efforts of the wealthy to put everyone else out of business succeeded in creating millions of deaths and widespread poverty. This subverted illusion of capitalism is still massively pushed across media like it’s the greatest thing. Why not? There’s legions of the misinformed who still buy it This is your time in history. Do you really want to see the same old tired play continually played out? This planet is doomed if you want that. It’s doomed. When these power brokers talk about “free markets, ” what they mean is “free” for them.  Sometimes, no matter how intellectual and sophisticated the argument, your heart will tell you the real story. Your heart will tell you the truth.  I knew then, (as there were several written works warning of it), that these well-entrenched corporatists knew exactly what they were doing. They also knew exactly what would happen and, therefore, put together their false propaganda ahead of time. They then passed it off to the networks as the good news where it was stated and repeated several times.  Now their arguments have changed direction.    Globalization is still good, it’s just not as good in the United States as other areas. That’s fine and dandy, but at the time they were speaking about how good it would be for this country.  Basically, they lied, so they’re just adjusting  their case a little differently.  Never let it be said that greed isn’t cunning.  Also, never let it be said that there aren’t multitudes of the gullible gulls and wannabes.  This is a very clever use of doublespeak.  They got it right to an extent, they just left out some things.  They knew there could be some crippling side effects, they just gave winded answers to suggest that it would still be advantageous for the US to engage the global marketplace. They also knew that the multitudes would find it hard to question the so-called “job creators.”  They would find it hard to question the providers. It’s the self-definition of why it is so bad to have so few in control of so much.  It has been very advantageous, to   the top of the heap.  It has been a tremendous success. Those who own the capital in this country have done outstanding. So, you see, you could still argue it was a  good thing.   For my part, it’s been a total disaster.  It was the wrong time in history to do it. It could have been done so that a rising tide lifted all boats if they planned it better. But that wasn’t wanted by these guys at all. Therein lies the dirty little secret.They knew that these types of inequities would exist and would give them a windfall. Nope.  From my point of view, these people took what they reaped from the blood, sweat and tears of American workers and stabbed them in the back. They put them out of work and them blamed them for being out of work. You may be sitting next to one of these lovely soulless people in church.  I can make my case rather easily.   What my graphs show is what these people knew all along; that they would make obscene profits by completely relocating large facets of their operations. Basically, it contends that in the US, having attained a certain standard, and fighting to keep it given inflation, have high labor and material costs and taxes. Globalization gave them the opportunity to seek out tax havens, lower-cost labor and cheaper materials. Naturally, the US being the world’s largest consumer, they could make things infinitely cheaper but still sell at prices that US consumers were used to and still drive prices up with inflation.  So, the cost of sales low, the quantity high   The multi-nationals can exist in several markets, the US consumer in only one, What it means in reality is US consumers and consumerism were taken advantage of. So, they have not seen fit to pass on their savings on to us-their huge margins shooting off the graph with arrow where you see sales.  Consequently, they knew it would put downward pressure on US wages. They’ll move from one side of the graph to the other.  If I were patriotic, I’d calling that stealing from your citizenry and treason.  Yet, in their network of conservative think tanks, they have managed to spin this as well.  ( I know there are some who will say ‘Come on, it’s liberal think tanks as well’ )  Do you see how you can add on and add on the doublespeak?  It becomes so mired, you have to wade through pool after pool of info to get a little truth. Now, to the second graph.  In China, labor, materials and taxes are lower cost.  So, hey quantity they seek will be more. Shipping costs may be the only down side. Sales are low, but priced low so they are affordable.  Likewise, pressure on wages and materials and all will be upward. With downward pressure on wages in the US and upward pressure on wages in China, they know these will reverse sales numbers in one country and increase them in the other.


There has been prosperity. It has not been in the way that made this country great but , it surely will destroy it.  The Walton clan is surely appreciating globalism. But, those outrageous margins did not benefit middle America at all. At all. The anti-globalists, (who most people don’t even know exists), got it right. The economists got it wrong. Obscene profits at the expense of their countrymen, downward pressure on wages, political instability, environmental disasters, etc., pretty much every thing they said.


Corporate Love of American Dollars  not to be outdone by foreign labor:

  US corporations take advantage of cheap labor

Taking pay away from Americans:

Double-Dip: Give to cheap labor while participating in new markets.

Taking away the jobs, working on the sales.



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