Be Your Own Web Cop

Naturally, hackers live to disrupt. When they disrupt things the news and views that make the web a much better world than the totalitarian media could ever offer, they threaten all of us and we should erroneously just beat one up for the helluvit. Nevertheless, vigilance is always needed as things always become vulnerable as […]

The Art Of Corporate Doublespeak

dou·ble·speak ˈdəbəlˌspēk/ noun deliberately euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure language. “the art of political doublespeak” synonyms: equivocating, evasion, dodging, beating about the bush, pussyfooting (around); jargon, double-talk, gibberish, gobbledygook; informal-speak, -ese, -babble “they throw in just enough doublespeak to make you forget that they’re trying to sell you something you don’t really need” Preached from up […]