Europe’s Well Has Been Poisoned: Their guilty leadership should be held accountable.

( poison penned by Master Poe.)


We can rebuild him.  We can make him better(?).

We will do his thinking for him.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, abundant accusations of abuse, the mass attacks of those holding Mass, that naughty guy, Columbus, genocide of Indians, slavery, lynchings, white men in general are now the current truth being lethally injected.   It’s a truth that’s not exactly true.   For instance, whether or not the Boston Police Department is racist or women receiving equal pay can possibly be calculated accurately.  In fact, there are many, many, many variables that can’t be fairly ascertained.    For instance, what race was the shakedown officer?   Was it a shakedown of a person with a history or nilly-willy?   (Does the person have a rap sheet.)  How do the courts operate?  Yes, important because a lot people that are arrested on everything  from selling a few bags to violent assaults are given a slap on the hand and right back out on the streets.   Where do the 911 calls come from?  Black leaders often say that if they would just police the “white” neighborhoods, they would find there is more crime.  That whole notion is just ridiculous.  It is those kinds of things they push that just disappear after a while because, let’s face it, even a  clueless person could think their way through that.   If I wanted to protect the public, I would go where the crime is not.   Why on Earth would I hang out in the white neighborhood if there was abundant crime?   To boot, there has been a system of forced integration pushed on people for the last 50 years.  There’s no such thing as a “white” neighborhood and a “black” neighborhood.  They have to go back to the 60’s and borrow some of that dialogue.  In fact, there are several laws against any form of discrimination that can found in where a  person chooses to live.


Back to the Rolling Stone;  the important message here is that young men, white men in particular, are not swayed by these temptations, these views of life, these crazy artists who like to project  “this is the way it is.”  Today, there is a big scare going on with the vaping:  it’s killing kids, white kids.   There’s an epidemic of suicide with kids:  white kids.  There’s an opioid epidemic with kids:  white kids.   The news creates it and the news reports it.  The news creates the hatred and the news reports it.  Then they give professional liars,  (PR people, talk show people, opinion news, racial identity actors and sports stars), large paychecks to reinforce their lies.  And make no mistake, they know who buys what.  They know more about you than you know about you.   Design, research, reader, writer,  marketer and a salesman.  I would be willing to lay money on anyone who wants to take that bet with me.  I know it as a fact.  So, the Rolling Stone always makes an issue of race.  Why?  Young white kids buy the magazine more than any other group, (of course, RS can say different, I know where I’ve seen it lying around,)  You need a drink?  The Rolling Stone is a great example of a bad pattern-one being played out on Americans.  And there’s a hugely damaging and partial race war being played out by the  few owners of the entire media machine, right down to all the social platforms and a litany of blogs, on all Americans.  We saw how a Superbowl half-time show played out with a homage to the Black Panthers.  The Black Panthers were a racist, separatist group with blood on their hands.  These poisonous and vile re-enforcers are Satan’s spawn and the damage they’ve been doing has been cast over the decades.   Oh yah, they’ve been doing it for a while, but it appears more blatant in the wake of the Obama presidency.  The Rolling Stone, itself, goes back to the 60’s.  There’s another group, too,   Yes, can’t even be a bit derogatory to them, as in self-defense.   It’s a war, plain and simple, on young white men of European descent.   They are belittled, made examples of, derided, pushed aside and cheated.   It’s okay with this foul bunch that white kids are committing suicide, so long as it’s not their white kids.  But, these kids are your kids, too.  These are the kinds of kids that keep this country safe and commit suicide when they get home while spoiled football stars deride them and the country with them.  Uht, uht, uht, don’t say anything, or else  “white supremacist!”  Really?  Really??  We have Jamie Foxx celebrating a movie in which he “gets to kill a whole lot of white people.”  How should a little white kid seeing and hearing that think?  All this, they put onto these European kids with their lies, false history, false films, false media, false television shows, but they want to help you have a cool life.  Here it is:


Boy, have a drink and a cigar, you’re gonna go far.


Where was I?   How about painting white women as submissive slaves to black men while reporting how bad white men are?  Here’s a whole page doing just that.



The article at the top of this page is about “Nazis”  and “white supremacist,”  the sole occasion of which the media has made use of again and again and again.


Here you go kids. Your mom and dad are oblivious.


Have a cup of young girl.


Have eroded your mind, your liver, your lungs and your soul enough yet?  Maybe, we can do some more damage to mommy and daddy’s religion. 


It’s all very normal and goes with your religion white European kids, don’t worry.  It’s all good.  Maybe mom and dad will get what made you snap someday.  Nope, I just listened to the news, they’ll never get it.  Your kid loved diversity.  You wanted everyone to know that.  Well, we do, and we know you are ensuring yet another’s death and another and another.  How do you feel?


You know what the real funny thing is?  White European men aren’t very well represented at putting much into this rag.  I would consider this a huge problem.  Yet 50 years down the road,  no one sees it.  How evil and deceitful the devil is.


Does the EEOC know about this?



Conclusion:    Our leadership needs to be shamed to their core.  Allowing this sort of thing to go along, this lie of such deep and wide damage  proliferated beyond the pale so these retards could live at Club Med.   And parents, remain in your useless backseat.   You have failed your kids.   Just get ’em a phone.  Now, there are so many to brainwash them, before long, they may all kill themselves and save their enemies the trouble.   How’s that backseat?  Take a nap.