Recounting Obama Rutgers Speech


Po Gives Rutgers The True 2016 Commencement Address;

(Obama Gave Rutgers Lies, all Lies)

listen to the lies:

Obama Rutgers Speech
First, Obama talks about how better educated today’s kids are than back in his generation.

That would be A LIE:

More and more studies from Obama’s generation going forward should a dramatic shift in the youth culture towards violence, sex, drugs, a complete lack of trust for any institutions and American education falling from the best in the world to the bottom of the heap in terms of industrialized nations. They also believe very much in cheating as they think that is totally legitimate and everyone does it in the very competitive dog-eat-dog world.  The result is our youth are coming from unstructured households, they are completely ambivalent about their futures, the ethics and morals of pre-professional youth has degraded big, big time. The amount of cheating in the legal and medical professions has climbed to unprecedented heights, as have they in professional life and the trend is continuing. Their lack of faith has gone up dramatically. They are more likely to meet violence with violence. Their empathy towards their fellow human beings also has a troubling downward trend. Family structure, education, religious beliefs, all in trouble.* BTW, the Christian religion, despite it’s flaws, however egregious, doesn’t murder, car bomb, suicide bomb, advocate the death of entire races, etc., etc., etc. Yet, it’s attacked in the media like it is the worst of all evils while we should be careful not to offend Islam. Christianity has raised tons of money, helping the poor in all parts of the world, from Central and South America, to Africa, India and China. The main tenant of the religion is people getting along and doing good things, all people. Did these things have a good impact on families in the good ‘ol days? The answer would be a resounding ‘YES.’ They helped to build family trust, ethics, morals and a desire to help ‘others.’

Today’s tenant seems to be on individuality and helping oneself. Why is it that only in times of crises that we seem to band together?

Obama’s lies will only expand on the mistrust the youth have going forward.

Second, Obama talks about not listening to people who long for ‘the good old days,’ because things have gotten much better. LIE.

I think he gets that from the fact that both he and his wife were the generous recipients of  Affirmative Action and quotas. AA and quotas, as a whole, have not helped African Americans at all. In fact, they’ve been rather harmful. The harmful effects rear their ugly heads more each day. They have served to divide this nation more than ever and the reasons are obvious; because it is racist. If blacks were upset about the unfairness of the institutions rigged against them, then what makes them think changing them completely around will solve it? It is complete propaganda perpetuated by ‘Corporate America’ and their political puppets that deem them necessary. And yet, the few African Americans that benefit, and are continually peddled in the spotlight are far from most of their lives. Yes. They have been shown favor and privilege at the expense of others while most of their lot suffers. BUT! They have a way to keep this trend moving forward! it’s white supremacy. The net effect is that race relations are worse than they’ve ever been before. And the beloved jokers still have the audacity to complain!  Life on Easy Street a little rough?  If one keeps checking all the major media outlets, it seems that has always been the reason. It reinforces the lie. If we have laws that that explicitly make us unequal, how will we ever be equal? For everyone that likes to balk at conspiracy theories(?), this very argument has been being made since the 80’s and delivered lots of proof. It’s just that the television, newspapers, magazines, literature and educational institutions have refused to even entertain the notion. Likewise, the feminist movement was hijacked by corporations to depress the wages of males and flood the workforce with females who they could even pay less and then blame the males and flood the workforce with females who they could even pay less and then blame the males. Anyone see the trend here? Not to mention the unavoidable impact it has had on the family as a whole. Anyone see the trend here? This was all known. This was all intended. Obama perpetuates this which has not only had a negative impact on black families, it has had an impact on families of all the races in America. We are actually in harmony on this one. But, just one figure here: From 1947 to 1973 all five quin-tiles of family income went up at nearly the same rate. From 1973-present, the bottom two have gone negative, the mid one gone nowhere and the top two have accelerated.* The way to keep it alive is to say that prosperity is possible for everyone. History has never, ever shown that. But today, we can take examples, put them on the TV set and push, push, push. Another one of Obama’s lies: America is better than ever, on these stats, he’s talking about his eight years (and of course, we can see that this puppet has a very high opinion of himself). I do not have stats on that but, I do have one question; why do blacks, mostly in your party, keep complaining  just about everything? Oh, yes, police violence against blacks. Of course, we have the few videos of police doing wrong, where the person happens to be black. But the numerous ones where the person happens to be white, all over the internet, are never shown. And is the media complicit? Last night, Georgy Stuffed With Populus showed us a black cop body slamming a white guy to the ground. But! he says, we need to look at what happened before. (Hmm,  the media that leaves the ‘before’ out if Rodney King, but not this guy). So we look; the man is obviously drunk. He does not antagonize the cop at all. He’s trying to get back into the bar to get his credit card. How’s that any different Georgy Porgy.? The question TO YOU, as put by YOU for the black folks, Was the body slamming necessary?’ Your double standard is quite evident. The double! and Obama, what about your pledge to ‘heal the divide.’ See, we didn’t forget that one. We just knew from the get-go you had no intention of doing that. We know your goal was to further divisions and make the entire country a very unsafe place. I will say, there you’ve done a stellar job.

Next Obama lie; helping America wouldn’t be putting up a wall. (the puppet knows how to
(speak establishment well.)

Obama’s true, and only, gift is to take things and completely spin them. He’s a media dream. We often talk of Hitler. The propaganda we receive in this country makes Hitler look like a novice. (But that topic will be for later to speak establishment well.) When he talks about ‘our citizens; we know he’s referring to a lot of unprecedented immigration in recent years along with many greenies, illegals and unknowns. You know, the ones murdering our citizens and acting like it;s no big deal…and why shouldn’t they? WE DON’T DO ANYTHING TO THEM. The one people he’s talking about are left out; US citizens. Then, he gives a good word for the military, glossing over that fact that military is over 80% white. Does that tell you who thinks of themselves as citizens? But, the big, big, double-faced, hypocritical, two-faced lie; the unprecedented immigration has hurt blacks, historically and now, which could explain a whole for their discontent. But, instead of focusing there, he focuses on Trayvon Martin. If he had a son, he would be like Trayvon. Trayvon, who viciously attacked a man in the street, brook his nose and injured the back of his head and skull. That’s who Obama thinks of as a son. This is Obama’s logic. At this point, we should just state that everything seems to be the opposite of what it really means with this guy.

Then he talks about the corporate problems, all which he supports by the way. Then he talks about our values, and who we are. I can tell you this with completely certainty; this man has no idea who we are. Then he gives the immigrants lie, a lie, btw, which has been costing this country’s citizens dearly, recent citizens, Hispanic citizens, all citizens who live and work and pay their bills and aren’t a burden on the system. Then he says, ‘this is why we need logic’????? I’m sure all the minorities in the crowd who received their educations by the favoritism rules, quotas, green cards, favored nation trading status, free education for foreign workers kids who pretend to pay tax but do not. I’m sure they loved this. Then he cites our original founders who he has NOTHING in common with. In reference to his examples of who built this country, he cities all white non-immigrants and a few civil rights leader-whose contributions are debatable. Then Obama, refers to Trump as an ‘anti-intellectual.’ and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Obama, knows, through favoritism, yet he thinks he actually earned it. He has made some ground with climate change, but not enough. He has pushed new initiatives, but really hasn’t done what he has said he has done. This is a man who is trying to give himself the seal for approval before history does. The incredibly serious insult to the graduates is that what they need is the truth, here’s the truth:

If you notice it for what it is, it’s sickening to watch. La Raza, (The Race), the Black Congressional Caucus, black leader, blah, blah, blah. We’re all the same-NOT. Our blood is all red-irrelevant. Diversity is our strength-FALSE First. Europe and America are the two most diverse areas of the world, along with Brazil. And, our crime rates are the highest in the world. Blacks have confessed over and over and over that they do not like ‘whiteness.’ (and they have been proving it quite well). We seem to have created this white vs. blacks thing which has played out very well if you’re one of the elites. People are divided and fighting among themselves for very untrue or trivial reasons. The media has a habit of race-baiting both blacks and whites while missing the truth.

People are divided and fighting among themselves for very untrue or trivial reasons. The media has a habit of race-baiting both blacks and whites while missing the truth. But, hey, let’s say we take in everyone. Do you really think we can do that without destroying the very fabric of this country? Does it fix anything anywhere else? As long as people have a place to escape to, they will never fix their own countries. And when they do, the US interferes. Do you really think that will fix wages? Do you think education will get better in the already overburdened, violent public schools?Obama’s solve to the prison system is to let repeat, violent, mostly black, offenders back into the streets, thereby adding to the victim count. This, while he says crime is down. FALSE. We have more prisons than colleges.
We have set up a tyrannical system of keep an eye on our own citizens while we leave our borders open. If you don’t think they know how undemocratic, racist, and lawless it is, you’d be wrong. So, they keep touting the founding fathers and the constitution as if they really believe in it.

Basically, there’s way too much to address. Let’s just say this to our graduates; The world is on a downward spin. Our country is worse than it was before the New Deal. The corporations own our government and make our laws along with the banks and their Wall St. friends. Things are getting worse because they aren’t doing anything for you unless there is some payback for some corporation or one of their wealthy donors. Our immigration policy is dictated to us and not voted on. This constant state of transience that we seem to be living in is making us strangers to one another. It is turning America into a no man’s land and the politicians and corporations do not care. We pear out the window at one another and say ‘who’s that?’ They do…..not… Pawns to sacrifice are all they care about. In fact, more and more is working against you, and in secret. More and more is being done to take away your freedoms and dictate to you. Your overly expensive educations will not carry the weight they once did. We are told about transparency, yet we are having the carpet pulled out from under us at every turn. etc.,etc.,etc. forever.

Some suggestions:

The only way to stop it is to remove wealthy donors from the equation immediately, Lobbies, PAC, corporations, etc. all need to be removed permanently and elections publicly funded with candidates getting equal time and no more. All systems which benefit one party at the expense of another must be removed or no one will ever get along. Equality is equality under the law. We have just the opposite. The electoral college must go. Majority vote is democracy, anything else is fraud. The media must all be broken up into smaller factions, and any efforts at covering up, telling one side of a story, manufacturing news, straight-out lying etc,etc, etc, will be immediately fined.

Special interest groups along racial lines must disappear fast. They divide. They do not unite. They do not care about equality. They care about their interests….again, at the expense of others… essence, inequality. The excuses of the past should remain… the past. It is the media itself that keeps on using the terms ‘minority’ and ‘majority.’ They do it to purposefully insinuate that one group is being thrown under the bus for another. Obama knows what he is saying is wrong.

Basically, you must undo absolutely everything that has been done in the last fifty years. It has been better for the elitists and all their puppets. It’s been a dream come true; we’re fighting one another, they don’t pay taxes anymore, they control the government more than the 99%. And, oh yes!, the 1% Mr. Man-of-the-People speaks about; that’s him. He’s not a great man. He’s not a great man at all. He’s a tool, like Bush and Clinton . Does it really seem like the vote is working?

You’ve got a lot of work to do or you’ll have NO FUTURE. Good luck!