Obama Legacy

I have certainly put in my two cents about President Obama. He had a unique opportunity to settle the waters with regards to race. Instead, he ignited them. In his famous “race speech,” Obama told us how corporations were getting huge profits, yet many African American men and women were falling by the wayside. He told us how it was economic prosperity on an equal scale that would tame the frustrations. In reality, he did the opposite. He gave total legitimacy to the Fox channel’s criticism of that speech. His famous beer between the cop and the black professor was a bomb. When cops are directed to your house, they go to your house. Yet, I doubt Obama wanted to explore that side of the equation. When Obama says his feet trembled he was so angry when his grandmother said she was afraid of blacks. Yet, blacks stereotype themselves this way all the time, like its funny. Such was a film I watched just last night, “Meet The Blacks.” Is it funny to those who have been victimized? Hollywood loves their unfiltered DOUBLE STANDARD. That’s an important phrase because it is sinking society. To talk about racism, you have to be a neutral arbiter. He was a biased agitator. And yet, black unemployment has gone up under his tenure, not down. But, there’s more; I mean we are even starting to see people who should be on his side saying things. I leave the debate here:

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Consider the validity of the sources for yourself. Pretty much, what you experience is a large part of what is going on. That’s why Obama went from ‘Hope and change has come to America,’ to ‘the message to hope and change lies with you, America.(?) Look at the audience. Listen to the audience when you said the former, Mr. President; they thought you were bringing it.

Addendum: He’s not done yet. He’s doing another Rock Star speech in Chicago…the very irony of EVERYTHING he talks about. Who is the real problem Obama? Who? Imagine someone going to the same town in which a mentally-ill youth was tortured by black youth, cigarette butts put out on his skin; people saying ‘f’ white people.’ Imagine going there to say Jim Crow is still alive and well. Not an empathetic liberal to be seen there? It’s another condition of the hidden intention; the double standard. Do what Michael Jackson said, ‘Look at the man in the mirror.’


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