New World Order

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New World Order, The NWO or Whatever…

Jaded Jaguar

The New World Order is something we definitely need to get the word out on because, logically speaking, based on its description, it would be one big world Totalitarian government. Take Heed!

This our free speech area.  Say what you want.  When you want.  To who you want.  We are living in dangerous times.  Books are appearing that look recently published.  It looks like there is some rewriting of history going on, or more tenacious re-writes of old history, (history that was never correct.)  A lot of these books are looking to create cultural resentment, anger and ambiguity.  Logic and reason will help you find what you’re looking for.  For instance, when a white European politician talks of ‘white privilege,’  who is he talking about?  Wouldn’t it apply to him, especially?  When you talk about ‘freedom of opportunity,’  are you saying that non-light skinned people who are talented are getting the shaft?  Usually when that’s said, it refers to our African counterparts and no one else.  They’ll say different, but see if it ever translates that way.  Who is it that picks and chooses?  Aren’t they the ones more responsible?  Forgetting all that, what about competence?  If we give people important jobs based on the color of their skin and not their skill and experience, then we are first, cutting out all other races, diminishing freedom, and cutting out those more skilled, diminishing opportunity?  What does either side do to heal and fix the planet without a gain for someone, (not everyone), or somebody, (not just anybody)?  They promise everything, they do nothing.  Corporations have cindered the West’s moral codes.  ‘You Gentiles’ is a book which says, no fairness, no rules,  no morality or ethics.  I intend to address this later.  But, all along the way, I will show just where these sorts of thinkers are in our society and how they’ve changed things.

Stories from around the web….enjoy!