Northern Virginia/ Clinton Territory for most..

Northern Virginia was a once- fertile area of farmland, where cattle were pastured and crops grew in abundance. Most of the early settlers to this area were from England, Wales and a substantial group were from Germany. A minority of French Huguenots also settled this area. Many families from Africa were also settled here, many sold as slaves from the auction blocks in Washington, D.C. 

Virginia's origins

When the Civil War erupted, most people sided with the Confederacy and after Lee’s surrender, they stood politically with the Democrats. That gradually changed as the Republican Party aligned their interests with the Southerners ( including the Virginians). The Northern Virginians became ardent Republicans and the state remained a red state until shortly after the turn of the millennium.

 northern virginia

political change

Northern Virginia industrialized rapidly in the latter part of the twentieth century. Many locals moved out and a lot of outsiders from other parts of the country moved in, augmented by immigrants from other parts of the world. While many local Northern Virginians remained Republican in their affiliation, newcomers and their children held to liberal values espoused by the Democratic Party. In fact, so many held to those values that in the last couple of decades, Virginia transitioned from a red state to a purple state to what is now a blue state, with a Democratic governor in Richmond and Democratic representatives in the Senate.

 Virginia Industrialization 

Virginia Politics

According to AOL’s statistics, 45% of the population voted for Trump and 50% of the population favored Clinton. Most of that 50% voted in the blue areas of what is regarded as Northern Virginia, where transients now outnumber locals by 3 to 1. Population demographics have been changing for the good people of Northern Virginia for years now and while I consider myself a native local by virtue of my birthplace and that of my paternal grandfather and his parents and their ancestors, I also have family from Tennessee, Maryland, Kentucky and Louisiana Trump’s Virginia
Nova Region

Virginia's Changing Demographics

While many people like to claim that ” nobody is from around here,” that is a patent untruth that tends to irritate those who actually are from this area and still hold to the seeing little to nothing better in the values espoused by the vast majority in the area today.