MLK Day: Leave the Past Behind..Way Behind.

Note to young people: Hair on women’s armpits, protesting for rights
you never lacked, homosexuals fighting for those few “family-oriented”
rights they lack; demonizing people who don’t believe in their choices;
people of color thinking it’s “white” people holding them back; using
hoaxes to play the victim card for a period of history well past and
trying to recreate it through the few anecdotal incidents they capture
on their phone; calling people ‘racist’ for caring about their own
hard-earned economic and community interests; 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s,
20’s—> you will reach your elder years realizing these things will
not get better, they will get worse because the people pushing this
stuff are funding it to destroy communities, destroy families, destroy
race relations, destroy economic equality, destroy trust, destroy,
destroy, destroy—you are being used. Write this down right now and
re-read it in 2050 or 60. People receive money to push these things,
they receive notoriety, they receive praise–they don’t care. Today
we celebrate Martin Luther King. Why haven’t things gotten better?
Answer: Because all it did was create more and more racial
“special interests” which can only stay in business by making you believe racism is alive and well, and, unfortunately, they receive lots of help there by the wealthy and political elites.


“White” elitists painted South Africa as an Apartheid state.   The kicker; any division was because of violence between the races, and other perceived ills, believing white people deprived them of economic equality. But in reality, the division was to protect both sides from continued and prolonged violence. Someone sought to it that it wouldn’t work. The rock stars joined in, and the actors, and all sorts of people with notoriety. What is going on now? “White” people are being murdered wholesale; their land is being confiscated; their jobs are replaced to have those jobs the “white” people had. The kicker: The violence there now makes Apartheid look like a picnic; people not qualified to do jobs are doing them; education has been replaced with some radical “race-based” theories; the mostly black politicians only make things worse by continually “blaming,” and using the “victim” card. The mainstream media is COMPLETELY SILENT on the matter. The farms are dried up and the resources destroyed. The economy is tanking.

How long will it take you to know you have sided with the enemy? You can still be gay, or get the job you want, or find the equality you want in other races instead of believing the BS drilled into all of us daily.
Or, at least you can find your OWN way to find that acceptance and equality. Form your own groups, ask for the people’s help. This is already helping some brave individuals. We had a saying in the old days, “What I do outside this job is my business.”  People should re-start that refrain because the corporates like all the violence and death, too. It’s their bread and butter until they eat each other, and they surely will. If you side with power abusers, you are just ensuring, not just your own, but everyone’s destruction. We have 68 freshman in, Congress?, Senate? How have they voted on any votes put before them so far? Well, consider it’s someone else’s money that got them there in the first place. And, as the song goes, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” The politicians and movie stars and newscasters, and musicians, etc., etc., etc., are tokens. They are put there to fool you and, fool you they do. ‘Do what you gotta do,’ they say. But, what they gotta do ain’t doin’ much for you.   Far to the contrary, in fact. Their hold needs to be broken. Stop believing the movies, mouth pieces and even the news. Drop your feminism sign and write up one for this instead. You can pick it back up later, but the problem will fix itself because THOSE people won’t have power over you. I hope you become smarter than the fools teaching you now.  Learn this and learn it well for 2019:

Hollywood and TV land is ONE BIG LIE.

Two Luthers;  Both hailed for the wrong reasons.