mis-Communication, mis-Information & Consequences

We must learn to communicate effectively. It’s an ongoing process. In order to be more efficient with time, understand what you need and what you want, understand myself, the cashier, the person on the phone, the one looking for directions, those needing descriptions and prescriptions and petitions, you must communicate it so the person next to you understands and for them to understand, they must also communicate effectively and be known by others to be a good communicator.  These days, it seems the need for clear, concise communication is more apparent. It would appear that more and more, at least a couple times a day, I’m in the company of people speaking in some other language or have a grasp of our native language, but fail to understand or put what you’re saying into proper context.  It can easily happen because some languages put different accents on different syllables. And, taking things out of context can be true of our current citizens.   Just being on a different intellectual level or having the same experience under different circumstances can create that kind of misunderstanding.  But, to know if what I just said is racist, we must go to work in a country that has anything but English for a language but, where all the other variables are the same, like being overworked and under the gun and seeking help from people who can’t understand you. The more that happens, the more there is liable to be an innumerable series of miscommunications put into the record. There is liable to be more miscommunications that can be exponential as they are passed on from system to system-that can create so many errors that instead of systems of information, we have systems of misinformation. In other words, the mainstream media and our politicians, (they are same, and the conflict of interest is more than blatant.), are creating dis-Order. They are creating a reality with serious consequences. Now, the corporate puppets would like to say, “diversity is key.” “we must be diversified. not racist.” You would think they might be able to see the dysfunction now happening.   But, they follow it up with even more lies and make it worse. Now, there are different people and cultures lashing out at one another.   There’s your second set of consequences.  The benefits they speak of are not to be found. The dance floor is full. The dance floor is old. The dance floor is cracking. There has been no planning, just the promises of elitist money, and greedy town halls anxious to overextend themselves. NICE! When you are talking about these lovely programs, there should be a discussion of quantitative limits. There should be a discussion of progress but also the possible shortfalls. The shortfalls born by the brunt of the citizens they have already. How much can you do this to a country? I could expound on this forever.

Mirror, Mirror.  Is the World not Blue?

Let’s do a ‘for instance’ here; You give someone your information over the phone, they get it wrong, and send it to someone else. The information on a blood test is mistaken and the correct tests aren’t taken. Using dates and information to get legal documents get confused and you find out you’ve spent half your day for nothing. The language on something is implied, but unfamiliar to someone of different origin. Someone doesn’t recognize what a sign means or what the implied and written rules of the road are, consequently causing an accident where several lives are jeopardized. Schools become overwhelmed. Hospitals become overwhelmed. Roads and bridges become overwhelmed. Systems of information become overwhelmed. Communities of familiarity disintegrate…and on and on. These are not things that could happen…they are happening! Think about it.

These kinds of things always take me back to the advent of technology and computers in the business, academic, government, institution and healthcare fields. The ethics and potential problems, at some point, have to be discussed. What amazed me then, (and then not because everyone loves to feel themselves part of something special. You know, they read about DEC, Data General and the Soul of a New Machine, and the focus on bad is an afterthought.) And then again, we refuse to learn from the past. We have a hacker page. We could overwhelm that, too, if we wanted to. You see, just about everything you would not like to see compromised has been compromised. Your information is making the rounds.  Just this month, my information across my healthcare provider’s computer was suddenly all wrong, and they required me to re-establish it.  And!  That’s not the only time and place.  Maybe it is being re-written and put back in place. Does that scare you any? Again, already happening. Rogue employees in other countries handling sensitive data. Getting a grasp?

And, there’s a larger problem; You wouldn’t know 10% of this watching ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc., etc. It’s what I like to call “manufactured ignorance.” And your life will be uprooted and you won’t have a clue. But, don’t say anything!! You’ll be a racist. It’s not a conversation people want to have.  Truth; they are the worst of the worst when it comes to “fake” and their brand of “fake” has been having consequences that are much more dire than some kid in a blog.

Now, what is the gobbled y-gook all about? Well, we have 2 years worth of costly investigations going on. The more they go on, the more older generations are sick of it. They’ve seen it before. It’s a smokescreen, and you get to forget about everything they said during a campaign, because they will deliver nothing and they knew it ahead of time. These same people would like more and more people we don’t know, we don’t and can’t understand, we can’t communicate with, to be our neighbors and co-workers and schoolmates, and chances are about 110% we will never know, (I just say that as witness). It goes beyond disorder in the court. It reaches the level of absolute insanity. Just as an example, it would appear that murder or simple mistakes that KILL someone isn’t much of a problem to these people. Don’t say much about it though, because the culture police is on patrol. Recent example; an old man crossing the street in Boston was knocked about 30 feet into the air through a store window. When they finally caught this person, he said it ‘was just an accident’. he didn’t mean it. And we find out, this person gets a slap on the wrist. And so, our very systems of law and order are being accommodated to appease this miscommunication. People who should have been able to protect themselves from a rock in the head and 10 gunshot wounds are afraid to because they also want to appease this system of miscommunication.  Of course, I’m talking about the undocumented dude who viciously murdered a policeman in Massachusetts.  We don’t question undocumented people who walk in on doctors and slash their throats?  Where is this guy today? Is he rotting in a cell where he should be? My guess is, the very fact they don’t tell us, tells us. If you question it publicly, they will change that fact, creating more confusion and appeasement and turn around and use the ‘r’ word against you because then you’ll believe that the next time said same person comes along. he was dealt with appropriately.

These people talking about the consequences of what some blog says, or Alex Jones, or a meme have audacity, I’ll give them that.  They are attacking these fake memes or blogs, or whatever.  But, people aren’t that dumb, they are informing one another.  It is even quite, quite doubtful that all policing by the corporate needs to be done because people have taken to doing themselves.  If I see a meme or a story that’s fake, I say ‘This is fake.’  THEY are saying it has consequences but, this is all on our fearless leaders, the media, the promoters and their little helpers.  It’s all on them.  The fake memes, the fake blogs, the fake quotes, which play nicely into destroying free speech, the ultimate game.  BUT!  It’s THEIR fake news that is really having consequences, the worst.  The damage done already is incalculable.  Have many times have you seen one of their stories where they give half, or less, of the information surrounding it and move on?  That is intended.  The miscommunications are intended.  Everything turning your life upside down is intended.    We don’t need any more actors and actresses than we already have, and the news people are actors-for their corporate masters.  WE are paying the price.  THEY don’t care because they have sewn division and disorder and discontent and upside down rules and laws.  Have many times have you heard about someone who has committed multiple murders out and about doing the same thing over?  AND!  That is, while the guy who killed his wife is doing 150 years with no possibility of parole? 

To the young among us, this game has been played out before and will play out again and again. The unfortunate thing is seeing it being bought again and again, hook, line and sinker.  Please pay attention to what I’m saying and how often you’ll notice it happening.  As long as you reach the point of reason and sanity, I’ll listen to you no matter what side of the fence, what race, what language, what country. It won’t be solved with a leftist victory or a conservative victory.  It will be stopped by people of all cultures in this country, all age groups, all genres, all genders, all classes can come together enough to stop it.  I am ready to do that.  The consequences, as they like to say, are dire.

I don’t know. Did I communicate this effectively? In short, the elitists and their puppets know full well what is happening; the murders, the traffic nightmares, the broken bones and disfigurements and property damage and desperation and drug addicts and broken education systems, etc.,etc.,etc.  THEY KNOW.  My prayer for 2019 is that we all come together, which would scare the living wits out of them.  Wouldn’t that be worth it??  Oh, man!  I’ll beg if you want.