Memorial Day, Corona-19, Summer; Let’s figure this out.

Starting With Memorial Day.

Is Global Climate Change real? Yes. Period, end of subject. As someone who follows what is happening to our lands, our oceans and their inhabitants, things have changed over my lifetime. They have changed, though the warnings and the wake-up calls have gone on my whole ?? years. (I’m not telling you.) Is it man-made? Again, yes. The Poles are melting, Greenland has a serious unemployment problem with it’s dog-sled dogs. But, then, there’s what we can see and hear and feel, and I hope everyone’s trying a little bit. I cannot remember Memorial Day ever being quite so cool as it has been the past 3 years. It’s not funny, nor worth debating. I don’t care about the newscasts and their record keeping. They’re wrong. Our gracious leaders would like us to think we have no memory, in many areas. With me, it has been a trade-off of sorts…my short-term memory sucks, my long-term has gotten quite good. When we talk about infrastructure, what does that mean? No one ever expands on that word.

what is infrastructure?
Water Is Infrastructure

The answer to all the above is quite simple. I took a class for my M.B,A. called Policy and Formulation. Theoretically, it was good. It was a call for future business leaders to give a shit about the impact of their business. That was almost 30 years ago. It ain’t happenin’ However, there is the Bilderberg Group, there is ALEC and there is the Koch’s enterprises with smoke-and-mirrors names. There is also unprecedented monopolization. All these things are given a passing fancy by our mainstream media. The mention, so they can mislead. It’s not a conspiracy by any means. Look for how much they care. Point out your disagreements and I’ll show you how they are lying,

The bottom line is this: The oceans, the land, wildlife, the forests are part of the infrastructure. However, to admit this is to admit the problems caused by unprecedented population growth through open borders and accusations of racism. Our population has more than doubled in my lifetime, yet I can tell you this from the local level to the White House, with absolute, undeniable, documentary fact; Not one thing has been done to accommodate either the environment or the roads, or hospitals, or schools, etc. No forward thinking, no planning, lots of lies, non-caring. Ever since the gains and established middle class in the wake of WWII, things have gotten progressively worse. Have you been buying more tires? I have. My original hometown was small, stress-free, alive with small business. You could drive from one end of town to the other in less than 10 minutes. Try doing that today. In fact, you’d be lucky to be able to pull out from the Post Office in 10 minutes during rush hour, (which is now closer to 3 hours). Animals are wandering into neighborhoods looking for food, only to get euthanized. Speaking of the Kochs, Citizens United is a disease, just like the water sources near their paper plants. Is it too late? Probably, in fact, yes. We are too divided. Instead of an open United States, why are we not fighting for better standards in other countries? We do just the opposite. We use racism to make sure it doesn’t happen.

I wonder how cold next Memorial Day will be?


This begs questions. Lots and lots of questions which should make us wonder about those in charge. Like every evil bastard that says ‘never let a crisis go to waste,’ there always seems to be a lack of connect between what we are told and logic. Several blogs stated that the FBI put out a nationwide bulletin on suspected racism against Asian Americans. How many people did that thought occur to? Not me, I can tell you that. Nobody I know. I can tell you that. If the FBI goes saying that to the whole nation, it stands to reason someone should have heard it through their own ears or through their own interactions. Unfortunate though it be; you can’t trust social media anymore with regard to that. Then, I read an MSM article about an intensive care doctor at Mass General Hospital. What a total crock. First, the same statement I have heard being three times is why etc., etc., had to bring it here. Is that a personal attack?, an attack against a country? An attack against a culture? It could possibly be racist. I don’t believe so. I believe it was manufactured, starting with accusations of racism leveled against President Trump by Cecilia Vega of ABC. By the same view, we could say the media were also immensely racist concerning North Koreans since the allegations they leveled were well on par with Trump”s statements about China. But, there weren’t that many attacks against Asians, and the only ones on tape were not by ‘white’ folks. So, then, the amazing sudden revelation that it attacks ‘people of color especially, as many as five times that of the white population. Then they say they want the local governments to keep tracks of that. Well, if they weren’t keeping track, how would they know? Well, the media keeps showing us those while people who lost a loved one. Howz about they show us lots, lots more of ‘colored’ people’s losses. Let’s hear their stories. There just always seems to be those disconnects.

I hope the media gets around to explaining how it is that European and North American countries dwarf the 3rd world when it comes to Corona. At least, South Africa. No. There isn’t any. India? Nope. Haiti? Nope. South America? Nope. Places with vast over populations of the poor and no Corona? Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Race Around The World. Any Surprises?


Now, folks are getting impatient with the crises. Is it any wonder? People attack capitalism in this country. But all the GATGA, (go along to get along), and their more-than-willing sycophants, have shown us there is anything but capitalism here. The willingness to let small businesses die while giving the corporations the run of the mill, shows us there is anything but capitalism here. The incredibly, incredibly little news about the how vastly monopolistic America has become, all while there is such thing as the Sherman Anti-Trust Act on the books. That act is like this crisis, a bad joke. An illusion. Our entertainment, commercials, rags, and everything under the control of the anti-capitalists are instrumental in sustaining the joke. It is their weapon of choice. If people had none of that, they’d be so awake, the whole country would have erupted shortly after the invasions of our privacy were in full view.


Isolation? Nope. Social Media? Nope. Get out and start connecting with each other, all races, cultures, religions, etc. Find out about each other in person, forget the BBM, (Big Brother Message).