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Sometimes the stories and posts get a little large and adding a lot of media makes it cumbersome and time-consuming to get through a page.   Further media and additional information and material will be here as allowed.  Thank you.

Logic: Just a voice in the wilderness:

Mr. Twain and a good taste of a unique and great work.


A penny-pincher carts off free soil from a graveyard in which to grow his own fruits and vegetables – but eventually the free dirt gets him in over his head.

An Irish Catholic breaking down  ‘The Book of Revelation’  for you.  Quite a good job.  He quotes different passages from all over the Bible to better explain some of the passages in the book.  It also gets into the how the book fits right in with the problems we’re having today.  The author sees telltale signs of the Apocalypse!

Twilight Zone – Episode 2

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