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January 2, 2019

A story from the trenches:

Everywhere there’s common ground.  Let’s start off looking for it.

Christmas Eve….1914.

Learning to get along.

One thing I started on and got slack was the beginning of trying to push logic as a very necessary part of the education of the young and old alike.  I mean, it sounds cold but you know, ….oh Hell!  It ain’t cold.  Let’s dispense with the drama.  I mean really!  Too much drama.  I feel dramatized.  All kidding aside, as we are guided by arguments in which we are given a lot of information that you could see right through with at least a good familiarity with critical thinking skills, as they are now called, (I still like logic).  But, I hope to take some of these inane arguments of today to take apart with  our new skills.   But, we must get acquainted.

101? 201? 301?
Logic 101…the Easy way.

We will expand more later.  But, always take a look at the many ways to approach problems:

Sometimes ‘S’ and sometimes ‘P’.

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