Media: Free Speech

There is a ton coming out on this lately in all forms of media; videos, books, documentaries,  write-ups, etc.  Of course, the left blames the right, the right blames the left and the media does the driving.  How unfortunate is that?  Since they are so lacking in integrity, one has to consider the power they hold in all this.  We’ll stay on top of it, but everyone’s help will be needed to reign them in.   The tremendous harm they’ve done since WWII is unprecedented.  In absolutely all forms, the media has interests that go beyond their audience-well beyond.  There are no ifs, ands and buts about it,  free speech is our FIRST right.  There must no compromise or dissent will only be allowed on one side.  Outside interests will take over and your future and the future of your kids will be lost.   Many, many nasty things have been said in public, and it gets squelched when no one listens any longer.  That’s the way it worked and should work.  No one has to listen to anything they’re offended by.  I don’t have to listen to the news and I’m greatly offended by much of what they have to say.  Oh, I forgot, they seem to hold the mantle on what is hate and what is not, what is offensive and what is not, and who is guilty and who is not.  That’s a problem;  their job is to report-with objectivity!!!!!!!!! GONE.   

We’ll present all the media we can find to sift through to get the story right on this.  Be vigilant.

One from the NY Times, says it’s the right who places limits on free speech.  The context is the cake issue with the gay marriage.  What was limited?  The cake was served, the guys got what they wanted, the media was all over it.  Yes, the religious right wants to repress the overexposure of what it deems to be a perverse lifestyle and a bad example.  That’s as it was deemed since the dawn of time.  You want to fault them for that?  Well, whatever the right wanted, they didn’t get.  Instead they got it shoved in their face.  And our media, which doesn’t even accept arguments of it’s falsities?  They are corporate conglomerates.  They somehow made the Sherman Anti-Trust act a joke right out of the starting gate.  So, whatever, if you’re a conservative, please try to hold your anger in check.

Who’s placing limits on free speech.

  But, the Washington Post must check in, musn’t they?  Well, this one is a little better.

Progressives’ Anti-Free Speech Itch.

More coming very, very soon.  This is an important topic.  Responsible companies are fighting back, and we will find out who they are.  Irresponsible “alleged” college professors want all speech but their’s rubbed out.  I like to use the word conglomerate a lot because there is something very evident in this country.   This is really what the free speech debate is about.  And, inevitably, it’s about world Communism.  Stalin wanted that and started taking over Eastern Europe, while surprisingly, we let him.  I don’t know if anyone remembers the petition signed by several “professors”(?)  I use the term VERY loosely, hundreds, from all different countries demanding George Soros be given free reign to raise havoc.  So, they don’t want free speech.  They want a billionaire to reign supreme with his vision of a slave planet.  Alex Jones might’ve been a little cooky,  but about that?  He was dead right, only because if you are looking, it’s quite plain to see.  Start looking.