Master Po Knows Political Correctness

Master P.O. Poe is here to anger you.
Listen to the master dismantle this bolshevist communist political correctness.

What is Political Correctness?

PC, or
political correctness, a misused and abused term, will be brought into focus by Master Poe. Poe does not like political correctness.
Poe knows
political correctness and the extreme dangers of it. It limits what you can say or think. It is mind control. But, the bigger danger?…the TRUTH fades into obscurity. There is an all-out assault on the truth that is even seeping into our laws. Does that make you mad? It should because almost all of our existing laws are either outdated or stupid or unconscionable, yet they make even more unconscionable laws to add . Also consider that while these laws are implemented, you have very little way of even knowing they exist. They are made to blindside people and throw them in jail or to force the behavior they want. To subdue, and neutralize all manner of behavior that goes beyond obedient sheep. Yet, the insanity seems to have taken hold pretty good.

Social Engineering Through Lawbooks.

Social Engineering at work…

Dangerous Social Engineering Through Political Correctness.

Teaching it in schools??

Doping the young with political correctness and social engineering.

Doping Is Allowed In School But Not Sports.

You’d think progressives would have a huge problem with it. Never underestimate the media mind control. For that matter, what’s progressive about forcing transgender bathrooms? Just the opposite, we see the negative impact outweigh any sort of benefit. Of course, I’m speaking socially. I’m speaking about society. It doesn’t need legislation. It governs itself over time. If you don’t want transgenders in your restaurant or business, that should be your right. It’s your business. If you start to lose business because of that, you may change your mind, or not. But, it’s still your choice. These changes should happen under free will. They shouldn’t happen because someone wants to legislate it, or someone’s going to cancel their concert. That’s not freedom of choice…Bruce, Bryan Adams, Adam Levine. In other words, that someone wanted to create the law is absurd. Frankly, who pays that much attention to who enters or leaves a bathroom, (unless it has a reputation to begin with)? Forced behavior defies any and every sort of freedom. It’s not that anyone should be biased, disrespectful or openly nasty but, when you are shoving it in peoples’ faces, you’re doing the same thing. Censorship, taking things out of context, making judgments that should be made by people in general and not because you have the power of the media. All are examples of those who don’t care about YOUR freedom. Fight back, say something rude, defiant, go against the grain, or be a sheep. But, Master P.O. Poe will call you a sheep and don’t you forget it. Grasshopper!