Too Many Labels, Not Too Smart

Set the control to ‘labels’, I mean self-destruct.

(updated, Monday, August 14, 2017)

Does anyone notice the extensive use of labels by the media?

(updated, Sunday, August 13, 2017)

And now, a message from the Catholic corner: Let us try not to use labels. Why? There was an editorial I read that carried that message from the Catholic Free Press. I had been saying this since the early days of the
Bush administration. I’m always glad to repeat it because I know, firsthand,how destructive they are. I was not a big fan of the Bush administration. I’m still not, and much more informed about it. But, being in the South, I was
a communist, a Massachusetts liberal, a welfare lover , etc.,etc. Unbelievably,a lot of people put stock in that. That’s what I was, an overnight abomination. I didn’t consider myself any of those things. I wasn’t even keen on politics, as most people in the South were, (are). Are you a “Catholic?” I was a labeled Lib. I was Libby’s, Libby’s, Libby’s on the label, label, label. So, you know I’d never eat at your table, table, table. I was extremely annoyed to say the least. Who the hell were these people? To that point, I joked I was voting for John Kerry to return the favor. Ohhhhhh, my conservative company mates did not see the joke. Bad, bad, bad. It was all so stupid…so stupid. I didn’t respond to much of the crap anymore, but, I would be lying if I said my resentment didn’t cut deeply.

Any-who, back to the editorial.–It stated that we are not uni-dimensional, you should not blast away family and friends because of this one thing that can easily become the basis of the relationship. How could these people know there may be many areas where they’d agree? As I said, the resentment cut deep. I wasn’t making any apologies or becoming a gun-toting conservative, or even willing to talk seriously about a single thing. With labels, we are creating this all-encompassing, uni-dimensional block with which to relegate a person. But, the longer I was in the South, the more I understood it.  The fears they have are real.  Where they come from, their environment is a large part of who they are.  We were viewing each other through a prism of ignorance, brains minus intelligence. Returning to live in Massachusetts, a lot of things were not as I remembered. A lot of the things I would have called Social Justice had gone too far. When any kind of line of reasoning has to be backed by things that aren’t really true, or seem to be deceitful, I can’t get behind it. That was what I started seeing come from Obama, almost repeatedly,and with our lovely governor in tow. Obama wasn’t the cure for racial tensions, he was the kick starter of a new era of ‘imagined’ racism, a new Civil Rights. Every speech he gave, he was going for Martin Luther King. What I saw was another loser with a grandiose vision of himself. But, I knew our social engineers would play it for everything it was worth..and will be  into the future. His initiated executory movements of so-called justice are making sure the hatred continues. More has been added to the robbing of Peter to pay Paul syndrome. It’s a system that benefits one group at the expense of the others. Do you really, in your heart of hearts, believe that will make things more equal? I can tell you after forty years or more of it, the answer is an emphatic “NO!” It’s a boon to the NAACP, the ADL, the Urban League, etc.,etc. etc.  You see; they NEED racism. The fixes they come up with are always sure to guarantee it continues. “If I had a son, he would be like Trayvon.” He knows by saying that, he is playing the game. He wants no equality.  He lies.  The news completely replayed the notion that the whole incident wouldn’t have happened if Trayvon wasn’t black.  Not true.  The incident wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t a thief in the neighborhood. You see, I can speak firsthand to that as well.   To boot, the notion from law enforcement is ‘we can’t do anything.’ You create a situation of me against you. I will defend myself no matter who you are, what color, creed or religion.  Those, sitting back and waiting for the inevitable, (politicians and pundits), will weigh-in later with that stuff.  This, and other things, became part of my Southern experience.  Southerners are correct; those not from the South don’t know the South.  We put the whole of the Southeast into the racist pool and that’s who they all are.  It’s not who they are, but it seems they have been forced to go against that interpretation for the last century and a half.  The irony is 99.9% of them didn’t own slaves, it was always those laying the claim of ‘white people,’ in fact, the very people who’s relatives did own slaves.  Why would they do that?  Aren’t they “white?”  First, not in my book they aren’t.  Second, fiat money is a powerful tool.  They are owned by it.  Like powerful blacks, and other groups-no race comes between them and their money-not even their own.  Thirdly, I have no doubt in my mind these arrogant murderers of their own believe they are doing good.   But the Southerners, they are defensive and suspicious.  All this has been done by a few labels.  It is really too, too bad. Our shared knowledge would carry us so much further.  Take note, when you watch the ‘alleged’ news, how ONE-SIDED it is.  They call it ‘editing.’  They are deceivers.  They are very, very deceitful.  Satan is real.  Satan is all around you every day.  The original sin was one done through deceit.


Looking back, the whole tenseness of the situation was so unnecessary. But, it’s up to you. How many levels do you have, or are you that very uni-dimensional person who “labeled” me? To classify, judge and condescend from the get-go or a lack of experience, is therefore dangerous.

Now, to the left, I see the same with the “anti-fa,” and the “fascist,” and the “far right,” and the “racist,” and the “xenophobe,” etc., etc.,etc. etc.   If the left is no different, how is it better?

As the article concludes, and I would whole-heartedly agree, though our convictions are strong, our understanding may not be. Emotions often squelch truth. Emotions are both beautiful and ugly. Try to stick to that beauty. Try to see how to connect. You can be so right about your stance, but so wrong about the person you’re imposing it on. The system has deteroriated around us. It may be the right’s fault. It may be the left’s fault. I believe in balance whereby it can be neither’s fault, but the truth still has to be reconciled. Life is chronic; There are things you’d like to see that will never be, meaning the health of your world after several meaningless battles, will never be as you envision.  If we seek balance, tolerance and understanding, we may at least get a world that is held in check.  We may at least get a world everyone can live with.  Looking at the left and right throughout history, and getting to the truth, you realize how destructive both are at their extremes.  It’s not a fair, may-the-better-man win, kind of competition;  it’s win at any cost–and it has had a cost–a rather large one.

Young people are impressionable. Clearly, the ones wielding the wands have strong input into early lives. These young people have a right to be angry. Capitalism is clearly failing. It is losing its balance and making us start to look like those dictatorial powers. The only difference is those reaping the rewards, (and who didn’t see this coming? If Mr. Reagan didn’t help this imbalance come about, he sure heralded its timing.), the global corporations and billionaire elitists did.  I’m totally with the left on the wage gap, healthcare, opportunity, and so on. The remedy being provided is being provided through the corporations, the banks and all they control, (the politicians). They don’t believe in capitalism. What am I saying? They don’t. They continually use their wealth to scheme and undermine and payoff those that betray us. They say things with complete conviction that they know are out-and-out lies.  I saw a video of Lord Rothschild speaking about the Balfour Declaration as if it was the most foolish undertaking.  But, you see, it is addressed to his family!  It is the good news to him and his.  I swear, lying is a first language for these people.  But, full on communism is not the answer. The divide-and-conquer strategy is a communist strategy; Lenin, Trotsky, Rosa Luxemberg,  Bela Kun, all played that game for everything it was worth. They got you to do their dirty work so later they could do it to you themselves. These are things they admitted and laughed about.  The so-called Black Flag, (or whatever), group in Germany had better learn that before they wind up like the millions of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, who were starved to death, if they weren’t used for target practice.

Consequently, is that guy defending the Trump immigration policy really racist? Perhaps, he is just someone who sees these corporatists playing out their global strategy, which is NOT to raise the standard of living for others, as they claim, and you can easily find this out by seeing how much they pay them.  It is clearly to destroy the lives of those who have a reasonable standard of living. Included are people getting wealthy off their victimhood organizations, La Raza, NAACP.  They have to create what is not only not there, they have created it in the opposite direction. They are destroying the lives of those they pretend to defend as well as everyone else’s.

You need to look for the truth before you go jumping on anyone’s band wagon. Don’t waste your life in a confused state. That is the tool of the Great Deceiver.

” the truth will set you free.”-John,8:32. …and that is the truth. People are definitely searching for it, and now, as in the past, it is time again to frame the Bible, and our entire history, as the enemy, with Hollywood giving us our
history lessons.  It will alleviate your anxieties.  It will give you more control over the future.  You need the truth…every one of you.