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Whew! Endless headlines. Absolutely, just from the beginning of the year!

Fakeness, Fakeness, Fakeness

Fri 9/14/2018 1:17:58 AM

9/13/2018 10:00:14 PM

Palestinian fake news slanders murdered rabbi

Abolition of fake news laws delayed in Malaysia; Singapore still awaits government report

In Kenya, it’s not fake news, it’s fake dues

Nadia Hussain Called Out A Producer For Spreading Fake News And Her Fans Love Her For It

In Malaysia, You Can Still Be Charged for Spreading ‘Fake News

Google’s chief economist talks tech backlash, fake news and taxation

Mayor hits out at ‘fake news‘ blighting Adani coal mine

Keep fake news law at your own risk, DAP man tells Opposition senators

Teen ‘billionaire’ who Photoshopped Trump photo under investigation for ‘fake news

Charlatans propagate fake news about dams fund on social media

Rejection of Anti-Fake News Act repeal goes against people’s will: Liew

Fake News? Independent Candidate Gets Curious Coverage from Kansas City Star

Yell ‘Fake News‘ at Hurricane Florence is an event on Facebook, among others

Sun 9/9/2018 6:14:34 PM

Goldman Sachs CFO: Recent Reports About Crypto Trading Desk Are ‘Fake News

Mailbag: Defining what is ‘fake news‘ (Sept. 6)

Bitcoin Trading Desk: Goldman Sachs CFO Says Speculation Is ‘Fake News

Fake news is about to get so much more dangerous

What You Can Do To Stop Fake News, Ads: Boycott

Fake news‘ vs. Real news: How to tell the difference

Goldman Sachs CFO calls speculation about the bank’s bitcoin trading activities ‘fake news

‘Iran Created Fake Hebrew News Sites in International Influence Policy Campaign’

Opinion | Fake medical news online puts your child’s health at risk

Israeli firm accuses Iran of using fake news website to influence public opinion

Caller Blasts White House Whistleblower’s Attack On Donald Trump As “Fake News

Sweden swamped with fake news ahead of election

Nigerian media using fake news against Buhari Minister

Signs brand Miss America boss Gretchen Carlson as ‘So Fake

Cyber firm says Iran-run sites target Israelis with fake news

Fri 8/24/2018 4:17:21 PM

Fri 8/24/2018 3:07:22 PM

Nancy Follender: Thanks for joining fight against ‘fake news

Asean journalists call for media to help lead battle against fake news

Defence against the dark arts: giving ‘fake news‘ the boot

Reversed sequence of photos used to spread fake news about Malaysian PM Mahathir

Did Fox News Discuss the ‘War on Christmas’ While Other Networks Covered Michael Cohen’s …

Iran’s Social Media Propaganda Campaign Was Bad at Both Propaganda and Social Media

This fake news detection algorithm outperforms humans

Long Before Facebook, The KGB Spread Fake News About AIDS

Trump accuses 80 per cent of the media of being ‘fake news‘ and ‘the enemy of the people’ and …

Roque: People spreading ‘fake news‘ should hang themselves

Facebook pulls hundreds of accounts pushing fake news, begins rating user trustworthiness

Researchers claim new algorithm beats humans at spotting fake news

Facebook continues to fight fake news with user ‘trust scores’

Fri 8/17/2018 3:17:35 PM

An MPP has apologized for using the term ‘fake news.’ That’s progress

Herald Editorial: The Daily Herald is not ‘fake news

Factbox: Trump on Twitter (Aug 16) – Dollar, Fake News, Boston Globe

New Malaysian government repeals ‘fake news‘ law

EDITORIAL: Fake News rhetoric needs to stop

Trump labels ‘fake news media’ the ‘opposition party’ as newspapers denounce his rhetoric

New Malaysian government repeals law banning ‘fake news

More than 300 US newspapers run editorials promoting press freedom after Trump attacks on media

US newspapers unite against Donald Trump’s ‘fake news‘ rhetoric

Malaysian parliament throws out law against ‘fake news

Op-Ed: Fake news, child psychology, and fixes for fake news?

Checking President Trump’s claims of “fake news“: George Rodrigue

Parliament passes bill to repeal Anti-Fake News law

US Newspapers Hit Back At Donald Trump Over ‘Fake News‘ Claims

Nearly 350 US newsrooms run editorials denouncing Trump’s attacks on ‘fake news

Trump vs news media: 350 organisations condemn US president in coordinated fightback

Fake News” is an unfounded charge; but American media does need to cut the euphemisms

Fri 8/10/2018 9:52:31 AM

The abortion legalization movement in Argentina gets a boost of global solidarity

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is the Poster Boy for Silicon Valley Delusion

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey won’t ‘succumb’ to outside pressure, ban Alex Jones and InfoWars

Ilves: Russo-Georgian War exposed Western misconceptions about Russia

Why it is time to rewrite the rules of business and innovation

European Championships 2018: Katarina Johnson-Thompson faces Nafissatou Thiam

New world order of biotech cotton on the horizon

Ian Bremmer: Donald Trump threatening world order

Donald Trump Jr joins backlash against Alex Jones, Infowars ‘purge’

Pat Buchanan: Are globalists plotting a counter-revolution?

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Prejudices aside, give ED a chance

Initiative’s Srgio Brodsky on the new world order of agencies


Sun 8/12/2018 9:26:33 PM

Sun 8/12/2018 8:25:39 PM

‘I’m allowed to care about this country just as much as anybody else’: Trump’s ‘fake news‘ CNN …

Commentary: Trump’s lies and cries about fake news are bad for America

WhatsApp might be getting a dedicated team to fight fake news in India

Column: On Fake News and Dangerous Falsehoods

Gutfeld and Tom Shillue Discuss the Fake News Media

Not #fakenews: Twitter jokesters Adweak really merged with Hour One Agency

Jega advocates stiffer laws against fake election results

Lies, gibberish and the dangerous evolution of “fake news

Review: ‘Dark Money’ is opposite of fake news

One-Third of Americans Think News Media Is the Enemy of the People, Poll Shows

Malaysia acts to overturn ‘repressive’ fake news law

Trump predicts ‘giant Red Wave,’ claiming fresh victory streak for endorsed candidates

Fri 8/3/2018 11:04:41 AM

Lisa MacLeod, Ontario Minister, Calls Reports She Broke A Promise ‘Fake News

Lisa MacLeod, Ontario Minister, Calls Reports She Broke A Promise ‘Fake News

Trump says only “FAKE NEWS” is the “enemy of the people”

Trump clarifies that only a ‘large percentage’ of media is ‘enemy of the people’ after rebuke from …

Trump says only ‘fake news,’ not all media, are ‘enemy of the people’

POTUS Closes Gap With Ivanka: Only ‘FAKE NEWS‘ Is ‘Enemy Of The People’

Donald Trump Clarifies: The ‘FAKE NEWS‘ Is the ‘Enemy of the People,’ Not All Media

Trump Weighs in on Ivanka’s Rebuke of His Anti-Media Rhetoric: ‘Fake News‘ is ‘Enemy of the People

President Trump’s spokeswoman declines to say if press is ‘enemy of the people’ during combative …

Shelton Democrats sponsor forum on ‘Fake News‘ Wednesday, Aug. 8

In the Age of Trump and Fake News, We Talk Propaganda With Cal State Fullerton Professor …

Fake News: Journalist Who Promoted False Stories Prevented from Leading State Broadcaster

2019: Conference on fake news holds in Nigeria next week

Maddy Report for Sunday, Aug. 5| Fake News & Info Illiteracy

Fact-checking in the era of fake news with Snopes founder David Mikkelson

Angelina Jolie Reaction To Jennifer Aniston InStyle Interview Is Fake News

Sat 7/28/2018 6:11:14 PM

Zuckerberg arms Facebook for ‘fake news‘ battle as elections near

For the Trump White House, Even the Weather Has Become Fake News

People are bad at spotting fake news. Can computer programs do better?

Russian Government Decides To Stamp Out ‘Fake News‘ At Home, Presumably Leaving Export …

“When Big Trees Fall”: Ravi Shankar Prasad’s Jab At Congress On Fake News

Ravi Shankar Prasad Goes Tough On Fake News But Soft On Postcard

Climate change denial video gets millions of views despite being fake news

Most People Think They Can Spot Fake News, Poll Shows

Facebook faces another reckoning over fake news

Social media platforms must provide tech solutions to filter fake news: Prasad

Social media platforms must provide tech solutions to filter fake news: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Fake news: safety measures by WhatsApp inadequate, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

Amaechi Vs Oshiomhole, fake news Organisation

NATO wants you to battle fake news with its new Facebook game

Once again, ‘fake news‘ decried by Donald Trump turns out to be true

Science Says Fake News Is Winning. Here’s How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Fight Back

Fri 7/20/2018 10:29:19 AMy

US-North Korean ‘Stalemate’ Nothing but ‘Fake News‘ CCTV Commentator

Deoleo Fights Back Against ‘Fake News

Zuckerberg Looks To ‘Clear Up’ Stance On Facebook, Fake News And The Holocaust

Zuckerberg Looks To ‘Clear Up’ Stance On Facebook, Fake News And The Holocaust

Report links major Macedonian fake news site to American conservatives; creator under investigation

Fight fake news with verifica TIO n, SAys Africa Check

Trump renews attack on ‘fake news media’ coverage of Putin summit

Trump Calls Fake News The Real Enemy Of The People

French Law Against Fake News Put Democracy in ‘Uncomfortable Position’ Senator

Trump calls ‘fake news‘ media ‘the real enemy of the people’ over Putin summit

Trump calls ‘fake news‘ media ‘the real enemy of the people’

Zuckerberg clarifies statements on treatment of fake news

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg believes Holocaust deniers and fake news sites belong on the …

Trump: ‘Fake News Media’ wants US to go to ‘war’ with Russia

Zuckerberg clarifies statements on treatment of fake news

Social media service providers to identify fake news handles: Rajnath Singh

The big picture: Entire countries are in the fake news game

Facebook’s battle against fake news reaches Mexico ahead of July 1 election

Fake News: Iconic crying migrant girl was never separated from mother, says father

Facebook’s battle against fake news now extends to Mexico

Facebook’s battle against fake news has gone global. In Mexico, a handful of vetters try to keep …

An Echo Press Editorial: The best way to deal with fake news

Time’s crying girl photo controversy, explained

Eyeo Launches Browser Extension To Tackle Fake News

Time cover backlash: Magazine stands by illustration of crying girl next to Trump


Jennifer Lopez Spreads Fake News About the Border

The ‘New York Times’ Invites You to Fight Fake News with This $300 T-Shirt

The John Travolta Gotti movie is waging a Trump-style war on critics

Cabbages & Kings: Don’t be taken in by fake news

Time defends cover with viral photo of crying immigrant girl

Trump Wins Off of ‘Fake News Media Cycle’: ‘Outnumbered’ Takes on Melania’s ‘Don’t Care’ Jacket

Now THIS is fake newsE gets DRAGGED for ‘standing by’ blatant immigration LIE on their cover

Kids in cages: The fake news that made child separation a big story

PCOO launches machinery to help counter fake news, disinformation

Crying immigrant girl on Time magazine cover was never separated from her mom, father says

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