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Logikblog – March 6, 2019

What the hell?   Just a personal feeling;  these Cohen testimonies should make us feel like a backward nation.  Not feeling it?  Then tell me why every time I’m at the mall, I can’t bear to bring myself into a Banana Republic anymore.  This is backward.  Drop it.  Move on.  I have a better idea;  Let’s have a great big Roman arena.  The US Congress can sit out in the middle and carry on with their stupidities.   I’ll be in charge of whuppin’ up the lions.  We’ll have two Caesars. One for the left, one for the right.  Whoever whups it up the best for one minute, we’ll let them continue, or let loose the lions.  Of course, I have an itchy trigger finger, I must warn you. 

In any case, I know I’m behind again.  Too many distractions.  So onward; a new Fast Company, a new New Yorker, and a new Wall St. Journal.  AND! renewed headlines.  More pieces getting written.

Go try one now.  Also, the older stuff will come down and new stuff come up.  The “Creature From Jekyll Island,” will be put up in entirety because it is very important.  Consider that you are near 60 years old and you never knew about any of this stuff.   But, when you look at the truth and the many, many P.H.d.’s and scholars silenced along the way… Then, there’s a whole host of people in the mainstream who scoff it.  Always consider what the stakes for each individual person might be.  They aren’t the Gospel.  They don’t even believe in the Bible.  That’s another falsity.  But, they are fooling you and you can easily see it if you know what to look for.  Let’s get with it, shall we?  I’m happy to help.  I won’t make fun of you.