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This is most definitely someone we need to keep an eye on for a while.  The RACE CARD is everything this woman is about, while we take more and more different races in.  But, it’s not really about race, and she knows it as much as her handlers;  It’s about the destroying the history and origins of this country.  Not all the history is good.  Not all the origins are good.  But, it should be a non-issue because the same goes for all countries.  I mean really?   This woman is a fraud;  she acts black but she’s not.  Her family has no history in this country and she acts like it does.  She claims no opportunity while it seems she’s been given a lot of opportunity for a first generation American.  She cries about segregation and then goes to an all-Black college.  Is this woman for real?  Anyone buying into this lady needs an education.

Mon 16/09/2019 17:35:32

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