Hardened Democrats Stoic at State of the Union

State of the Union much more entertaining than Obama could hope for.

They sat United in their state of dis-Unity. Given their orders by the billionaires who run the UN, (the ones Forbes doesn’t even publish), they get ready to jump on the immigration issue and wail against the truth.

State of Dis-Union

More, more, more,..(how d’ya like it? How d’ya like it?)
Pete and Re-Pete got in the boat.
Haven’t seen this before . Haven’t heard it either. These are the people who don’t think you mind living on a spindle. Why shouldn’t they? What does it take to get you mad? Uh, oh. Here come the feminists, the dreamers and the race-baiting bitches and bastards. Shouldn’t a said nuthin’.

Well, once again, another State of the Union with the doggies on display, with the anecdotal point makers, eggcederee, eggcedere. This time, the Democrats play the side that doesn’t cheer, wants no part of the message, wants to show the sullen faces. And of course, the rhetoric about walls and immigration was red meat for the left. Racist, racism, race. The Democrats are the bigger players for our corporate masters. They’ll play out this race lie for all it’s worth. And, what is it worth? Murder and mayhem. An infrastructure that has been stretched for decades, schools and hospitals that take in fee-free folks, obliterating what an emergency room is, and totally changing the dynamics of schools. We are racist, though the population has doubled with immigrants in a few short decades. The US takes in 14X more people than the next country, (Canada). If they were the real humanitarians they professed, they would try to stem the flow of refugees where they originate. Nooooo. The war budget says no. The corporations and banks say no. They would try to institute demilitarized zones in the countries we’re always involved in, for whatever reason, oh yah, terrorists. So, they bring them here? Then, they try to demonize the people who worry about the great European cultures that built this country?. (Don’t say anything or you’re a racist.) They quietly just drop a lot of these people in places with no vote, no discussion, no media attention. This is all their doing. They are committing a silent genocide against European cultures. We Europeans fight for America, that’s why we defend the flag over some extremely questionable moral dilemma. We fight the real enemy; this fraudulent group of people called the Federal government. That’s why they demonize us every way they can. And so, the next day, the NYT, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Slate, Root, Globe, CNN, MSNBC, etc.,etc. Referred to Trumps’ crowd as the ‘alt-right’ and ‘white supremacist.’ One would like to ask if they know what ‘supremacist’ means. Yes, despite what we see day after day after day in our cities, they see no crime. We’re all seeing things. We are. We’re seeing facts. These rags don’t know the difference, so we’ll say opinions. We’ll say the people keeping the numbers are just stating opinions. Oh, but what if it’s you’re rag that’s saying it? Well, here’s a few of the lesser known, the defenders of the faith, who aren’t ‘White Supremacists,’ they are Americans, founded on American principles, allowing immigration, but not to the point it disturbs those principles, or the security of the nation as a whole:

Opine One/

Opine Two
..another on cities

Opine Three

Opine Four

Opine Five

Opine Six

Opine Seven

Opine Eight

Opine Nine

Opine Ten

Opine Ten

Opine Eleven

Opine Twelve

Opine Thirteen

Opine Fourteen

Opine Fifteen

Opine Sixteen

Opine Seventeen

Opine Eighteen

Opine Nineteen

How far will these murdering corporate communists go? They’ll go all the way unless you boycott them, speak up and create the whale. Defy them at every corner. Consolidate and band together as Americans. ‘God Bless the United States of America?’ Yes, but their god is Satan. Over and out.


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