LogikBlog – Reason from Chaos.

Chaos rules the world.  It is not good.  Chaos is a benefit to some.  Not us.  Make a decision in your own mind to find common ground with everyone who is different on most things.  Find it with your enemies.  Just find it.


Let me see. How do we get from chaos to reason? I’m not going to break any IQ scales with this, but I believe we all have to start getting along. How can it not be easy to see this? Also, how can it not be easy, and I mean, real easy, to see that that’s exactly what the powers that be don’t want. If you can’t see, drop a comment below and I’ll help you. Go look at some news casts back in the 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s. Was there any daily talk about the white supremacists? black supremacists? refugees and border people, even? There was some. I mean, there was SOME. It wasn’t a daily thing like it is now. Then we elected a black guy as president and things went whoosh.
Think about it. Think about every left candidate who’s going to stop raising ire in the Mid East. All of them. How many actually do it? None of them. For the younger people, who I would want a better life for, all colors, races, creeds, etc., you can go along with these people who are spinning your wheels. I can tell you now, there’s a scratch in the record and no one is willing to move the needle. This is a cat door. Only you can make it the doors to the Cathedral. There are no ideological hard lines here. There is the truth. What do the courageous do? They seek it no matter what side or to whose benefit. That’s virtue. That’s sacrifice. That is what would not be easy for anyone. Only 2 ways to go. Over and out.