The Fifth Founding Principle of the Founders of the United States of America

Faith of Our Founding Fathers

There’s a rather wonderful book out there called ” The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World” and it deals with the principles of freedom that were adhered to by our Founding Fathers.


The most basic principle is actually listed as Principle # 5: ” The Role of the Creator” ( Skousen, W. Cleon: ” The 5000 Year Leap,” pp. 95- 101). This is where we see that God is seen as the most basic Foundation of all being. The Founders realized that there is a God in Heaven who directs the affairs of mankind and Who, quite simply, governs the universe He created through Natural Law, while He has revealed to humanity how we are to comport ourselves in a way pleasing to Him.

So, the builder is bound to be infinitely superior to the things that He has built, right? John Locke tells us that we can be as sure that there is a self- conscious God as we are sure of our own existence simply by recognizing the complexity with which this universe was created ( p. 96).

We are, all of us, created in the Image of God and therefore we must surely realize that there are certain traits that we are to have in common with Him, such as compassion, love and a sense of justice. Anybody truly putting his/ her reason to use can easily surmise not only the existence of the Creator, but His active involvement in the affairs of Man ( p. 97).

As God has this sense of justice, He has given man a moral code by which he is to model his life. William Blackstone ( 1723- 1780), a professor at Oxford University in England, lectured on the impact of Christian ethics on English Law and reasoned that because God is necessarily loving and benevolent, and because He has this sense of Divine Justice, that He has given us rules to live by: ” laws of revelation and laws of nature are those two laws on which depend the entirety of human law,” he stated ( pp. 98-9).

Washington and Madison, two of our Founding Fathers, would have agreed readily and they also would have pointed out God’s involvement in human affairs. God is seen as the One Who granted the colonists victory in their war against the British and as the One Who guided the hands of those who would shortly establish their new Constitutional government ( pp 99-100).

Want Money?  You work for us.

Last year, Chucky Duck raised 23 mil. Spent it all, too. How do you do that? Oh, and look who supports him; Wall Street and all the lawyers who have several dishonest side industries for getting people into the country and getting them money, at the expense of taxpayers. More likely, the Nativists who sweat blood and tears and have a vested interest. It’s like a reward and punishment system; rewards for coming here and doing nothing. And punishment, for just being a lifelong citizen with generations invested. And, we know who the primary target of this debauchery is, oh yes we do.

As a nation, we have largely banished God from our National Conversation and have enacted laws that have been twisted by some in such a way as to give the impression that not only are Church and State separate, but somehow they’re actually opposed. See how quick the American Civil Liberties Union is to publicly chastise individuals and groups who do not fit into the atheistic elite’s agenda. One can now lose one’s job simply by discussing matters of faith with the wrong people. See how God has punished us as a nation for all this implicit blasphemy.

Poverty is soaring, people get less return for the work they put in and the only winners seem to be the top 1%, who so happen to be running our country and claim to represent our interests. Christianity, with our current presidential administration, is starting to peek out of the shadows, despite the furious attempts of Secularists to swap it back in. Instead of mocking and ostracizing people of faith, perhaps we should point a few things out to our unbelieving brethren. Reason and faith are indeed compatible, for one.

This writer might argue that one cannot validly exist without the other. To bring God back into the conversation, we will have to be honest with ourselves and each other ( as were the Founding Fathers) and to bring God back into politics. Again, our current administration is beginning to do this, but the conversation must begin at a grassroots level, among family, friends and neighbors. We have a unique opportunity during this time period to use our technology to further the conversation.

Respect and honor go hand in hand. Honorable people are bound to respect their neighbors and to hear them out. Our society has become a mewling asylum of lunatics who want to talk, but who have no time to listen Days of Rage. . See how quickly communication drops in favor of a physical response when the conversation gets too heated. In the early days of our Republic, people would discuss, exchange ideas and weigh them on objective merit, accepting and discarding what they chose New England Town Meetings. .

If we are in the Image of God, then so therefore must our neighbor be. If we would be heard out ourselves, we must be willing to give the other side a hearing. The Creator does continue to guide history and some day, once all this secularism becomes obsolete, we will be ready to repent of our national sins regarding God and neighbor and begin building again, following the example of our Creator, Who never stops creating.