Faith and Work: Facing New Stress Everyday

Dante's Inferno

By putting you through Hell!

Faith versus the daily grind: It’s been ( oddly enough) a hellish couple of weeks at work for me. We are understaffed and therefore, the human resources have been taxed very nearly to their limit. I am called in to work on my day off and it’s excessively busy. It’ll look good on my paycheck, but I’m drained. So, we see the daily grind.. work, have those over you try to overemploy you by refusing to hire new workers, have bill collectors try to snatch what little money you do make and thereby make your day to day life that much more difficult.

It’s easy for a small, often taken for granted and yet absolutely essential element of life to get buried under the pile of day to day concerns, fears, frustrations and emotional exhaustion that accompanies stressful situations. That element of life, of course, is faith. Faith that God will order all things for your good. Faith that no matter how bleak things may seem to be, the Lord will carry you through the valley of what, in these days, has truly become the valley of the shadow of death. Attending church is one way of feeding your faith in a corporate way. I choose to worship with people in a small Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod congregation. I also choose to take advantage of optional ministries, such as the Rite of Confession and Absolution when the need arises.

Yesterday was probably a nadir of days I had at work so far this year. I kept making my own mistakes, aggravating customers who were apparently none too pleased to see me at my station in any event ( I understand why. These are urban people who don’t know me and yet may resent the fact that somebody like me would be doing a job they’d feel one of their own people would do either as well, or better). I should have refused to go in, but I supposed that it wouldn’t be a good strategic idea ( until I have a better job, I’d better stick with what I know, right?) and so in I went. It was chaotic, undermanned and desperate.

This morning, a day I am scheduled to go into work an hour earlier than normally, I decided to have a serious discussion with the Almighty about my situation during my morning devotions ( Morning Prayers, Bible study, prayer, Book of Concord reading). My prayer took the form of invocation, praise, petition, more praise and after that, I said the Rosary, while meditating on the Glorious Mysteries for the intentions of my own sanity, conduct and faith, while including similar intentions for my coworkers.

I do not presume to know how the Lord will address my prayers, or how they will be answered today, but I do know that I’ll be addressing today, at least, from the standpoint of faith. No matter how the day unfolds, I will have the Risen Christ reigning in my heart and I’ll be able to ( by the grace of God) to choose the better part every one of those hours I work tonight. I hope that everyone who reads this, in their own situations can remember that no matter what happens, our parents gave us a set of values to live by and there would often be a religious base for those values. Sitting back, if even for a moment and remembering what we’ve been given might make the harsh realities of daily life a bit more bearable.