Editorial : Animal Abuse

What’s Going On With All The News About Animal Abuse

Happy, not abused.

Isn’t it about time we tried to approach all this animal abuse stuff? The blog offers all due apologies but, we have tried to get those passionate about this subject to write about it and that offer is still open. Meanwhile, the news of the day seems to include more and more of the abuse of animals by humans. When it’s some thug kid or some non-caring adult, we lash out at them. We call them sick, retarded, soulless, and the endless array of harsher words. And, you know what? I approve of it. Only, I approve of it in a good way because there is definitely something very wrong with the person and they should be immediately subjected to some kind of psychological test. When you practice violence against a docile animal that can’t defend itself, it just screams of psychological problems. For instance, how about empathy? In other countries, even when used for food, there seems to be some form of masochistic violence, malice and callousness that is used in extinguishing the animal’s life which makes one wonder how much they value life at all.

Human Abuse Linked to Cruelty to Animals

So, really, why? What about the religious types that think their animals must be slaughtered in a brutal and violent way? Well, you can teach someone that there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing just as easily as you can teach someone that it is wrong. So, it comes with their programming. It’s just what they do. My take is, in today’s world, there’s no need for such savagery and outdated methods from ancient times Today’s methods don’t seem to be so sane either. Then, each will complain their method is more the humane way. The real problem is we create a world filled with huge double standards. Children learn from adults. After a while, indifference sets in. We don’t like to dig into these things because we then realize that we are somewhat to blame, aren’t we? I’m to blame to but, once becoming aware of these things, I’ve been trying to fix them and calling out the double standard wherever it exists. Collectively, we have made life cheap while we make more and more arguments to protect life. These double standards just seem to get worse and worse as we race bait, defend cultures while we attack them, tell us not to discriminate against people while we use them for lower wages and promote quotas and preferential systems and politics reigns supreme. We constantly make those standout statements that don’t translate into reality. Double standards have a way of making everything less sacred. There is detachment that starts to cloud our thinking. Further, the promotion of self and individualism and greed as good, essential parts of living have an effect these business superstars don’t seem to address or consider; respect and dignity beyond self. Respect for others, their surroundings, their nurturing and respect for ALL life in general. Nobody has gotten anywhere in this world without the help of more people than they realize. Nobody has gotten anywhere in this life without Mother Nature’s help. Hence, there is a good deal of ignorance that goes with the self-promotional bull. Humility is in great NEED from what I’m experiencing. I don’t know about you.
The apple falleth not far
Teach your children by practicing what you preach.

So, you think I’ve gotten way off track. This is my reason for abuse as well as other things. There is a collective mental defect that needs to be reversed. The corporate world and their media surrogates are to blame for this. They view life as one big competition between individuals. It’s destroying this country fast. I don’t doubt for a second that the ones leading the charge are psychotic. But, WE must realize that our success is dependent on others’ success. We must learn to value others and show that life is a series of progressions and not one big race to the end. We could take several queues from our animal friends. They never take more than they need. The strong protect the weak. They protect each other. They respect the other animals’ domains and the only time they ever cross line is for food. They don’t kill for money or fun. They know what balance is and they practice it. We are even stealing that from these animals and we have no right.