Eat Your Own; The Elitists Plan; Branding Fascists

Fascists, Fascists, everywhere. Far Right, Alt-Right, Nazis, Hate, Hitler.

You say you aren’t going to get mad reading this. Since when has the whole dialogue about “White Supremacists” and Fascists been so popular in the media? Now, to disagree with your government is to be a racist and a Fascist. These are but labels. The left used to hate labels until they learned to use them better. You aren’t going to get mad reading this. But, you are. To the point: The following UK article of the US, (our countries borrow hate from one another), is what this blog is about-It’s FALSE, LIES. It’s about Double Standards. It’s about Immigration. It’s about Multi-Culturalism. It’s about the twist; the word twist-the insidious manipulation to make something sound like the opposite. The FREE SPEECH shutdown, the 2nd Amendment. But, mostly, it’s about the haves and the have nots. For people that don’t believe in the Club, (conspiracies!), their brains have already been trained. “We are patriots because we go along to get along.” Wrong! It’s funny how when something conspiratorial is more of a right/left argument, it’s more likely to be embraced. That’s because left/right is also part of the “hopeless” division. The immigration, the racism, the right/left, the tokens and the people who actually earned where they are. The law for this group and the law for that group, and the prosecutors admit it as if it’s legitimate. Things like “extenuating circumstances” come into play, whereby one murder gets a life sentence and one is out before you know it. Unequal under the law-Unconstitutional. Affirmative Action-Unconstitutional. Illegal Immigration-Unconstitutional. Citizens are now the enemy. If you don’t think this was all the planning of a coordinated group, with a language, a society, an ettiquette and rules all their own-if you don’t believe this-tell us what we can do to give you your mind back. The Club created Fascists in the first place.

Danger! Two people killed becdause of Nazis. Epidemic! The Rolling Stone thinks so.
Nazis, Nazis, Everywhere! All Two of Them.

The Rolling Stone is Corporate. It’s part of the Propaganda. It’s a family-shaming anything goes leftist rag to the hilt. I know; I read it, (past and present tense). It doesn’t portray reality. It portrays what reality it would like to see.
It was never Hitler. It was bankers in New York and London. When Hitler was useful, they called him “Man of the Year,” via Time Magazine.

I read a discussion about Russia’s criticism of the Royal Wedding. The article created a bunch of retorts by the brainwashed. “Russia is just jealous because they murdered their Royal Family,” “They shouldn’t talk because they murder children.” On and on. But, one such Alexander Solzhenitsyn states it wasn’t the Russians who initiated most of the dirty work. And, it wasn’t the Russians who actually murdered the Royal Family. Again, it was bankers and their hitmen. Yes, yes conspiracies. But, these are facts. The Revolution needed funding. Who gave it to them? Not the Tzar. Follow through on stuff like this. I always encourage learning what you can about the Russian Revolution. Why are we the ones already in position for the next war? You see how it becomes not left, not right, not black, not white. But, you have to believe all this nonsense so you can’t see what’s really going on.

That’s why we don’t see so much of the following stories. It doesn’t fit the overall narrative. In fact, it wasn’t even carried here. Three hate crimes. Three acts of “racially motivated” vandalism. You see, if there isn’t racism, you have to create it. Yet, the guy is given a fine???????? Remember what the Air Force officer said he’d do to anyone he caught defacing property with racism? Half a news piece; it was a hoax. What did the Air Force officer do to him? All I will say is he is certainly pushing Communism, hate, different times for same crimes, etc., and all with a sympathetic word to the poor victim. I don’t view an Air Force recruit with more protections than the others a ‘poor victim.’ How much do you want this to really play out? Think hard. How much does the average Joe control racial justice. He doesn’t. So, if they, (allegedly), still aren’t getting it, whose fault is that? It’s not the black guy, or the white guy. It’s the Club. Obama is a member. He used his color to preach all kinds of lies that stirred the masses. The Club used him. Who are the real racists? A $2000 fine? Not racially or politically motivated? Equal justice under the law? The real racists are the ones who wrote the article, gave the fine, and a non-hate judgement. Why? Because, be assured, they stir hate, and they stirred it here.

Eddie Dready

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