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‘Forgive us, we couldn’t save you’: Mourners pay tribute to Denis Ten at slain skater’s funeral

Iran supreme leader threatens to block all Gulf oil exports if its own are stopped

Newly discovered deep water fish named after Shark Lady (VIDEO, PHOTO)

US presidents talk peace, but never about social justice: Bolivias Morales to Correa on RT

Eritrea to send first ambassador to Ethiopia in two decades

Unreliable US should not be negotiated with Iranian supreme leader

Mattis slams authoritarian Turkey but still wants it to buy F-35 jets report

Gold to prove crucial hedge against next financial crisis analyst

Poster encouraging parents to shoot rabid children gets feature in UK govt. magazine

10 people, including 2 Russians, die in car crash in northwestern Ukraine police

Israeli tank targeted Palestinian outpost after militants broke through Gaza border

Trade war to accelerate decline of US empire as China & India dominance grows Dr. Doom Marc Faber

Death toll in Missouri duck boat accident rises to 17, including children

Yummy mummy: Over 4,000 people want to drink skeleton juice from Egyptian sarcophagus

CNN host Cuomo says Trump’s aversion to ‘fake news media’ means he hates America

Accused fraudster Browder claims GOP Congressman Rohrabacher ‘on Russia’s payroll’

S&P affirms Russia’s credit rating, says Moscow is able to weather new sanctions

Disney fires Guardians of the Galaxy director over tweets about pedophilia & rape

US releases $200mn in military aid to Ukraine

Israel & Hamas agree to ceasefire in Gaza Hamas spokesman

Are US media outlets repentant about reporting on DNC emails alleged hacked by the Russians? No

Lobbyists rejoice as US sells more arms in 6 months than in whole of 2017

Fresh face or red menace? Democrats split on Sanders-backed Ocasio-Cortez

Whoopi Goldberg lashes out at Fox News Jeanine Pirro, kicks her out from The View set & building

Is that Falkor? Hideous sea monster washes up on Maine shore (PHOTOS)

People voted: Italian interior minister confronts journalist who called Crimea referendum fake