New World Order

No Sovereignty

The WSJ for Today

30% of Russians see failed 1991 coup as national tragedy

PwC faces record $5.5bn lawsuit over mortgage underwriter collapse

Europol mission to target potential terrorists at Greek migrant camps

ISIS & Islamist groups in Germany recruit refugees, infiltrate mosques intel chief

Live from Lourdes: 25,000 pilgrims begin Assumption Day procession amid tight security

Let British jihadists go to Syria so they can die fighting – Labour MP

Ex-Premier League striker dies after being tasered by police

Corsica mayor bans burqinis after violent brawl sparked by Muslim swimwear

3 spectators shot during MMA event in south Russia

Spread of horror-movie zombie knives forces ban in England & Wales

France’s Total reportedly slashes 70% of Russian workforce

Nigel Farage aide held in US on money laundering, extortion & fraud charges

British military spends 91mn on advice while service families live in squalor

US nukes in Turkey vulnerable to terrorists & other hostile forces think tank

Chinese diver wins Olympic medal, gets wedding proposal (PHOTOS)

Russian stock market reaches historic high

Oh sh*t Cheeky baboon throws poop at two little girls (VIDEO)

Far-right group dressed as Muslims interrupts church mass in Australia

Russia will not use military force in reply to Kievs attempted terrorism in Crimea report

British MPs given Mossad self-defense training following Jo Cox murder

Laser scarecrows: Canadian farmers use high-tech wizardry to battle birds

Terminal at Nice airport briefly evacuated over suspicious luggage – reports

Russia set to become worlds biggest wheat exporter

5 dead, 20,000 rescued: Disaster declared for flood-ravaged Louisiana

Boris outfoxed? Johnson & Fox squabble over trade diplomacy remit

The Bankers Take Over.

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