We go forth…

The Constitution was an idea whereby people could govern themselves.  A lot of people point out that it was drafted by elitists, and that’s true.  But, see here’s the thing;  it’s the grand experiment.  You elect leaders to represent you.  You represent leaders who you want to represent the country.  As it was said, ‘Let’s see how long you can keep it.’  Well, new elitists come along, and huge corporations or powers which they befit.  They say you’re all fighting amongst yourselves, you can’t handle it.  We’ll take over, and to that extent, they have more influence over elections than you the people.  I would say let’s stop fighting about skin color, about power, about possessions, about different ethnicities and cultures fighting it out.   We have to find out where all our common ground is and share power and benefits, or at least a level playing field to them.  So, they don’t think you can do it.  But, we see how it is they’re doing, don’t we?

The recommendation of the court, (my court), is to spin back the re-writes, amendments and absolutely everything done to RE:interpret those good documents.    The swamp?   Completely clean it.  Hence, to go forth, we must go back a bit.