Death of a Pet

When an animal who has been a literal part of your family dies, a part of you dies with him or her. The grieving process is largely the same for an animal as it is for a human: denial, bargaining, anger and acceptance. These four stages accompany the most difficult fact of life that we […]

Is Robert Mueller Concerned About Poaching?

Still Going On While Our Elected Officials Are Still Perfecting Spending Another Four Years Doing Nothing….Except For Corporations The world is facing an upsurge in poaching and illegal trade in wildlife. The over-exploitation of wildlife, which includes trade (legal and illegal), human-animal conflict, hunting (legal and illegal) and collection, is the second greatest threat to […]

Add Your Concerns To Protect MA. Pets

Another great one from the ASPCA. Lobbying for MA. residents to protect animals across the state. You get to fill out without giving your life away. Thank you in advance:

Editorial : Animal Abuse

What’s Going On With All The News About Animal Abuse Isn’t it about time we tried to approach all this animal abuse stuff? The blog offers all due apologies but, we have tried to get those passionate about this subject to write about it and that offer is still open. Meanwhile, the news of the […]