Internet Freedom

 September 30, 2018 ”  Internet Freedom “I hate what you say but I respect your right to say it” Electronics & Gifts These days, internet freedom has taken on an entirely new meaning. There are ways to speak your mind on the internet without anyone knowing anything about you, and there are also ways to […]


The French Revolution

Revolution If history has taught us anything, it is to be smart and unwavering, and take heed of the vital events that are occurring. This is, of course, with great regard to who is behind the events, who is involved in participating in the events, and who will be directing the events in the future. […]

The Prison System In America

When it comes to the prison system in this country, there is no doubt that many would agree that there is quite a big problem. As it goes to show, the prison population in America is growing by exponential numbers each and every day, and there is no signs of it stopping anytime soon. According […]