Alternate History

  Winners write the history.  The only problem is the truth is more important.  Any time you read something, therefore, there must be an other  way people look at it.  Read that as well.   Napoleon lost.  Napoleon said that.  But, the French Revolution gave life to Napoleon.  The French Revolution should be required reading for any political science major.  But, there are differing opinions about wars, conquests, colonization, banks, justice and injustice, good guys and bad guys.  We need more of that opinion, and, we need to settle that here……Logikblog!

What actually happened?
Are we done writing it?

There are challenges.  But I dare say we can discern the difference.  Let those differences breathe so they can be debated and we can finally get the stories right.  So, if your elected(?) officials stifle free speech, your heart should sink, because you know they’d rather hide, dismiss outright, and lie, and have their boys at the network news poop on you rather than debate.  You, your friends, your family, your workmates, your acquaintances…..tell them speech should not be stifled.  I can honestly say YouTube isn’t taking down hate videos.  There are plenty of hate videos still up.  It’s just a matter of what hate is acceptable to them and what hate is not.  They’ll go with the hate that fits their narrative.