Violent, Unsolved, On The Rise.


When it comes to crimes, specifically murders, there is no doubt that a good amount do eventually get solved. An investigation begins, a culprit is sought after and found, and then after a period of time, he/she is finally brought to justice. But, what many people don’t realize is just how many crimes, specifically murders in the US, actually never get solved. Unsolved murders in this country are something of a mystery. A notorious plot for television shows and movies, and a topic of conversation for many. And, while this topic may seem lighthearted and entertaining, the truth is that this is a very serious issue, and tremendous problems arise because of it. Family members of murder victims are suffering because justice was never served, murderers are running free, and the society we live in is less safe because of investigators not being able to solve murders. So, the question remains, if solving murders is such an important and vital issue, why do so many murders in the US still go unsolved? And, why is it so difficult for the law system, a system that we are so familiar with in this country, to bring these hardened criminals to justice?

38% Of Murders Go Unsolved

In the US, it is said that today in the year 2018 and ever since the year 1995, the percentage of murders that get solved is about 62%. But, about 50 years ago, in the year 1965, it was said that over 90% of murder cases were solved, which is a huge jump from the somewhat low 62% success rate we have today. It is also said that ever since the 1960’s, over 200,000 murders have gone unsolved, according to Police attribute this decline in solving murder cases to the fact that we now live in a “no-snitch” culture, and the public is not helping police solve crimes like they use to. But, most people seem to disagree with this vague assessment.

In all actuality, the reasons why so many of these murders go unsolved today varies. Some people believe that it is because of “stranger on stranger” crime, which means that when the murder occurred, there were no connections to link anyone to anything relating to the murder in question. Stranger on stranger crime is actually quite difficult for investigators to understand because they are usually unable to locate the evidence needed to bring about any type of justice. Another reason why so many murders in the US go unsolved is because of preference, which sometimes includes a lack of funding for thorough investigations to occur, or more commonly, a strong lack of motivation on the part of law officials. One such example is if there was a high-profile individual versus a low-profile individual who was murdered, the majority of law officials would have more motivation and probably more funding to do an extremely thorough investigation of the murder of the high-profile individual, which means, they would probably be able to find the culprit in that case. This might sound extremely unfair, but this is the reality of how the justice system works in this country, it is motivated by factors that are not fair or just in many ways.

Law Officials And Lack Of Motivation

In all actuality, there is an intense amount of pressure that investigators, police officers, judges and the like face when dealing with various types of murders. If a murder affected other people who are still alive, then that would be some type of motivation that investigators would need in order to find the culprit. Conversely, when there are no victims who are still alive, or if there is not much “noise” surrounding the murder as a whole, investigators may face a difficult uphill battle staying motivated in order to solve such a murder case as that. To delve more deeply into this point, if someone was murdered and now their family is suing the state and making a lot of “noise”, which includes speaking to the media and hiring powerful lawyers, etc., the reality is that most investigators would have more motivation, probably more funding and even more encouragement from their superiors to conduct a thorough investigation, and be able to find out just who did commit the crime. Just like with anything else, the law system is comprised of human beings who answer to their superiors in the majority of cases. They are also human beings who are motivated by various factors, so it goes to show that lack of motivation and preference is a big part of why murders don’t get solved as often as they should.

Disposal Of Remains And Lifestyle Of Victim(s)

As anyone who understands the basics of murder, the evidence that usually brings a murderer to justice is primarily found in the body of the deceased. This is another big reason why so many murders go unsolved… the body just happens to be gone or cannot be found. Once an investigation starts, the main objective of investigators and law officials is to find the body of the victim. And, if no body can be found, that will make the entire investigation extremely challenging. There is no doubt that the body of the victim accounts for a bulk of the evidence in the investigation, so if the body simply cannot be found, the entire murder will likely go unsolved.

Lastly, a reason why so many murders go unsolved is because of the lifestyle that the victim led. This includes murder victims who happened to be involved in illegal activities such as drug-dealing, prostitution and theft. When the murder victim was involved in illegal activities, it can be difficult for investigators to understand just who the victim was in the equation and who was the one who commited the crime, especially if self-defense comes up as an issue. In many murder cases, suicide is also something that investigators must consider, and sometimes, investigators cannot tell the difference between a suicide and a murder, especially if the victim was not very well-known by family and friends, which means no one really knows if they had enemies, if someone murdered them, or if they killed themselves. It can sometimes be hard for investigators to discern. In many of these murder cases, understanding the reasonings behind the murder can be difficult to figure out, especially once money and sex are ruled out of the equation.


As it goes to show, there are many reasons why murders in the US go unsolved. There are concrete reasons such as lack of funding, lack of skills on the part of the investigator, lack of DNA evidence and more, but the reality is that in the majority of cases, unsolved murder cases have a lot to do with motivation. The motivation or the lack thereof of the officials in question to conduct a thorough investigation and find the culprit.

Law officials have time to do investigations on certain matters, so what do they choose to spend their time on? They spend their time on cases that either appeal to them, appeal to their superiors, or look good to the public. That’s just the reality.