Memorial Day, Corona-19, Summer; Let’s figure this out.

Starting With Memorial Day. Is Global Climate Change real? Yes. Period, end of subject. As someone who follows what is happening to our lands, our oceans and their inhabitants, things have changed over my lifetime. They have changed, though the warnings and the wake-up calls have gone on my whole ?? years. (I’m not telling you.) Is it man-made? Again, yes. The Poles are melting, Greenland has a serious unemployment problem with it’s dog-sled dogs. But, then, there’s what we can see and hear and feel, and I hope everyone’s trying a little bit. I cannot remember Memorial Day ever being quite so cool as it has been the past 3 years. It’s not funny, nor worth debating. I don’t care about the newscasts and their record keeping. They’re wrong. Our gracious leaders would like us to think we have no memory, in many areas. With me, it has been […]

Animal Cruelty, a Persistent & Sad Enduring Legacy

Why is Animal Cruelty Rising and How to Help There are a few things in this world that tug at your heartstrings in the worst way; something you just can’t bear to witness. One of those things for almost all of us is animal cruelty. Even though it appears cases of animal abuse are on the rise, the truth is actually a lot more troubling. In this article, we will talk more about animal cruelty, why it appears to be rising, and what you can do to help. Why is Animal Cruelty Rising? If you were to look at the statistics of animal cruelty, it would appear as if it’s on the rise. However, the truth is, we don’t really know. Before 2016, law enforcement listed animal abuse in the “other offenses category”; meaning there was no way to actually track the incidences. Thankfully, since then, law enforcement using the […]