The United States of America, An Overview

The United States of America has got to be the world’s model for the most disparate social, economic and ethnic groups working together for the good of a common homeland. Indeed, we are a nation of immigrants and those who fail to appreciate the opportunities that presents may easily find another place to live without fear of pursuit, capture and repatriation. However, for those of us who do appreciate the many blessings that this country provides, the possibilities are endless. Americans are people who descend from the earliest colonists from Britain, France and Spain, who descend from those indigenous peoples who have dwelt in this land since the dawn of history, who descend from the Great Migrations of the mid- 1800s and who descend from enslaved Africans. Americans descend from people who came out from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam for California’s Gold Rush and as refugees from war. Americans descend from Latino migrants and Americans are people who take and hold their citizenship close to their hearts, even if they are freshly minted Americans just back from their Naturalization ceremony, who were born overseas and yet wanted to partake in our society. We Americans come from all walks of life, adhere to many faiths and generally don’t have a problem with people who want to come and contribute to our progress as a society. When people try to divide us, we tend as a people to stick even more closely together. What is an American other than a man or woman who loves America? The United States of America is facing incredible challenges, but we have ever done so, since the Revolutionary War, we have confronted enemies foreign and domestic and we have prevailed. We will continue to prevail, whether we are facing Constitutional challenges, or the Conservative/ Liberal Divide, we will continue on the current of history and emerge ever stronger as we overcome the challenges we face today.