America Started It! Devolution.

It all started in the 1760s, when Great Britain decided to end its policy of ” salutary neglect” in the American Colonies at the end of the Seven Years War Now, this policy was one where the Colonial Americans pretty much had leeway to govern themselves by their own laws, while being nominally under the control of the British Crown This idea of popular sovereignty not only pushed the American Colonists to open warfare for independence, but it also serves as an inspiration today in Europe itself for separatist parties in Scotland, Wales, Brittany, the Basque Country, Catalonia,  and ( interestingly) England itself,, The aftermath of the Battle of Culloden in 1746 sent several Highland Scots into exile and when the American Revolution broke out, some of them ( oddly, not all, or even most, but some) joined the Colonial cause with the ideals of self- determinism and defeating autocracy firmly in mind The Scots who hailed from northern Ireland, on the other hand, were generally very favorable indeed to the American cause and they managed to elicit great admiration from the other colonists for their unswerving devotion to the Patriot Cause With the success of the rebel colonists in 1783, is it any wonder that the good people of Scotland, Wales and even England question in their minds whether or not they would be better off being governed by their own people rather than foreigners?  Please see, and The Colonial Americans felt that they were their own people and history has borne them out. With independence, they found their own destiny independent of an imperial power breathing down their necks and taking much- needed resources from them. Europe is a conglomeration of countries with their own societies, histories and people who share a common heritage. They have survived quite well for centuries without some ” big brother” watching over them and determining their actions for them and they will certainly survive a EU collapse ( which might not be that far off). The European Union seems to be a more or less forced merger of different societies that benefit the wealthy while leaving the average citizen without a voice . This is exactly what the good peoples of Europe do not deserve. Europeans do deserve to put the interests of their own countries first. Europeans do deserve to have governments that they choose themselves, not ones that are chosen for them. Europeans do deserve to have their own unique cultural traditions of their own lands celebrated and not denigrated, either by their wealthy countrymen, or by those refugees that seek shelter on their sovereign soil. Europeans do deserve the right to use their own resources for themselves, rather than have Brussels dictate which resources are to go where. These rights are inalienable and universal. If the peoples of Ghana or Samoa have the right to self- determination, if Americans have the right to tend to their own gardens, then so do the Irish, the Scots, the English, the Bretons, the Germans and the other ancient nations of the European continent.