February 28, 2018

Last day of Black History Month. This is using the medium to promote the politics of division. It’s plain and simple. It’s always worth noting to me because we would be so well past this point if not for the promoters of race. Yes, promoting in the schools, the churches, the communities and on and on. And on and on. Using Hollyweird as a race promoter in the television shows, commercials, news and movies. Now tokenism has a different meaning between black folks and myself. Tokenism, to me, means that people of color are being put in numerous situations that put them in the public’s attention. But, these people are hand chosen by the demons and put in white peoples’ face to piss them off every time they hear about how racist they are. For black people, they see a solitary black person, or maybe two, and say, “oh, one black person, that’s tokenism.” That’s a double insult to white people because it was the NAACP and other black organizations that created the law that says they must be shown in all literature, brochures, shows, etc., or the facilitators can be sued. Then! They join in with the black folks calling it tokenism! Outrageous. Yes, Sigh-o-friggin’-nara to Black History Month. Instead, learn about how many race-based institutions there are in this country, ones that serve only their interests. The very definition of racism. This bad, bad, sinister, evil, maniacal lies must be exposed at every turn. They are EVIL, and the people in the fold belong to Satan. So, bye February, and watch soon for an article on the incredible hypocrisy of Frederick Douglass.