Hacked again.

Big Problems In Lil’ China Sources: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/05/technology/concern-grows-in-us-over-chinas-drive-to-make-chips.html Bloomberg Businessweek: October 8, 2018 p.50 It seems that the rags do get bold in their propaganda by actually mixing in some truth. This is a case where there must be more than some because the big networks haven’t mentioned it at all. YET! The implications to the Average Joe is not good at all. The hacking hackers have just about breached everything that could put your life on a spinning wheel of insanity.  Your life, your whole life, as not even you can remember or know it, has been hacked. It has been hacked and hacked and hacked so many times, that if the networks WERE honest, you’d be hearing about such breaches at least a dozen times a day.  But, I’m just trying to scare you: NOT! The lackadaisical viewpoint on such issues as we entered into Globalist ideology have come back to bite the naysayers in the arse.   It is appalling. While corporations are looking for cheaper computer help, the ones that actually know what they are doing are taking revenge.  The little hackers clubs that grew up into the big hackers have made massive disruptions for which it doesn’t appear that our government or business world doesn’t want to acknowledge. But, what happens when you tell stories?   How about this; You start to believe them yourself. That has to be it.(?) I don’t know. Someone had to see this coming. I mean, computer security has been around since the advent of computers and hackers have been around since the advent of computers.   Remember the movie, ‘Global Warfare,’ or whatever it was called? How could they not know? And yet, now we’re expected to believe this stuff about bombs in the mail to such a wide array of characters.  How? How are we supposed to believe it? (I mean, those of us who still ask questions and have even a fair amount of reasoning skills.)  I mean, we could find out they were very real but, a lot of the information we get today is sporadic, short-lived, partial, and leaving many questions unanswered. I won’t use the ‘H’ word again. But, I’ll always have doubts.   In fact, as you most likely have seen, everything about it has been taken as face value by our (un)worthy journalists(?).  Back to all the hackers hacking;   If our defenses are using ANYTHING from another country,  they are not too bright. If they are giving security clearances to ANYONE with overseas connections, they are not too bright. If we are letting our personal information be handled by ANY other country, we are not too bright. And now, Amazon wants to take control of all this? A few documents would have made sure none of this happened. But, the snake doing what snakes do, it was “re-interpreted” by both left and right. Both left and right subverted, converted, and diverted all our freedoms into a state where the citizens are considered the enemy and China isn’t even worth reporting on.  Well, I guess it depends how much you want to live in a corporatized police state. Focus on our younger politicians. Are they the status quo, right on board with the traitors? It’s your world, kids, and you had better figure it out. Quick!