E Unum, Pluribus

The United States of America is a fragmented society and I think this is by design. As a nation, we have been threatened before and we have persevered and survived those threats. Usually, we have been strengthened in the process. Since our involvement and defeat in Vietnam in the sixties and early seventies, it seems like our collective national pride has taken a beating both at home and abroad. Why is this? The fact that our leaders keep telling us we’re losers and that we’re incapable of thinking for ourselves may be one reason for our noted lack of national self- esteem. Our media keeps talking about the sins of the past and we’re overloaded with a sense of collective guilt might be another. Division is another distraction. Once, it was emphasized that we were all Americans together and that we were to work toward a common destiny. What changed? Our celebration of diversity in the United States has become a cult of divisiveness. Large groups of people have been compartmentalized into separate groups who care largely about the welfare of the group and not so much for the well being of other groups who also have a part in our American tapestry. This results in open hostility and violence. Group is pitted against group and the only group that seems to benefit from this is the group that has encouraged the divisiveness in the first place. Remember those fearless leaders who have no respect for anyone outside of their immediate circle and who profit from the fear and anger of others? Look to the rot in the upper class and see the matrix from which infighting among the lower class was formed. We can vote and vote again for our own interests as a people, but that does little good when the ballots are tampered with. Our Colonial ancestors took on the most powerful army in the world at the time and they won independence. It required sacrifice. It required discipline and it required help. We seek as a society the gratification of our own immediate appetites and when those appetites aren’t fed, we are given issue after issue to chew on. We then turn on people who don’t look like us and we brawl with them, as our fearless leaders ( why fear when you’re surrounded by armed guards?) encourage us to do. Rome fell to the Goths because the Empire was rotten all the way through. The final Caesar was a boy who was simply shipped into a quiet retirement while the Germanic overlords began arrangements that would later coalesce into the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. The British Empire fell the first time because the higher class colonists declared themselves exploited and persuaded the lower class to fight for them. The Second British Empire fell because its subject peoples were ready to govern themselves rather than to lie prostrate to acts of a Parliament that existed halfway around the world. Infighting is almost an iron- clad guarantee that a nation will lose its cohesion and fall apart, leaving it open to invasion and conquest. Our society has never been so split among groups as it is tonight. If we fall, it will be because we as a people have lost the will to govern ourselves. If we survive, it will be because we chose to stand together as a people and cut the rot out of our society. We still have allies, just as our ancestors did in the French during the Revolution. The question is, can we muster up the discipline we need as a people to suspend hostilities and focus on dealing with the real problem our country is facing?

Hacked again.

Big Problems In Lil’ China Sources: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/05/technology/concern-grows-in-us-over-chinas-drive-to-make-chips.html Bloomberg Businessweek: October 8, 2018 p.50 It seems that the rags do get bold in their propaganda by actually mixing in some truth. This is a case where there must be more than some because the big networks haven’t mentioned it at all. YET! The implications to the Average Joe is not good at all. The hacking hackers have just about breached everything that could put your life on a spinning wheel of insanity.  Your life, your whole life, as not even you can remember or know it, has been hacked. It has been hacked and hacked and hacked so many times, that if the networks WERE honest, you’d be hearing about such breaches at least a dozen times a day.  But, I’m just trying to scare you: NOT! The lackadaisical viewpoint on such issues as we entered into Globalist ideology have come back to bite the naysayers in the arse.   It is appalling. While corporations are looking for cheaper computer help, the ones that actually know what they are doing are taking revenge.  The little hackers clubs that grew up into the big hackers have made massive disruptions for which it doesn’t appear that our government or business world doesn’t want to acknowledge. But, what happens when you tell stories?   How about this; You start to believe them yourself. That has to be it.(?) I don’t know. Someone had to see this coming. I mean, computer security has been around since the advent of computers and hackers have been around since the advent of computers.   Remember the movie, ‘Global Warfare,’ or whatever it was called? How could they not know? And yet, now we’re expected to believe this stuff about bombs in the mail to such a wide array of characters.  How? How are we supposed to believe it? (I mean, those of us who still ask questions and have even a fair amount of reasoning skills.)  I mean, we could find out they were very real but, a lot of the information we get today is sporadic, short-lived, partial, and leaving many questions unanswered. I won’t use the ‘H’ word again. But, I’ll always have doubts.   In fact, as you most likely have seen, everything about it has been taken as face value by our (un)worthy journalists(?).  Back to all the hackers hacking;   If our defenses are using ANYTHING from another country,  they are not too bright. If they are giving security clearances to ANYONE with overseas connections, they are not too bright. If we are letting our personal information be handled by ANY other country, we are not too bright. And now, Amazon wants to take control of all this? A few documents would have made sure none of this happened. But, the snake doing what snakes do, it was “re-interpreted” by both left and right. Both left and right subverted, converted, and diverted all our freedoms into a state where the citizens are considered the enemy and China isn’t even worth reporting on.  Well, I guess it depends how much you want to live in a corporatized police state. Focus on our younger politicians. Are they the status quo, right on board with the traitors? It’s your world, kids, and you had better figure it out. Quick!

The First Ten

Amendment 1
freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly; right of petition

Violent, Unsolved, On The Rise.

ever since the year 1995, the percentage of murders that get solved is about 62%. But, about 50 years ago, in the year 1965, it was said that over 90% of murder cases were solved, which is a huge jump from the somewhat low 62% success rate we have today.

Internet Freedom

 September 30, 2018 ”  Internet Freedom “I hate what you say but I respect your right to say it” Electronics & Gifts These days, internet freedom has taken on an entirely new meaning. There are ways to speak your mind on the internet without anyone knowing anything about you, and there are also ways to gain valuable information over the internet about things that are vital to our growth, understanding, and progress as humans. But, what about those that want to halt this amazing internet freedom that we currently have? What about those that want to take away our right to speak our mind and learn new information at the click of a button in a free and just world? Well, the unfortunate aspect about society today is that there is a lot of discussion about how our internet freedom can be slowed down to a great degree. There are lobbyists, politicians, individual citizens and groups that want to halt the freedom we have over the internet to say what we want, which also directly interacts with our right to free speech as Americans, which is the first amendment in the constitution. When anyone tries to half internet freedom, the first instinct of many Americans might be to get angry, but the reality is that the right amount of understanding needs to take place before any real change occur. So, let’s first define what internet freedom is and why anyone would want to take it away in the first place. Stops along the way. What is internet freedom? Internet freedom is the ability for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to say what they want, when they want. It is the right for all of us to express our opinions and our minds at the click of a button, and discuss with each other our viewpoints on all topics, important and not so important. Internet freedom is truly what makes the internet such an amazing part of our world today. It gives us the freedom to learn new things that we would otherwise have never known existed. It also gives us access into new ways of thought that we never might have known about before. What internet freedom really does is make us better human beings overall, as well as smarter than we ever were before. Internet freedom is the goal, and the reason why we can do, buy and say what we want over the internet. And, there is no reason to see internet freedom as anything else than what it is, and that is the freedom for all of us to say what we want, when we want, and to have free access to an open marketplace of new ideals and brand new ways of thought. Internet freedom is really what propels society forward into even greater heights, and it broadens our horizons to include ideas that we have probably never even thought about before. Why would anyone want to take this freedom away?With internet freedom, the bottom line has to do with money and power. When regular people have access to so much information over the internet, they are able to learn new things at the push of a button. And, the people who are owners and bosses don’t necessarily appreciate that any of us can have access to all of this information quickly and easily. To be fair, this is one of the biggest reasons why there are mandates and attempted enforcements on internet freedom these days. Certain people just don’t want to see others gain access to so much valuable information over the web. In many ways, this wealth of information that can be found over the internet is a threat to others, and the owners and bosses who happen to be ahead right now want to stay ahead at whatever cost necessary. Those that are attempting to halt internet freedom are the ones who are in fear of the people gathering more and more information. They believe that those who have opinions and ideas and new and innovative ways of thought might be a threat to other ideals already set in place. Another reason why certain people want to get rid of internet freedom altogether is because is gives people a large amount of networking ability. The reality is that people as a whole are less powerful as individuals and in small groups, but the internet conversely gives people the access to come together as one, and this is a real threat to certain people, businesses, and ways of thought that have already been established. When a large amount of people network and come together, anything is possible, and anyone interested in getting rid of internet freedom does not like this amazing possibility that we all hold to come together as one. Please help fund our Boston Chapter startup and nationwide appeals! What can we do about this potential impending problem?The most valuable thing that we can all do is keep fighting. This fight for internet freedom is not a physical fight, but an emotional, spiritual and mental fight. We must stand strong in our intentions to have a free marketplace over the internet. We must do whatever is necessary in order to fight the powers that be against anyone trying to take away our right to say what we want over the internet. We must also be strong, but still coherent to what is going each day in regards to our rights as citizens. We must speak up when we notice a problem with the rules and laws in regards to internet freedom, and we must fight back in order to keep our internet freedom in tact. Fighting back and standing with conviction is truly the best way to keep the internet as it is right at this very moment, which is a free and open marketplace full of incredible possibility. We must act with responsibility over the internet Lastly, something beneficial that what we can all do is act responsible over the internet. See, the people that want to take away our internet freedom will use whatever they can in order to make it seem like internet freedom is negative, bad, and a poor tool for society to have access to. That is why we must do what is right and just and moral over the internet. This includes not creating fake accounts, not feeding into so much negativity and hate and anger, and not doing anything over the internet that would hinder our rights to a free and open marketplace. As adults, we must act like it which is responsible, and we must take care of the internet just like it is our very own. At the end of the day, internet freedom is one of the best things that we can ever hope for, and that is why we must do all that we can in order to treat as such. Internet freedom is an extremely valuable tool, and we must always respect the access we have over the internet, and never take it for granted.