Positive Attitude Don’t Worry Be Happy

The Physical Benefits Of Having A Positive Attitude Why stress is harmful to the body Attitude is key. Attitude is important. When it comes to the optimum health and vitality of our bodies, there is no doubt that having a positive attitude and keeping stress to a minimum is vital. Aside from consuming a healthy diet, and staying away from participating in unhealthy behaviors including drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, or smoking, a positive attitude is surprisingly far up on the list of how we can all stay as healthy and vital as possible. The reality is that keeping a positive attitude has been shown to benefit the body in so many different ways, including lowering blood pressure levels, reducing headaches, staving off disease and physical pain in the body, and even helping regulate sleep and eating habits. Keeping a positive attitude is incredibly vital and extremely important. The reality is that having and maintaining a positive attitude, and staying away from stress, is not always easy for the majority of us. The truth is that we might have stressful jobs or experience negativity in our lives in ways that are hard to control. But, the truth is that we always have a choice whether to be negative or positive. And, we always have a choice whether to be happy, and to maintain a positive attitude as often as possible. The power is in all of us, and we are all capable of maintaining a positive attitude day in and day out, no matter what hardships come our way. And, if we really want to stay as healthy, vital, and energetic as possible, then we must keep our positive attitudes for as long as possible. Although, completely in our power, there are things that we can do to make having a positive attitude easier to attain. Things like meditation and yoga have been proven to boost the moods of so many people. And of course, it has been shown that all types of exercise are instant mood boosters, since exercise releases endorphins, which are the physical molecules responsible for our happiness. Other things that we can do to maintain a positive attitude include taking a walk in nature and breathing in the fresh air, talking to a positive friend or family member, and helping others who are in need. Additionally, it has also been shown that people who own pets have moods that are enhanced simply because of their pets. So, if you want to instantly amp up your mood, remember to meditate, exercise, and get yourself a pet! live long and prosper Here are some statistics: According to the popular website, www.themayoclinic.org, “health benefits that positive thinking may provide include an increased life span, lower rates of depression, lower levels of distress, greater resistance to the common cold, better psychological and physical well-being, better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease, and better coping skills during hardships and times of stress”. The website then continues to state that usually people who have better and more positive attitudes actually lead lives that are much healthier overall, because they don’t end up participating in unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drinking to excess, and consuming a healthy diet. According to the website,health and ambition, negative thinking was shown to increase pain in the body. The study involved 185 people who suffered from a debilitating disease, including sickle-cell anemia and rheumatoid arthritis. The results showed that the people who spoke negatively, and had a lot of negative self-talk, experienced more pain and psychological distress than the group who spoke positively, and had a lot of positive self-talk. Also, when people in the study experienced physical pain flare-ups, it was usually when they were feeling, thinking, and speaking negatively. But, the question remains, how can we achieve as much positive thinking as possible? What are the best ways that we can stave off negativity in our lives, and keep it from affecting the way we think, feel, and speak? Besides the aforementioned techniques I listed above, I will outline a few more tips for keeping a positive attitude. In order to stay away from negativity, make sure to filter your thoughts, and take all sides into account before taking anything personally. It’s also important to continually be grateful for what you have. One great way to amplify positivity in your life is to write in a gratitude journal every single day. Write out what you are grateful for (it could be anything), and then look at this journal whenever you are feeling down, or are starting to think negative thoughts. Another tip is to never ‘catastrophize’, which means, seeing the worst that could happen in every situation. Instead, look for the good that could occur instead of the bad. Don’t let you mind wander to the ‘dark side’. There is no doubt that being around negative people will also end up making you feel less than stellar, and start to think negatively. That is why, if want to stay upbeat and positive, only surround yourself with positive and upbeat people. If you notice one of your friends or family members, or even co-workers, start to speak negatively, don’t get caught up. Stay away from them, if possible, and recognize their effect on you. At the end of the day, this is your life, and your health, and you need to do what is best for you at all times.

Thomas Jefferson and Liberty

Thomas Jefferson, together with George Washington and Robert Edward Lee, is regarded as a hero by patriotic Virginians everywhere. Jefferson is well known for his populist and progressive stance regarding politics, although he definitely had some solid thoughts concerning ” natural aristocracy” BigEye Aristocracy Jefferson was very much in favor of the idea that the government should be held accountable by the people ( even to the point of armed rebellion by the latter, should the need arise). Jefferson also felt that religion should have no say in the running of the government and as Revolutionary Governor of Virginia, he was able to achieve complete separation of church and state. Separation of Church & State/. Thomas Jefferson was also quite adamant on the importance of universal public education, supporting the idea that the poverty stricken should be educated for free, while those who could afford to pay tuition should do so. He felt that power should be distributed among all levels of government, whether local, statewide or Federal and that this power should be squarely placed in the hands of an educated populaceNational Need of Educated Populace.t-1. Jefferson wrote prolifically on the matter of natural rights, endemic to every man and in fact, much of the text of the Declaration of Independence addressed these rights to which Jefferson was so fiercely devoted The National Document. Like everything else, Jefferson’s ideals had precedents that this Virginian simply developed. He was influenced by the ideals of the British Enlightenment that were current among the elite of the American Colonies. John Locke was a major influence, as were the sentiments expressed in the English Declaration of Rights as written after the Glorious Revolution of 1689 http://www.crf-usa.org/foundations-of-our-constitution/natural-rights.html. Thomas was alive at a time of exciting scientific discovery and that certainly influenced his views regarding religion. A Unitarian at heart, Jefferson rejected the ideas of the Divinity of Christ and the miraculous. He regarded religion as a private matter that existed between a man and his God This is between man and God.. In conclusion, the ideals of Thomas Jefferson were remarkable indeed, although hardly original to the man himself. He did, however, take those ideas and seek to give them a practical application, the echoes of which we can see even today, in such a period of historical turmoil that we are experiencing. Perhaps, by delving a little more into the ideals of our Founding Fathers, we can develop a new appreciation for their ideas and find new ways of implementing them.