Religion-An Important Element of Freedom

Principle 4:  A free society cannot be maintained without religion.   How can that be?   Just some laws will do.   Not quite.  It seems we have a huge presence of Atheists coming out to proclaim their status.  Some of them even have channels on YouTube.   To be fair, not a lot of their material seems to be about religion.  I’d even say that they seem to be principled, which is good but, you’re not about to espouse the immorality of a heathen unless you want to scare away an audience.    It would appear that a lot of people today who talk of the Constitution, don’t really know the original writers placed a very important emphasis on religion.   It goes back to the 2nd Congress close to the birth of the nation, 1787, when the Constitution was written and approved.  They saw how important religion was in their day and how important it would be in our own.  In another famous document, ‘The Northwest Ordinance,’  they gave a clear indication of that in Article 3. Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to  good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education, shall forever be encouraged.  Another solid article of the Ordinance was the prohibition of slavery and servitude in any new lands established under the government.  Of course, the Founders were also slaveholders, but knew they were wrong, as putting together a document that put forth arguments for all peoples’ freedom taught them.    However, no one of them wanted to impose  their, or any, religion over others and other denominations, but instead realized that they all hold some universal fundamentals. Ben Franklin’s proclamation as put to Yale’s president, Ezra Stiles sounds as though it could applicable as such; I believe in one God, the Creator of the universe.  That he governs it by his providence.  That he ought to be worshiped.   That the most acceptable service we render to him is in doing good for his other children.  That the soul of man is immortal, and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this. It does not seem to be too far out for even the most atheistic, and religious critics.  Let’s take a look up.  See all the blackness out there in that night sky?  Show me the life.  There’s nothing out there.  You believe in aliens??  Well, I’ve heard a few astronomers and scientists say that it took hundreds of billions of things to all happen at once in perfect sync for this planet to come about and start to produce life.  That is the single most important fact to drill into these industrialists’ and elitists’ heads.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.  When it can no longer heal itself, it’s gone.  Most of the wealth in this country, and indeed the world, came from oil.   They are not well.  If they can’t bath in the finest spring waters coming out of a one-hundred percent pure gold statue so it’s fit enough to wash their teeny tiny penile, at all their mansions all over the world, they might die.  (Sorry, got tired of being nice.)  As good citizens, we need to help them live like the rest of us, or they will, ever more quickly, kill us all.    Or, you can let them kill you, what should I care?  Well, if I take Ben Franklin’s creed seriously, I should care very much.  Nothing wrong with religion now, is there? Working at more places in my life than I care to mention, I have witnessed even much, much more acts of the lowly than I care to recall.  For years, I wondered how can these people be so devious against other people whom they hardly know?  How can they do nasty things to people who have never done anything to them?  All the nasty stuff, the spreading of rumors and lies, the misguidance, the setups, the scapegoating, on and on.  But, everyone grows up different.   What I see today is a sea of narcissism, an endless cadre of the self-righteous.  I see those who much more readily recognize the sins of others than their own.  I thought it was just me but, perhaps I’m not so wrong.  I saw an interview with a few scholars who believe that narcissism is, in fact, an alarming problem today.  A professor from the University of Georgia wrote a book on it.   Most likely, neither gained traction.  A lot of what may pass our eyes on the great spindle of life, we would care not to acknowledge, just hope that we get away with our misgivings and others do not.  But, somehow I know the piper will be paid-one way or the other. The Founders believed if we had religion and morality as a course of education and life knowledge that we, could instead, be all happy.  I think I have come full circle in this.  I believe they were right.    

The Las Vegas Shooting Raises Questions

Stephen Paddock Nevada – Las Vegas Shooting “Las Vegas Shooting” When it comes to the recent horrific event that transpired in Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of October 1st, 2017, there is no doubt that a terrible sadness has come over the hearts and minds of many. The Las Vegas Shooting was indeed a tragedy, and there is really no other way around it. Hundreds of people were injured, around 500 according to reports, and 59 people died. There are not even words to describe such a horrible tragedy. But, the question still remains, what is there to do now? For all of the victims, we offer our sincerest condolences. But do we, as the American people, live in fear of our lives each and every day? Or do we keep on moving, keep on living, and keep on going on exactly the same as we did before? Well that answer to this is that there are many varying answers that can be ascertained and the reality is very complicated to say the least, but there is no doubt that we all have to keep on living. We have to keep on going and we have to move forward. We cannot stop our lives because of the horrible events that transpired, but we can be more vigilant. We can use our hearts and minds to try and come up with a solution, and we also can brainstorm ways for events such as these to be much less frequent. But, no matter what, we all must keep on going no matter how painful it is feels at the time. The Gun Debate The Las Vegas Shooting has brought upon many discussions, questions, answers, debates, and arguments surrounding the shooting, the one accused of the shooting, and the reasoning behind the shooting. But moreover, the events that transpired in Las Vegas have brought about the age old gun debate question. Should guns be outlawed in America? According to many people following the horrible events that transpired, the answer to this question is a completely unanimous yes. According to the majority of the supporters who believe in outlawing guns in America, taking away automatic guns in this country is sure to save many peoples’ lives now and in the future. According to these anti-gun advocates, guns are the main reason why these mass shootings are happening in the first place, and also, the reason why so many people are dying so tragically and getting horribly injured. Without any guns, anti-gun advocates believe that there would not be any shootings in America period. Their reasoning is that without any guns, how can there be shootings at all? It’s impossible according to them. But, there is another debate. The debate with pro-gun advocates. The pro-gun advocates believe that there is another side to this coin. This pro-gun group does not believe in outlawing guns, and they also believe that lives are not lost because guns are legal. They believe that if guns were not legal, criminals would still find a way to buy, sell, and use them, along with other means to injure and kill people. The pro-gun advocates do not believe that there is a link between mass shootings and if automatic weapons are legal or not. The pro-gun advocates tend to be republicans and the anti-gun advocates tend to be democrats, but there are supporters of each party of both sides of the anti and pro-gun debate. And, at the end of the day, this debate can get very sticky, and has been the reason for many arguments and discussions as of late, both in public and in private. But, one point is clear, there is good and bad on each side, and this is the reason why the answer to the gun debate is unknown, extremely convoluted, and somewhat confusing. What Was The Motive Behind The Shooting In Las Vegas? There is still no proven motive as to why the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, did what he did at the Route 91 Country Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is no answer as to why he would shoot hundreds of people in a 32nd story hotel room at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino. And, there is no reason why he did what he did, and no motive as to why he did it either. Stephen Paddock was a man that was 64 years of age who decided to injure and kill people. His actions are horrific to say the least. And, the problem with there being no motive as to why he did what he did is that there are only more questions that emerge. Without a proper motive, there are no answers as to why someone would do such a vile thing, which puts many people, and the public at large, ill at ease. It is uncomfortable for many people to think that horrible events just happen without a concrete reason why. And, this is what makes people truly scared and fearful. The Las Vegas Shooting is just beyond words. People are saddened, worried and fearful. The country is now on high-alert due to the events that transpired in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. The Story Keeps On Changing According to the leading media outlets on TV, on the radio, and online, the story of the Las Vegas shooter and the whole event is constantly changing. The first story was that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, acted alone. But, now there are reports that the shooter did not merely act alone, but that there might have been multiple shooters in the 32nd story hotel room along with him that were essentially “helping” him. There are also reports from leading media outlets that the shooter converted to Islam a short time before he committed the horrific event in Las Vegas. But alas, there are conflicting reports out there that claim the Islam-conversion theory is completely off-base. So, what are the actual answers? As far as the public knows now, there are no concrete answers out there except for the fact that 1) there was indeed a shooting that occurred in the evening on October 1, 2017, and 2) it was done by a 64 year old man named Stephen Paddock and 3) he committed the horrific shooting in a hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Those are the only concrete answers that we have right now, but new evidence is constantly emerging. We Must Stay Vigilant No matter what, due to the recent horrific events that transpired in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, we must all stay vigilant. We must support one another and practice open and honest communication. We must not let this horrible Las Vegas Shooting separate us, or turn us against one another, or make us cower in fear. We must always remember to practice compassion, love, and peace in all that we do, and we must remember that we all share two things in common, that we are part of the human race and that we are all Americans!

Warning To The West by Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A Review

The answer in this country is to have it both ways, which is more expedient to the agenda-but it’s quite bad for justice, the law, morals, politeness, respect, etc., etc., And let’s not kid ourselves.