R.I.P. Aaron Hernandez

To Pop Culture World-Wide: Today’s wisdom; You can take the kid outta the hood. You just can’t take the hood outta the kid. For me, America is the hood. We are taking in the storm of media more than realizing what’s going on all around us. Be an observer. Every time you go out; take notice of what’s going on around you. Re-focus your focus.       They are leading the charge against Fake News. So, they themselves?We all have a common enemy today; American Pop Culture, (Holly-weird). Where we try to paint the grossest of anti-heroes in the same light as the heroes; where we bend the truth just a little bit—or a whole lot; where being bad is cool until you totally lose it, then uncool, forgotten, and ridiculed. In everything from education to art to news to literature to the internet we are being bombarded with this and good from evil becomes indistinguishable. It’s all part of the world of contradictions. It’s time for some of the adults in this world to step up to the plate and realize how it made an impact in their lives and how it may make an impact in their kids’ lives Does that really happen? You know, we all have instincts. Our senses can tell us something is wrong even if we don’t know what it is. But, what I’m witnessing is people see it, then they don’t seem to be seeing it, and back again. You see, it’s an onslaught; it is a continual attack on you and your kids. We are given this manufactured lifestyle by our market manipulators who pull tokens out of the wishing well to reinforce it over and over. But, hey, it works. It works good. We all had our heroes; our rock stars and movie stars and sports stars intermingled with fast cars, sex and champagne. You’ve been hypnotized. How different would you be if none of that stuff was introduced in your life? Forget it! Right? If you’re born in this country, there’s no way you don’t see it. Nowadays, we aren’t only bombarded with it, we’re told how we should think about it. It’s a big soup with a lot of lucky stars in it, but it’s murky and it’s a bottomless bowl. . For most of your kids, it’s most likely leading them away from who they really are and stealing their lives. The pressure on girls to look a certain way is an incredible example; when we see the downside, anorexia, exploding boobs, suicides, everyone’s ready to talk about it until the next Victoria’s Secret commercial, (now they even have prime-time lingerie shows).   The manipulators are expanding their influence. What education is cool? What political party is cool? What job is cool? A star of stage and screen, of course! I’m a casualty on remission. I wanted to be bad doing good, (Clint Eastwood), as funny as Don Rickles and Jonathan Winters, a guitar player like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. We now need to be hypnotized to see that that’s a bad thing in the worst way right now, or at least that you can be good at that stuff without getting swallowed whole by the industries they exist in. You can do it without the big contracts, the big houses and all the allure. If you have a soul, then you HAVE TO do without the allure or you WILL be a casualty. Some people are born to be great entertainers, and even for them, they have to realize that the pitfalls are much worse now than they were in the past. One of the ways I see this is when we see someone falling from grace, or fading away to what’s new; we talk about the tragedies a bit. The talking heads shrug their shoulders, say ‘oh, well,’ and it’s on to the next sensation. It’s like when people talk about salaries. ‘Oh the salaries and the contracts are outrageous!’ and then cheer our guy onto the field. I could go on forever about these kinds of things. The problems are continually there but continually forgotten. It could be another definition of ‘wormhole.’ So, they are never tackled, (no pun). But, the reality is “NO.” None of these people are worth the money they get. But, the power of the culture is they don’t know it, and neither do you. There are a million reasons why. Uh! The wormhole again. The boardrooms of America are filled with people who don’t even have a clue what’s happening on the front lines. Ah yes, the little people. We say a prayer. We call them the salt of the earth. We talk about their sacrifices. In all reality, a lot of that salt, nowadays, is likely to be worth more than the whole meal-and neither the salt or the meal know it. Do you know what I mean? It’s a tragedy, alright. It’s a tragedy for the entirety of the human race. I often think that while watching any reality shows. I say ,’Why is being so petty such an acceptable human trait?’ I think of it as bad. I also see why it would be so much better to work together; to admire good traits and not be jealous of them. American Pop Culture; a way to lead you down a million roads to nothing but dirty feet. There are no answers. There is no truth. It’s the tool of the benders; the manipulators, the lawyers and politicians. We scoff them and then praise them on into perpetuity. Heroes used to be born. Now, they are made. They get their own street names and things. The real heroes, and we most likely don’t know who they are, have no street names. They have no monuments or signs or aren’t the latest subject of a talk show, and they have no months where we praise them all month long. You see? That’s another bad thing about pop culture. It was built on propaganda and it is propaganda. It gives you a little truth mixed with a lot of lies. This is the hood we in this country are born into and, the more time that goes on, the more anyone with any kind of rational can see how harmful it is. It’s either that, or they become lost. They become lost in the slogans, and other meaningless gems. It doesn’t make sense to them anymore either. But, that’s the go along to get along world, isn’t it? A lot knew it at one time or another, but, they became such willing participants. It’s not you anymore. For some reason, I have to look at it for what ‘it'(?) is. When I can relate to you no longer, it’s because you’re a casualty. It’s because I left the hood but you’re still there.   We need to embrace our own cultures more because it is the genetic blueprint upon which we’re all built and we have to know about it to improve upon it. That doesn’t mean being a racist. We should also have mutual respect for other cultures. Our cultures are flawed, all of them. Our common culture, (American) would be just that. They could learn our language. We could learn theirs. They could show us music. We could show them medicine. It’s already there. It’s already in place. Yet we seem to have this ongoing tension between white, (European), Asians and everybody else. Why? Because our media and leaders continually push lies. They use the lies to justify inequities and create tensions. Then they build upon the lies with more lies. Instead of getting better, things are getting worse. Things like white privilege, (I am European, I’m not white), are absolutely ridiculous. Just the opposite is more likely the case. Institutional bias? Why, yes, there is; against Europeans. It’s been written into law. Ittttt’s innnnnn writing! Yet, the opposite is pushed and believed. So, you’ve been given someone to blame: Whites? All our television and movies and news shows build on it. There’s no need to go into the damage being done. A lot of people refer to Frederick Douglas as an African-American. I refer to Frederick as African. Why? The best of both wasn’t there; the skills learned in one culture was used to defend the other. Frederick knew of the downsides of his African culture. He knew if the newly freed slaves went back to their homes, they very much were at risk of being enslaved again by their own people. But, that didn’t get much headway. The good and bad of both sides have to be acknowledged just as if it was one culture. Yet, any time you learn about such a mixed marriage, you find just the opposite. American Pop Culture: The anger and resentment coming from the African-American community tells me they are in a European-dominated culture, and they resent it… yet they’d prefer to live here. Quite a contradiction. Half are here through heritage, against their wishes, and it’s the dominant culture who is to blame-that’s the perception. So, the problem is the Africans aren’t the dominant power. What would that do? It would turn the US into Africa? If they say no, then it must be obvious they learned how to live from Europeans. I haven’t seen even the remotest acknowledgement of that. This is the truth about mixing cultures that has been proven again and again throughout history. It’s a lie, and it’s worse than that; American pop culture states the races should never get along and it’s the white man’s fault. Who’s saying that? People who have a microphone, notoriety and are completely accepted by the machine. Think of the contradiction; Obama, who comes from a mixed marriage defends one to the core and shows total disdain for the other. He then gets up and gives a speech about ‘diversity is our strength.’ ‘Yah, we fight sometimes,’ he says. Really? We’ve been fighting for 2 centuries yet the power of the machine states different. They are even making it worse. Anyone see how dangerous that is? There was never anything said about Obama’s beer talk with racial rivals. Why? In reality, they want more tension. The contradictions are intended. Don’t think for a second they don’t know it. They talk about more jobs and more immigration at the same time. Contradiction: yes. Believed: yes. Dangerous: yes. That, right there, should let you know how much of a lie it is. That’s what APC is. It’s a game by which you give the devil his due. The devil owns it. Take the slogans and throw them in the trash. Take ‘diversity makes us strong.’ Really? Why isn’t it pushed everywhere if that’s the case? Several institutions exist solely for their own culture; contradiction: yes. dangerous: yes. And it’s taught through movies and music and whatever. Just the opposite is reinforced. I do believe we can ‘coexist’ by going out of our way to appreciate each other. Through learning and education. But, natural selection? You can’t get that from a politician. It’s instinctive. It comes from your soul. I do believe that’s how it happens and that’s when it works. Things of this sort don’t come through force. If you haven’t learned, we have to say it again. Where does Aaron Hernandez fit into all this? Aaron was a good football player. Everything else around him was a lie. He was a football hero, (American Pop Culture), and a gangsta, (American Pop Culture). Lots of sports heroes and celebrities like this duality. They are both embraced as part of APC, and become the same. He was at the lowest low, his friends turned on him, he was alone in a dank cell, his posse no longer buying his drinks. His team was being celebrated at the White House, (APC). He was definitely a casualty. He was lost; scribbling meaningless things and quoting Bible verses. I imagine a lot of people were happy he was dead. But, if you embrace the culture as he did, aren’t you somewhat responsible? APC is very alluring. We have so many reality shows that just won’t quit. We have so many award shows of people self-congratulating each other. It’s ridiculous. It’s insane. We talk about woman empowerment and then play them off again and again as sex symbols-symbol being the operative word. In reality, women are already empowered. What don’t they have that men do? Pay differences? We hear a lot of stats nowadays….I refer back to the machine. Any women of position I see are all doing pretty good for themselves. That’s where the truth is folks: it’s outside the front door. It’s not in the stats, or the editorial or Campbell Brown’s kitchen. It’s what you see in every day-to-day detail. They are things you see more clearly when you are more in the world and not just taking in the fog emanating from the hood. When our leaders speak of diversity, they really mean DIVERSIONS. That is their strength, while you get lost. And, if you do, there’s always an excuse. So, yes, we do have to coexist right now. We do have to find common ground. Black Lives Matter should become All Lives Matter. To save black lives, you have to become unified, not by tricky suggestions that we become unified through separatist arguments. One seeks equality. The other seeks more power at another’s expense. We do have to embrace the truth no matter what side of it we fall on. But,is that you? Who is that? That is someone with a soul. That is a hero. Why? Because they are doing what most people won’t; risking themselves. They aren’t on ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders and they are out there. But, they aren’t on your television and you won’t read about them. They don’t get any praise but they are more than worthy. If there is any hope right now, it is with them. Find them. Rest in peace, Aaron. I say that because who are we to judge? What do we really know? What the news wants to tell us? You did some bad things and most of us couldn’t, and still don’t, understand it. I do believe you were at the extremes of such contradictions. We like to drag these modern-day Greek tragedies out. But, they aren’t Greek tragedies. They are manufactured tragedies. They happened before and they will happen again. But we don’t have to follow the script. We could ridicule you for writing crazy things on the wall. Maybe they weren’t crazy. They sure made sense to you. But, there’s no big secret to these people. There’s no mysterious Illuminati. There’s just truths we don’t yet know because they are busy being drowned–continuously. But, there are well-organized elitists defining your life for you. Was it ever really you? I believe in that dark and dire moment, it may have crossed your mind. It crossed your mind enough to know it’s screaming to get out before the next set of victims comes along. Welcome to the hood. Welcome to the addiction.