Warning To The West by Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A Review

You Have Been Warned: A Book Review of “Warning To The West,” by Alexander

The Warning.

I don’t know what else to call this book review as Mr. Solzhenitsyn was rather a prophet in terms of his many observations of the laxity and conflicting viewpoints in the West. Also, and I shouldn’t mention, but I will; It was always this viewpoint of having it both ways in this country that I have been taking issue with in this blog. You can’t condemn someone and then shoot the messenger if he/she does it to you. Your condemnation becomes one of ill-effect. The answer in this country is to have it both ways, which is more expedient to the agenda-but it’s quite bad for justice, the law, morals, politeness, respect, etc., etc., And let’s not kid ourselves. How easy it is to see that now. It’s not, ‘Let’s work a plan.’ The plan had been worked on already and, the truth of the plan is not one a democrat, or a conservative, or a republican , or one anyone in the average citizen arena would like. It’s an elitist plan that has taken shape like a spider web slowly being built around us. It terms of the merging of nation, education, religious, institutional, corporate and finance, it is almost complete. That is correct; it is all-encompassing. What a shame it is that the young have been so easily goaded into believing a whole lot of lies spun to make the good guys look like the bad guys. But the young should not be ashamed of themselves. I believe this was done to each successive generation-according to the plan. The Anti fa thinks they are doing good? Chasing down fascism? What fascism ? Maybe 1000 guys? The media is covering for them. Is that because they cover for the good guys? The media all seem to be reading from the same script no matter the channel. They are all on the same team…they are the most-watched news channel because they are all the same channel. Get it? Like “state run” television . Solzhenitsyn is trying to tell the West something: There is a competition going on with West, and the West is losing. The West is losing it’s bearings . It’s moral compass got lost. The distinction between good and evil has become very blurred in the country, and, at that time, (1976), Solzhenitsyn didn’t see it getting better. Détente was always a position where the West became lax and the Soviets jumped two points ahead. The interviewers posing questions to him in the book seem to be put off, (if you will), by the answers to certain questions. The tone implicates that the man is saying this out of love for the original idealism of the nation’s Founders, which he seemed to know quite well. (Sorry, you will have to read for yourself. It’s not a very large book.)

Cover img. Warning To The West by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

A Warning to the West: Brute Honesty.

The book is based on speeches and interviews given to the media, and educational roundtables of sorts. You get the idea from Solzhenitsyn’s approach that the listeners have come to hear pure glowing reviews of the West. Instead, he tells of the great promise it holds, BUT, is showing tendencies and symptoms that had his beloved country slip into the hands of such tyrants as Lenin and Stalin. You see, you need that to turn neighbor against neighbor. They needed to birth violence out of their need and frustration. (Can anyone see this happening today? ) The losers were the Russian people. They suffered at the hands of an ideology that thought of people as disposable tools. And, it was an ideology that Lenin wanted Pavlov to perfect on people! This is the system of control that REAL communism believes. It was not about a union of people. It was not about workers’ rights. It was about CONTROL. Period. Now, when Stalin came into the picture, he was a man who made Lenin afraid. To make someone as evil as Lenin call you a beast, you must be really, really, really evil. You must be someone who carved themselves out of the womb of hell itself. Lenin did everything he had to in order to gain power, no matter how vicious….as did Mao, Pot, Minh, Castro, Amin, the list goes on and on. Now, I could expound on the Venezuelan leader who defied Bush and the West for a bit,. But, his approach was more socialistic in nature. It did not include the Pavlovian concepts of the above leaders. It did, however, run into problems because it’s revenues were based on very few resources and commodities. The West wanted to make them suffer and they did. Such an example is one where elitists tell you how they play ball. They do it as they’ve always done it: You go along to get along or you die. This is another thing Solzhenitsyn warned about:


A lot of historians and pundits bring up Hitler as an example but, Hitler was a bad example. The Nazi Party was still subservient to the international cartels, who were the ones who really allowed WWII to continue, until it let them frame the narrative going forward. It was truly they who were the real winners of WWII. Solzhenitsyn says he wanted to defect to the American side , as did many he knew. He also wanted to warn them about the true Russia. But, they were not there, and Solzhenitsyn tried to escape anyway—but, he was seized by his own guys and off to the Gulag. But he didn’t know at that time, or even the writing of this book., that the Americans and British purposefully stayed out of Berlin, so that the Russians soldiers could go in and loot, rape, murder and plunder the city. All of a sudden, look! Russia seized up Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia , Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. And all of Eastern Europe; East Germany, (not a country before WWII),
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Then, turned around and started fighting the good guys in China and North Korea! Now, how did that happen? Does anyone think the West didn’t know what was happening? Since they had inside people there, since Roosevelt and Churchill were both arming Stalin to the teeth as well as plowing him with money for their own infrastructure, (which they kept and made the slave labor build). Do you really think the West didn’t know? Though they gave reasons for not going into Berlin, they didn’t hold water and no one pressed. The war was over. People were coming home.. There was a new narrative: Communism. There was also more government. A private cartel in America, who engaged in foreign affairs became a federal secretive outfit known as the CIA. Also, there was a need (?) for a complex designed solely for the defense(?) of the United States; the Pentagon. Yes, communism was the feared thing.  The Nuclear secret came right out of Los Alamos to the Soviet Union.. People did question,(McCarthy), as the fear of Communism in America came to fever pitch, fallout shelters were being built, drills were conducted, new secret war rooms were being built underneath the ground. There is much, much more in the way of questions that made no sense. But, this is about Solzhenitsyn’s book and the poor fellow, (genius though he was, indeed), did not know of these things. He did later, and he wrote about them later. It’s funny how those books never saw the light of day…in fact deciding his return to Russia for him. They were very Successful books in the East. The Soviets honored no détente, as he pointed out, on SALT treaties, Cuba, dissidents. Also, the West, as a free and opinionated society, and no real experience of Communism were living in an illusion, he thought. Russian proverbs come out: ‘Catch on you will, when you’re tumbling down hill.’ The Soviets signed several agreements with several countries. According to Solzhenitsyn, they did not keep a one. And every country, upon becoming Communist, became merciless to its own people. It follows then, that he has heavy criticism s of the West in his speeches. He loved the freedom in the US and Great Britain. But, he saw the people as not taking stock of that freedom; what it cost and would continue to cost if they weren’t vigilante. He thought it a disgrace, YES!, way back then, that the press was not held accountable. In fact, he thought they were helping you fall asleep at the wheel. He praised Kennedy and Eisenhower, but said they didn’t do enough. You can tell, for sure, he sees the problems that freedom can present if you don’t hold people accountable or do things for the right reasons. If a Senator wanted to get re-elected, he/she would praise another détente as a peace maker, someone who could now hold authority on foreign affairs. But, nothing was ever honored on the Soviet side. Another Russian proverb: “when it happens to you , you’ll know it was true.” He also warned of helping the bad guys over Roosevelt’s poor decisions; “Don’t call a wolf to help you against the dogs. Fight the dogs yourselves. For once the wolf devours the dogs, he will devour you as well.”

Speeches to Britain.

The shortest piece covers his speeches and interviews in Britain. He was just as critical to them as he was the United States. He thought the West became soft and weak. They wanted much more to appease the dangers than face them. But, he tries to deliver the message softly, saying how human nature is full of riddles and contradictions—it’s very complexity engenders art. One thing he said was critical to the nature of contradictions was to make a clear distinction between good and evil. You are either good or you’re not. You are either evil, or you are not. There is nothing in between and the blurring of the lines helps the free person fall into Communism. What can be judged soundly without these principles? Solzhenitsyn says that without them, people become like animals, manipulating one another while the state becomes the final arbiter. He notes that Progressives seem to see them as “laughable,” and “old-fashioned” but being Progressive doesn’t mean you should lose your moral compass, your compassion or your empathy. He found lots of critics from the left and noted most of the criticism was from what people wanted to believe and certainly not the truth.

The Devil

End Synopsis.

What I concluded from this book was that , the warnings, now 32 years old, have shown their ugly faces even more if people would just open their eyes. Every trouble that could befall a free society did just that. We focus on our jobs. We try to shrug off news that doesn’t fit the American profile, one that worked in the 50s and 60s. We place full trust in our leaders no matter what we seem to say about them. Solzhenitsyn knew what to do; he suffered for his beliefs; he was thrown into the pit; he endured way more hardship than any human should ever face just trying to be a free man. He warned you, not out of distaste for this country. He warned you out of the desire to see each person live their life more their own way. He wanted that to spread. Every single symptom he mentions, I see over and over again today. Therefore, I would state the same things; embrace the very real differences between good and evil because it is the way the human separates himself from the animal. Write truthfully. Do everything with integrity. Don’t pit yourself against your fellow man, but applaud his achievements and expect him/her to do the same. I would say to question every motive put forth. Change the difference between the truth and the false reality presented to you. And, finally, read this book!

Over and out,. Always with great intention, Philabustah.