Why I Became A Vegetarian


 Another beautiful vegetarian

Almost 2 years ago, I became a vegetarian. And, let me tell you, becoming a vegetarian has been one of the most influential decisions I have ever made in my life. First of all, I have always loved animals, so there’s that. I remember being a young girl and going out to dinner with my family and making jokes about the dead animals on my plate. When I was younger, I felt bad about eating meat for a split second, but it never lasted that long. I looked at the dead flesh in front of my face, felt some pangs of sadness, and then just went on my merry way of finishing my dinner. It also made quite a difference that everyone I knew ate meat; My parents, my brother, my friends, my teachers, I mean everybody. I never knew any vegetarians growing up, which is why it would have been even weirder for me to question eating meat. Well, here’s where it gets interesting. I went through what you might call a ‘spiritual awakening’. I went through a horrible heartbreak, I was fired from my job, and I lost contact with most of my friends. My life was pretty much down in the dumps and I didn’t know where to turn. So, the first thing I did was turn on some YouTube videos and listen to what was being said. I randomly came upon one that was about eating animals. I just listened for curiosity’s sake and what I heard next was the reason I decided to become a vegetarian. Of course, like I said, I have always loved animals, but that was not the main reason I became a vegetarian, it was one of the reasons, but not the main reason. The main reason why I became a vegetarian was because the video I was watching said something that shook me to my core. It said that when you eat a dead animal, you are eating their pain, their memories, their diseases, their illnesses, and everything they have been through up to that point. Essentially, when you eat an animal, you are taking on all that they experienced. If the animal had a bad life, which they all do these days in the slaughterhouses, there is no doubt about that, even when it comes to organic meat, then you are picking up on that frequency. Immediately I was like, WHAT! I decided to become a vegetarian from then on. While I was going through such a hard time in my life, do you think I needed more negativity and sadness and strife to enter my body? No, thank you. And, if you don’t believe in energies and negativity and sadness being somewhat contagious, then you are gravely mistaken. Sadness and bad energy is contagious, and if you eat a dead animal, you are ingesting their pain and sadness. That’s pretty sad and alarming, am I right? So, there it is, my main reason for becoming a vegetarian. And, can I tell you, I am much more peaceful since I stopped eating meat. I don’t eat fish or chicken or beef or anything else that ever had a soul and I feel so much more peaceful and clear-headed. Sometimes, I think the powers that be started telling society to eat meat to make us more stupid and thick-headed. I mean, it would make sense, wouldn’t it? So, next time you put your fork into that steak or chicken sandwich, think of all the horrible things that animal went through before it got to your plate. Think of all the nasty bloody lacerations and infectious disease it might have had. Think of it screaming and being tortured. I mean, it really never ends once you think about it. So, take it from me, use your brain and don’t ever stop questioning. It might make you change your stance on the whole “meat-eating” issue after all.